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Romantic Workout in the Shower
by Angellean

Yes, a good workout at the gym is what everyone needs every now and come and join me and let me tell you about our little workout we are about to embark on. We head towards the change rooms to grab a shower. As we have the whole place to ourselves, you invite me into the men's showers to join you. I tell you that I will be a minute as I have to get something from my gym bag in the women's locker room, and that you should go ahead and start the showers up. I leave briefly and you head towards the shower room.

You enter the room with the shower heads lining the walls and begin turning on all the showers. A couple of showers at the far end you crank on hot creating a stream room effect. Soon the whole room begins to steam up. It is hard to see amidst all the steam but the warmth from the steam is wrapping itself around your body and creating a very relaxed sensation. You face the center shower and lean into the streaming water pulsating over your chest. Your head tilted slightly back allowing the water to rush over your face and neck, you feel the tiny beads of water pounding on your skin with painful delight. You run your hands through your hair, allowing the water to drench your arms, trickling down your arms and dripping off your elbows onto the shower floor. You stand facing the stream of water, enjoying the exhilarating refreshing massage.

Deafened by the sounds of the showers pouring out their liquid pleasure, you think you hear the door to the shower room slam shut, you turn your head and squint to see through the stream to see if it is me. You cannot make out anything but steam and more steam. You return facing the wall. As silent as can be, I slowly make my way into the shower room. You are still facing the wall and cannot see me enter. There are showers lining the outer two walls, and the temperature is very warm yet the water is a bit on the cool side. I move quietly over towards you. There you are about four feet away from me, enjoying the water cascading over your body. I stand there and watch you as you stand still under the waterstream. I inspect your body slowly from your head to your feet. Watching your magnificent body shift its weight from one leg to the other. I think to myself, what a gorgeous body you have. So tight, so inviting, and your back is so well developed. You are a magnificent sight to my eyes. I stand and absorb your image into my memory. As if released from my trance, I start to move towards you, still unnoticed. I slide up against your back. You can feel my cool soft skin against your back and you know that I am now there. You smile, indicating to me that you are pleased with the feeling of me pressed up against you. My hands run along your sides upwards slowly, gently touching your shoulders, curving around them and slowly moving down your arms to your fingertips. My fingers interlock with yours and I grab your arms and pull them over your head against the wall. You are spread up against the wall and I am behind you with my body leaning into you. You can feel my breath against your neck, as I whisper to you, "Just relax babe...and enjoy!!"

Your hands are fixed to the wall as my fingers reach out for the soap on the container to the side of you. The white bar of soap all lathered and bubbly slides through my fingers creating a foamy lather on my hands. My fingers meet your back with such tenderness. You can feel my fingers gliding over your body with such smoothness. The soap lathering your back and your sides, my hands now move towards your butt. I reverse my hands, fingertips aiming downward, and I caress your buttocks, gently kneading the muscular mounds beneath my fingers. My body slides down along your back, you can feel the coolness of my body against yours as I proceed to move down towards the floor. My hands massaging the lather of the soap deep into your legs. As my hands slide through your legs to reach your inner thighs, I hear a deep low moan coming from your lips. I gaze up at you, tilting my head upwards, I see your eyes closed, your head tilted back slightly, your mouth parted while your breathing begins to get faster. I am thinking to myself, my God, what a wonderful specimen you are. Everything that I have always looked for in a man, and here you are. Right in front of me. All I can think of is how can I please him, I want him to be happy.

My fingers continue to glide down the inner thigh down to your calf muscles, here I take a little bit of time to massage them ever so gently, from the tip of the knee, down...slowly to your ankles, then back up again along the shins, back up to your knees. Taking my time to enjoy every inch of your body. You slowly open your eyes, and look down to where I am sitting on the floor in front of you, you watch as the water rushes over my hair, leaving little kinks and curls behind. You slowly turn around and are facing me now, your hands reach down to my head, and you begin to run your fingers through my hair. Parting my hair in different ways you ensure that the water is rinsing thoroughly through all of my hair. You reach around and grab the shampoo from the ledge. Opening the lid you pour a little bit on the palm of your hands and return the bottle to the ledge. You gently rub your hands together creating some lather and you ever so gently place your hands back on my head. Now your fingers slowly entangle themselves between my locks, slowly massaging the shampoo in all the while watching it lather and drip down onto my collar bone, then down my chest into my cleavage, then disappearing below into the water. I continue to sit before you, enjoying your hands in my hair, my fingers still massaging your legs.....then suddenly I feel your strong hands under my arms, lifting me to my feet.

