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Road to a Threesome
Part VII: Payback
by Knight Mooves

The events leading up to and including the threesome had certainly changed my wife. She had this new-found look of sexual confidence about her that made Marie even more appealing. She began wearing clothes that fit tighter and were a little more revealing. I often found her tossing sexual innuendos in open conversation with friends and strangers without a hint of reticence. Marie was now able to make complimentary comments about men she saw in her office, on the street or in the neighbourhood. Through it all she remained the loving, faithful wife that I had married 9 years ago. To this day I believe the main reason I was able to allow her to have the threesome was the solid relationship we share.

We often talked about that eventful weekend where Marie lost all her inhibitions and let loose with her sexuality. Our lovemaking is now much more intense especially when I remind her of what it is was like to have me inside her and my buddy's tongue on her clit. The imagery results in an instant orgasm. I must admit the threesome has raised the wonderful relationship we had to an even higher level. The questions however still lingered in my mind. I had openly heard her admit to Jimmy that she wanted more of him in the future. Nothing could ever come between the love we shared and I was secure in the knowledge that what Marie wanted from my best friend was pure, lustful sex. It was probably a very difficult thing for my wife to admit. Her Catholic upbringing made it very uncomfortable for her to tell me she wanted to have more of Jimmy. I seemed like this hang-up could drive her to meet with him behind my back and this made me angry. I had no problem with her wanting more threesomes or other adventures of the kind as long as it were out in the open. It was clear that I needed to find a way to get Marie over this obstacle once and for all. First I needed to collect on the favour my buddy owed me.

Jimmy and I were having lunch one day about three weeks after he had a go at my wife. We talked about the weekend and laughed at how I manipulated the situation into the best sexual experience we had ever had. "You know Jimmy, I've given you the best gift a friend could ever offer another friend. I let you have sex with my wife. What are you prepared to do" I inquired somewhat jokingly.

"Eric, I would have no problems letting you get a taste of Nicole except she would never go along with it" he replied somewhat apologetically. My mind went into overdrive and I decided to put Jimmy's loyalty to the test.

"If you are serious about what you say then I think I have a way around this problem. You can let me have Nicole and she doesn't even have to know about it". I saw him raise his eyebrows in confusion and asked that I go on with the details of my plan. "From what you tell me Nicole goes to bed every night at 11 PM and falls asleep the second her head hits the pillow. What if I took your spot in bed next to her without her knowing it and proceeded to have sex with her". Jimmy laughed at what he thought was a clever idea that would probably never work. He explained how there was enough moonlight in the room that his wife would certainly notice how another man was lying next to her. Little did he know that I had already put enough thought into this to remove whatever objection he would throw my way.

"It seems that the only problem you have with this is the risk of us getting caught," I asked. "If that's the case then I assume you really don't mind me fucking your wife". When he confirmed that belief I went on to outline the details of my plan and in the end he agreed that it had little chance of failure. We set the whole thing up for Thursday night when he knew Nicole would come home at 9, shower and head straight to bed.

I told Marie I was playing poker with the boys on Thursday and wouldn't be home before 1 AM. There were many more sexual adventures I wanted to plan for Marie but first I needed to get this matter of me having sex with Nicole out of the way. If she were worthy I would begin planning an evening of uninhibited sex for the two couples. I just wasn't sure if Jimmy's wife was able to enjoy sex in the manner that Marie could. I needed to satisfy my curiosity.

When I finally got to Jimmy's neighbourhood I parked the car in the lot of a nearby strip mall and waited for Jimmy to call my cell for the go ahead. The call came at 10:46 and Jimmy told me Nicole was out cold. I then drove to his house and parked the car in his driveway. He greeted me at the door and quietly explained that he had done everything I asked him to do. Jimmy had taped black garbage bags underneath the blinds of the bedroom window. He had carefully done this while Nicole slept in order to keep the moonlight as well as the reflection of a nearby street lamp out of the room. I had also asked him to turn off any night-light he may have in the hallway. "It's completely dark in there Eric," he said. "You couldn't see your hand in front of your face if you tried. How much time do you think you'll need"?

"About 45 minutes" I replied as I began removing my clothes. Jimmy would wait downstairs while I worked Nicole into frenzy. With nothing but a tee shirt on I silently made my way to the bedroom. I had been in the house before and knew my way around fairly well. I walked into the pitch-black bedroom and carefully lay down next to Nicole. My heart was racing as I tried to remain motionless and get a feel for the situation. I could smell Nicole's perfume as I began to slowly cuddle up next to her. She was sleeping on her side with her back to me. I ground my body into her and placed my right arm over her body so that my hand fell onto her right breast. Jimmy told me Nicole wore no panties to bed, only a nightshirt and he was right.

My semi hard cock was squeezed in tightly between my belly and her ass. I gently began caressing her nipples and rubbing her breast. She let out a soft, slow moan of approval. I did this for a few minutes and then slid my hands down to what was a surprisingly damp pussy. I cuddled her tightly and began rubbing her clit with my index finger. Within seconds her damp pussy started flowing with a consistent stream of warm juices. I moved my head forward and pulled her long hair off of her neck with my left hand. Then I delicately slid my tongue on to her neck where I licked the base of her neck, up to her lower lip and finally placed my lips on hers. My freshly shaved face felt no different than her husband's would and Jimmy had given me some of his cologne to wear. Nicole had no idea what was going on.

