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Return to the Womb Ch. I
by The Devil's Advocate

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Definitely," my wife said. "And maybe next time I'll fuck one of your friends, too. Would you like that?"

"Yeah!" he exclaimed, and then the front door closed.

I was literally in shock. I stood frozen in the bedroom at what I'd just seen. As I slowly walked down the hall back towards the living room I poked around the same corner as if I was expecting it to occur again. I could smell the sex in the living room. I breathed heavily and part of me wondered why I had watched it all. Why didn't I try and stop it? How could I let her humiliate me like that? Then I looked down and found my answer. While watching my wife get fucked in the ass I must have unconsciously reached for my cock because my own semen was running down the hallway wall. When Kathy got home an hour later she simply walked into the bedroom and found me in bed less than happy.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked nonchalantly as she undressed.

"Why the hell did you do that?" I asked not very convincingly.

"Because you wanted it," she replied. "You wanted to see an older woman fuck a much younger man. A boy actually. If you didn't enjoy it why didn't you put a stop to it?" I was silent. I just took a deep breath, exhaled and looked away. I had enjoyed it. There was something in me that did want to see it. Again.

As my wife crawled into bed she spoke. "I did it for you. And I'll do it again to please you." She then stared quietly at me and responded to her own statement.

"On Saturday. I told David to come over Saturday night."

"David?" I asked.

"My boss' son. That's who was here. He's so excited. And so were you, I'm sure." My wife was waiting for me to respond but I couldn't. I just went numb. "You can hide yourself on Saturday if you want. But David's going to be over around seven. He doesn't have a car so a friend is driving him." My eyes bulged at the suggestion. "It's a kid named Chris. David asked if I was serious about fucking one of his friends. I said I'd think about it but David insisted he bring Chris over. I thought about you and that you might want to see me take on two young guys so I said okay." I was speechless. Then reaching for the light my wife spoke. "I'm doing it for you because I know you want to see it, so make yourself scarce on Saturday night. You can hide in the closet. Oh, and I don't think we should have sex over the next few nights. I want to be as horny as possible, and I'll put on quite a show for you. Goodnight." Then she turned out the light.

Lying in the dark I felt powerless to stop my own wife from fucking around, right in front of me in my own house, and with teenaged boys no less. I knew she was serious and there was nothing I could do about it. Deep down did I even want to try and stop her? As I thought about it lying there in the dark I noticed that my cock was hard as a rock.

As Saturday rolled around, Kathy had made good on her promise. She wouldn't let me touch her. Not even David who was working at her office that summer.

"What are you going to tell them?" I asked my wife early Saturday evening. "I'm going to say that you're at a friend's watching a ballgame and that you won't be home for hours, and that I'm horny for some hard, young cock."

"Have you ever met Chris before?" I asked.

"No, but that's part of the excitement," Kathy replied. "It's like fucking a stranger. David described him, though. Tall, lanky; black hair, blue eyes. No zits. He sounds cute. He just turned eighteen and his parents gave him a car. That's how they're getting here."

I paused and then somewhat meekly asked "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"For you," she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

"But if you really don't want to --"

"Oh but I do."

"I mean if you're not going to enjoy it --"

"Oh, I'll enjoy it," my wife replied emphatically. "Two always-hard teenage cocks and my pussy that's gone without all week? Now don't you worry about a thing. You just make yourself comfortable in the closet and open the doors just enough so we can't see you, but you can see them fuck the shit out of your wife." Kathy then gave me a peck on the cheek and shooed me into the bedroom to make myself comfortable as they were soon to arrive.

"What are you gonna wear?" I called out to her.

"A lot of sweat and a lot of cum! Now get in the closet!"

Actually I just sat back in bed until I heard noises from outside in the hall. She was letting them in and I heard her tell Chris it was nice to meet him. I then heard the sound of people moving into the living room. I could faintly make out Kathy's voice asking Chris more about himself. I couldn't make out what he was saying but he laughed nervously a lot. And why not? A teenage boy about to fuck a thirty-nine year-old woman? Happy birthday indeed!

