The Best Erotic Stories.

by Rick Dean

"Holy Shit!!" exclaimed Elaine Benes as she opened the door to Jerry Seinfeld's apartment!! There to her dismay were her three good friends, Jerry, George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer all pleasuring themselves on the couch! She could see plainly that all three men were naked and furiously masturbating up a storm as a cheap porno movie played on the television.

Kramer spastically tried to cover his privates with a nearby pillow, almost knocking himself off the couch in the process. "'lanie!!" Jerry shrieked with some dismay in his voice. "It's not what it seems!" Jerry looked at Elaine and pleaded with his eyes for her to listen and not bolt out of the apartment as she was likely to do. "Well what the fuck ARE you doing???" She shot back. "I can explain it all!" George said as he raised up off the couch and stood before her. Elaine looked up and down at George's body and tried unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh; it was no use. She chortled and grinned as she looked at his manhood. All 3 inches of it sticking out like some obscene, little worm. "Hey hey hey!!" George shouted!! " I didn't really have a chance to play with it yet! Give me a minute and it'll be much longer.. MUCH!" He said in a dignified voice, with just a bit of hurt in it.

Kramer, now a bit more composed, also raised up off the couch. "Look Elaine" he began to say. But Elaine wasn't listening. She was too intent on Kramer's throbbing manhood, eyeing it the way a hungry dog eyes a steak bone. She licked her lips and said " MY god you are huge!!!" It was true. Kramer was the opposite of George in many respects and the sizes of their manhood differed as much as anything else. " We just had a wage...." but before Kramer could finish, Elaine was on her knees licking up and down his massive 12" cock. George stood transfixed, watching Elaine as she massaged and caressed their friend's member. Soon his hand found his still erect cock and began to masturbate as he locked eyes with her. Jerry gasped loudly from the couch and then replied "Wait for me!" He jumped up and stood to the other side of Kramer, forming a circle with all three men around Elaine. "OOOHHH YEAH BABY!!!" Kramer giggled excitedly. "Suck it... Suck it for daddy!!"

His hands began to push up and down on Elaine's head as she took in as much of his cock as she could. Up and down her head went.. soft slurping noises came from her mouth as she tightened her lips around his member...then pulling it out and pushing her tongue through his cock head. Licking that slit where his cum flows and now rubbing his balls as well.

"You like that don't you Kramer??" she said almost in a whisper. "I'd like some of that too!" George said with a horny growl. Kramer just moaned more and then out of the corner of his eye saw Jerry's body tense up. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he grunted hard "Ugggggggghhhhhhh fffffuucccccckkkkk!!" Hot streams of white gooey cum splashed into Elaine's dark hair. She seemed oblivious but just for a second.

Quickly she wheeled around on her knees and started licking the cum off Jerry's cock head. Her hands found Kramer and George's shafts (or what passed for a shaft in George's case) and began to pump them. "Oh that feels so incredible Elaine!!" George hissed through his teeth. " You gotta suck me next though! I haven't had a good blowjob in weeks!!"

Elaine tried to mouth something to him but couldn't; Jerry's cock was in the back of her throat and he was fucking her mouth as hard as he could. "Yeah!! Ahhh what a warm mouth you have 'lanie! I almost forgot how good this feels with you!" "Fuck this!" Said George. " I want some pussy and George Costanza doesn't believe in waitin' if he doesn't have to!!" With that George pulled his cock out of Elaine's hand, then joined her on the floor. Soon his hands were working to unfasten the strap on her skirt, trying to get it undone so he would have an easier time taking her then and there. The buttons seemed to pop free very easily after a few moments and he pulled it down over her knees and legs. She still was sucking on Jerry and stroking up and down on Kramer's huge cock.

"Yeah this is what I've been waiting YEARS for!" George shouted aloud. It was as though he had just won the NY lottery. As he finally eyed Elaine's crotch he could see she had on just a small thong. He then proceeded to pull it off and threw it on his pile of clothes. "I'll keep this as a souvenir for later!" he thought to himself. Then with a quick motion he placed his head under Elaine's pussy and begin to lick her outer lips. She momentarily stopped sucking Jerry's cock so she could absorb this feeling. It had been a long time for her too since a man had gone down on her.

As he sat there gasping she felt George's tongue slide up and down her slit, over her clit and then back where it started, only to repeat the process over and over. She moaned and pulled Jerry's cock from her mouth. Between her legs she could feel herself getting wetter by the moment, and when she turned back around she saw George was masturbating himself as he licked her pussy. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" She said.

George was lost inside his own little world at this point. He slid a finger deep inside Elaine as his mouth cupped her clit and began to suck it around inside his mouth. She gasped more and started to grind her pussy hard on his face, coating his lips, mouth and tongue with her juices. George held her clit into place with his teeth and moved his tongue back and forth against it. He knew this trick worked on Susan and thought that perhaps Elaine would like it as well! She did and her trickle of wetness now became a flood and George was hard pressed to swallow it all.

He released her clit from his mouth and moved his tongue to her pussy's opening. He then slid it inside her body, making it firm and rigid like a cock, but with the flexibility no man's organ has. From side to side he wiggled it, making Elaine shudder, then cum hard on his face. Before either of them realized it, she had came several times. George didn't have much in the way of manhood but he was a proficient pussy eater.

