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Road to a Threesome
Part VI: The Threesome
by Knight Mooves

Marie sat in the car with her face to the open window taking in the evening breeze. She had no idea what was about to happen next. It was quiet the eventful day of pleasing others it seemed. First she gave that shoe salesman a blow job, then ate the redhead's pussy and finally spread her legs for a guy who didn't wait for her to cum. She was becoming exhausted from the fire raging in between her legs. I tried to keep the pressure on by caressing her clit. I remembered that all of this had started last night when Jimmy got her all hot and bothered but never managed to fuck her. This was about change. We finally walked into our home and Marie went straight for the shower. "Wear something pretty when you come down, I'm not done with you yet" I said.

"You can say that again" she replied. "We're not going to bed until you fuck me silly and put out the fire in my pussy"!

I turned the lights down low and put on some soft music while she showered. A bottle of chilled white wine would be enough to quench our thirst and keep the high going. I set the bottle and wine glasses on the coffee table then sat back on the couch to await my craving wife. It was 10:20 and Jimmy was scheduled to arrive just in time to see my wife in her most vulnerable state.

My cock jumped to attention when I saw Marie stroll down the stairs. She had put on a white lace Teddy that left little to the imagination. I could see her nipples and well groomed bush through the sheer fabric. No panties, no bra, just the Teddy and a pair of white high heeled pumps. She seductively moved her way over to the couch and sat at the opposite end. I took in a whiff of her perfume and scented soap that she used to bathe with. Marie laid back on the armrest of the couch facing me then spread her legs. She ran her hands through her long hair, down across her breasts and on to her pussy. I laid down on top of her, began kissing her neck while I ground my dick into her soft pussy. Our tongues connected and held on to each other for several minutes. Her finger nails delicately scratched my back as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Things were getting heated when suddenly the door bell went off.

"Damn it" she let out. "I'm never gonna cum".

I looked at my watch, 10:50 PM. Jimmy was 10 minutes early, perfect timing.

With a quizzical look on my face I got up and headed for the door. "Must be the neighbor. Hold that position and I'll be right back". I opened the door and there was Jimmy in his shorts and ball cap, my car keys dangling from his hand.

"Hey buddy" he said. "Traffic wasn't bad and I made good time". I looked into the living room and saw a startled Marie sit up right on the couch. I asked Jimmy to come in and invited him into the living room. I wanted him there before Marie got the chance to get up stairs and change. She had a somewhat horrified look on her face as we walked into the room with her in a flimsy teddy and pumps. Jimmy was overwhelmed and couldn't speak when he saw her.

I intervened with "You walked in on us just as we were about to party my friend. As usual your timing is impeccable". A very embarrassed Jimmy offered to leave but I would have none of that. "I'm glad you're here. Besides, you have some explaining to do." I ordered.

He discreetly walked over to the love seat and asked what I was talking about. His eyes kept glancing back at a very sullen Marie who hadn't moved from the couch.

"Last night you kissed and felt up my wife at Maxime's. Then you had your hand up her pussy in the car". Both of them were squirming in their seats. The power I had over them was certainly addictive as I enjoyed every second of this. "Finally you decided to taste her pussy right here in my house when I wasn't looking. The problem is that while you may have provided her with a couple of mini orgasms, you essentially left her completely unfulfilled. My question is, are you man enough to finish what you started". Jimmy stared at me incredulously, wondering if I was serious. Marie had begun to lay back and smile knowing exactly where I was going with this.

I couldn't keep a serious face and began laughing at my nervous friend. "All kidding aside Jim, we've had a hell of day, thanks partly to you. Marie and I want you to join us for a threesome"

He began laughing too and asked for a drink. "You had me going. Actually I would be honored to help you guys out. In fact I wouldn't mind having sex with your wife one bit. Marie and I got a chance to get to know each other a little better last night, which should enable us to get real comfortable" he said as he stared at her tits through her teddy. "That's if it's OK with you" he said looking at me. "You call the shots" he added. I gladly got up to get him his drink.

