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Road to a Threesome
Part VIII: Adultery
by Knight Mooves

Some people it seems have way too much fun and lately I am one of those fortunate few. Over the past few months I had a chance to watch my wife have sex with strangers as well as my best friend. Then he returned the favor by letting me fuck his unsuspecting wife. In fact it's been two weeks since that last episode and Nicole still has no idea it was me who gave her the most powerful orgasm she's ever experienced. Jimmy tells me his sex life has improved dramatically since my "few minutes" with his wife and continues to insist that he is prepared to repay the favour in any way I see fit. Throughout this period of fulfilling fantasies my beautiful wife Marie remains the love of my life and the reason I walk around with a constant hard on. If you are wondering what the above is all about you should maybe get a drink and take the next few minutes to catch up on my voyeuristic escapades by reading the previous 5 parts.

We were coming up on two months since my wife had her first threesome with Jimmy and me. She was sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee one morning wearing her pink silk teddy. I stared at her protruding nipples as she reminisced about having two men at once. "I don't want to sound demanding honey but are we ever going to get crazy like that again?" she asked.

"I fully intend to Marie" I smiled back and patted my lap wanting her to place her firm butt on it. She seductively sauntered over and positioned herself on my lap with her lips inches from mine. "I really want to have you and another man fuck me silly, and I mean soon". I slipped my tongue into her mouth and let it dance with hers for a few seconds. I then said, "You mean you want me and Jimmy to fuck you at once, don't you?" She smiled and began squirming on my lap. I knew she had enjoyed having four hands caressing her body the way we did. It was also no secret that Marie was turned on with the idea of being a naughty girl. She really got off having sex with my friend and was not shy to admit it. "Tell me something sweetheart" I added. "What is your impression of Jimmy's wife. Granted you both have not seen much of each other over the past year but there was a time when you two were inseparable".

"I miss hanging with Nicole. She is so caught up with her law career that we just don't get the chance to talk, shop or do all those other things that girls do" she responded. "I've been meaning to call her and go for a drink, just the two of us".

That wasn't quite the answer I was looking for. I then asked Marie what she thought about Nicole as a woman. My wife gave me this grin and wondered what I was up to. " I just want to know if you think she is sexy?" I inquired.

"Are you kidding? Every time we went out together Nicole would flirt with the guys at the bar. She is not only sexy but very beautiful. We always had a blast together". This was more like it I thought as I began to plant the seed for my next bout of voyeurism.

"Then it's settled," I shouted. You and Marie will plan a girl's night out this Saturday and have a blast like you used to. I want you to call Nicole right away and convince her to get some babysitting for this weekend. Tell her that she can't use work as an excuse either. Jimmy and I will go to a ball game while you two ladies go out and do what ever married women do in bars when they're together". She took the phone sitting on the table and dialled her number. It took a few minutes and a little persistence but Marie finally managed to persuade Nicole to join her for drinks at DB'S NightClub on Saturday. "This will be fun" she exclaimed as she got up. "The girls will party with the girls and the boys with the boys. Then maybe we can all meet back here for a night cap". Perfect I thought. My mind was churning out all the sexual possibilities this scenario had to offer. I called Jimmy on his cell phone the instant Marie left the kitchen and told him to meet me at the local bar for a chat.

It was time I cashed in on Jimmy's offer to "do anything for me". "What's up buddy?" he asked as he took the stool next to mine and ordered a beer. I looked at him and smiled, "how would you like to watch our two ladies get intimate". Jimmy froze and just stared in awe.

"What are you talking about, or should I ask what are you up to now" he whispered.

"I let Marie plan a girl's night out with Nicole this Saturday. Just the two of them. I can see to it that they have a real wild time. Are you prepared to watch Nicole getting intimate with someone else."

"You mean intimate with your wife?" he asked with his eyes wide open.

"Maybe. Perhaps with another man. All I need to know is can you handle it, and don't bring up the issue that you let me fuck her. That was in total darkness, with you out of the room and her half asleep. I'm talking about watching her willingly have sex with someone else". Jimmy swallowed hard, paused a few seconds then said, "Damn, I'm getting hard just thinking about that. Weird, I'm not even having any jealous feelings either"

"That just shows how mature you are," I added. "You are able to distinguish between love and sex. Good. Then meet me at DB'S Friday night at 10 and don't let your wife know anything about this. We left $10 on the bar and walked out to his car as I explained what my plan was. "You sly bastard" he laughed when he heard the idea. "It would be incredible to pull that off. Friday night it is".