As the minutes passed there was little noise and I was besides myself. What the hell is going on, I thought. Then I heard laughter and the guys said "Yeah, we're ready!" Then more silence for a little bit until one of the guys said "Oh fuck." Then another guy said "Yeah! Take it off!" My wife was seductively stripping again, just like the other night.

"Come on shy boy!" Kathy said. "Touch me!" Then a couple of minutes later my wife called out, "Come on boys! To the bedroom!" That was my cue to get in the closet. I was already naked and moved into the long closet and kept the two doors open a couple of inches so I could see the bed perfectly. I crouched down on my knees and noticed the clock on my nightstand read seven-thirty. Just then Kathy walked in stark naked followed by two young men fully clothed. First inside was David followed by Chris. He was indeed handsome, better looking than his friend, and a little taller. My wife then fell on the bed and spread her legs. The two boys were feasting on her tits and pussy. Then Kathy began playing with herself.

"Come on," she said. "Put on a show for me, too. Get out of those clothes. I really want to see those hard, young teenaged cocks." David was removing his clothes faster than Chris who was shyer and I could tell more insecure. When David was naked, at first I could only see his skinny ass but he moved a little to let me catch a glimpse of his hard cock. As my wife continued to finger her by now wet pussy she looked at David and said "Play with yourself." He then began tugging his dick and from only a few feet away I could tell he easily had a couple of inches on me.

Then lanky Chris was naked and sporting a rather long erection. Not quite as thick as David's but a long, sleek cock that was already dripping pre-cum. "You, too," my wife said to Chris. As both boys tentatively pulled at their dicks I noticed my wife's eyes darting from one cock and back to the other. Her breathing became more labored and her pussy was wet and emanating the smell of her excitement. She may have been doing it all for me but these two younger, but bigger cocks were making an impact and when she began moaning and licking her lips I realized what I was in for. I was about to view some hot and heavy sex with my wife in the middle of it.

Then my wife crawled over to the edge of the bed and motioned for the boys to come closer. She then took their cocks in each hand and lowered her mouth over David's cock. Slowly my wife bobbed her head up and down, coating his cock with a combination of his pre-cum and her saliva. She then turned to Chris who was looking wide-eyed with amazement at what was taking place before him. Kathy then took Chris' cock into her mouth and applied the same technique to him; holding his cock at the base while her mouth and tongue did all the work. By now I had my erect cock in hand masturbating to my wife's blowing a eighteen year-old.

All of this was becoming too much for Chris as his moaning increased. Recognizing the obvious, Kathy kept his cock head in her mouth as she fisted the long dick causing Chris to cry out. His knees wobbled as he started shooting into my wife's mouth. With one hand massaging his balls and one pumping his cock, Kathy never took her mouth from his cock head as she drank down every drop of boy juice. She then turned to David and did the same thing to him, bringing him to a quick but powerful orgasm.

"Good," my wife said licking her lips. "We got that first, quick orgasm out of the way." As she laid back on the bed Kathy, as I, noticed that their young cocks were still hard.

"Oh, wow, you're still hard," she said eyeing their tools. "This is going to be some night!" The guys laughed and then joined her on the bed. What followed caused me to cum countless times and lasted so long my poor knees went numb leaning down in that dark closet. Kathy offered her cunt to Chris first and told him to get behind her and ease his cock into her. As I later learned, Chris had only fucked one other time so this was certainly an exciting experience for him. As he fumbled with his cock, Kathy's angle on the bed allowed me to get a good view of the young man slowly working his long dick into her.

Meanwhile, a more confident David got in front of Kathy and she quickly grabbed his tool and took it back into her mouth. Pretty soon both Chris and David were fucking my wife from either end, each of them groaning their satisfaction with Kathy's hot, wet pussy and her warm, slick tongue. Then both boys found a rhythm and started to fuck her harder, with Chris pounding his cock in and out faster and faster while David took Kathy's head in hand and began fucking her mouth. The guys were groaning louder, as Kathy joined them moaning around David's cock as Chris fucked her harder and faster. Pretty soon Chris yelled out that he was cumming and started shooting his load into my wife's cunt. I'd never seen another man unload inside Kathy's cunt before and now that honor was given to a eighteen year-old cocksman.