"This is going to work just fine" I said. "Don't you think baby" I asked Marie. She put her hands on her breasts, squeezed and blew Jimmy a very erotic kiss through her red lipstick. "When I get back with his drink, I want to see you sitting on that love seat next to him" I joked knowing full well she would follow that piece of instruction to the letter. My heart had begun beating rapidly again and my cock grew with every beat. I took some ice out of the freezer and placed some in Jimmy's glass as well as a couple in a bowl. Ice cubes always made Marie's nipples perk up and point outward. I walked back to the living room and found my lovely wife sitting on my best friends' laps. Her head was tilted to the side allowing her to suck face with him. Jimmy wasted no time sliding his right hand in between her thighs, and straight in to her cunt. Marie moaned as she twirled her tongue around his. They would ease back enough to catch their breath and resume exploring each other's mouths. Her hands traveled all over the back of his head and neck. She would occasionally move them to the front to feel his chest. Her ass was doing a slow burn on to his crouch as their breathing intensified. They didn't know I was back in the room. The whole scene was extremely erotic but I did feel a twinge in my stomach watching the way Marie was enjoying making out with my friend. This was no time for any insecurities to show through, besides I didn't want her holding back. If she was going to do this I wanted her to fuck him the way she would myself. I quietly took a seat on the couch in front of them and began massaging my rock hard dick. The more the minutes went by, the more they intensified their kissing. Where were they hiding all this pent up sexual energy. I had to go easy on my dick as a few quick strokes would have been enough to fire my load. They finally broke off the kiss after 20 minutes of furious necking. Marie's lips looked sore and burning a little from the friction of rubbing them against Jim's lips. They looked at each other then looked in my direction almost surprised to see me there.

"Sorry honey" she said. "We didn't mean to leave you out

"Hey, are you sure you're OK with this Eric. I get the feeling things will heat up even more from here. I want to know that our friendship as well as your marriage will not suffer as a result. You two mean alot to me" Jimmy respectfully mentioned.

It wasn't necessary but I appreciated him offering those words. "You are the only one I would trust in this type of situation" I replied. "Besides, it looks like your fingers are so far up Marie's pussy that I couldn't stop you if I wanted to" I joked. I then asked Marie to stand up and do a little strip for us, just to set the mood (as if it wasn't already set). She agreed to the request and positioned herself in between us where we both had a good view of her steaming body. She closed her eyes and began swaying to the soft music from side to side. Her hands wandered from the top of her head, down to her chest and into her pussy. She brought them back up to pull the Teddy's straps down and let the top of her breasts show. Marie took an ice cube from the bowl and carefully placed it on her left nipple through the teddy. We could see that nipple jump to attention as she let out a soft "hummmm" from her lips. The ice cube then traveled to the inside as she slowly pulled the Teddy down to her waist. She caressed both her nipples in a circular motion with the ice, allowing them to become very firm. Marie asked that we kneel down in front of her and each take a nipple into our mouth. The dim lights, soft music and my sexy wife stripping had made our dick's rock hard. We hurried down and gave her quite the sensation when our hot tongues hit the frosty nipples. She placed her arms around our heads and drew us tightly to her. "You two men are going to make this gal truly lose her virginity tonight" she moaned. As she fell deeper and deeper into her own world of delicate sensations, I reached over to the coffee table for a cube of ice and carefully began coating her clit with it. Marie shuddered, pinching her legs closer together. We continued to suck, lick and gently bite her nipples as my fingers pressed the ice into her clit and down into the opening of her pussy. The heat emanating from her cunt was melting the ice at a rapid rate leaving a pool of water on the hardwood floor beneath us.