We let our wives know we were going for a drink that Friday but did not tell them where. Jimmy and I showed up at DB'S around 10 PM just as the place was beginning to fill up. We sat quietly sipping our beers carefully eyeing the men in place. That's right, men! My idea was to find two good looking hot studs and ask them to hit on our wives tomorrow night. "Hey, what about those two sitting next to the speakers" Jimmy said as he pointed in their direction. "They seem to be around 25 and carry that GQ look that all the young studs have". We watched them manoeuvre for a period of thirty minutes. They seemed to know quite a few people, especially the women who dropped by to chat with them. The boys had on tight T-shirts, Jeans and carried well-built 6-foot frames. "I think they could do the job. Let's go talk to them".

This was tricky part. I imagined myself in their shoes; having a couple of forty year old men approach and ask them to hit on their wives. I fully expected them to be sceptical.

"Excuse me gentlemen" I began. "I'm Eric and this is Jimmy. We need some help and you two look like just the type of guys we're looking for". I moved quickly with the story, not wanting to give them to much time to let the scepticism set in. "Our wives will be hear tomorrow night on one of those girl's night out deals and we are encouraging them to have a real good time. In fact we've given them permission to do anything they want and I do mean anything. However my buddy and I need to know they're not going to end up with a couple troublemakers. This is what we have in mind ..." The four of us went on to have a nice conversation and I learned they were both first year medical interns at a local hospital. One had a girlfriend with plans to marry her next year and the other was simply too busy with his career to commit to a relationship. They came across as a couple of good guys just looking to get laid. I described our wives and watched their interest grow when I mentioned firm breasts, nice ass and very hot in bed. The plan was for them to dance with the girls, sit with them, chat, get them drinks, etc. As the evening wore on I wanted them to become more intimate as well as daring. They understood what I was getting at. Jimmy sat quietly watching me set this whole thing up. "If you feel you have reached the point where the four of you want to go somewhere a little more private" I continued, "then you are to take them to the Bay Side Inn, about 10 minutes from here. You will find a reservation for a Bill Smith in room 107. Take the key, get the ladies and show them a good time. Remember, do this at there pace and don't get too aggressive. If things don't work out or one of them wants to go home, do as they say. No one wants to see this get out of hand," I added sternly. The boys were fascinated with the scheme and promised to behave. Besides they added we knew where they worked and they had a reputation to protect. We drank to the plan and finalised a few more details before heading home. All that was left to do now was watch.

It was a warm September, Saturday evening and I encouraged Marie to wear her red lace blouse along with her tight, black mini skirt. Of course she added black stockings and garters for good measure along with a new pair of black pumps. One look at her gave me an instant hard-on. I had warned Jimmy to tell Nicole to dress in the same manner. A few minutes before Nicole showed up I pulled Marie to me and said "I want both you girls to have a real good time tonight. Do anything you want".

"Thanks honey" Marie replied and gave me an innocent peck on the cheek. I pulled her closer and rammed my tongue down her throat. "I mean anything. Whatever you two ladies wind up doing tonight is fine with Jimmy and me". Marie gave me this funny look, smiled and in a seductive voice said "I'll remember those words and promise to tell you everything that went on". She planted another hot kiss on my lips and grabbed my butt. Nicole's car pulled into the driveway and within seconds they left for their evening of fun.

We expected them to show up at about 9:30 so Jimmy and I got their at about 9:15. We passed Todd and James on the way in, letting them know that our wives would be there in minutes. I told them Marie would have a tight red lace T-shirt with black skirt while Nicole had a white dress that wrapped tightly around her body. Both would be showing lots of leg. They offered an eager smile and reassured us that they would be perfect gentlemen. We then headed for the second floor bar that over looked the entire room below. My buddy and I would have a perfect view of the scene unfolding before us this evening.

"Did you tell Nicole to let loose tonight and do anything she wanted" I asked Jimmy.

"I did and for some reason my willingness to give her that kind of freedom made her very horny. She wanted to fuck me right there as she dressed but I didn't want to wrinkle that flimsy dress she had on. I figure the hornier she was, the greater the possibility that she would go with one of the guys". I was glad to see Jimmy had played his cards like an expert voyeur. Suddenly from the corner of my eye I spotted Nicole and Marie make their way into the club. They headed for the bar where Marie ordered some Margarita's while Nicole took in the sights and sounds of the very busy nightclub.

"Those two better move quickly" noted Jimmy. "I can see a few men gawking at them already. I'd hate for them to get stuck with the wrong guys". He was right. There must have been a dozen guys staring at them, that meant a dozen hard cocks growing harder and harder with each passing minute. I pulled out my cell and used the number to Todd's cell phone. I could see him pick up his phone and bring it to his ear. "It's the two over to the far end of the bar" I shouted over the music.

"I know, we were just on our way. Don't worry, they're in good hands" he replied. We saw the boys move across the room and position themselves right next to the ladies. It was James who initiated the conversation. Our wives smiled as the four exchanged hand shakes and other pleasantries. I could see Marie was really taken by Todd's blond hair and youthful physique. She playfully squeezed his firm biceps as they laughed about whatever they were discussing.

