The Best Erotic Stories.

by DeLaine Somers

It was a hell of a day for my car's air conditioning to give out-it had to be at least 95 in the shade, and the inside of my car was like an oven. I had just showered, but already tendrils of my hair were sticking to my neck and a droplet of sweat was trickling down between my breasts. I irritably rolled down the window and cursed my car, the weather, and this stupid errand I had to run.

I had borrowed a pair of my best friend's shoes weeks ago and forgot all about them until she called me this morning. She needed them-tonight. So I had no choice but to leave the cool comfort of my apartment, climb into my rolling blast furnace and drive into the sticks on the hottest day of the year.

By the time I pulled into Linda's driveway I was wilted, damp, and miserable and wanted nothing more than an ice-cold beer, but I suddenly realized I probably wasn't going to get one--her car wasn't there! "Well, shit," I muttered. She knew I was coming; where the hell did she go? It looked like I was going to have to leave the shoes on the porch and get right back into my steaming car. I decided to go around and check the back door, just in case. Linda sometimes leaves it unlocked, so I figured maybe I could go in, leave a note, and get that beer after all.

I was just rounding the corner into the backyard when I saw him. Of course-it was Saturday; I should have known he'd be here. Linda's husband, Danny, was crouched over the Harley he was working on and, even though I've known him for years, I got a flutter in my stomach at the sight of him. Danny is so gorgeous I get tongue-tied whenever I'm around him and this time was no exception. I stood there like an idiot, holding Linda's shoes, literally unable to speak. He was dressed in an old pair of denim overalls with no shirt on underneath, and his long hair was tied back into a ponytail. His biceps and shoulders were sheened with sweat, and bulged and rippled as he worked. My God, did Linda have any idea how lucky she was? I thought for the thousandth time.

I swallowed and found my voice. "Hey, Danny." Brilliant.

He turned and his face lit up at the sight of me, or was that wishful thinking? "Hey, Lauren!" He stood up and brushed his hands off on his overalls, but they were still pretty grimy. "Linda told me you'd be stopping by with the shoes. I'd take them, but..." He held up his hands by way of explanation. "Why don't you go put them inside and I'll wash up out here at the spigot. Grab us a beer while you're in there, ok?"

I made tracks for the house, grateful to have something to do other than stare at Danny's pecs. God, how was I going to get through a whole conversation with him? "Where is Linda, anyway?" I asked at the door.

"Having her nails done," he said with a little grimace that told me exactly what he thought of that particular activity. Inside, I looked down at my own short, unpolished nails. That was only one of the ways in which Linda and I are different. She's shorter and rounder, with bigger breasts and straight dark hair. She wouldn't dream of leaving the house without make-up. Me, I'm tall and lean (though I do have a few curves myself), with wavy ash-blond hair which today was piled up on top of my head. I rarely wear any make-up at all.

Before I grabbed the beers, I headed to the bathroom for a quick mirror check. Despite the heat, I looked pretty damn good. I was wearing a pair of cutoffs that fit like a second skin, and a pretty white camisole top that laced up the front, giving me some nice cleavage. For just a second, I imagined that Danny's rough hands were on my breasts, and I immediately felt myself get wet. Jesus, Lauren, snap out of it! I commanded myself. He's your best friend's husband, for God's sake. I splashed some water on my face, and went to get the beers.

I couldn't tell you what we talked about. Nothing important. The weather, movies, mutual friends. At first we were a little awkward with each other, but the beer loosened us up and soon we were laughing and joking around. It was after the second beer that I noticed Danny's eyes kept returning to my cleavage. I felt the heat crawl up my face, and the wetness between my legs again. We were heading into dangerous territory here. "Well, I guess I better get going," I said, half-hoping that Danny would ask me to stay, but he didn't say anything.

I picked up the empties and went back into the kitchen to throw them away. It was stifling in there, and I grabbed another beer out of the fridge just to hold against my forehead for a minute. "It's a real scorcher today, isn't it?" said Danny quietly from behind me. I turned and he was standing very close to me. I thought, God help me if he comes on to me because there is no way I can resist this man. His blue eyes were looking right into mine. He took the cold beer out of my hand, and slowly, very slowly, reached out and began to untie the lace on my camisole top, his eyes never leaving mine. My breathing was suddenly very shallow and my pussy was drenched, and he hadn't even touched me yet.

He hooked a finger in the lace to loosen it, and suddenly my tits were exposed to the humid air. He pulled my shirt open all the way, gave me a sly smile, and brushed one of my nipples with the cold bottle of beer. I whimpered as he rubbed the bottle back and forth, got that nipple nice and hard, then dragged the bottle across my chest to the other one. He leaned close to my ear and murmured, "Do you like that, Lauren?"

"Yes!" I managed to gasp.

"What do you want me to do now?" Still in that low, murmuring voice that was driving me wild.

"I don't know, I don't care!" He smiled at that. I was starting to tremble with desire.

"Do you want me to suck on those pretty tits of yours, Lauren?"

"God, yes!"

