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Road to a Threesome
Part X: Foursome
by Knight Mooves

Over the years I've been "awarded" my share of speeding tickets. Some people call it led foot, impatient, irresponsible, whatever. I just want to get from point A to pint B as quickly as possible. On this particular evening I actually managed to beat my wife and her friend home even though I had given them a 10-minute head start. Jimmy and I had wanted to give the ladies a chance to clean up before we got home. However it dawned on me as we walked into my house that this may work to our advantage. Our wives were about to walk in with messed up hair and wrinkled clothes at 2:30AM. I huddled with Jimmy to review how we could turn this situation to our advantage.

We were sitting in the living room pretending to watch TV when our wives finally got home.

"Oh that's the last time I take the highway to get home" ranted an exasperated Marie. "Can you imagine construction at this hour of the night. Cars are backed up for miles. The next time I'm taking the side roads you always take," she added as she threw herself on to my laps for a big kiss. Nicole did the same when she greeted Jimmy only I noticed she wasn't wearing the pretty tanned stockings she had on when the evening began. Then it hit me; Todd wanted a souvenir of their night together. I let go of my wife's lips and said, "You ladies really look good tonight. I bet you made a few heads turn at the club".

"It doesn't take much to turn-on men Eric, trust me. You guys will stare at a chicken if it's wearing pumps". Jimmy softly stroked his wife's bare thighs as she spoke.

"Well you two look particularly sexy," I added. "Nicole, isn't the evening air a little cool for you to be wearing no stockings"? Her eyes grew large and she swallowed hard realising for the first time that she had left them behind.

"Wait a minute," said a confused looking Jimmy. "You had on those sexy tanned stockings when you left the house. What happened"? An eerie silence fell over the room.

"I spilled a glass of Tequila all over Nicole's legs and she had to remove the wet hose" replied my quick thinking wife. The girls looked at each other from the corner of their eyes.

"So how was the bar" I asked. "Doesn't that place empty out at 1AM. You two ladies must have had some wonderful company to keep you there that long". I slid my hands up my wife's back, on to her neck and began caressing her soft skin. Marie explained how they danced, drank and chatted with some of the guys. Meanwhile I noticed a certain roughness to the skin on the side of her face. I studied the pale white stain as our wives fabricated a story about a perfectly innocent evening. Then it hit me, Cum stains! She must have missed the spot behind her neck and cheek when she washed up.

"What's with the dry skin on your cheek honey"? I rubbed the rough texture of the stain with my hand then leaned in to investigate. Marie tried to pull away but I held her down pretending to be concerned. "It looks like...It looks like the type of stains I leave on you when we make love" I laughed. Jimmy roared while the ladies nervously pretended to enjoy the joke. I then asked Nicole to stand up and walk over to where Marie and I were sitting.

"Nicole do me a big favour. Lean in and taste that white stain on her face, just with the tip of your tongue".

Marie stood up, placed her hands on her hips and demanded to know what I was thinking.

"I think I know what that blemish is except I'm too uncomfortable doing a taste test myself. Nicole, you tell me what it tastes like and I swear I will drop the subject."

"Let the men have their fun Marie" cracked Nicole as she licked the side of my wife's cheek. "Hum, taste's like...that Rum you spilled on my stockings. It flew everywhere when some guy bumped your wife's elbow, sending the contents of her glass airborne. Now can we dispel with the games" demanded an angry Nicole. Award winning performance I thought. Suddenly Jimmy got up to set our plan in motion.

He paced the room, hand on chin, in much the same way Inspector Colombo would have. "I get the feeling that if I ran my hands over your body sweetheart, I could probably find the same rough patches of skin on you. By the way, did I mention you look great when you're not wearing any panties"? He stepped up and ran his hands on her bare ass, giving her a loving squeeze.

"How did you know I wasn't wearing any..." Nicole paused her sentence trying hard to figure out how her husband knew she was pantieless.

"OK, what's going on here" questioned Marie. "You both asked us to go out and have a good time and that's exactly what we did. Now lose this amusing game of detective your playing and let's chill out with some drinks. It was our night out, and we're not telling what we did" she giggled. I headed for the bar to prepare some drinks as I considered my next move.

