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Return to the Womb Pt. II
by The Devil's Advocate

After watching my wife Kathy get thoroughly fucked by two eighteen year-olds, I felt as exhausted as she was. Lying back on our bed in-between David and Chris, Kathy caught her breath and said, "Okay guys. You've got to shower and leave before my husband gets home." She told them that they could use the bathroom down the hall and that there were clean towels for them. As Chris went to shower first, David went into the kitchen to get something to drink. When the coast was clear Kathy looked my way at the ajar closet door and asked, "How was I?"

"Fantastic," I replied. After a pause I asked if she enjoyed it.

"Didn't you see it all?" she said incredulously. "I don't know how many times I came. Especially that last orgasm."

"The one where you called out for all their friends?" I chuckled.

"I wasn't kidding," Kathy replied matter-of-factly. "At that moment I would have fucked their whole school! Maybe when they both leave you can help give me a bath?"

"Sure," I replied.

When both guys were dressed, Kathy, still naked, got up and walked them to the front door, and I got up and out of the closet. She was out front for several excruciating minutes and I was wondering what the hell was going on, since I couldn't hear a word. Finally she entered the bedroom and I asked what happened.

"I was just giving them each a goodnight kiss," she replied. "They started to feel me up again and they said that they were getting hard. With their hands massaging my breasts, pussy and ass, I was almost tempted to start all over again. Lucky for you I need that bath!" We then entered the bathroom to run the hot water in the tub and as Kathy got in we talked some more.

"Did you cum?" she asked.


"More than once?"


"Me, too," she said with a smile.

After her bath, Kathy and I went back to bed where for a minute or two nothing was said. Then my wife asked "What happened back home?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"What happened with your mom?"

"Nothing," I replied exasperated.

Equally so, Kathy said "Sweetheart, I just fucked two teenaged boys for your viewing pleasure. What happened with your mom? I know your relationship with her has always been strained. Now why?"

After a long silence I finally spoke up. "I was twelve. My sister and I had summer school classes but one day my teacher was ill and we got out early. I didn't wait around for her as it would be a couple of hours and she wouldn't want her kid brother hanging around, so I just walked home. It must have been ten-thirty in the morning. I got home and saw a familiar car parked in front of the house. I entered the front door but saw no one. As I continued in I heard nothing. I then headed down the hall and was about to call out to my mom but I heard a noise coming from the direction of my parents bedroom.

"The door was slightly ajar and I poked my head around to take a look. My mouth fell and my eyes opened wide. There was my mom, naked and on her knees, kneeling in front of the bed, and sitting on the bed, also naked was Tim, my sister's boyfriend. My mom had her head in his lap and her head was bobbing up and down. I didn't know it at the time but she was giving him a blowjob. Tim had his hands in her blond hair as my mom slobbered all over his cock, making these loud, wet sucking sounds, and moaning all over his shaft. As she sucked Tim's cock I started to notice her body. I couldn't really see her breasts with her ass facing me, but she had her left hand down between her legs, playing with her damp pussy.

"Just then she inserted a finger into her cunt and moaned even louder around Tim's cock. While bobbing her head up and down, she finger-fucked her cunt. Both she and Tim started moaning in unison and I felt a stirring in my loins. I didn't realize what it was doing to me as I'd never even masturbated before. Just then my mom took her finger out of her cunt and it was all wet with her juices. She then spread her asscheeks, just five feet away from me and inserted the wet finger up her ass!

"Just then, Tim grabbed her head and started thrusting up and down. I didn't understand what was going on but later I knew he was fucking her mouth as she fucked her asshole. Then he yelled out that he was going to cum. She took her finger out of her ass and grabbed hold of his cock with both hands, and keeping the cockhead in her mouth, she started pumping his cock. Tim's face got all contorted and it looked like he was in pain but then he yelled out and he began cumming as I noticed my mom seemed like she was swallowing something but I didn't know what exactly.

"After Tim finished shooting, mom began rubbing her face with his cock. It was huge. I still remember that sight. She had white stuff on her cheeks and lips and she kept sucking his cock, keeping it hard. A couple of minutes later she got up and flopped on the bed. I saw her breasts for the first time, and the brown pubic hair covering her wet pussy. Her nipples were so erect; long, pink knobs jutting out. She then spread her creamy white thighs and stared at Tim's huge cock.

