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Road to a Threesome
Part V: Wife Plays
by Knight Mooves

She spent a couple of hours modeling lingerie, stockings, shoes and dresses for me. We settled for a black, skin tight, strapless dress with a laced hem that underscored her inviting thighs. Marie selected black leather pumps, black stockings with matching garters and a stunning burgundy bra with seductive frilly threadwork. Looking at her I realized that I was beginning to lust after my own wife. The saleslady allowed her to keep the outfit as Marie intended to wear it to dinner.

We had a light, late afternoon dinner downtown where Marie could show off her smoking attire. The men stared everywhere we went. Much to my delight she also attracted allot of attention from the women. One beautiful redhead came over to our table and asked Marie where she bought the dress. This woman reached out to touch the dress and gave Marie a seductive caress on her uncovered shoulder. My wife had begun to explain the store's location but was dazed by her touch. They looked into each other's eyes and sent enticing glances at each other as they spoke. The redhead walked back to her stool at the bar and wiggled her firm ass in our direction as she left. She had fire engine red lipstick, a skin tight white tea shirt and red pumps under her provocative jeans. "She would look so good on you Marie, what do you think" I asked.

"She has the softest lips I have seen on a woman" she said with a wanting sigh.

"Stunning lipstick, don't you think. I wonder what flavor" I wondered out loud. Marie couldn't take her eyes off of her. "I want you to find out sweetheart, go over and kiss her" I suggested.

"I...I....... in public......she's a ...........she's a woman!! I don't know if I can honey" she lamented.

"C'mon, she's sitting at the bar all alone". I hoped this would provide her with the confidence she needed to pull it off. Marie stood up, straightened her wobbly knees and headed for the woman. Once there she placed her arm around her waist, spoke for 10 seconds and then leaned in towards her. Marie's body was standing up against the side of the redheads' hips. They brought their lips together for a gentle, innocent kiss.
"Hum", I overheard my wife say, definitely cherry. She leaned again only this time I could see their tongues coming together. That magical kiss went on for about 10 seconds and completely blew me away. It's a good thing the bar area was still empty of the heavy evening crowd. They chatted some more and then both headed for the bathroom. What was this I thought, this wasn't part of the script. They disappeared into the ladies washroom for what seemed an eternity. After 5 minutes I went to see what was going on only to find the ladies room locked. I placed my ear to the door and heard some distant moans coming from inside. My cellular phone once was put to use as I dialed her number. The ring from her phone resonated throughout the bathroom. She picked up after the fourth ring and moaned "what honey".

"What's going on babe, you're having fun without me again".

"Sweetheart, this chick has the hottest clit I have ever seen and she tastes good too. I'm not letting anyone in until she fills my face with her juices" she let out in a low voice. She was nice enough to let me know that she was kneeling down in front of her friend who was herself sitting on the sink. She left the phone on so I could hear the moans. The sounds intensified as the Redhead seemed to be heading for one big climax. I could hear them let a out a wail of pleasure and then the slurping sounds of deep kisses was all that came through my ear piece. I went back to my seat numb by the thought of my wife eating another woman's pussy. The redhead joined me at the table a few minutes later.

"Your wife is awesome dude" she boldly stated. "The three of us should get together some night for a real party" and planted a kiss on my cheek. Marie came back to the table just as her friend left. Her hair was somewhat disheveled and her breathing was still erratic.

"Your back already, I thought you would let her go down on you too"?

"That was my plan but someone started pounding on the door demanding to be let in. We had no choice but to open the door and let her in. My pussy needs a fix badly honey. Please take me here, in the car, in the parking lot. I need a cock in me bad".

We paid the check and headed straight for the van. Marie demanded to get fucked as she had been eaten by Billy with no result and never got off with the Redhead. "I need you to fill me up badly" she asked. It was 8 PM and figured it was time to go meet her gas pump acquaintance at The Glass House.

I played with her pussy as we drove over to the Night Club. I told her I wanted her to go into the place to meet this guy if he was there. She was to take him back to the van and do whatever she wanted with him and I promised, no phone calls this time. We walked in separately and headed in different directions. She was standing alone at a bar at the far end of the establishment when a man went over and offered her a drink. I could see her turn around, smile and plant a kiss on his lips. It was the stud from the gas station. They chatted and within minutes he had his hand on her ass, under her skirt. This guy didn't waste any time. I decided to head for the van and assume the same position I had today so that I could take in all the action.