He bent and took my nipple into his mouth, and the first orgasm ripped through me. He smiled up at me but kept tonguing my nipple, and hoisted me up onto the counter. I reached around and pulled the rubber band off his ponytail, so I could bury my hands in his glorious hair, then pulled him up so I could kiss him. I needed his mouth, now. I groaned as his tongue filled my mouth and blindly groped for the buckles on his overalls. They fell to the floor, and he was wearing nothing underneath. I gasped-I couldn't help it. His body was magnificent and his cock was huge and rock-hard.

I reached out to touch it, and he grabbed my wrist. "Uh-uh, not yet." He smiled and tugged on the button to my cut-offs. "You're still dressed." I stood so he could pull them down while I took off my shirt, then he knelt in front of me and slid a finger under the waistband of my white cotton panties. I suddenly felt self-conscious, and said, "Danny, wait."

He stopped and looked up expectantly, and I said, "I'm, um, completely shaved...down there."

"Better and better," he said and yanked down my panties and tossed them aside. I stood before him, my naked pussy just inches from his mouth. "God," he murmured, almost to himself, "what a beautiful pussy." Then, again with that sly smile, he blew softly on my clit. I groaned, and tried to spread my legs, but he held them together. "Do you mind if I lick your clit, Lauren?"

"No," I whispered. Then his tongue circled my clit, slowly at first, then faster. He spread my pussy lips so that my entire clit was exposed and sucked on it. "Danny, please," I moaned.

"Please what?"

"Please....finger me."

"You want me to finger fuck you while I'm licking your clit?"


"Then say it, Lauren."

Oh, God. This was turning me on more then I ever thought possible, hearing these words come out of Danny's mouth. And now he was making me say them, too. "Finger fuck me, Danny. Please!"

He let me spread my legs then, and dragged his middle finger between my wet pussy lips. "Mm, so wet," he said, then plunged his finger deep into my cunt. "And tight." He bent his head to my clit again and started licking me while he worked his finger in and out, faster and faster. When he slipped another finger in, I came again, crying out and grinding my hips against his hand and face.

My legs couldn't hold me any more and I slid to the floor. Danny had just given me the best sex of my life and now it was time to return the favor. I kissed him again and I could taste my own pussy on his lips. I said, "Now it's your turn, Danny. Stand up."

He lifted an eyebrow, and said, "Are you giving the orders now, Lauren?"

I laughed. "Yep." He stood before me, proud of his body and his magnificent cock. I slowly ran my hands up his muscled thighs, and then around to his ass. I lightly dragged a finger up between his ass cheeks and was rewarded by his sharp intake of breath. I blew lightly on his cock and balls and smiled as his cock jumped with anticipation. "What would you like me to do, Danny?" I teased.

He grinned. "I want you to suck my cock, Lauren."

But instead, I kissed and licked the inside of his thigh, then let his cock drag across my face when I went to the other thigh. He groaned, and I began to get wet all over again, knowing what I was doing to him. Finally, I lightly teased the head of his cock with my tongue, then licked the entire underside, from his balls to the tip. "Lauren..." he pleaded roughly, and I gave in and took the entire shaft into my mouth, stroking his balls at the same time. He started to gently fuck my mouth, and my own hand went to my pussy to stroke my clit. This was another first for me; I'd never played with myself in front of anyone before, but something about Danny made me lose my inhibitions.

I started to moan as I sucked him off and fingered myself, and he abruptly pulled out. He knelt on the floor, and said "Lie down and spread your legs, wide." He was back to giving the commands which was fine with me.

I lay down and spread my legs, feeling deliciously exposed. He'd begun to stroke his cock as he looked at me. "That's it," he breathed, "now play with your pussy for me. Show me how you rub that clit."

I reached down and began to rub my clit in little circles the way I do when I'm alone, and Danny's breathing got even heavier. He leaned over me and pushed his cock right up against my slit. "What do you want me to do now, Lauren?" he asked.

"I want you to fuck me until I can't walk, Danny," and with that he plunged his cock hard into my pussy, up to the hilt. "Yes!" I cried, and grabbed his ass to pull him in even deeper. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up into the air, spreading me open even wider so he could watch his huge dick slide in and out of my naked cunt.

Faster and harder he pumped, my ecstasy spiraling out of control until finally my body shook with spasms and I screamed so loud Danny put his hand over my mouth. Right after, he pulled out and came all over my belly with a groan, stroking his cock to get out the last drop.

We lay there on the cool linoleum for a few more minutes, then Danny got up and got some paper towels for my belly. He leaned over and kissed me one last time, and pulled me to my feet. Just then, we heard the crunch of car tires on the driveway. "Shit!" I hissed, and scrambled for my clothes. Danny pulled on his overalls and stuffed my panties into his pocket just as we heard Linda's step on the back porch. When she came through the door, we were seated at the kitchen table, flushed and sweating, cold beers in front of us. "Whew!" she said. "I'll take one of those. Damn, it's hot today."

"Oh yeah," Danny said, meeting my eyes for a split second. "It's a real scorcher."


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