"Oh I need a hot tongue down there now, nowwwwwwww" she demanded. I dropped to the floor and raised my head into her pussy. She began to breathe faster and moan louder at the touch of hot saliva blending in with the ice water on her clit. Marie pulled us both closer to her body, holding on to us for dear life as she began to wail uncontrollably. "Oh Jimmyyyyyyyyyy ................ Squeeze my nipples hard,............ harder ............ I want it to hurt". "Baby slide your hand in my cunt" she told me. "Deeper, deeper and keep sucking my clit." She was gone. Marie had entered that place few women have ever been to. My wife let out a loud, excruciating cry that announced the arrival of her first multiple orgasm. Her body quivered as the orgasms rippled through her entire body. She held my head against her clit with great force and began fucking Jimmy's mouth with her tongue. We continued feeling her up until her orgasms had subsided. She fell to the couch, sweat dripping from her forehead and tried hard to regain a regular breathing pattern. Jimmy and I wanted more but she begged us to give her a few minutes and get her heart rate down. I asked Jimmy to walk her upstairs to the bedroom and give her a relaxing massage. It would be best if they could get intimate without my presence in the room. This way they didn't have the pressure of "having to perform" in front of me.

My buddy put his hand on her ass and helped her up the stairs where they disappeared into our bedroom. I waited thirty seconds then moved to the second floor bathroom that lead to the bedroom. I could see from the crack in the door that Marie had turned on the lamp on her night table and was lying on her stomach. Jimmy sat on the bed next to her and caressed her back.

"That's quite the orgasm Marie" Jimmy kidded her as he rubbed her lower back. "I can tell you can really get into having four hands and two tongues on your body".

Marie turned her head towards him and grinned "Think of the most powerful orgasm you've ever had and multiply it by two. That's what I just experienced. You did quite the job on my tits by the way. No wonder your wife has such firm nipples, you must suck them every chance you get".

"You like my wife's tits" Jimmy asked. My ears were glued to the door not wanting to miss a word of this conversation. "I do" she responded as she took his hand and placed it on the crack of her ass. "Play with me" she murmured. Jimmy ran his fingers and continued with the questions. "What else do you like about Nicole, my bi-curious friend" he asked.

"Hey now wait a minute" she replied and turned on her back facing him. "Who said I was bi? I'm just saying that she is an attractive woman".

"Yeah and you'd love to get your tongue into her snatch" Jimmy replied as he moved on top of her body and began a slow passionate kiss. Marie went for his pants and began pulling down as they kissed. "I'm done with the kissing and licking handsome. I need to feel you inside me now" and dragged his pants down to his knees. Jimmy finished the act by kicking them off along with his boxer shorts. I was now watching my naked buddy lying on top of my wife's nude body. They kissed and rolled around the bed for a while and then she moved down to his crouch. This was the first time I had ever seen Jimmy's dick. He was slightly larger than me at 8" and Marie was becoming very intimate with his member. She ran her finger nails across his balls and licked the shaft with the length of her tongue. I was busy watching and stroking myself slowly so as not to get to revved up. My bare assed wife reached into the top drawer of my night table and pulled out a condom for her lover. She ripped it opened with her teeth and proceeded to slide it on to Jimmy's fully erect cock. Marie then straddled him, positioned herself on top of his hips and slid onto his waiting cock.

"Oh, ooooooh, Jimmy where have you been hiding this wonderful rod. Damn, you fill me up so nicely. Uhmmm, promise me this won't be the last time you let me ride you" she begged. I couldn't believe my ears. First she alludes to getting it on with his wife and then she asks if they could do this again. I was concerned but in my aroused state was too busy to give a damn. I wanted him to fuck her insatiable pussy and walk in on them in the middle of her orgasm. Jimmy pulled her down by the shoulders and put one of her tits in his mouth. He sure did like nibbling at her nipples. Marie obviously approved as she leaned in and gave him all he could handle. Then she moved her face down and planted her lips on top of his. Their tongues danced, the hips moved and their hands were all over each other. She quickly sat up and picked up the pace. Then Marie pulled a move that often drove to a major orgasm. She twisted her waist around and put one of her hands underneath his balls while she continued rocking back and forth. Jimmy began to moan incessantly. "Oh gawdddd" he exclaimed. "What are you doing to me. Awhhhhhhh, what ......... what ......... those hands ........ahhhhhh. keep squeezing. That's it keep squeezing my balls". Marie applied pressure to that area between the base of his cock and his anus with her hand. "Ahhhhhh" he continued, "No wonder your husband is so satisfied. He'll have to let you do this to me more often" he asked. I was beating my dick mercilessly now. The bastard wanted to fuck my wife in the future too and I was loving every second of it.

