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Return to the Womb Ch. I
by The Devil's Advocate

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Be careful what you wish for" might be a better title for how my seven year marriage has opened-up sexually in recent months. It also answered some life-long questions. It all started one night when after making love with my wife Katherine, or Kathy as I call her, she asked me about my sexual fantasies.

"Why do you ask?" I said rather puzzled.

"I just wanted to know the kind of things that turn you on," Kathy replied.

"After all these years you have to ask?" I shot back. "You know what I like."

"I mean deep down," she replied. "There must be some things that turn you on but you've never told me about."

"And never will," I replied.

"Oh, come on. Like what?"

"Hey, why all of a sudden this desire to hear about my darkest fantasies?"

My wife just looked away pouting. Trying to rescue myself I said, "I don't ask you about your deepest fantasies, do I? Would you tell me yours?" "I might," she replied. Realizing we weren't going to end this until I told her something naughty, I said "Okay. What do you want to know?"

Kathy then became more serious and asked "What's the one thing that turns you on the most?" I grew silent because I knew the answer but didn't know how, or if, I should say anything. Seeing my apprehension Kathy asked, "Come on. What?"

"Older women," I said nervously. Kathy was silent. "Years ago, I always fantasized about them," I continued. Kathy looked away but then turned to me and asked why. "I don't know exactly," I replied. "It's not what you think. I didn't lust after my mom." When Kathy asked who I did lust after I mentioned a high school English teacher, a neighbor, and even an older cousin. "I always fantasized about seeing them having sex with young guys," I concluded, my mind drifting.

"Not with you?" Kathy asked.

"Well, sometimes."

"That's interesting," Kathy said as if analyzing me. "Do you still think of older women and younger men?" When I said sometimes, Kathy grew silent.

"How old are the women in your fantasies?" she asked.

"Forties or so." "And how young are the men?" I was now dead meat. In my silence my heart raced. "How young are they?" Kathy pried.

Swallowing hard, I batted my eyes and said "In their teens."

Kathy's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell. "You mean you still fantasize about older women and...teenage boys?" she managed to say rather disbelieving.

"Yep," I replied meekly.

My wife turned her head and looked straight ahead for a very long half-minute. She then asked, "Do you fantasize about them when we have sex?"


Kathy then seemed to be summoning-up the nerve to ask the next question.

"Do you ever fantasize...that I'm...the older woman?"

"Uh, sometimes," I said almost in fear of what would happen next. Kathy let out a sigh and I said "Well, you wanted to know what turned me on."

Kathy just nodded her head like "Yeah, yeah."

"Can we go to sleep now?" I asked, and she then turned out the light.

After about ten minutes of darkened silence my wife said "Do you want to see me with younger men?"

"What?" I asked.

"You heard me. Do you want to watch me with a younger man?"

"No!" I snapped. "Good God, it's just a fantasy. One that's quickly losing its appeal. Just forget it." And she did. Or so I thought.

My name is Paul. I met Kathy at a party nine years ago. She was then a coworker of the wife who, along with her husband were throwing the party. I worked for the husband, in sales. I was in my mid-thirties, never married, with really only two steady girlfriends my whole life: a college girlfriend whom I dated for a year before she found someone else, and a woman I saw off and on several years later, but that, too, ended when I wasn't making enough for her aspirations.

By the time I met Kathy, I hadn't been with a woman in over two years. I felt it was all the norm for an average-looking guy, twenty pounds overweight, of average height with an average-sized cock. Fortunately I took up cooking as a hobby so I could at least feed myself. By contrast, Kathy was something else. She stood five-feet five with brown hair that came down in a wave over her shoulders. She had dark brown eyes and full lips; not to mention a fine figure and great legs. Lucky for me she was single and looking.

She had married after college but divorced a year later. She always blamed it on her ex-husband's "attitude" but I never knew what that meant. She never wanted to talk about him. Now five years later at the age of thirty, she was looking for Mr. Right: a nice, uncomplicated guy to settle down with. At last, I was in the right place at the right time. Two years later we were married and nothing's changed; at forty-four I'm still the same and at thirty-nine, Kathy's still a knockout. How have I held onto her all this time? Must be my cooking!

One night, about a week after my fantasy admission, while making love I was fucking Kathy from behind when through her sighs she asked what I was thinking about. "Fucking you," I groaned.

"Who's fucking me?" Kathy moaned.

"What?" I asked, slowing my tempo.

"How old is he?" Kathy asked. I grew silent. "How old is he?" she demanded. "How old is the guy fucking me?"

Swallowing hard but trying my best to play along I said, "Uh, eighteen." Kathy was silent as if expecting to hear that.

"Okay," she said softly. "Fuck me then. Come on young man. Fuck me!"

As I started thrusting into her again Kathy took direction.

"Come on young man! Fuck me! Ooohhhh yes, give it to me stud! Harder! Faster! Ooohhh yes, you teenaged stud, fuck my hot cunt!"

I began fucking faster, starting to get into it when Kathy really turned-up the flame. "Oh, yes! Oh, Paul, he's fucking me! This kid is actually fucking me! He's soooo gooood! I love his young cock banging my cunt. Oooohhh God, I'm gonna cum! He's so good Paul! Better than you ever were!" By now I was pounding my cock in and out of my wife about as hard as I ever have. Then she threw in the element of role-playing.

"Oooh yes! Fuck your teacher good! That's it! Ooooh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Mommy! Yes, fuck Mommy! Fuck her good!"

