The Best Erotic Stories.

by Frank A. Swint, Jr.

They who live for, need, desire, and are addicted to orgasms.


These beings are the SLINK, or simply SLINK. They are a prolific race of beautiful women whose reason for being is simply to have orgasms as mush as they can, anyway they can, for the duration of their life-spans which can last for tens of thousands of years. The male gender has never existed amongst them, and they do not acknowledge any single gender, or any manner of sexual orientation.

Slink can reproduce only with the union of male sperm with their inner life-generating essence. It does not matter what species those males belong to. As long as these women deem them to be worth breeding, they will either fuck them (Slink's pussies are tight enough to coax the cum out of ANY sized dick), or jack them off---all just to get their cum.

Slink bodies are compatible with virtually any form of life in existence. And WHATEVER species of males they get that cum from, the offspring will always be Slink. Male sperm is only needed to fertilize the egg. All the sperm's other genetic characteristics are not needed.

Always nude, they stand some 30 feet tall, have silky-smooth sheathes that range in hue from alabaster, to olive-cream, to bronze, to nut brown, to chocolate, to sable. They are not fully physical beings, but are rather concentric formations of sexual energy that feed off the ambient life-force energy that permeates all animate beings in existence.

Given their semi-corporeal state, they have no skeletal structure, which renders them limitless contortionists. They move with more litheness than cats---hence their collective name: Slink---as in slinky.

Slink have no morals, ethics, or modesty. They are completely and unabashedly uninhibited beings whose only want is to please themselves, and to please each other. What other beings think of them matters not.

Whenever they can, Slink have sex with themselves, each other, and other forms of life, regardless of whatever gender they are. Mostly though, Slink masturbate. It is the easiest, and the best way they get themselves off. They only need themselves, their imaginations, and the occasional vibrator and/or dildo. All that matters is that they get their Nut off.

Their emotional state is separate from their need for nearly constant physical pleasure. Such things as "love", and "romance" are lost on them. All they desire emotionally is self-contentment, and the friendship of each other.


They are first and foremost: pleasure-addicted perverts, and also madames, pleasure women, sex purveyors, feral bordello dwellers, restaurateurs, travelers, pornographers, traders, exporters, explorers, builders, architects, designers, etc., etc., etc., who number in the tens of trillions, and have existed for over 2 billion years on millions of worlds throughout existence, co-habitating with other numerous species. They also have their own worlds, which number roughly 20,000.

They are the most beautiful, erotic and sexual beings in the universe, and also the most desired because they travel extensively throughout the cosmos. They are among the greatest of explorers.

Their phenotypes varies according to their location thus rendering them varied in facial appearances, and also have slight physiological, genetic, mental, sexual, and spiritual variations according to region and inter-relations with other species.

They are empaths who can sense or read the thoughts of any being they come in physical contact with. Slink are also multi-lingual, who fluently speak millions of languages---though they do have over 3 million words for "orgasm". Given such an obsession and addiction to orgasms---they are, accordingly, sexually insatiable, whose only purpose is physical sexual pleasure.

Their sensuality renders them peaceful and non-attached to material things. Many adhere to non-violence (similar to Ahimsa in the Jain tradition), but not all

Completely without inhibition or shame, they will do what they want, when they want to do it, for the tens of thousands of years that they live.

Slink go about in the complete and utter nude all the time, anywhere they exist. Their bodies are comprised of pseudo-corporeal sexual energy, thus making them impervious to environmental conditions. The only adornments they have are various forms of body art of infinite quality, combination, and variety.


These lush and lusty women are liquid, sentient forms of living orgasm who are endowed with the ripest, taut and flowing forms in the universe.

These are those who form and inhabit NBFZs---Nude Beautiful Female Zones---where Slink masturbate themselves, each other, and fuck all genders for time immemorial throughout the universe.

Slink know not time, space, beginning, end, or death for so great is their never-ending bliss. They do know that the worlds that they inhabit throughout the heavens, they have been on for as long as they care to remember. Historical record keeping isn't a big concern amongst them.

They are pleasure, and pleasures are they. Their happy erotica is utterly boundless, naught of restraint, control, discipline, decorum or modesty. Their presence is serene, lavish, lush, pert, vivacious and sensually excessive. Beautiful and wanton are their forms that seduce themselves and each other with staccato voices that coo and moan, more than speak.

