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Right to Passage
by T.O.

At 1201 my wife and I went to my daughters room to introduce her to womanhood, just as my wife's parents had done to her.

As I opened the door I saw Mary sitting up on the bed waiting for us. She looked very much the woman wearing only her babydoll shirt and nothing else. It was hard for me to think that I was about to have sex with my own daughter and that she wanted it.

This young woman looked ready and willing. We walked in and shouted Happy Birthday. Both my wife, Emma, and myself were naked and Emma was carrying a large box withh toys in it.

I went to Mary and asked if this was really what she wanted to do. She said yes and grabbed my rock hard cock. I stood still as I watched my very young daughter open her mouth and take my cock inside.

Meanwhile my wife knelt in front of Mary and started licking the pussy that I most wanted to have. The moans from both of them had me at the edge.

I was so ready that I pulled Emma away and climbed on top of Mary. She grabbed my cock and placed it at the opening of her pussy. I pushed inside slowly but steadily until I was in her all the way. What a feeling, fucking my own daughter, and having her ask for more.

I kept it up until I knew she came and then exploded myself. When I withdrew my wife sent me to my room so that she could finish up what was started.

It was a night I won't forget and it's all true.

I had many more nights with both and I'll let you know...

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