Lying there alone in the dark gave me a chance to review the events of the last 24 hours. What started out as a potential threesome had turned into a voyeuristic adventure the likes of which I never thought possible. I had my cock out and was slowly moving my hand up and down the shaft in anticipation of what was about to happen.

They walked towards the van arm in arm and were kissing as she removed the keys from her purse. The side door slid open and she got in ahead of him. This gave him a good view of her soft skinned ass. He locked the door behind him and drove his tongue deep in her. They moaned passionately as I heard her kick her shoes off.

"I'm gonna fuck you hard slut, is that OK. Is that what you want" he murmured.

"That's why your here handsome" she replied. "Ram that cock into me" she begged. I could hear her rummaging through her purse for condoms and offered him the first one she found. He laughed and claimed his dick preferred skinny dipping. Marie protested that she would not do this without protection. I began to get a little nervous. We've known for years that she was unable to have kids, this was more an issue of safe sex. He lifted her up by the ankles and threw her legs over his shoulders. "Honey, I'm as clean as you can get. Don't worry about that. I suggest you lie back and enjoy the fuck cause I'm gonna fill you up whether you like it or not" he decreed. She began to slap his shoulders and beg him to let her go but he was just too strong. I on the other hand was frozen. My wife was about to get fucked against her will ...... raped!! My head was telling me to intervene and throw the prick out of the van but my dick was holding me back. Of all the excitement I experienced over the past few hours, none matched the thrill I was feeling now. The words "I'm as clean as you can get" kept echoing in my head. By the time I had decided to allow this to continue, he had jammed his cock deep inside her fragile pussy.

"Pleaseeee" she screamed "You're doing this against my will, I'll ....... I'll ........ call the cops".

"Nice try" he laughed confidently as he began to thrust.

"My husband is right outside, he'll catch us and have your head" she pleaded.

"Look bitch, your pussy is dripping wet. You want this as much as I do, your cunt doesn't lie. Feel this!" he said as I felt the whole van rock sideways. He must have drilled his dick so deep into her that it made her squeal. I couldn't tell if it was pain or pleasure. He continued to drive his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. Marie became silent and only grunted every time he pushed into her. I was franticly stroking my cock and about to bring myself to a monstrous orgasm.

"Ok ...uh ..... ok, fuck me all you want. You feel so good. Just don't cum inside" She begged.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum" he cried. "Godamn am I ever gonna fill you up. Can you feel it slut, can you feel my cock about to explode deep in your cunt" he teased. Marie was breathing hard. I lifted my head ever so slightly to see if she was OK. I was shocked to find her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She was enjoying this.

"Kiss me" she implored as he pounded her. The two exchanged violent kisses.

"Oh my you are about to cum, I could feel you growing. Please stop, I'm not ready yet. I want us to cum together. She urged. He didn't seem to stop. The van kept rocking to the same motion, unabated.

"I'm ............... gonna .....................C.....U.............MMMMMMMMMMMMM" he wailed and shot his load into her. My own breathing was out of control and my hand pressed my cock hard. I began shooting my load into a tissue paper just as he was emptying himself into my wife's cunt.

"Ah. Ah, damn your spunk is hot" Marie moaned. "Oh keep on pouring that juice into me, I'm gonna cum too". Suddenly he pulled out and said "Oh baby your a great fuck, I hope you enjoyed it. Marie was stunned back into reality.

"No. No" she pleaded. "I haven't cum yet please, please put it back, put it back. Finger me, eat me" she screamed. I heard him zip his pants up and open the door. "I have to meet someone and I'm very late, sorry hun. Maybe next time" he said and shut the van door behind him. I lay motionless and listened to Marie playing with herself. "Fucking animal" she muttered to herself and then sat up. She took a few minutes to regain her composure. Marie brushed her hair, reapplied her lipstick and headed back inside. I rushed out of the van and headed for the side entrance of the club.

She walked over my way once she found me standing near the disc jockey's box. "How was it" I asked as I kissed her cheek.

"Average" she replied. "No one gets me off like you, I need you" and with that gave me a hug followed by a kiss. I slid my hand up her cunt and felt the spunk he left behind. I wasn't going to push her to tell me that he had gone against her will. She didn't seem to distraught over his cumming inside her. In fact it looked like she enjoyed having another man coat the walls of her pussy with his hot sperm. My watch showed 9:30, Jimmy would be over to the house soon for my grand finale. "Let's go home" I said.

To Be Continued...


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