"Oh, baby I'm never gonna get to sleep if you keep fingering my pussy like that" she slurred. My tongue softly penetrated her lips and found her sleepy tongue lying in her mouth. She started to return the kiss and began moving on to her back with her arms reaching for my neck. I could not allow her to pull me on top of her, not yet anyway. I quickly dove under the covers and positioned my face in between her legs.

Nicole could feel my warm breath inches away from her pussy and muttered, " Oh Jimmy, you haven't done that in ages". I assumed her eyes were still closed as she opened her legs wider. I finally tasted Nicole's pussy and found her sweet nectar very addictive. I had planned to eat her very gently and quietly but suddenly found myself driving deeper and deeper into her cunt. Soon her hands were holding my head firmly against her. "My God I'm gonna scream and wake up the kids if you keep that up" she begged. "Oh that's it, you have the spot sweet heart. Keep going Jimmy, don't stop, don't stop." I slid my finger into Nicole's pussy and began caressing her G Spot. "Oh Jimmy, baby what are you doing to me. Ah ... ah ... ah ...What are you ...ah". Nicole had obviously never had her G Spot played with before.

This was not what I expected. I felt I would get in bed, give her a quick fuck and get out. My buddy's wife was instead grinding her hips into my face and moaning uncontrollably. "Ahhhhhh" she cried "I'm ... gonna ... cummmm". I kept licking as the orgasm began shooting through her shuddering body and then I went for the kill. I quickly got up on my knees, in between her legs and rammed my erect 8 inches deep into her pussy. The impact of having my cock enter her while she was having a very powerful orgasm left her speechless. Actually, she momentarily stopped breathing. I was into my 5th stroke before she finally let out a lamenting sigh and loudly whispered "Fuck, what are you doing to me". She wrapped her arms around my neck and drove me down on top of her so she could kiss me. The kissing soon turned into very passionate necking until we were flat out mauling each other's mouths. This woman was an animal in bed. Damn, where had Jimmy been keeping this bundle of sexual energy? Her moans became uncontrollable and for a moment I honestly felt like she would wake up her kids. I focused on the intensity of the situation and within seconds my cock began building up its load. Then suddenly we both froze as the first squirts of my hot cum splashed against the walls of her pussy. Then the mother load burst through my dick and slammed mounds of cum all over her insides. Nicole drove her fingernails into my back and held on for dear life as a thunderous orgasm ripped through her body.

When it was over I immediately got off of her and headed for the bathroom. "Oh Jimmy, that was the best orgasm you've ever given me. What came over you" she mumbled through her still sleepy voice. I stopped just as I was about exit the bedroom, paused for a few seconds and then said "awesome pussy Nicole" and ran into the dark hallway. Instead of turning into the bathroom however I headed down the stairs where I felt Jimmy shoot up past me to take my place in the bathroom. He did not seem to be very far and probably heard every sound that came out of that room. "What the hell happened in there! I want to talk to you tomorrow" he whispered hurriedly and then kept moving upstairs.

I was down in the living room quietly getting my clothes back on when I heard Jimmy walk from the bathroom to the bed where a still moaning Nicole lay waiting. I could hear the faint voices of a conversation coming out of the room. All I made out as I walked out of the house was Nicole saying "Again! What's gotten into you tonight". I stepped out into the cool evening air, took a deep breath and walked to my car with all the confidence that a well-done job provides. I had rocked Nicole's world.

Jimmy called early the next day to tell me he would drop by to see me at the office over the lunch hour. He arrived at about 12:30 with a very inquisitive look on his face.

"What did you do to my wife last night. This morning she was still talking about the intense orgasm "I" supposedly gave her. She claims she had spoken to her girlfriends about the whole G Spot thing and was elated that I finally took the time to massage it. Nicole then added that she wanted to put the kids to bed early tonight so that I could do it all over again. What's your technique my friend". I went on to explain where and how to find a woman's G Spot and how to maximize the sensation by stroking her clit with his tongue. This would provide her with a vaginal as well as a clitoral orgasm simultaneously.

"Then just as the orgasms begin to melt away you ram your dick into her and begin pumping with full force. The sensations from having your cock hitting her G Spot along with those remaining untouched areas inside of her will send your wife's body into a new orgasm and prolong the other two she already had going. You essentially send her body into an intense pleasure zone that lasts for about 30 minutes". Jimmy was captivated with my explanation as he sat there motionless.

"All along I thought she was just too tired for sex when the reality is I was not making it exciting enough for her" he admitted. "You may have saved our sex life. How can I ever repay you".

"Are you serious?" I asked. "Are you that grateful that you actually feel like you owe me?"

"You don't understand how much our marriage was suffering from the poor sex. This morning we had a quickie, which was something we hadn't done in years. Life is great again and I owe it all to you. Ask me anything you want buddy and consider it done". This was certainly a pleasant turn of events, I thought. First I screw his wife and then he feels eternally indebted to me. All sorts of erotic thoughts were racing through my mind as I tried to think of the implications of this latest offer. The last time someone told me "I'll do anything" was my wife Marie and she had to perform all day for me. "Let me get back to you on that Jimmy". With that we left the office to go get a sandwich.

I had all my pawns in place. A willing wife, a grateful friend and his wife who was a sexual animal waiting to be let out of her cage. It was time to put another erotic chain of events in place that would satisfy my voyeuristic needs.

To Be Continued...


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