"Honey do you remember Ted Wilson. He and I worked together for a while about ten years ago". Marie acknowledged having a vague memory of seeing him at company functions. "Well he's into real estate now and owns a few properties around town. One of those properties is..." I hesitated as I handed the ladies their drinks. "You see, he owns the Bay Side Inn". I watched Jimmy turn away as the situation was making him a little uneasy. The girls on the other hand had their eyes riveted to me and every word I was now saying. "I hadn't spoken to Ted in ages when suddenly, out of the blue he calls me tonight to tell me he just saw my wife, a lady and two men walk into one of his rooms".

My wife's face was ashen and Nicole simply froze. No one spoke.

"I explained how unlikely that was as you and your friend were at a bar having a few drinks. Imagine my surprise when he accurately described what this woman, he thought to be you was wearing. He also claimed that you were with some guy who lifted your red blouse up and flashed your tits at some old guy in the parking lot." Marie slowly wobbled over to the sofa, sat down and finished her drink in one swig. Nicole was still frozen where she stood and couldn't bear to look up. From the back of the room I spotted Jimmy gesturing that I shouldn't pour it on so thick.

"Yes we did ask you to let loose and enjoy yourselves. I suppose we never stopped to think what that would entail however I assure you we didn't expect to be lied to. All we ask is that you ladies show enough respect for the men who love you and be honest about what went on. You may be surprised with our reaction". I crossed my fingers and hoped the girls would have the courage to come clean. They cautiously glanced over at each other wondering how they were going to handle this.

Surprisingly it was a very nervous Nicole who coughed and said "We...we...were at the motel but never...made it into a room. You see it was a joke and..." She quickly realised no one was going to buy this story.

"We fucked our brains out" blurted out Marie. She gave her friend a stern look and added "Forget it Nicole, the truth will come out. Tonight, tomorrow, next week, it might as well be now".

She looked at Jimmy and commented "I think your husband is man enough to accept what two grown women did for just for fun. Besides, I'm willing to bet Jimmy is not the perfect husband he wants everyone to think he is". She was about to tell the truth but obviously did not want my buddy to come down hard on his wife. It was a subtle reminder of the wild sex they had some 2 months ago.

"Are you sure you both want to hear what we did tonight. We're prepared to tell you only if you have the ability to be mature about this and realize that it was about sex, not love. The only men we love are in this room right now".

"Why don't you sit on our laps while you describe your evening to us. It sounds like this could be a hot story". Everyone smiled at that comment as it broke the tension a little. Marie headed towards me while Nicole moved to join her husband on the loveseat. "Not so quick" I said as I stopped Marie from sitting on my laps. "You did say fucked your brains out. I'm assuming you two lovely ladies spent the evening with two other men. Needless to say this uncomfortable situation demands that we handle it in some ... unconventional manner. Nicole, you sit on my laps while my wife joins your husband and both of you can tell us about the evening". Once again a sudden silence fell over the room as everyone stared at each other.

"It's not much to ask of two women who committed blatant adultery this evening. Go on honey, sit on Eric's laps and tell us what you two did" commanded Jimmy as he held his hand out to Marie. The girls slowly made their way over and positioned themselves on our laps, trying to avoid our hardening dick's. I was so eager to feel up Nicole's bare pussy but held back wanting to let things take a more natural course.

Marie began telling the story of how they walked into the club and within seconds met two good-looking young guys. Nicole had wanted to stay away from men feeling they would only be interested in one thing. However my wife convinced her that they seemed like nice company and would probably be good dance partners. She explained that everyone became very comfortable and the evening progressed quite well. There was drinking along with the dancing as she had already stated but lots of kissing and intimate touching too.

"Elaborate on that part" I interrupted.

"Well at one point Nicole took her guy on the dance floor and I stayed behind in the booth with my new friend. Let's just say things got hot for everybody and it was soon after, that one of the guys suggested we head over to a motel he knew".

"You both must have been very excited. Did it turn you on to know these two young guys wanted to have sex with you? Inquired Jimmy all the while caressing Marie's arms.

"We had a long discussion in bathroom and figured you both seemed eager that we do whatever we wanted" replied Nicole. "And yes, it was turning me on immensely to see a couple 25 year old studs get hard on's for us. In fact just thinking about James's hard dick grinding into me while danced gets me wet," she added sheepishly looking at her husband.

