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by WeJaySal

Sam and Pat had been having an enjoyable time on vacation. They had a campsite and had their camper all set up and homey. It was on a somewhat secluded site and through the week was a quiet place, which worked out nicely. Pat could walk with a long shirt and naked underneath. Sam felt the freedom and was comfortable with just a pair of boxers. One day he had sat on the picnic table and Pat sitting in front of him had sucked him to completion letting his cum spray onto her chest and run down between her breasts. He loved the feel of her lips around his cock, but also got excited watching her masturbate him and making his cock unload while he watched. This was what their sex life was like. Both of them enjoyed fantasies and watching an X movie. If one or the other felt the 'urge' they thought nothing of 'taking care of it' and if the other partner wanted to join it was welcomed, but if it was solo there were no hard feelings.

They were both in their mid to late 40's and hadn't been married long, both of them coming from other marriages, but they had known one another since their late teens. Both liked to hear stories of things that had happened in the others past which usually led to one or both of them getting off. Sam was amazed how Pat's breasts and pussy had not changed over the years and her body was still as enjoyable and exciting as when they were teenagers. The exception being over the years each had learned how to better enjoy their body and their lover's.

He had to leave to take care of some business one afternoon and wouldn't be back until early evening. As he got ready to leave he gave Pat a kiss , "have a safe trip and think of me and your fantasy from last night. I think I'll have to take care of something this afternoon." she smiled.

Driving, he got to thinking about the previous night, and he could picture her laying on the bed watching a movie or reading a story and playing between her legs. Pat kept her pussy shaved and he loved to watch the lips swell and turn pink when he would open them for his tongue to enter her or when she would face him and spreading them press her vibrator against them. His fantasy from last night was really his favorite one. Pat had a girlfriend she had known from when she had finished college about 10 years earlier that he loved to include in his fantasies. She and Pat had never been together, but he loved to think about them 'doing' each other while he watched or joined in. He would get excited talking about the two of them going down on each other or him fucking Pat from behind while she ate Terry's pussy. When he would get to the point where he couldn't talk anymore she would tell him what she looked like naked...what her pussy looked like...what her breasts were like and then she would take his cock in her hand and finish him or he would shoot his load of cum up inside her. It never failed to excite him, or Pat, as within moments of his load she would climax.

Her body rocking as orgasm after orgasm racked her. His mind returned to the thought that at this moment Pat was spread wide on the bed and masturbating... he knew his business wasn't going to take long at all......he had to get back!

The sun was beginning to drop behind the hills when he pulled back into the campsite. He had tried to hurry the day and it had been a difficult day. He couldn't stop thinking about her spread on the bed and the fantasy, so he had worked all day with his cock half hard and confined in his pants. She was going to get the full load that had building he thought to himself. As he pulled up he could see Pat moving inside the dark camper. Grabbing a beer from the cooler he loosened his tie and stepped inside. Pat stood there in the half darkness completely naked the strapon dildo protruding from her crotch, pointing lewdly at him. Reaching out she began removing his clothes. "I've been waiting for you, stroking this cock, thinking about your cock ramming me from behind. My pussy is dripping wet waiting for this." Dropping to her knees she pulled his pants down and took his hard cock in her mouth and began sucking him deep.

"Bend over the bed and I'll put this deep in your cunt! Put the vibrator on your clit and I'll stroke the fake cock for you." He told Pat with a low guttural tone as she sucked and licked his cockhead. "I've been hard all day thinking about your empty pussy."

Standing, Pat helped him step out of his pants and grabbing his cock looked him straight in the eye, "Yeh, you've been thinking about putting this cock into Terry's cunt! You want to fuck her!" Pat, wrapping her fingers around his shaft began to jack it up and down. He held her shoulders as his knees went weak from her actions. "Yes...yes I have, oh God I want to cum in you."

"Well, I've been fucking her all afternoon with this dildo, and I really need to feel your cock inside me!" As she spoke she slipped past him leaving him facing the bed. Moving behind him she pressed the dildo up between his legs and reaching around took his cock in her hand and stroked. "Wouldn't you love to fuck me from behind while I," she pressed the fake cock up between his legs, "fucked Terry with this!"