"I can't believe the emotions running through me Eric. I have this knot in my stomach from being a little jealous, but my dick on the other hand is about rip through my pants. This is weird". Poor Jimmy was experiencing the same emotions I did when I saw Marie and him getting it on a few months back. I told him the inconsistent feelings were all part of the fun.

After chatting for about 20 minutes the four of them all headed for the dance floor. Marie and Nicole had smiles from ear to ear as they seemed to relish the attention the young studs were providing. The beat was rapid and the dance floor crammed with people. I did however manage to see Todd step up against Marie and grind his body into hers for a little dirty dancing. Rather than backing away, my wife moved in so he could feel her breasts rub his chest. Nicole on the other hand was being spun around by James. Unfortunately there was little room to move and Nicole lost her balance when she bumped someone behind her. She fell right into James's open arms. He pulled her into himself and gave her a big smile. She laughed and stayed in that position for an entire song, grinding her pussy into what I assumed was a very hard cock.

Jimmy and I looked on quietly. The scene unfolding before our very eyes had us both in a deep trance. The place was jammed with beautiful women but all we could see was our wives getting cosy with these two strangers. Todd eventually told all four to follow him into the lounge area where they chose a booth in a far, dark corner of the room. We could see them standing around, trying to decide who would sit where. It was Marie who finally took Todd by the hand and led him to a spot next to her. James followed Nicole on the couch facing the other two. The only problem was that Jimmy and I did not have a clear view of them. We had to move to the other end of the end and positioned ourselves directly above the foursome. In fact we could look down and almost see our wives' cleavage.

They drank, laughed and chatted as the evening wore on. It took about an hour before the boys had their arms around the ladies' shoulders. Neither of them seemed to mind, in fact Marie was snuggled comfortably against Todd's chest. The first slow song came on at about 11:30 and both Nicole and James made their way to the dance floor while the other two stayed behind. Things started getting real intimate between my wife and her new friend. He had his hand on her lap, stroking it very slowly while he whispered in her ear. Todd then moved his lips to her cheek for a quick kiss and Marie returned by putting her tongue in his mouth. They stayed locked in that position for what quite some time before coming up for air. By now he had squeezed her breast and slid his hand underneath her skirt. Nicole and James on the other hand had their arms wrapped around each other, wildly grinding their bodies into each other. Their tongues were licking each others neck's and ear's.

"This is mind blowing" Jimmy finally spoke. "I can't believe Nicole could let herself go like this. Damn I'm hard".

"Yeah" I added. "It's awesome watching the woman you love playing sexual games with another man". The song ended and the happy couple headed back to their seats. Marie and Todd didn't seem to care that their friends were back. They just kept kissing and feeling each other up, almost lost in their own world. James sat and pulled Nicole onto his laps. She laughed then tilted her head and began a ferocious necking session with her young stud.

It was Todd who at around 12:30 AM began speaking to the others in an animated manner. "I bet he's asking the ladies to join them at the motel right about now" I said.

"I hope they agree" replied Jimmy almost salivating at the thought. Our wives then got up together and left for the ladies room. I quickly dialled Todd's cell phone and asked for an update.

"We asked them to join us and they went to the ladies room to discuss it I guess. Where are you guys" he inquired.

"Look up" I said as I waved at him. "Remember, be polite but persistent. Convince them to join you and ask for room 107. That's very important". The ladies returned and stood as they spoke to the eager studs. Jimmy and I held our breath. Suddenly Todd and James stood up with great big smiles, took our wives by the hand and led them out of the club. I guess they had agreed to have sex with them.

"Now what" panted a very nervous Jimmy. "My God, what have we done". His heart was racing and his mind overtaken with the idea that his wife had willingly agreed to have sex with a total stranger. I asked him to follow me out the door. We got in my car and drove to the same motel they were headed for. Only I took a shortcut through a seldom-used back road that had me at the motel in 5 minutes. "What are we going to do here" stammered Jimmy as I avoided the parking lot and hid the car on a side street.

"I have a key to room 106. The owner is a friend of mine and I asked him to set up these rooms for me tonight. Room 106 has a two-way mirror that he installs for a few friends of his. It looks directly into room 107".

"You mean we will be watching what's going on," asked Jimmy somewhat incredulously. "You're unbelievable!"

The owner of this motel has been doing this for years at $500 a pop for anyone of his buddies who need a certain "favour". This was the first time I had ever asked him to do me the favour. We entered room 106 and set up a couple of chairs facing the mirror that looked into room 107.

We had a clear view. Jimmy and I sat patiently waiting for our wives to walk in with their two young studs. We were about to watch our wives commit adultery in front of our very eyes.

To Be Continued...


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