"How wet" I inquired sliding my hand up her thigh and into her pussy. Marie was a little surprised with my brazen attempt to feel up her friend.

"Well, aren't we the presumptuous. Don't you think you should ask Nicole and Jimmy before you feel her up?

"I don't think we need to ask anything. As far as Jimmy and I are concerned it's payback time. We will accept what you did if let us hand out the justifiable punishment. Remember it's not what you did, but the fact that you tried to hide and then lie about it that has us a little miffed". I looked at Jimmy who nodded approvingly. "Now continue with the story while Jimmy and I continue to caress you ladies".

Nicole recited the details concerning their fun at the motel. She explained how Marie gave Todd a BlowJob in the car and how they both came in their mouths later on in the room. I had my hand way up Nicole's pussy, fondling her clit with steady strokes. She had trouble speaking occasionally, as her breathing grew heavier. Meanwhile Jimmy had both of my wife's nipples in a gentle but firm grip.

"Hum, what do you two have in mind exactly" Marie asked. "I know we owe you, but you both seemed to have taken great liberties with our bodies. Is there something we should know about where this evening is going". At that moment I pulled my fingers out of Nicole's pussy and revealed a white, sticky substance.

"Jimmy, I hate to be the one to tell you this but your wife's pussy is oozing with another man's cum" I said flashing my hand at him. He immediately drove his hand into Marie revealing the same stuff inside of her.

"Let them lick our hands clean" he insisted. I brought my hand up to Nicole's face and had to push my fingers into her mouth. They swallowed our fingers whole and sucked the cum right off of them.

"Both of you on your knees now please" I ordered. They dropped to the floor in between our legs as Jimmy and I unzipped our pants. "Show us how you licked their cock's". Nicole's warm saliva engulfed my cock and sent shock waves through my body. Yet it was the sight of watching my wife do the same for my friend that almost sent me over the edge.

"I want to hear more...I want to know what else happened in the room" demanded Jimmy as he tried to control his breathing.

"It was just sex except we exchanged partners every now and then. Let's drop the subject and have fun" insisted Marie as she tried speaking with a full mouth. Like Jimmy I wanted to hear more. I needed to hear about the kiss the girls exchanged and how they held Nicole down while Todd rammed his cock up her virgin ass.

"I was thinking. These guys must have, at some point in time wanted to play the role of spectator. Did you ladies have to perform for them?"

"Don't be silly" replied Nicole as she momentarily let go of my dick. "It was just straight up sex, that's all". My wife was really getting into Jimmy's cock and waved her arm in agreement with Nicole's statement.

"So you guys want a BlowJob, is that it? This is our punishment. We have to give each other's husbands a good licking for being bad girls" teased Nicole.

"I would be enough if you ladies didn't insist on lying. However given your continued attempts to keep the truth from us, your punishment will be made more severe" I sighed. "Both of you take your clothes off and stand in the middle of the room".

"Wait a minute" hollered Marie. "You have a nerve calling us liars and ordering us around" It was time to over power our wives with guilt if we hoped to have our way with them. "Damn it Marie. We told you we wanted to hear the details of how you screwed around behind our backs. Don't tell me you two didn't share a kiss tonight in front of those two guys you picked up"! Once again the ladies were stunned with the knowledge we had of what went on in the room. "Now both of you, naked in the middle of the room" I commanded.

The two quietly stepped out of their clothes and faced us. Jimmy winked an approving smile my way knowing exactly where I was going with this.

"Please lie down Marie, on your back. Nicole, you lie on top of my wife. Does the word 69 mean anything to you ladies? Keep on lying and things will only get worse".

"Honey" begged Marie. "We kissed once for them, that's all. Is this necessary? Nicole and I are not Lesbians".

"What you are, are two beautiful women who want to please their husbands and beg for forgiveness. This should go a long way in getting Jimmy and I to forgive you both, right buddy?"

"A long way" he added almost salivating at what was about to happen. Nicole gently placed herself on top of my wife and both stared at each other's nectar dripping out of their pussy. "Go on" encouraged Jimmy with his hand pumping his cock.