As Chris pulled out, Kathy took David's cock from her mouth and begged, "Get behind me. I'm almost there. Fuck me!" David quickly scampered behind my wife and inserted his thicker cock into her well-oiled cunt. Either sloppy seconds meant nothing to him or he was too inexperienced to notice, but young David started fucking my wife for all she was worth. As he pounded his own urgings in and out, harder and harder, faster and faster, Kathy yelled out with pleasure.

"Oooohhh, yeah! Yeeesss! Fuck me harder! Harder! Yeeesss, make me cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh, yeah! Oh, yes, give me that cock! Harder! Harder! Oh, I'm almost there! YEESSSS!" My wife exploded in orgasm and went limp like a rag doll. As she began to collapse on the bed, David held her up and kept pounding until his loud groans signaled his orgasm. "Oh, yeah!" he cried. "Here it comes!" "Oh, cum in me," my wife moaned. He did with a loud yell as another jolt of teen sperm went shooting into my wife's cunt. Furiously fisting my cock, I shot all over the carpet floor. When they all finished, Kathy laid back on the bed, her legs spread, gently rubbing her cum-soaked cunt with one hand and tweaking a nipple with the other, cooing with contentment while David collapsed on the floor, his wet, sagging prick flopping back onto him. Chris had watched the whole thing openmouthed while lying back on my side of the bed. The youth was once again sporting a huge erection.

They all caught their breath and then Kathy spoke up. "Wow, you guys are great."

"You're not bad yourself," David joked as Chris laughed. "I haven't been fucked like that in so long," my wife said. "You guys are so much better than my husband." I briefly closed my eyes at that, knowing all too well that despite being caught up in the heat of the moment, Kathy knew I was but twelve feet away and she wanted to add the element of humiliation. She then noticed Chris' erect cock and rolled over to him taking the long dick in her hand. "So big," she purred kissing the cockhead.

"Nice and long," she said with a lick of the shaft. "So much bigger than my husband's." She then took several inches into her mouth and I got a good view of her trying to deep throat the long dick. As she put her head in Chris' lap she sucked on his cock gently, almost lovingly as if she had a popsicle in her mouth. She then took Chris out of her mouth and sat up to speak. "You know what would be nice David?"

"What?" he replied from the floor where he was now sitting up.

"If we let Chris try what you got to try last time you were here."

"Hey, yeah," David exclaimed. "Come on buddy. It's time to shove your dick up her ass!" Chris looked really excited as Kathy once again got on all fours on the bed, giving me a good view of her creamy ass. As Chris got behind her, David got on the bed with her.

Then Kathy, much to my delight, spread her asscheeks for young Chris. "Ooohhh, look at my asshole, Chris. What do you think?"

"I love it!" he replied emphatically.

"Nice and pink and puckered," Kathy said. "Just waiting for a hard cock to fuck it. Slowly work a finger inside my ass Chris," my wife begged.


He then put the tip of his right index finger inside her hole and inserted it slowly inside. Chris kept worming his finger in until the whole thing was deep in her ass. "Now, fuck my asshole with your finger for a while to get me ready," Kathy said grabbing David's tool. "While I suck this cock." "You're a slut," David said as my wife took him into her mouth.

"Umm, hmmm!" she moaned around his dick. Then, taking his cock from her mouth she said, "Okay Chris. Give my hungry asshole your cock." Chris then inched his cock up her back hole, slowly until he had all of it inside her. Kathy then let out a moan, still sucking David's cock. Chris then began to buck his hips, thrusting forward, fucking my wife's ass. Once he got the hang of it Chris began fucking harder and faster, his balls slapping against her cunt.

I couldn't contain myself anymore and furiously began pumping my cock to the sight of Chris' cock sliding in and out of my wife's asshole, with his precum coating his shaft making it an awesome sight as my wife took the long shiny dick fully up inside and out of her ass, in and out, faster and faster. Kathy tried to keep sucking David's cock but Chris' anal intrusion was too much and she began moaning out her approval. "Ooohhh, yeah! Oh yes, fuck my ass, Chris! Fuck it! Fuck it! Harder! Fuck my ass harder! Cum up my ass!" She then began pumping David's cock as she cried out in pleasure. "Come on! Come on! Cum David! Shoot on my face! Oh, fuck my ass! Cum in my ass!" Just then all the cocks in the room let fly: David shot all over my wife's face and into her hair; Chris yelled out in orgasm as he unloaded his sperm deep up my wife's anal tract, deep in her bowels; and me, all over my hand and onto the floor! The only thing keeping them from hearing my heavy breathing was their moaning and groaning and my wife's yelling and screaming.