I finally went overboard and screamed as I came in Kathy's cunt, as she cried out for me to give Mommy all of my cum. We then collapsed next to one-another and Kathy said, "So you did want to fuck your mom."

"I did not," I snapped trying to catch my breath.

"Bullshit! You fucked the shit out of me as if I was her. I'm almost jealous."

"I didn't want my mom."

"Are you sure?" Kathy asked cynically.

"Yes. Besides, she was a blond and you know I've always liked brunettes. Like you." Kathy just nodded in feigned agreement. But I was right. At eighteen I never really wanted to fuck my own mother. Although maybe at the moment the thought appealed to me.

After several weeks of role-playing sex, it became our usual routine. I was a forty-something man no longer fucking my wife but a teenager fucking an older woman, usually my mom. I didn't mind the games because Kathy was more responsive than ever. She, too, was enjoying it. Then came the warning shot. After one night of fucking the "older woman" my wife said "Boy, you really enjoyed my crying out for teenage cock tonight, didn't you? Imagine if it was the real thing; how hot you'd get if I really fucked a teenager."

"I don't think so," I countered. "I don't think I'd want to see that."

"Sure you would," Kathy teased. "Imagine if I were an anatomy teacher and was tutoring a young student on the female body. Or better yet, what if I were your horny mom and your dad was at work and you, my son, were out -- and just then your friends came over. And I fucked them! I fucked them all! All of your teenage buddies fucking your own mom. And then you came home, heard noises and snuck upstairs. You saw it all peeking around my bedroom doorway. Your mom in bed with all your friends." Looking me straight in the eye, Kathy snarled, "I bet you'd come in your pants."

"Stop it," I said, but it was too late. Looking down at my cock Kathy said "Look at you! See, you're getting hard." I was actually embarrassed but my wife looked at me out of the corner of her eye and said "You'd really like to see that." She then gave a mischievous little grin that seemed to say "Checkmate!"

A few days later I got a call at work. It was Kathy saying she had a surprise for me. When I asked what it was, all she said was for me to go home, get naked, and get into bed. I usually get home about twenty minutes before her anyway so it wouldn't be a hassle. "Remember, you have to be in the bedroom. Don't let me find you in the kitchen!" Not knowing what was in store I blurted out, "Sounds like fun."

After a pause my wife said, "Oh, it will be."

I pulled the car into the garage at six-thirty, went into the house and quickly got undressed. I didn't go into the bedroom until I saw Kathy's car pull into the driveway around seven. It was already dark outside and I quickly hopped into bed. A few minutes later I heard noise from the living room. Then I heard Kathy giggle. Another minute went by and Kathy called out, "Ooooh, do you like this?"

"Yeah," came a male voice. What the hell I thought. I got out of bed and since I was naked, walked slowly to the open doorway. I took a peak to the left down the long hall towards the living room. "Oh yeah," said the male voice. I nervously crept down the carpeted hall until I poked my head around the corner. There was my wife going through a seductive strip tease of her clothes and was now clad only in stockings and panties. Sitting on the couch was what I mistook for a man but when I focused in, to my astonishment was a boy. He was a sandy-haired kid whose big eyes smiled and bulged watching my wife strip for him. Then she seductively took off her panties to the vocal appreciation of the young man. Then Kathy turned her back to him to show off her creamy, full ass.

"And now for the icing on the cake," she said. Then she bent over and pulled her asscheeks wide open exposing her brown, puckered hole for the youth.

"Oh, yeah," he replied. "Do you like my asshole?" my wife asked him. "Would you like to fuck my ass?"

"Yes!" said the boy, fidgeting with his jeans-covered crotch.

"Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?"

"No," he replied almost nervously.

"Oh good!" Kathy said standing up. Turning to him she said "I get to be your first anal fuck. Now let's get you out of those clothes so I can get hold of that big, hard teenage cock before my husband gets home." Knowing full well I was watching from behind the corner Kathy began to recap the story as she took off the kid's pants.

"First I sucked your big cock after work. Then I laid down on your dad's, and my boss' desk, hiked up my skirt and took your tool in my cunt. All seven inches of it. Isn't it pathetic?" she asked as the young cock sprung from his pulled down underwear. "That your eighteen-year old cock is bigger than my husband's?" The kid giggled. Kathy then knelt down and took his dick in her mouth, giving him a noisy blowjob complete with lots of slurping and moaning. "Oh, I love young men," she moaned. "The younger the better."

When his cock was all slick with her saliva, Kathy got on the couch on her hands and knees with her ass facing me and then told the teen stud to work his cock up her ass. And he proceeded to do just that. The kid's confidence grew as I watched his skinny ass pound his cock in and out of my wife's shapely one. As he grunted with each thrust Kathy cried out for him to fuck her ass harder and then to cum in her ass. A minute later he did. The kid then collapsed on the couch, his soiled cock hanging on his thigh as my wife reached for her panties.

"I wish this could go on all night," she smiled at him. "But I've got to get you home. That excuse you made to your dad about a friend picking you up after work so you wouldn't have to drive home with dad will only go so far if I don't get you home, so get dressed."

"When will your husband get home?" he asked.

"Oh, in about twenty minutes. I'll call him from my car and say I was working late and will be home soon."

"What if he asks what you were working on?" the youth asked. Looking him squarely in the eye Kathy replied "I'll tell him I was letting a well-hung eighteen year-old work on my asshole!" With that they both laughed as I crept down the hall towards the bedroom.

"Can we do this again?" the boy asked as they were heading towards the door.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by The Devil's Advocate.

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