"Yes....yes....YES...I want to see you fuck her!" he almost shouted.

Stepping away from him and turning she spoke over her shoulder, "Then come do it. Fill me with your cum while I fuck her."

Sam turned to say something to her and that's when he saw Terry laying on the other bed naked with her legs spread and her fingers working her clit. As he started to speak he watched the dildo strapped to Pat disappear into the open pussy. "ohhhhhhh my ......Pat oh my .......!!!!"

"Stop talking and put that cock into me!"

Sam moved over to them and holding his cock pressed it against her opening and his cock slammed into her. He had never known her to be so wet to take his cock all at once. He looked down over her back and Terry's eyes were looking straight at him. 'This can't be happening' he thought......

"I've been eating her all afternoon and she has been eating my cunt, NOW fill me up with your cum! Slam my empty pussy with your big cock... do it honey, do it hard....PLEASEEEEEEEE..."

His balls filled and he felt the hot cum traveling down his cockshaft and the first loads erupt deep inside her...."AHHHHHHHHHHHHGAWDDDDDDDD", and he unloaded cumload after hot load inside her.....his cock slammed hard into her forcing her deeper into Terry's open pussy. His balls forcing the hot load and slamming against the latex cock fucking Terry. "Fuck her..oh God Pat!.. fuck her..." each load cumming from his slammed over and over not believing.....He stepped back against the other bunk and just stared attempting to catch his breath and understand what was happening before his eyes......

Pat climbed up over Terry and as Sam watched Terry's tongue came from between her lips...she began to suck and lick his cum from Pat's pussy. Between her legs she held the vibrator tight against her clit and spasm after spasm coursed through her body....the lips of her pussy trying to swallow the vibrator pressed against hit. Pat's pussy pressing tight to her mouth swallowing his cum.....He watched as both of them reached their climax. The vibrator falling away from her still spasming cunt. Pat slipped to Terry's side and lay beside her trying to catch her breath. He moved over and pulled the straps down her legs and lay the strap-on on the floor, moving back to the other bunk he sat and looked at the two naked women before him. Terry lay with her head on Pat's shoulder, her fingers lazily caressing Pat's breast. Pat hand cupped Terry's breast and it to teased the nipple.

He sat trying to comprehend what had just happened, his mind refusing to believe that this fantasy of so many years had come true. The girls breathing became even and they slept quietly in each other's arms. Ray looked at the soft naked bodies. Both women had full bodies, not that they were fat, but mature, not like the skinny models with silicone tits. Pat had full breasts, a 38C or maybe D, Ray thought. They were a nice handfull, he loved to cup the underside and lift them to his lips and suck on the small nipple and feel it harden between his lips. The light colored aeroles would draw tight around them as he sucked. He enjoyed it when she would press them together and he could slip his cock between them as she licked the tip of his cockhead. His gaze traveled down her body and his eyes took in the small soft patch of pubic hair that she kept trimmed over her pubic bone and then kept herself shaved along the slit. The little tuft of light brown hair just at the top of the slit. Her legs were spread slightly and he could see the pout of the lips. They were still bright pink and swollen, somewhere at the top the hood had closed over the little pink clithead and lay relaxed. Her slit still glistened from Terry's saliva and he could see a few missed drops of his cum trickle down between her round asscheeks, disappearing into the darkness.

His gaze moved over to Terry and his eyes explored her nakedness. She was about the same size as Pat but that was where the similarity ended. Her breasts couldn't be much more than a B size, he thought. As she lay back there was just a little round mound, but the aureoles and nipples were dark and large. Just like Pat had always told him, he smiled to himself. In the coolness of the evening they stood atop the mounds like two pencil erasers. His eyes fell to the area between her legs. Her legs were still spread wide and he had full view......Unlike Pat she didn't shave except, he could see, along the edges of her thighs. 'Probably for her swimsuit,' he thought. Her pubic hair was a light brown and thick. The soft curls formed a perfect "V". Pat's tongue had nicely separated the hairs so there was another perfect line running vertically through the "V". The slit was still open exposing the inner lips, her entire area swollen and pink. He could see the button head of her clit the moistness and inner darkness of her vagina. Everything then disappeared into the secrets of her soft round asscheeks.