When away in the realms of ecstatic bliss, Slink scream and pant with multiversal delight in and to pitches that reach frequencies high enough to crack all manner of diamonds and stones. In states of paralyzing, sacrosanct orgasms, these women writhe, quiver, chant and hum in spectrums of sound beyond the perception of mortal life.

The supreme want of all the these women is to feel and posses themselves of ROC (Rapid Orgasmic Concussion)---known in their slang as "Nut"---and to lie with their clients, each other, and their slaves; to know all of them as ONLY the Slink can.

For it is their raw and naked sexual appeal that is the TRUE lewd nature of ALL these women whose peerless physical dynamism salaciously bounces and shimmies as if their bodies have their own souls.

The palaces of form, of figure, and of silhouette of these women is the repository of all erotic wisdom and knowledge that is learned in youth from eternal mistresses and courtesans of the holy bordellos, houses of pleasure, temples of masturbation, and the great libraries and repositories.

The shimmer and shimmy of these beings is eclectic unto each beguiling form, and such variety makes enticing each exquisite physique these of living sentient beings of sexuality incarnate who seduce life forms throughout the cosmos.

The collated glide of each of these sinuous goddesses whets the libidos they who are intuitively enslaved by each such lustful beauty.

So pure and sumptuous is the comeliness of these figures of living ecstasy that many swoon at merely their visage. The Slink are so beautiful that they arouse THEMSELVES in the sparkling reflections of polished silver mirrors of chambers of masturbation that are ubiquitous throughout their paradise cities.

It should be stated that the natural proclivity of ALL Slink is masturbation.

They bring their writhing forms to high and holy sacrosanct multiple orgasmic realization in a variety of ways: most commonly with their hands; but also with vibrators, water hoses, wine bottles, pearls, dildos, vibrators, vibrating poles (smooth, warmed poles that they wrap their legs around in the manner of a stripper around which they masturbate themselves until they cum).

Although Slink masturbate anywhere and anytime they have the urge to, it is most sensual and most comfortable for them to get themselves off in and around immense communal baths of heated honey oil public bathing facilities that number as frequent as a bath (ranging in size from two football fields to as big as lakes) for an average of every 100,000 women throughout the worlds in which they are present. Such attest to their nearly obsessive hygiene. Pleasure and orgasm is the sole reason for the existence of all life in the cosmos-and is the very nature of the heavens itself.

Slink are the very embodiments of that belief of which they take to its most extreme---hedonism. The paroxysm of pleasure that both their clients and their slaves feel is all that matters to these women, otherwise their emotional state is of no concern whatsoever.

These women, who each individually manifest as bliss incarnate, have lost and do loose themselves in eternity of nothing more or less than attaining and manifesting as physical pleasure as much as they can, for as long as possible, where ever they are, for any reason, with whomever they desire (or with no one else); for no other reason than that it feels good.

Masturbation, intercourse, dancing, eating, drinking and drugging is most of any that Slink ever do in life. They never have, do not now, nor will they EVER likely be devoted to any other vocation except that which brings them physical pleasure.


Unto the eternal raven abyss, the flourish of Slink are that of large, libertine, libertarian, freewheeling, mostly anarchic and imperious presence that flourishes with sensuous and erotically beautiful women who have seduced, scandalized, shocked, prostituted, manipulated, and sexually blackmailed their way to maintain and flourish their sexual, erotic, ascetic, festival, orgiastic and effervescent bloom in and on the 4 million-or-so worlds they inhabit.

For seemingly innumerable eons, generations of sentient life have been seduced by these innumerable forms of leggy, erotic, uninhibited, beautiful and sensual female beings who are generally understood to be descendants of women who prostituted, hypnotized and telepathically manipulated their way out of various states of chattel slavery by numerous life-forms throughout their early history. A history largely shrouded in myth, folklore, speculation, fantasy and rumor.

Slink are not violent, nor do they ever and have never waged wars of brute military force on anyone or any entity. They do no even carry weapons. It is with their physical sexual-spiritual empathic bodies that they have passively and calmly attained and maintain their freedom throughout their existence. Their origin is a mystery to them and to anyone else who has attempted to conduct archaeological or historical research.

They are endowed with the natural ability to spiritually communicate with each other through any manner of physical touch (usually during sexual intercourse) which means that the Slink are limitlessly affectionate who seek physical contact with any other being all the time.