With Chris still impaled in her ass, just a few feet away from me, he began to pull out of her freshly fucked hole. What a sight! His long, wet cock, frothy white from cum.

"No, no, wait!" Kathy said trying to catch her breath. "You feel so good back there. God, I'm sooooo horny. I almost came from that. I need to get off. Are you boys up for trying something?"

"What?" they asked.

"David, come lie on the bed. Let me suck you back to life. Chris, just put it back in my ass. Your cock's great for anal. You're doing double duty tonight."

My cock now deflated, I sat and watched my wife's next move. As she knelt over David she began sucking his limp cock trying to get that youthful vigor back. Then Chris said "I'm not hard yet. I'm not ready."

"Oh, shit, then," Kathy said angrily. She really needed to cum. "Come here. Stand to the side of me." Now I was blown away. My wife grabbed Chris' cock and put it in her mouth. Straight from her ass!

"Wow!" David exclaimed.

"I know," my wife said removing the slick, soiled cock from her mouth.

"I really need this, though!" She then alternated sucking both cocks, going back and forth to harden them up. With her mouth over Chris' cock again, she removed it, took a long sniff of the now hard dick and really nasty said "Ooohhh, I love the taste of your filthy cock!" With that, I sprang another boner!

When they were ready Kathy climbed onboard David's dick and lowered herself down. Wow! I thought. She's going to do a DP!

"Chris, now get behind me and fuck my ass again."

"Whoa!" David exclaimed.

"You better believe it!" my wife replied.

Chris got back behind Kathy and once again inserted his dick back up her brown hole. Once both boys were deeply impaled into her, Kathy said "Okay boys. Start moving. Up and down, in and out. I need to cum so fuck me good!" With that Chris and David started moving. I could see it all pretty good, too. Beneath my wife, David began thrusting up and down fucking Kathy's cunt. Meanwhile Chris was really picking up his pace, quickly becoming an anal expert.

"Ooohhh, yeah!" Kathy moaned. "Oh God I love it!"

Getting the hang of it, both guys started fucking my wife harder and faster, and more by accident than design, got into a terrific rhythm whereas David would collapse down, Chris would fuck deep. Then as David would thrust up again, Chris would pull out. It went on like that for a while, in and out, in and out, back and forth, back and forth.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh! Ooooooohhhhhh!" Kathy screamed. Now this was pleasure! Once again I couldn't leave my dick alone as I watched my wife of seven years, a thirty-nine year-old woman in a state of total ecstasy as two teenage cocks were pulsing and throbbing inside her cunt and ass at the same. "Aaaahhhh! Aaaaahhhh!" she cried. She couldn't muster words.

Just guttural sounds of gratification. As both boys kept pounding, Kathy finally screamed and yelled out "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooohhh! Oh God, I need another cock! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Harder! Deeper! God, I need a cock in my mouth! More!" I began fisting my cock furiously as the boys groaned louder, being urged on by Kathy's words.

"Oooohhh, I need another cock! More cock! Oh God, I want to fuck all your friends! Oh God I'm cumming! Cumming! Cuuummmiiiing!"

"Oh, God!" David yelled as he grabbed my wife's waist and pulled her down on his cock as he started shooting into her. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" Chris cried out as he thrust his cock wildly in and out of her ass. "Ahhh!" he screamed as he started shooting another load up my wife's bowels. Kathy then collapsed on top of David as Chris fell on top of her.

Trying to catch her breath, Kathy said "Chris get off me." He then pulled that now famously soiled cock of his from her ass and as if to add an exclamation point for me in the closet, with her ass facing me, my exhausted wife spread her asscheeks to show me her wide-open, gaping cunt and asshole, leaking the boys' collective sperm. The combined juices streamed down the insides of her thighs and onto the bed. Then my exhausted wife collapsed between her young lovers.

To Be Continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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