The Best Erotic Stories.

by RedBeard

You stretch languidly, the rays of the sun soaking into your body. The sky is an electric blue, white fluffy clouds drifting lazily by. A soft breeze blows periodically, crinkling your skin into goose bumps with the sudden coolness. After the week I've had, you think, this is just the ticket. Stretching again on the towel, you settle your hands to either side of your head as you lay on your stomach, your bikini top unfastened beneath you. Gotta remember to hook back up before I get up, you think. Mustn't excite the neighbors unnecessarily by flashing them. That thought makes you giggle.

You feel the warmth of the sun over your back and legs. Too bad no one was here to do my back. Oh well. Skin cancer be damned! A cloud drifts in front of the sun, providing a brief break from the heat. You let out a contented low moan as your wriggle into the towel. Then you realize the shadow is not from a cloud. You turn, remembering almost too late about your top, to see me standing beside you. Alarm turns to curiosity as you slump back onto the towel.

"Penny for your thoughts, Luscious."

"It'll cost you a lot more than that, Red", you say through a smile, closing your eyes and settling back down on the towel.

I slip down onto the grass next to you, picking up the bottle of lotion. "Looks like you missed a spot".

I brush your ponytail aside and squirt some lotion onto my hand. It's warm from sitting in the sun. I spread the lotion across your shoulders and start sliding it down your back. Sliding my hand back up and out, then slowly up your neck to your hairline. Back down the middle of your back and out across your shoulder blades.

I squirt some more lotion, this time in a line down your spine. Your hips squirm seemingly of their own accord. Strong smooth oily strokes from your spine out across your back. Back up to your shoulders, massaging as well as spreading the lotion. You feel your muscles beginning to relax, the tension melting away as my hands massage down your back. Slowly out and down along your sides. Your toes curl slightly as my finger brushes against the base of your breasts. Down and out from the small of your back. Your hips wriggle again as my fingers slip slightly under your bikini bottoms, brushing tantalizingly against the top of your ass crack.

You suppress a small whimper as my hands leave your back and I reposition myself by your legs. You jump slightly as I squirt a line of lotion down each leg. Starting with your toes, I resume your massage, gently pressing and squeezing each toe in turn. You flex your feet upward, your toes pulling your ankles taunt as I massage the balls of your feet and your arches. "Can't miss a single spot with the sun shining like this", I say and you can hear the smile in my voice.

Moving to your heels and up to your ankles, you feel your heat building, and this time it's not from the sun. You wriggle into the towel, your hips grinding again, the tendrils of pleasure flowing up your legs. As I work your calves, you do a quick mental check of the time. Yeah, that'll work, you think. Then you let yourself drift back to the sensations radiating from your pelvis as my hands move over the back of your knees and up to the back of your thighs. You hold your breath briefly as my hand slide up to the elastic at the leg of your bottoms and down the outside. Your breath comes out as a low moan as my hands slide slowly up your inner thighs. You gasp softly as my finger brushes against your moist pussy through the fabric.

An erotic thrill races down your spine when you feel my lips against your neck. Your hips move again when you feel my hand slide down along the small of your back and under the elastic. You moan softly as my tongue flicks out at your earlobe, my lips nibbling gently.

"Not fair, Red...", you purr.

"Just tell me when to stop", I whisper, the warm air from my breath yet another sensation for your body to deal with.

You giggle softly, a musical sound that curls my toes. My hand slides under your bottoms and across your ass, moving along the contours but not yet satisfying your desires. Soft kisses trail down your neck and on back, following your hairline. Your shoulders shrug up, the sensation almost a tickle.

Realizing the neighbors might enjoy this show a little too much, you say "Wait. Let's go inside". I stand and hold out my hand for you. You demurely cover yourself with the towel and use my hand to stand. As you bend down to retrieve your top, I sneak a peek as the towel drapes away from your body.

You start toward the house and glance over your shoulder, checking to see that I'm following. Like I'm going to leave at this point! You go in the door and walk to the living room. As you turn, the towel falls away. I can see in your eyes that any coyness and reserve are gone.