Because of empathic communication, these women never have, do not, nor ever will create artificial, hierarchical societies due to the lack of fear, or attachment to material objects.

More mundanely: they never form into any manner of politically collectivized statehood because they are simply too rapt and happy with sexual pleasure, and the desire for pleasure to fear or want any THING. In addition, their dispositions of perkiness, boundless optimism, selflessness, indefatigable inner confidence and peace negates any such motivation for hierarchical formation.

For 2 billion years, Slink continuously attain and cultivate ISIPINCnDsCB: IS (Individual Sovereignty), IP (Inner Peace), INCnDs (Inter-Connectedness), and CB (Communal Bliss). This amalgam of beliefs comprises the closest thing that the Slink have to a religious tradition.

Slink are communal by nature who share all they have with each other. These women are not prone to fear (including that of death) because fear is the paralyzer of thought and tranquillity, and ultimately leads to chaos-the very antithesis of their flourish.

They are not subject to the weaknesses of greed and the lust for material possessions, though they admire physical beauty of all manner and believe that they who are the most beautiful beings in the universe are able to create other manifestations of beauty as well.

There have always been---whereever they are---sensuous and scandalous rose-pink cities of palaces, temples, chapels, libraries, bordellos, salons, and more palaces, all of unparalleled beauty. The Slink know that the best environment they have is that which they create for themselves. Cities built by them have existed for as long as any of them can reckon. The materials they use to sculpt them are not subject to age, and thus they cannot be dated.

As stated prior, Slink are natural empaths with the ability to communicate with each other and with others (meaning other life forms), seek out truth, heal virtually any wound and cure any sickness (diseases, viruses, etc.) all with their simple touch and caress.

Death itself can be reversed by their touch if the girl(s) so chooses. Conversely they can inflict pain, instill sickness, and cause mental insanity with the same touch on those who have harmed them or who have brought chaos and ill will to their effervescence.

Sexual intercourse and other sexual activity (masturbation being as natural to them as breathing) is THE best method of communication amongst these women (as well as with others life forms as well). The touch of the any one (or more) women illuminates all truths from within the minds of any that they choose to probe.

Hence, amongst Slink themselves, there is no crime and no disagreement. All others know what everyone else's opinions are through simple touch. ANY information they desire can be found by simple touch. They DO of course have ingrained behavioral mores that govern such actions to protect the privacy of the individual spirit.

The power of touch and the method of sexual healing are used as the most powerful tool for extracting truth from others. Slink have not, and do not ever wage wars of brute force against any who harm them.

Their temperament is not one that advocates such actions. Rather it is non-action (somewhat similar to the doctrine of non-violence in Ahimsa in the Jain tradition of India), and the love of those who hate them, that renders their enemies' power and force moot and meaningless against women who have no fear at all.

Justice and harmony manifest upon those who wronged them through touch-the touch of chaos and fear-the state of existence that is worse than death, and in many cases has the touched either drop out of society or commit suicide; or both. Such actions may take years or even decades, but for as long as the wrongdoer(s) live and where ever they are in space, there will be any one of the tens of trillions of women who call themselves the Slink who will feel the inner sanctums of the soon-to-be-illuminated.

Slink are THE most beautiful beings in the universe, and they know this but do use not such knowledge as a source of arrogance or haughtiness. It is their sexual and erotic attraction that attracts other races to their palaces time, and time, and time again.

They are forever content in their worlds, spending their existence in bliss for as long as they wish. Usually the conquerors come (and cum) initially as customers (for sex as well as for their unbelievable riches), and when they realize just how easily these women can be conquered through brute force with no resistance or warfare from the women themselves, such life forms quickly establish control over the physical environs of the Slink-and buy out their sexual service until they are reduced to perpetual servitude.

Conquerors have repeatedly made the mistake of believing that the Slink are attached to materialism like they themselves are, nor do they realize that Slink have no fear, and accept their circumstance with calmness and tranquillity; but NOT resignation.

The conquerors of the Slink often mistake their calmness for resignation and submission. When the invaders find themselves suddenly bereft of their false pretenses towards superiority and of attachment to things is when they realize that those they conquered were never conquered at all.

In actuality it is THEY who end up becoming slaves to the beauty and the eroticism of the Slink. So potent is their addiction to the sexual bliss of the Slink that they believe without it, they will perish. Slink use the very thing they are enslaved for---sex---against their oppressors to liberate themselves.