He couldn't take his eyes off the inviting open pussy. The clit exposed...the hair separated...the wet slit....his hand found his cock and he stroked. Slowly it began to grow in his fist, and he fondled his balls as his fingers continued to move up and down his shaft. The cock stretched and grew and his fingers felt the familiar knob at the head begin to enlarge. Staring at the open pussy his fingers moved faster, he knew what he wanted to do. Reaching for the bottle of oil he coated his fist and cock with so much that as he stroked he could hear the slurp of the oil working up and down the shaft. He stared at the lips...the clit...he walked the few feet and stood between the open legs, as he focused on the open slit he could see the cockhead poised over the opening....his fingers worked faster....another load of cum was building in his belly. The only thought in his mind was to watch his load of hot cream cover the pink slit.....Pat stirred and sitting up smiled up at him, "I! ! know what you want to do." Hearing her, Terry propped herself up on one elbow and reaching down open her slit so her clit poked out. "Umm, I think I know to, just like you said he would do Pat." Looking up at Ray she smiled, "do you mind if I rub my clit and watch you put your cum all over it?" Ray could hardly breath and he heard them talk like this...his fist moved faster up and down his oil slicked shaft. "I've never seen a man masturbate before, I really want to see you do yourself, Pat said you love to masturbate. You want me to watch you masturbate that prick of yours, don't you Ray?"

Ray could only nod. Pure lust began to fill his mind. Their talk filled his balls and he was going to put his full hot load right on this cunt!

"Don't cum yet, I like watching you do your big cock! Stroke it...pump it.. do you want to fuck my wet tight cunt that Pat just sucked? I think you want to fuck me, but you can't it's just for Pat's tongue and dildo, but you can watch and masturbate for me."

"Oh God! Yes I want to cum on you...fuck you....ohh," Ray couldn't hold off much longer.

Pat reached over and pulling his hand off his cock. "You can't cum yet and you aren't going to go soft either." Grabbing a cockring she pushed it to the base of his shaft and tightened it. The cum that had begun to explode in his balls suddenly stopped and he could feel the load in his belly screaming to release.

"Terry slide back on the bed so he can get on his knees with his cock over your slit. Remember what I told you about what he likes..."

Terry moved back and Ray moaned as he got over top of her. He knew what Pat was going to do. His cock was poised right over the slit and as Terry rubbed her clit the back of her hand rubbed the engorged purple head. His cock strained for release. He felt Pat's hands moving around his tight hole..."oh no...please...nooOOOOO....," Ray screamed it felt good, but it didn't....

"Watch close Terry, he's going to shoot hot cum," Pat found the hole she was looking for and pushed the little dildo completely up inside him. Her hand found his cock and releasing the cockring she began stroking...pumping the little cock in his ass...with each downstroke she pushed it deep...Ray supported himself over Terry watching his cock get stroked...Terry's fingers stroking her clit...Pat stroking his oil coated cock...his arms began to shake ....."ohhhhhh, I have to .......". Pat's fingers moved faster, her hand pumped his backside faster....

"Ohhhhhh my God PATTTTT, I'm cumminggggggggg," Terry pressed tight against her clit and stroked it as her body was overcome with the orgasm.

He watched his first load cover her fingers and clit...."ggrrrrRRRR...AHHHH ...DAMMMMMMMMMM....FUCKKKKKKKKK....", Ray's body shook as load after load sprayed from his throbbing cock head. Pat fucked his ass harder and her fist flew up and down his shaft.....his cum spraying the open cunt....she continued stroking and squeezed the last drops from his prick. She softened her grasp and his cock began to soften, his balls hung empty between his legs. Ray stumbled back and fell onto the other bed, empty and spent....

"I need some help now." He heard Pat say and exhausted tried to watch as Terry pressed the vibrator against Pat's clit. He wanted to watch this... but he couldn't keep his eyes open, he was completely spent! The last thing his mind heard was....."ohhh yes that feels so good, I hope he liked his surprise." ......

If you have found that this fantasy has given you a hardon or you find yourself good and wet.....and possibly gotten you 'off' please email me with your comments and any ideas for another story. Thanks :)

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