Marie pulled her head up, stroked Nicole's pussy and stopped to savour the taste. She had not expected Nicole's body to quiver in the way that it did. She tried it again with pretty much the same reaction. "Come on Nicole, let's give them the show they want and get this over with". Nicole dropped her head in between Marie's legs and began fucking my wife's cunt with her tongue and fingers. The two looked like life long Lesbians the way they ate each other's pussy. They were moaning within seconds as they feverishly licked, stroked and discovered the texture of a woman's pussy. They looked like famished lovers making up for lost time.

"I think they're enjoying this Jim," I said as we looked on in amazement. Our dicks were jutting out like hardened flagpoles as our wives made love to each other's pussy.

"Ah, ah, ah, ow,...ow...I'm gonna cum Nicky" lamented Marie. "You hit my spot, don't stop, please". Their naked bodies rubbed and grinded into each other as their faces drilled deeper and deeper. Marie had a firm grip of Nicole's ass as she held her tightly in position. Their fingers spread each other's cheeks so that their tongues would have open access to the entire area. I couldn't believe what an expert Marie was at eating pussy. It's true that most women have a natural ability to have sex with another woman, except I never expected it from my wife or Nicole for that matter.

"Uhmmmm... Godamn now you hit my spot" yelled Nicole. "I can't hold it any longer babe, are you ready" she asked her lover.

"Anytime you are sweetie. Let's cum together and show the guys how it's done". They exploded in a manner neither Jimmy or I had ever seen before. Was it a result of all the sex they had already had or the fact they had just eaten pussy for the first time? A massive orgasm surged through their pussy's, leaving a rippling effect as their tired bodies continued to twitch long after the orgasm expired. I moved in and took a heavy breathing Nicole by the hand while Jimmy led Marie into his corner of the carpeted living room. I kissed Jimmy's wife wanting to taste Marie's sweet nectar. Jimmy seemed more interested in tasting Marie's pussy as he placed his tongue in between her legs.

We all held each other for a while as the girls needed time to recuperate. Suddenly Jimmy announced "how about a little anal"!

How sneaky it was of my friend to bring this up. "Nicole and I have never done it by the ass, isn't that right dear" he said to her as she rested her head on my chest.

"Something's going on here" answered Marie. You bastards are just playing dumb, pretending not to know about this evening. Did the motel owner place a camera in the room or what". Nicole began squirming at the thought that her husband may have witnessed her being held down and taken annaly.

"Jimmy how about you start. Take my wife by the butt. Marie will show your wife how it's done," I asked as I played with her nipples. Marie got up and in a few seconds came back with a bottle of lubricant that she tossed at Jimmy.

"Be gentle Jim. Go easy at the beginning and then give me all you have. Is this OK with you Nicole"?

"Go for it honey" she responded. "I'll make sure your hubby enjoys the show". I held Nicole as Jimmy coated his hard cock with lube and began penetrating my wife.

I pulled Nicole's head back on to my chest as we watched and whispered "Do you remember getting fucked in the middle of the night and cumming like a wild animal a few weeks ago" I asked.

"How could I forget. It was the first time Jimmy had ever pulled a stunt like that. Did he tell you about it?"

"No actually, I told him about it. He was listening from downstairs. It was my tongue and fingers that made you explode that night"" I admitted. She stared, not believing what she had just heard.

"After tonight, I think I'll believe anything" she said. "Who are you Eric? I mean, where do you get the inspiration for all this sexual gamesmanship?"

"I'm just a horny guy who likes to watch. Now go on and sit on my cock as Jimmy nails my wife. I want your pussy. Besides, your ass has been through enough for one night". Again she gave me a shocked look.

"Tell me something" she asked as she began rocking back and forth on me. "Does my husband know about me getting it up the ass"?

"He does and is very impressed with his hot wife. Jimmy claims he will make love to you in every position, as often as possible after tonight" I reassured her. "How do you like my cock in you" I asked as she continued to grind her pussy all over my dick.

"You are one awesome lover Eric" she whispered as she leaned in to kiss me. "No wonder Marie is so satisfied. I hope Jimmy could give me a little of what you have".

"I'm sure he will and if he doesn't you could always come over here for some action. I'm sure Marie and I could fit you in". Jimmy and I made love to each other's wives until 5 AM. We all fell asleep with the knowledge that this friendship was turning into something beautiful and exciting.

* * * * *

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