Slink flourish peacefully and happily in heterarchical (as opposed to hierarchical) bliss zones where negated is hierarchy. There is no centralized government or even localized government.

Many look to the CEIB (Central Erotic Information Banks) that are located throughout their 20,000 homeworlds, and are linked through CHCNds (Compressed Hyperspace Communication), and through MexMRMs (Mind Extension Multiple Reality Matrixes---think in terms of a highly advanced form of the Internet) that allows all other Slink in existence can upload and download information to and from liquid neuro-hallucinogenic information storage modular databases regarding festivals, rites, parties, orgies, and feasts; as well as information and knowledge to all other women interested.

According to the Standard Cosmic Calendrical Indexes (SCCIs), Slink convene millions upon millions of events that are held with astonishing frequency from hours, to days, to weeks, to months, then quarterly, bi-annually, tri-annually, yearly; and so on and so forth (not even including purely spontaneous events that may occur with random frequency or occur only once due to a random and natural confluence of energies that may never occur again). By any measure, Slink have a peerlessly superfluous calendar of events.

They are, and their flourish is, in infallibly, incorruptibly and indestructibly perfect and harmonious equilibrium with each other and their varied physical and spiritual environments.

They develop their minds and bodies, and fuse the physical with the non-physical, where faith and reality are both tangible and esoteric. Most importantly though, they harness their sexual perversion and lust to enhance and further their physical pleasure. These figures of perpetual urge and lustful and carnal yearning know that pleasure, ALL pleasure, is the sole avenue to true spiritual and physical union as well as to ecstatic immortality. Such is the very nature of the powers of the cosmos.

By no mean conservative standards, Slink are THE most sexually uninhibited beings anywhere in space whose physical beauty negates the need for them to wear clothing, as most of them go around in the sheer nude for all to see their individually tattooed bodies, except for high heeled pumps and various styles of frontally open, multi-layered caftans under which their plump breasts still undulate with every sashay and prance. Depending on the individual, every woman has a style all her own. There is no uniformity amongst them in terms of fashion or demeanor.

Their sexual appetite is insatiable, and these women quench their lust and desire for sexual pleasure whenever and where ever they are, even in the middle of public markets, bazaars and crowded stadiums and arenas. Such brazen inhibition permits them to pleasure themselves any time they feel the urge to.

Forever, have species throughout the heavens have been aroused, enticed, blessed, scandalized, corrupted, appalled, repulsed and shocked by throughout countless venues either dancing, masturbating, or having sex with their mates and/or with their clients, literally anywhere. More basically, these women dance and perform other erotic displays for simple sexual self-titillation. They are thoroughgoing nymphomaniacs who loose themselves from time and place in phantasmagoric realms of transcendental sexual pleasure.

Slink spend ALL their lives masturbating or having sex with each other and with any other form of life that desires them. Slink easily live for tens of thousands of years, and only pass to what they call the Pseudo Corporeal Post Linear Sentience Liquid Ambient Abyss (PCPLSLAA) when they choose to, and ONLY during sexual pleasure.

In addition they also indulge other sensual pleasures such as eating, drinking, inhaling or chewing various narcotic plants; or in more mundane pleasures such as authorship, architecture (for which they are masters at-they have blessed millions worlds with THE most beautiful, sinuous, flowing, liquid, sensuous, Art Noveau architecture anywhere in existence), the erotic arts, pornography, ethnography, botany, agriculture, linen spinning, sculpture, the plastic and masonry arts, jewelry-making, dancing, and hair-styling.

Trillions have sex with each other, drink, smoke (get high), hook, cook, and eat. Their thoroughgoing sexual lush is renown throughout and worshipped or despised throughout the cosmos. To their beck and siren call come (and cum) untold numbers of other species in wont of erotic learning, rapture, and sexual release.

The sexual attractiveness of these women are so great, that empires, kingdoms, queendoms, and any and every manner of polity have been either enriched, impoverished, and/or blackmailed because of them (but CERTAINLY NOT by them).

Their empathic natures have brought upon their presence loathsome minions of the evil wont of their talents, and willing to kill and kidnap these women in order to obtain the genetic codes that would facilitate them developing such abilities for nefarious purposes. Their sexual erotic puissance concerns such beings not, only these women' empathic talents are of interest to them.

The records stored in their libraries containing methodologies of how they have and continue to liberate themselves through supple sexual-spiritual manipulation is what these sexless an soulless demons desire.

