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by Puffer

I was 20 years of age and still living at home and I had a girlfriend named Sharon. She was 22 and much more experienced at sex then I was. She was very relaxed nude and enjoyed sex very much. On occasion she would visit me and stay for an evening meal. Then we would sit on the porch or just watch TV or the like. We would go into my bedroom which was downstairs just off the side of the family room. While my mother and sister would enjoy the TV in the family room we would watch the TV in my room. Needless to say we would pet and get horny with each other while we laid on the bed. My mother and sister did not let on that they knew what we were doing but they knew perfectly well Sharon was enjoying me and her at times in my room.

One Sunday after a early dinner meal we went into My bedroom about 3 in the after noon. We were watching TV and Sharon started to rub my back. It was summer and we both had light clothes on and before we both knew it the clothes were on the floor and we were nude and playing with each other. I must say Sharon really like to suck and was really enjoying my hard and really getting into it. She got me to the edge and ready to cum and then stopped. She said I want you dick and I want it in my pussy now. At that she crawled up and sat on my wet cock and slid it in as far as she could. She was laying on top of me and I was on my back with my cock enjoying the sliding she was doing with her pussy. I held both or her ass cheeks as she slid and rode my rod. In almost no time she climaxed with a moaning cum. It was great and I was really enjoying it.

Well the craziest thing happened next. My mother came into the room without knocking with a basket of clean wash to put away. Sharon heard her enter and jumped up off my cock and tried to wrap the bed clothes around her nude form. She left me on my back and with my member standing like a flag pole for mom to see. When mom realized she interrupted us screwing she said. I see you young people are enjoying yourselves please don't let me interrupt your fun. She said, please enjoy yourselves don't stop because of me, enjoy.

Sharon looked at me and I looked at Sharon and Sharon smiled and I reached out to her and she laid down next to me and unwrapped the bed clothes from around her and I pulled her on top of me again. She lifted herself and we resumed our coupling, while mom was putting the clean wash in the dresser. Sharon started to stroke again and we both tried to get the feeling going again. The whole time mom was telling us about how she enjoyed sex when she was with my day and how it was great fun and enjoyment for us young people to get each other often. She completed her task and came over to the bed and touched Sharon's ass as Sharon moved up and down on me and then mom touched my balls and cock where I entered Sharon and gasped a little. Mom said you two are really a nice couple and you both feel great. Mom continued to touch and make confirming statements how good we looked as a couple and she continued to touch us where our privates coupled together. What a turn on feeling additional hands massage me while Sharon screwed me. Sharon appeared to enjoy it and it was not long with the touching and the pumping that I came. Mom pulled my cock out of Sharon before the first pump of cum could release and watched intently the white spurts shoot on Sharon's ass. Mom held my member until it stopped pumping and said you sure do have a very nice tool son. Mom encouraged Sharon to continue to enjoy me and she left the room. Needless to say both Sharon and me became very horny from the happening and we screwed about 3 hours before leaving the room. The whole time mom was in the family room no doubt listing to our lust. It was great.

After we finished and came out of the bedroom both my sister and Mom were waiting for us. Mom said, "you two are great and I hope you continue to enjoy each other that way". My sister cornered me after Sharon left to go home and asked if she could join me and Sharon the next time we screw in my bedroom. I spoke to Sharon and she was very interested. Well, next weekend we are scheduled to have my sister join us. I don't know what is going to happen if she wants to ride me like Sharon does. I will let you know.

Another fine story by Puffer.
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