"Fuck me," she said to him, never taking her eyes from his dick. "Fuck me now." Tim jumped up on the bed and positioned himself between her legs and thrust forward. He let out a groan and my mom a moan of ecstasy. "Tim began thrusting in and out as my mom's eyes glazed over and her mouth fell open, panting, moaning, and begging for more, harder and deeper. I still remember her crying "Oh, I need to be stretched! God, I love your thick cock!

"Tim began pounding her cunt harder and faster bringing my mom to several orgasms. Finally he announced he was going to cum and my mom begged for him to shoot in her cunt, which he did. When he finally pulled out of her, his cock was all long and thick and slick with their combined juices. He had a flesh-colored, wet cucumber between his legs. They fell into each other's arms and I backed away not wanting to be seen. They started making small talk and my mom even asked him what he and my sister were doing this weekend.

"Later on I was amazed. She had just fucked her daughter's boyfriend and she was asking him about their weekend plans! I couldn't believe it. It was then that I slowly walked down the hall and quietly out the front door. I walked on to a nearby park where I waited about an hour before going home again. By the time I got their, Tim was gone, my mom was getting out of the shower and she said she was going to do a laundry. I wasn't surprised that the bedsheets were the first into the washing machine. It was in the weeks that followed that I first learned about masturbation. Whenever I recalled the scene in my mother's bedroom, I would get hard and began tugging at myself. When I first orgasmed, it scared me, but when I recognized the white stuff as the same as Tim's white stuff on my mom's face and dripping from her cunt, I then knew the facts of life."

After my admission there was a silence. Kathy finally broke it saying "Wow. What happened after that?" I remained silent until my wife prodded me. After all, I was about to tell her my deepest, darkest secret. Taking a deep breath I continued.

"It was few weeks after the Tim episode. I had been masturbating daily by then. I just happened to be alone with my mom in the living room. Where my dad and sister were I don't remember. Anyway, we were sitting on the couch when I asked my mom if I could talk to her about "something sexual." She seemed surprised but said okay. I asked her "Is it bad that white stuff came out of a guy's penis?" Her mouth dropped and her eyes grew wide.

"What did you say?" she asked disbelieving.

When I repeated it, she said "That's called semen." Then she paused for a bit and seemed to be mustering up the courage to ask me something. Turning to me she asked "Are you masturbating? It's okay if you are."

"Umm, yeah," I replied. She said that it was natural and that I was at the age where I would start to feel things sexual. "If you ever want to talk about anything, let me know. Okay?"

"Okay," I replied. Then after another pause I asked "Mom, what's a blowjob?"

"You asked your mom that?" Kathy said.

"Yes." I replied. My mom was shocked but said that sometimes a woman takes a man's penis into her mouth, that it was pleasurable for the man.

"More than masturbating?" I asked.

"Uh, well I guess for some men it is," she answered.

After another pause I looked at her and said "Mom, would you give me a blowjob?"

"You asked your own mother for a blowjob?" my wife said. "I can't believe you!"

"Well, I was only twelve," I replied.

"Oh my God!" Kathy laughed. "What did she say?"

She got real angry. Her eyes grew wide and she had a look that could kill. Then she slapped my face. "Don't you ever talk to me like that again!" she yelled. "I'm your mother!"

I was totally confused. "But, but, you gave one to Tim?" I cried. Her mouth fell open and her eyes grew as wide as I'd ever seen them. She then looked away and swallowed hard. Bringing her hand to her mouth she asked "What did you see? What did you see!"

"I don't know. A few weeks ago. I got home from school early and..." Tears were coming to her face as I kept talking. I told her of seeing Tim's cock in her mouth. Of all the white stuff on her face. I then said I watched them get up on the bed and he put his cock into her. "Is that what fucking is?" I asked. "When he put it into you?"

My mom took a deep breath and yelled at me. "You are not to tell anyone what you saw! Do you understand? No one is ever to know! It just happened! Now that's all. Go to your room." And that was that. She could hardly look me in the eye over the next several days. Even weeks later, when I turned thirteen, her affection for me was only mild. Even on my own birthday."

"She felt threatened," my wife said. "She was fucking around with her daughter's boyfriend and her cover was nearly blown. She probably didn't know what to say to you or how to approach you."

"I guess. It just made things bad for a long time. Worse, I now knew what my mom looked like naked and when I would look at her body, especially in summer, I always noticed her legs and ass, and breasts. And I would get hard! It made me angry when I realized that she was actually attractive but I couldn't have her."