The Slink continuously add to and maintain exacting records regarding the actions of the ancestors going back innumerable generations (though they do not acknowledge linear time).

Other beings are quite interested in what their scholars understand to be the most ancient, thorough documentation of THE most sophisticated documentation of spiritual, psychological, and sexual manipulation---especially the utilization of the very spiritual essence of lust for freedom.

Slink have little interest in dealing with political entities, nor have they ever been interested. Yet there ARE those foreigners, however, are very much interested in their records and in their erotically empathic nature, specifically that concerning the documenting the liberation against those who have enslaved, do enslave and will enslave these women.

Such researchers wrongly believe that their documentation is that of revenge exacted on their oppressors regarding using the power of fear. Nevertheless, some foreigners, aside from desiring their sexual wealth, approach them to gain access to their libraries where such so-called "wisdom" is stored.

Repeatedly the women refuse such requests, and thus foreigners repeatedly become hostile and direct in its attempts to attain such knowledge. Never mind that the Slink consider foreign (meaning not desirable to their interests) wants and desires misguided and mis-informed.

They understand their enemies better than they understand themselves as these disparate groups have and continue to waste life and material resources in sending an futile invasion strike-forces to forcefully conquer them, or kidnap as many of them as they can.

Note: The documentation of the all such liberation is just that, documentation of the emotions and methodologies of their ancestors' liberation. The women in no way consider such unbiased and purely journalistic documentation to be an instruction manual on how to wage spiritual and psychological belligerence throughout space by others.

The Slink do not defend themselves against attack by ships (not in any way that we would understand), but rather accept the fact that it happens calmly and then lay with their enemies, and love and lust them until their deepest mental reaches are contacted whereupon truths are illuminated. The ships themselves are left alone as the crews that operate those ships are "loved" by these women.

Those beings go back to their ships, lift off into the vacuum of space of which they release themselves to after they open up their air locks and decompress their own ships. All such things are done with the calm and assurance on the part of the Slink in that they are releasing those who wronged them to the eternal beatitude of heavenly eternal bliss whence they are free from the burdens of destroying and dominating what their weak material lust drives them to subdue.

Slink never destroy, but make others realize that they must eliminate and liberate that which will ultimately destroy them; whether those be ships, side arms, or their own malevolent souls.

They value NOT material wealth. They consider their greatest assets to be their own physical forms, the pleasure they manifest when they masturbate and have sex; and when they are in empathic union with others. The scholarship of ages of research into various forms of pleasure on millions of worlds throughout space, and the erotic ethnographic survey of tens of millions of other different races on many other worlds, do they consider their greatest assets.

Pleasure and the wisdom of pleasure renders all other possessions moot. They were, are, and always will be a prolific and ubiquitous presence of concubines, pimptresses, seducers, courtesans, escorts, eye candy, thieves, dominitrixes, dancers, party-givers, restaurateurs, wine, beer, and liqueur makers, etc. Pleasure and distraction govern the Slink. Nothing else does, never has, or ever will.

The orgies and the festival presence of these women seduce millions of races and the subsequent imposition of suzerainty of their attractiveness on all the worlds they bless, though on many of them the Slink constitute a minority of the global populace. Yet their narcotic beauty addicts and instills veneration in all that are weak in the loins, regardless of gender.

Though their passivity may speak the contrary, Slink are fiercely independent of foreign control, as well as of each other. There is no hierarchy amongst them, and yet other most other beings, however benevolent, ARE hierarchical.

Slink especially distrust multi-species polities that invest so much of its protection and well-being in a relatively in a just a few tens of thousands of bureaucrats, technocrats and kleptocrats (or any variation of the like) of whom the Slink view as little more than charlatans and self-righteous and self-anointed manipulators of the ignorant masses.

They believe that such an elite camaraderie unified by a weak philosophy none fully understand is too susceptible to temptation. It is too easy for such an elite to manipulate populations into investing their resources into their misguided ambitions without them even knowing about it.

Leaders lead only when they buy others' loyalty with wealth. Political philosophy and organized state religions are false and unstable grounds upon which to build armies and nations, according to them. In essence, they view other powers as far too susceptible to corruption. The Slink accept corruption as a weakness of those attached to the material, and flourish amongst them with ease and quiescence.


