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by NaughtyOne

I was in the concessions line at Tampa Stadium when it happened. I'd sweetly volunteered to get the next round of beer for my boyfriend, so he could keep watching the half-time show. I knew he enjoyed watching the cheerleaders. I knew I had no reason to feel jealousy, as he would never cheat on me.

I'm sure every stadium concession stand is the same, especially at half time. The huge halls were jam-packed with people, you couldn't even see your feet, there were so many people. I wore a mini, a full flouncy. Even the lightest breeze would whish up under it and tantalize my pussy. I loved the feeling and am always so hot in the stadium I've started dressing for comfort more than appearance. I wore a little tank top that matched and low-heeled sandals. All and all I was comfortable, and didn't think I looked too bad.

A person is often jostled about in these lines, and more than once someone rubbed against my ass or my tits. I didn't know if sometimes it was on purpose or not, and I didn't really care. If the guy turned around and smiled an apology I always sent him a forgiving smile or pretended not to notice.

I'd been in line about ten minutes when I finally noticed the man behind me. I didn't turn around to actually look at him, but I could feel his proximity against my back. He didn't seem overly tall or intimidating, so I continued to ignore him and wait for my turn in line. When I felt a hand on my ass, I knew it was his. Should I turn around, I thought? But no, I don't want a confrontation. Besides a part of me wondered what he planned. Did he think he could just touch me in plain view of all these people?

Suddenly, a crowd of kids shoved through the line on their way to the men's room, and the man behind me took advantage. His hands gripped my hips and he pulled me back against his hard on. His cock was rigid against my ass, and a thrill of excitement pulsed through me, spiraling right to my loins. He held me there a few moments, and when I didn't protest, his hands moved around to the front of my skirt.

Frantically I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, but if they had, they didn't let on. The roaring conversation continued, and I continued to be jostled by unseen bodies as well as fondled by the man behind me. The little thrill of excitement escalated until I knew I was getting wet. My nipples hardened beneath my tank. I didn't wear a bra, again for comfort's sake, but at that moment, I wished I had. Perhaps a bra would just add a tad bit of secrecy to what I was feeling. My nipples stood out like little sentinels, announcing my aroused state.

His hand shoved up my dress, and my knees trembled. He was going to touch me! The fingers from one of his hands caressed my pussy through the thin fabric of my cotton panties, while the other hand made its way up to my left breast. So high! Certainly someone would see! My eyes flew to the man standing directly beside me. He met my gaze, before dropping his eyes to the hand at my breast. He smiled, his eyebrow arched. I didn't know how to react, so I simply smiled back nervously.

Behind me, I felt the hand at my crotch fumble with my panties. In moments, he was working them down, down my thighs, until they fell to the dirty floor. Now his hand had total access to my sultry, moist cunt. He shoved a single finger inside me without warning. I almost cried out at the suddenness. The man beside us smiled wider. I thought he might have stepped even closer to me, but I was too distracted to pay any real attention. One hand played with my nipple through my shirt, while he finger fucked my pussy. My legs wanted to give out. I couldn't help it, a small moan escaped my lips.

The man next to me smiled again, his hand coming up to touch my other breast. I shuddered. How dare he! What could I say?

Just then I heard the metallic sound of a zipper being lowered. I knew the man behind me was releasing his cock. I wanted to feel it so badly, I almost cried with the wanting of it. I reached a hand behind to touch it. He moved it into my hand. It was huge! Long and so wide at the base I couldn't wrap my fingers around it. Oh God to feel that huge cock in my pussy. To feel it fucking me from behind, that was what I wanted. I leaned forward a little, as much as I could in the stadium crowd, and glanced over my shoulder.

I'd forgotten the man watching me, even though he had a hand on my breast. But when I looked over my shoulder, he stopped me, smiled at whoever was fingering me from behind, and nodded. The unspoken communication confused me--All I wanted was that huge cock inside me. I quivered with the need for it. The watcher forced my attention, reaching beneath my shirt. He gripped one of my breasts in a punishing hold, squeezing my nipple between in thumb and forefinger. The sharp pain aroused me even more. I could feel my pussy juices flowing down my thighs, around the other man's fingers. I raised my skirt in the back and rubbed my ass against his exposed hard cock. Telling him that I wanted him inside me.

His finger left my throbbing cunt, and he grasped my hips with both hands again. Slowly, unobtrusively, he guided his hard cock into my slick, wanting pussy. I almost came right then. I did shudder, and if the watcher hadn't moved in front of me to grip my tits, I would have slid to the floor in an unrecognizable puddle of lust.

From behind, the man fucked me, pumping in slowly, pulling out almost all the way, before shoving his huge cock in to the hilt. I could feel his balls bouncing against my ass. I could not stay silent. Moans escaped my lips, drawing attention. I closed my eyes, uncaring. I had never experienced such pleasure in my life. Here I was in a crowded stadium, my boyfriend waiting for me up in our seats and a complete stranger was fucking my brains out from behind. And another stranger was helping me stay on my feet. Shit! I came, hard, my pussy juices flowing like never before. I shuddered, and for a minute, I think I lost consciousness.

I awakened when he pulled out of me. He turned me around to face him, and I almost cried out in shock. A black man, about my height stood there, a grin splitting his dark face in two. "Suck me, slut. Or everyone's going to be doing you!"

I looked down at his cock, still hard and glistening with my own juices. I slipped to my knees in front of him, uncaring if anyone noticed now. He shoved his huge cock in my face, and I opened my mouth. He pushed inside, his hands fisting in my hair. He rocked back and forth, face fucking me. I could do nothing to resist, and truthfully, I'm not sure I would have anyway. I could feel him getting ready to come.

The first couple of spurts I swallowed, but soon my mouth didn't work fast enough and he came all over my face. He continued to rub his dick on my face, over my cheek, getting cum in my hair and down to my chest and breasts.

"Lick it up, slut!"

I did, I wanted every last drop. A sudden thought occurred to me. Where was the other man? Surely, he hadn't left?

As so as that thought materialized, I had my answer. His cock, smaller that the black man's, was shoved in my face. I looked up into his laughing eyes, shocked. As I turned my head, I could see several pairs of eyes staring down at me. Many of the men were rubbing their cocks, some even had them out and were jacking off as they watched me. What had I got myself into? A thrill coursed through me...and I opened my mouth...

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