Marie then shocked me "Don't worry about Eric, you and I will fuck in the future. If he's nice I'll let him in on it too!" Those last few words almost made me cum. I had let the animal out of its cage and there was no way of ever putting her back in. I had lost my shy, cautious wife and gained a woman with a thirst for non stop fucking.

Marie was riding Jimmy hard by now. Her tits were dangling in his face and Jimmy would occasionally rub her clit as she moved up and down.

"Oh Marie, I'm there babe. I'm gonna explode ....... Ah .......... inside of you" he cried.

"Oh yes Jimmyyyyyyyy" Marie said throwing her head back and squeezing her nipples. "Go for it honey, make me feel like a woman". That was my cue. I casually walked into the room as both turned their heads to look at me.

"Are you ok Eric" Marie asked softly while she continued fucking Jimmy. I went over and put my tongue deep into her mouth while feeling for her clit. I looked up and asked Jimmy how he was enjoying my wife's pussy. He closed his eyes and grunted "Can't ...... you ...... you .....telllllllllllllllllllll" and with that he shot his load into his condom. Marie could feel every squirt vibrating against the walls of her pussy. I kept rubbing her clit as my buddy worked on her pussy. Marie loved those double orgasms and begged me to keep rubbing so that I could prolong the pleasure. She moaned throughout, occasionally stopping to catch her breath. "You fucking guys are going to drive me out of my mind" she sensuously cried out. Her body began to shudder uncontrollably as she dug her fingernails into my arms. Her limbs were numb from the intense sensations going on in between her legs. She begged me to pull her off of him and then asked that I hold her tightly. This was by far the most intense experience she had ever lived and would certainly be looking for more in the future.

Jimmy lay motionless on the bed and I could see Marie was beginning to pull herself together. Wasting little time I shifted and turned her back to me. She got the hint, took my dick in her hand and directed it into her cunt. Marie then asked Jimmy to kneel down in front of her so he could eat her while she bounced on top of me. I was impressed with how she took command of the situation and ordered her men into position. She was made for threesomes I thought. I put both my hands on her breasts and caressed them from behind. I moved my head to her shoulder so that I could watch Jimmy eating her clit. What I saw instead were the two locked in another passionate embrace. Hot blood rushed to my cock and it began to grow inside her. My wife began to squirm and then released Jimmy's tongue from her mouth so that he could place it on to her clit.

"Oh yes, yes, yes" Marie let out. My dream come true. Jimmy on my pussy and my husband's hard cock inside me".

I was surprised by the comment. I gathered my breathe while I fucked her and asked "How long have you had this dream ... or should I say fantasy"?

"Since our wedding day when Jimmy grabbed my ass. I knew that someday I wanted him to grab more than my cheeks. You made it possible babe, I love you so much" and leaned back for more kissing.

The three of us fucked late into the night. At some point Jimmy's wife called to see if he was still here. I told her that Marie had gone to bed and that her husband and I were playing cards. When I got back to the bedroom I let my buddy know his wife had called. He said that Marie was curious about Nicole and that I should explore that with her when I had the chance. We all laughed and banged Marie until her pussy couldn't handle it anymore. Jimmy showered and left to go home while Marie just fell asleep on my shoulders. What a day it was. My beautiful wife had provided me with the type of excitement few men ever get to experience. She managed to satisfy my voyeuristic fantasies and I fulfilled her dream of having two men service her at the same time.

The day however had generated many questions that were still unanswered. What did Marie mean when she told Jimmy they would fuck in the future. What about her inquiring about Nicole, Jimmy's wife. Did she have bi-curious fantasies about her that I was unaware of. Then of course there was the fact that she had proven she was able and willing to mess around behind my back, sort of. So many questions. This day would certainly change the rest of my life.

Let me know what you think about this experience.

To Be Continued...


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