All Slink are lusty and carnal extravagances of sexual pleasure and fantasy whose sinewy and curvilinear inhabitants are all figures of such shocking beauty, that to behold them is to view raw unadulterated sex-the very incarnation of orgasm.

The ultimate purpose of their existence is to attain the highest state of pleasure they can attain both physically and spiritually, and as many times as they can. Such is done through masturbation and through sexual copulation.

In essence, most of what all Slink women do is lay around and masturbate and have sex with whomever pays them for it (they acknowledge no taboo nor differentiation between homo- and hetero-sexuality).

Their domains are where fucking, sucking, fingering, licking, slurping, licking, fisting, whipping, flogging, spanking, fondling, and freaking in vivid, superfluous and richly ornamented, sinuous and flowing-liquid Art Noveau temples, baths, chapels, stripclubs, lounges, and voyeur chambers take place with unceasing regularity.

Mindless fornication is the prime drive of all Slink. All are struck by their potently alluring comeliness that causes the hearths of the desirous to burst forth with un-restrained and thoroughly barbarous lust like the broken locks of the Aswan High Dam.

They seize bodies in thoughtless, base license: course their fingers, hands and tongues about in each other's silky-smooth sheathes, and up in their temples of life generation upon which they frig, finger, diddle, and masturbate as hard and as fast as they can in high and holy elation; and in any and all positions.

During wet and salaciously nasty fornicatory orgiastic Bacchanalia, Slink---smitten with each other's, their own, and other's sensuality---realize mystical harmony and union with primordial quintessence.

Such love-making, love-giving, love-receiving and lust satiation causes ecstatic divination in addition to any other manner of pleasure regardless of the manner of sex---whether solo, dual copulation, or in orgy.

Any erotica enables these women to manifest as omnipotence and omnipresence, if but ephermerally. Whilst deep in orgasmic trance, Slink are liberated of physical confines and become purely non-corporeal forms of ethereal climax whence they embody the true nature and the most primordial wisdom of bliss quintessence, because they know that joy is existence herself---one and inviolable.

Despite their finite pseudo-corporeal forms, Slink have learned to extend the duration of either masturbation or sexual copulation to an average of no less than 100 hours while getting that Nut off thousands upon thousands of times over. They have simultaneously multiple and concurrent orgasms so intense that insanity results, and even causes some to join with the continual joyance of existence (meaning they die of pleasure).

Slink know that ALL (including themselves) are hopelessly addicted to pussy, tits, ass, legs, and the beauty of the female form in general (especially THEIR forms), and to the divine and phantasmagoric glory that manifest during sexual union.

They embody pleasure as many times as desired by any means. Their orgasms are so potent that sheer sexual energy congeals in lucid love that secretes from their blossomed vaginal expanse variously as a gush, but sometimes as a drool.

Some can gush up to 20-feet (equal to their average height), or against any surface or being fortunate and base enough to be wont of these women's golden showers.

The sight of a beautifully and erotically naked (not nude, but NEKKID) Slink writhing in continuous orgasmic and climatic vaginal and clitoral detonation is among THE most lewdly erotic visage throughout all the 4 million worlds that they bless with their orgiastic presence.


Slink are all genetically bred to be beautiful and limitlessly erotic forms that are those of nearly cartoonishly erotic lust and beauty. They all have extremely long, infinitely limber, and shapely dancers' legs; thighs that shimmy with the slightest movement (like their whole forms). They have small, perfectly symmetrical feet with very high arches (also due to the fact that they all wear thonged pumps no shorter than a finger's-length.)

Their forms, overall, vary, but most are slender, with long torsos, slender firm arms, long fingers (for popping those coochies) and have EXTREMELY long, waxed dancer's legs with curvy and swishy hips that are complimented by their bubble buttocks. Their derrieres are their most beautiful, shocking, most scandalous part of their bodies-even more so than their bosoms (they vary, but those with large fluff knockers are TRULY valued and rare).

Their backsides are basically two orbs of plum, completely gravity-defying flesh that juts out their backs like two helium balloons lashed to their hips. There is no way to ignore these women's backsides. Theirs wobble, bounce, shimmy, saunter, and wriggle with little of no other bodily movement; and the Slink only intensify such bouncing by the way they intentionally walk-which is a wanton seductive sashay, bounce, and shake more than anything else.

Because the Slink go about in the complete and utter nude, all can be aroused when they bounce and shimmy around with no restraint whatsoever.