"Hoochie Mama!" Shouted Kramer, as he saw how Elaine's body was reacting to George's tongue. He then knelt down and came up behind her. "Here, we gotta get this off." he said as he tugged on her shirt. On cue Elaine took both hands and pulled off her spandex running top. Her breasts were a nice C cup and the nipples were a dark brown, jutting out like two little erasers. Kramer motioned for George to get out of the way so he could get into a doggy style position. "Well ya want your blowjob George?" Now's the time to take action man!" He hollered.

George got up and raced around in front of Elaine, then laid down in front of her and spread his legs. Jerry said "one sec" and then walked over to his Superman magnet on his refrigerator. "You don't need to see this" He then took the magnet off and laid it face down on the kitchen counter before strolling back over.

George was now masturbating and looking into Elaine's eyes once more. "Ok I did you" He said in an excited voice. "Now you do me!!" Elaine lowered her mouth and took George's small member inside as Kramer began to fuck her sopping wet pussy. "Hoochie MAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!" He said once more. Jerry stood by and began to masturbate once more. "Oh yeah this is cool!" He said. Then he seemed to be lost in deep thought for a bit, ran to his bedroom and brought back a camcorder. "'I'm gonna want to see this again in the future!" He chimed.

He set the camcorder down and turned it on to record. The red light flashed and soon all three of his friend's sexual activity was caught on tape.

George felt Elaine's hot lips contract around his cock, slowly moving up and down and finally being deep inside her, not quite touching her throat. "Been wanting this for a lifetime!" he muttered softly to himself. His fat ass lifted up off the floor and his hips worked like a piston, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, faster and faster. Jerry looked at Kramer and said "Ok you take the back door and I'll take the front door!" He winked and Kramer nodded spastically.

Jerry then slid on the hardwood floor under Elaine and grabbed his cock at the base. He then pushed it up and down over her clit and through her wet lips before finally sinking it deep inside her pussy, all the way to the hilt. Both of them shuddered and then Elaine tensed up again. "Don't worry Elaine this will only hurt for a second" Kramer said. He took some of her juices and rubbed them onto the head of his cock, then pushed the head into her ass until it popped inside. At once he, Jerry and Elaine all grunted and hissed as they made a connection.

George was still thrusting his meat into Elaine's mouth and got a sense of satisfaction that all three were now inside her at once. "Whatta bunch of friends we are!" He thought. "This is great!!" By now Elaine had came multiple times and knew she could go many more if need be. "Fuccccccccccccccccccccck!!" She thought!! "No guy has ever stuck his cock in my ass before but this actually doesn't feel at all like I'd imagined! No pain or soreness! I could get to like doing this all the time!" With that she pushed back onto Kramer and Jerry's cocks even harder.

Jerry's teeth had found her left nipple and was sucking on it, gently biting the tip every so often and making her cum even harder. Kramer used his hand to play with her right nipple and tweak it as his cock slid in and out of her tight hot asshole. "God I love what they're doing to my nipples!" She said to herself. "It feels so nice to have Jerry biting and tugging on it as Kramer pinches my other one! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!!" She then pushed her left breast deeper into Jerry's mouth and sighed happily. "This is something we'll all DEFINITELY have to get together for more of in the future!" She thought to herself.

George had a big smile on his face and grinned like a cheshire cat. "I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnng!!!" he screamed "Swallow it Elaine! I'm begging' ya ya gotta swallow!! No woman has ever done that for me before!!!" Elaine thought wickedly "Sometimes I wish your mom had swallowed!" but then complied and greedily sucked all of George's semen down her throat.

"Ahhhhhhhhh what reLIEF!!!" George bellowed! "Thank you Elanie! I'll never forget this sweetie!" Elaine smiled at him, his cum still coating her lips, and winked. She then put all her focus and attention back on fucking Kramer and Jerry for all they were worth. "unnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhhhh" cried Jerry. I can't believe how tight you are with Kramer's schlong up your yin yang!! "Hoochie MAMA!!" Cried Kramer in response. Jerry, still not being able to see him from his vantage point said, "Alright Kramer enough with the hoochie mamas!"

Kramer threw his arms up in a spastic fit and brought them down on Elaine's ass cheeks, the palms of his hands making a sharp stinging noise. Elaine bucked onto his cock as he did that so he did it again and again she jumped and shook. "Now you're on to something!" cried Jerry. Kramer continued to slap her ass cheeks and Jerry bit her nipple, clenching it between his teeth. "Aaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh''''hh!!" Elaine screamed. She was on the verge of one huge mega-cum!

Jerry, being her ex boyfriend, knew this. "Pump her harder Kramer!" Cosmo thrust in and out of her tight asshole, his big cock threatening to split Elaine's petite body in two. Her pussy contracted and she milked Jerry for all she had. "I'm cummmmmming too!!" he shrieked. "Wait for me!!", Screamed Kramer in slow motion! Then at once all threw friends came together; Elaine covered Jerry's cock with her cum as his own gushed over her womb and deep inside her body. Kramer pulled his cock from Elaine's ass and shot it all over her back and ass cheeks, a torrent of sperm washing over her.

All three then collapsed into one big, sweaty pile. By this time George had taken the camcorder and gotten every vantage point of their private orgy.

"Beautiful!" he exclaimed "Bee-yoo-Tee-fuckin-ful!!!" Elaine then rolled over and ran to the bathroom to shower. "Give me a bit, I need to get all this cum and sweat off my body" she said. "Who else is up for a shower?" Jerry exclaimed. "Count me in" replied Kramer. "Me too" said George.

"Ok lets go" Jerry said nonchalantly. "Maybe we can call this part: Bathtime with Elaine.", he said with a evil grin.

The end for now.


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