"I didn't think you wanted your mom?" Kathy asked.

"I didn't really, but the first woman that I became aware of sexually just happened to be her. It was frustrating."

"I understand," my wife replied. "So what happened then?"

"Well, things calmed down a bit but got worse when I was about fourteen. I remember one night I had a couple of friends over for a sleep-over. It was late at night as we were trying to get to sleep. I was in my bed and they were in sleeping bags on the floor. I heard them whispering to each other that my mom was hot. "I'd like to fuck her,' one of them whispered. 'Oh yeah, right,' the other said. 'Maybe we can both fuck her,' the first guy whispered. 'Dream on,' was the other's reply. It really bothered me. My own friends were hot for my mom. I almost cried."

"Did they fuck her?" my wife asked. I was stunned by her question.

"I, I don't know," I replied. After a pause I said, "A couple of years later..."

"What happened?" Kathy asked.

"It was a Saturday morning. I was sleeping in and my dad was playing golf. My sister was away at college. I heard the doorbell ring. After a few minutes I heard a squeal. I got up in only my underwear and headed down the hall. I heard my mom say 'Ssh, ssh, he's still asleep.' I looked towards the front room and saw my mom in a pair of short white shorts and a tee shirt. She had her hands on my friend Gary's wrists as he held her waist. Meanwhile my other friend John was behind her and began caressing her ass. 'Stop that,' Mom said with a laugh. 'You guys are terrible.' I felt total confusion. Even jealousy. She then spoke softly to them and ushered them towards the door. Then they left. I quickly ran back to my room. When I got into bed I was angry but at the same time I couldn't help but touch my cock. It was rock hard. 'Damn her,' I muttered."

After a long silence I spoke up. "I don't know if they fucked her..."

"They fucked her," my wife replied. "Probably many times."

"I know," I said a little sad.

"She probably turned to them when that boy Tim went off to college." After another silence my wife asked "How many other friends of yours had the hots for your mom?"

"I don't know."

"Your mom was a slut for teenage cock!" Kathy said.

"Okay, enough," I replied.

"But now you at least know why you've always fantasized about older women," she said. "It's all unresolved. You saw your mother getting laid and saw how attractive she was. She was a sexy, mature woman. She became your first sexual role-model, if you will, but you couldn't have her. She was off-limits, at least for you. For your friends, she was there teacher. And you knew it all along. That's why you're still wanting her, if not for sex then for love. Having sex with your mom would bring you as close as she was with your friends. That's why you were erect when you saw them at a distance. You wanted that affection, too. While they probably spent countless hours over several years fucking your mom, you only masturbated. While they got to shoot their sperm down her throat, in her cunt, and up her ass, you only shot all over your hand. Just like in the closet earlier. That's why this was all so important to you. That's why you let me get away with fucking those two boys. They were really your friends from a long time ago, and I was your mom. At last, you got to see what they all did together. And all you couldn't have."

After a pause, my wife rolled over on her back and spread her legs and began to masturbate her own well-used cunt. "I have a confession of my own," she said. "The only reason I was willing to go through this all for you was because I wanted to open-up our marriage."

"What do you mean?"

"I wanted to open-up the marriage sexually. I wanted to try a different cock. A bigger cock actually. I felt that after all these years our marriage was secure, and that we're not going to leave each other, and I felt the time was right. But I knew that the only way to do it was to cater to your fantasies. When you mentioned your teenage boy obsession, at first I wasn't sure I could do it. I'm not really into kids but I knew it was either that or forget about it."

"So you didn't enjoy any of this?" I asked.

"Oh, I did. Who knew David's cock would be bigger than yours? He's only eighteen. And Chris was even bigger than him! After I got my own conflicts out of my head I really got into it. Besides, I'd never had two guys at once before. That, too, has always been a fantasy of mine."

"What other fantasies do you have?" I asked.

"For another time," she replied. "Now let's just celebrate what's happened here tonight." My wife then began fondling my newly erect cock. "I'd say we both got what we wanted."

"What do you mean?" I snapped. "You're the one who got fucked. You got your bigger cock to fuck. Two, in fact. I didn't get anything!"

"You wanna bet?" Kathy said. "First you got to see me, your mom, fuck your friends tonight. And now, at last, it's your turn."

My wife then turned to me, spread her legs far apart and reached for my cock. "Come," she said. "Come fuck me! Come fuck mommy!"

And I did!

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