They expound and shimmy with all the lucid and taut flow of a Jell-O mold, and it is both the motion and lewdness of the whole of the palace of these women that is signatory of attractiveness that is displayed at ancient, wild, and wanton orgies known as the GRR, or the Established Regular and Concurrent Great and Grand Revels of the Royal Rumpshakers (one of millions of festivals that the Slink celebrate during the course of the SCCIN)---to which only selected prancing and bouncing beauty women are beckoned to. Imagine the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, but larger, more colorful, longer, and naught of even the PRETENSE of any manner of redemption in the end.

For all its history, this festival/orgy has been and is continuously enriched with endless wines, liqueurs, sweet cakes, and cobblers; succulent meats, honeyed yams, and hickory-smoked collards.

These thoroughgoing sexy and alluring women rudely and lewdly undulate themselves to such degree that their rears would seem to rend apart or burst. It is such women whose otherwise angelic and virtuous forms rock, roll, shimmy, and gyrate with least control and absolutely no discipline whatsoever, who are honored as (RRs) Royal Rumpshakers. Those who are merely present are honored as BBs (Butter Babies).

Some, but not all, Slink are large breasted, whose bosoms (like the rest of their forms) are full and bouncy like two helium balloons. Their breasts are usually no larger than Triple-D cups. Their breasts don't sag, but are full, pert, and light, and whose nipples (of whom are always perpetually erect) point upwards. Their knockers are such that they do not even press down against their chest but simply and gracefully lay there in all their plump corpulence. In various orgiastic rites do the Slink squeeze their titties and pinch their teats until they cum. A Breast Nipple Orgasmic Experience (BNOE) is an IMMENSELY erotic turn-on to all Slink women as well as to their clients.

Slink have no inhibition whatsoever; nor do they have any restraint, modesty, prudishness or taboo to speak of. There are no sexual mores of any kind amongst the Slink, due to the fact that it's inhabitants are nearly genetically prone to stripping, domination, swinging, promiscuity, whoring, and all out perverse freakishness.

Ultimately all Slink are utterly uninhibited.

The various erotic-spiritualist societies that flourish in the realms of the Slink are vast, eclectic, and perpetual orgies of sex and sexual frolic are the raunchiest, basest, and nastiest orgies in space. Such women maintain all manner of sensual service and deviance to any life forms that venture to their domains.

Because of their boundless sexual promiscuity, Slink are widely viewed by the sexually fearful with disdain and outright hostility; and by those who are sexually positive with envy, lust and curiosity. So great is their legend that throughout the abyssal depths, such beings worship their sexual license.

Slink are hypnotically alluring, but at the same time, they also convey an inescapable erotic addiction by the contrast of their impish faces, and their scandalous forms.

Their faces are oval shaped, with full, pout lips (always covered with lipstick), small noses that they love to wiggle (think "I Dream of Jeannie"), big sloe eyes that dazzle in all manner of color. They have fat cheeks not unlike a baby's. Behind those lips are tongues the length of their forearms and are as lithe as a snake that is designed specifically for pleasuring other Slink, and their sexual clients.

In the absence of males, the closest thing (and many say far superior to a male phallus) is the pleasure that can be elicited by the tongue of another Slink. Theirs are far more agile, longer, and are more enduring than a male phallic erection, and can pleasure a girl for as long as she desires.

Slink maintain their artfully perfect forms through superior pheromones which endows them with a terrific abundance of universal sexual attributes such as their fat, tight, dripping pussies---for whom millions of life-forms will pay whole GNPs just to eat-out and penetrate.

They are beyond definition-utterly nameless for whom words like "delectation", "rapture", "bliss", "mirth", "glory", "heaven", "ecstasy", "happiness", "beauty", and "pleasure" cannot BEGIN to comprehend their presence.

They are not merely females but rather so much more.

These lithe, sinuous figures of erotic silhouettes are the very epitome of the feminine principle-archetypal women who are embodiments and paradigms of all that is beautiful in and of the female form. Thus to call Slink merely "female" not so much a disservice, but a wonderfully monumental understatement.

In short, they are breathtaking beauty, sensual essence, elation and living, thriving, vibrant erotic orgasm. They are exquisite forms, richly endowed with long, slim dancers' legs and equally long, creamy and perfectly curved thighs. Their sheathes are seared in luxuriously smooth shades of ochre, gold, bronze, copper, alabaster, olive, caramel, chocolate, and raven blue-sable complexions.