With my head leaned forward, you raise me up in front of you and gently set me down on my toes close to you. Your hand reaches out, and gently cuddles my chin as you guide my head upwards, in order to gaze into my eyes. I shyly start to look upwards to you, you notice that my eyes are a bit red, they look like they have been crying, you KNOW they have been crying. You pull me close into you, holding me tight, your strong arms wrapped around my waist pulling me into you harder. I feel so safe with you babe. Your cheek nestles next to mine, your lips graze my ear as you whisper to me, "Babe, I love you." Then I feel you squeeze me a little tighter. My heart is pounding so fast now, it feels like it is ready to jump out of my chest. Our bodies so close together we fit like a puzzle, two pieces that belong together perfectly. I can feel the water trickling down between our bodies, creating little pools of water as we hold each other tighter. The warmth from your body is emanating to my body. I can feel your love and I can feel that you are beginning to get hard. Your manhood is pressing against my legs as your body starts to sway slowly from side to side. I follow your lead and slowly sway with you. There is no music but to us, our love is making beautiful music that only the two of us can hear. The room is steaming from the water and we continue to waltz slowly together, feeling our bodies, our hearts, our souls join together as one. My fingers are slowly floating down your back, up and down, gliding from the center of your back to your sides. Feeling every inch of you. You lean your head on my shoulder, your face turned towards my neck, and you begin to slowly kiss the nape of my neck with your moist lips. My forehead buries into your shoulder as I relax my whole body to your gentle touch. I am yours for the taking babe. I am like butter in your hands. I feel so safe, so loved, so beautiful when you hold me. Feeling your strong hands against the small of my back, supporting me so not to let me fall. Feeling your wet kisses against my neck. I move my hands to either side of your head and pull your head back so I can look into your eyes. Not a word is spoken. Only the sounds of the water gushing out of the showers, the heat of the steam surrounding our bodies, the smell of soap in the air, you and me, warm, together. My mouth moves in for a passionate kiss. You reciprocate with your lips parted ever so slightly. Our kiss is slow, our tongues playing and rolling together. Your breath is now my breath and my breath is now yours. We breath the same air as we are one. As our kiss intensifies so does our sexual electricity. Every inch of our bodies has come alive.

You can feel my body responding to your kisses. Tiny little goosebumps running over my back and legs, its the excitement that you stir in me. You can feel that my nipples have hardened and are pressing up against your chest. You glance downwards and see my breasts uplifted on your chest creating a little pool of water/soap in the cleavage area. I step forward towards you, pressing you against the cold shower wall. You gasp with surprise, yet a little laugh escapes from your boyish grin. I smile back at you. Leaning further into you. Your hands pulling me off my feet and towards you, you suddenly turn and force my back against the wall. Water cascading down our bodies, over our heads, splashing our faces we let the water trickle down our cheeks, across our lips. The cold shower wall sends shivers through me. You feel my body shuddering as your hands explore my shoulders, back and sides down to my butt where you take hold and lift me upwards against the wall. I gasp with excitement, and begin to kiss you madly. My feet are off the ground and slowly wrap around your waist. You lean me against the wall for stability. My legs firmly squeezing around your waist. You lower my body down and slowly my pussy presses against your now throbbing hard penis. With great control you ease me down on top of your cock. Inch by inch, slowly lowering me onto you.

You can feel the tightness of my pussy lips as the head of your penis pushes its way into the honey hole. With the water, and the soap, and the excitement rushing over us, we begin to moan simultaneously. My back pushed against the wall you look down and watch as you lower me onto your cock, up and down, up and down. You begin to bend your legs and move to the rhythm of our bodies rocking together. Your buttocks muscles straining with every pump. Your legs pumping with every stroke, you now realize that the extra attention you gave your legs was well worth the effort! You watch as my breasts bounce freely up and down as we slowly make love under the water. My big brown eyes lovingly staring into yours as we feel our bodies beginning to shudder and shake. We know that we are on the verge of cumming. With a couple of grunts, you increase the speed of your hips and legs, my breathing coming faster and harder you know that I am about to explode into orgasm. I dig my fingernails gently into your shoulders as my body tenses up and begins to quiver with orgasmic pleasure. You can see that I am cumming and you thrust your hips up high with one last burst of force, your penis hitting the back of my pussy wall and you can feel your balls slapping against the cheeks of my ass. Your moans begin to get louder and I can feel your balls tighten up. A long slow groan, more like a grunt, comes from your lips as your head tilts back and your legs begin to shake. You begin to unload your love inside me.

I can feel it squirting high into me. After a few seconds, your legs begin to weaken and you slowly lower me in front of you. We continue to hold each other as we let the water run over our bodies, cleansing us. We are both in orgasmic bliss. No longer do we hear the showers running, our senses are on overload and we can only feel our hearts beating in unison. Holding each other tight, we lean against the wall and slide our bodies to the floor in a sitting position. My legs wrap up over your legs as I sit facing you. You pull my body closer and we lean into each other and let the water droplets continue to pound our bodies with a pleasurable pain. Our heads resting on each others shoulders, our breathing subsides to a rhythmic pulse. This workout was definitely better than the one in the gym.


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