The presence of these figures of beauty and pleasure incarnate induces instantaneous sexual arousal in all in their vicinity. Clits swell and drip, and males' dicks, those who ARE male (throughout existence, there are MANY genders of whom male and female are only two) rise like a stele arising to position when the sand is released in front of the great ancient Egyptian Temple of Amon when in each other's presence.

Those who may have been frigid (however quite rare) are rendered abundantly fertile and libidinous as sistahs' feminine temples of life-generation bulge with the ovum of noble cultures. Even Slink who limit themselves only to the pleasures elicited by their own hands, vibrators and dildos, vaginally salivate in the presence of such raw and unadulterated beauty.

The primal passion of all these women is to not only to experience as much pleasure as possible but also to BE pleasure itself, to manifest as sheer joy. These slick-snatched Susies qualify as ever-greater qualities of pleasure by fingering their creamy genital paradise in the most common acts of joy throughout their dominions-masturbation.

In addition, the ecstasies of many multitudes of women in high and holy climax are manifest as they ride, grind, bounce, pump, swirl, wriggle, and Kegel those beings with dicks (or with any other sexual organ) with reckless and thoughtless abandon and savagery.

Yet by no means do all these lust-driven ladies limit themselves to the pleasures of their clients. For these women, there is no such thing as "monosexual", "heterosexual", "homosexual", "lesbian", "bisexual" or "asexual". They are simply sexual beings who charge their ambient erotic urge in most eclectic varieties. Hence, sexual union between them and ANY other gender (or with each other) is as common as breathing.

Throughout existence for time immemorial (though space travel is roughly 2 million years old), the name "Slink" symbolizes eroticism and lust in its purest and most unadulterated epitome.

So renown are Slink that scarcely the thought or even the fantasy of a thought licking and touching their forms; and of fingering, frigging and fucking their pussies makes ferociously aroused the sexual centers of any and all whose minds are blessed with heavenly visions of such peerless erotic glory.

According to Slink spiritual beliefs the Amorphous Sentient Causal Agents (ASCAs) are beguiled by their plum figures of bliss, and even more so at the sight of many Slink deep, deep, deep in orgasmic possession. Such induces great frenzy into the hearths of the covetous.

Slink acknowledge and seek to embody but DO NOT worship millions of such beings, real or imagined, throughout the various worlds they bless with their presence and bloom. Not unlike those of African descent who seek to be possessed by the Loa spirits in Santeria, Vodun, Chango, or Candomble.

For it is the salacious and base scandal of these women who epitomize the very core essence of sexual pleasure that renders said powers inept in the governance of the cosmos. Slink are, each and everyone of them, the centers of high Epicurean delight through which their non-violent and soothing dominance is exerted over individuals and imperium alike.

Infinitely volatile seas of pert breasts; bouncing derrieres; loose, shimmying and throbbing thighs; silky, sinuous backs; double-jointed swishy hips; and galactically long dancers' legs are hauntingly adorned with spontaneous choirs of throaty wails and mindless moans of incomprehensible passion that reverberate throughout ethereal salons and throughout the inexplicably beautiful domains of Heaven herself.

All that moaning, groaning, grunting, cursing, licking, kissing, scratching, flailing, writhing, undulating, gesticulating, rumpshaking and cursing.

Tens of trillions of women masturbating, fucking, blackmailing, bribing, eating, smoking, drinking, indulging, masturbating and "entertaining" in innumerable cities of temples, palaces, libraries, bordellos throughout their colonies, royal suzerainties and dominions.

Nude oceans and universes of legs, thighs, breasts, arms, backs, feet, manes of hair, or bald heads (some Slink shave their heads) pussies, asses, nipples, tongues; emerald, aqua and gold eyes and eclectically beauteous faces of tens of trillions of individually unique beings.

Flourishing in effervescent bloom for time immemorial.

As they were when the early Buille explorers visited them 7 million years ago (they were among the earliest explorers of space---after the Slink themselves).

As they are now in the infinite cosmos peopled by millions of races and sentience of varying gender and like. As they always will be in the eternal future of time and space.

Extant in and on over 4 million worlds, including their 20,000 ancestral homeworlds. These are tens of trillions of tattooed, bare, buffed, and polished olive, cream, red-copper, and raven-blue-sable women who have, do and always will know themselves as the SLINK.


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