I walk over to you and slip my arms around your waist, your hands sliding up my chest and over my shoulders. Our lips meet gently at first, the sweet newness of our first kiss. As my hands slide over your slippery back, however, our passions rise and the kiss becomes more intense. Each of us breathing heavily through our noses, our lips press hard together, our tongues wrestling in the excitement.

You break the kiss and move your hands to the bottom of my shirt. With a shy smile that really isn't shy at all, you pull my shirt out and begin lifting it over my head. You drop it to the floor as your circle around behind me. Your hands slip around my waist to the top of my pants. Your breasts press into my back, your skin slippery and your nipples already hard. Praise the lord for air conditioning! As you undo my pants and slide the zipper down, they slide down my legs to join my shirt on the floor.

Your hands slide up across my stomach and over my chest, your fingers tickling through my chest hair. You run your fingers through my beard, whispering in my ear "Soooo soft". I turn to face you again, our lips meeting briefly. You step back, reaching up behind your head. Your hair falls loose as you remove the hairband and you shake you hair from side to side. I can't help but notice your breasts swaying as you toss your hair.

You move towards me again, catlike, our eyes locked. Your hands move to the waistband of my underwear and you begin to pull them down, sinking to your knees as you do. A smile spreads across your face as my already hard cock pops out, bobbing slightly. I step out of my briefs as your tongue flicks out at the head of my hard cock. My fingers run through your hair as you slide your tongue slowly down one side, then back up the other. I let out an explosive "Ooooh" as you mouth engulfs my cock, sliding all the way down the shaft, sucking, pulling back up.

As my cock pops out of your mouth, I almost lose my balance. Sheepishly, I settle down onto the floor. Your crawl to me, a hungry feline stalking her prey. We kiss again before you start trailing soft kisses down my body. As you turn to face my cock, I pull your hips toward me. You raise your leg as I help you straddle my face. Mmmmm... your hot wet pussy hovers inches from my face.

I reach up, craning my neck, my tongue flicking out against your already swollen clit. I grin as you gasp then moan slightly as you start in again on my cock. I start flicking my tongue quickly and lightly over your clit, making you moan again. The vibrations echo in the base of my cock, making me moan. Those vibrations tickle against your clit and we start all over again, each other's moaning making the other more hot.

I start long, tongue-length strokes against your clit, a thirsty dog eager for your juices. You begin tip to base strokes on my cock, the tip tickling the back of your throat with each down thrust. We each grunt and moan as we pleasure each other, my cock growing even harder, the juices from your pussy starting to flow. I suck your clit in hard, pulling it away from your body. You release my cock briefly, your moan hard and intense. With your clit still sucked into my mouth, I flick my tongue over it and bite it gently between my teeth. You dive back onto my cock, sucking it in hard and swirling your tongue over it. I moan harder as you take my balls into your hand and begin to massage them. My hips raise up as your press down, each trying to fuck the other's mouth.

I slide a finger down along your pussy lips, barely separating them with my finger tip. Your juices glisten as my finger slides across your perineum and circles slowly around your anus. Then back up your pussy lips, sliding a little deeper this time. Your hips push down, forcing your clit into my mouth, my bearded chin into your cunt.

You exhale explosively as my finger slides into your hot wet pussy. I slip it in as deep as I can before stroking it back along the top of your cunt. Your head begins to bob up and down rapidly on my cock as my tongue pleasures your clit and my finger slips in and out of your pussy. You're moaning almost constantly as I slide a second finger in to join the first. One presses up, the other down, scissoring against two g-spots at once. Your juices flow freely as I sense you're nearing and orgasm.

Your moaning and wriggling excites me even more and I feel my balls begin to tighten. You suck harder on my cock as you feel it begin to throb and pulse. Sucking on your clit, my fingers sliding in and out of your wet pussy, I stretch my little finger so that it pokes against your anus. Just the tip slides in, sending you over the edge. Your head moves up and down convulsively on my cock as waves of pleasure block out everything else. You're cumming sets me off, my cock exploding as the sperm shoots deep into your throat. My hips spasm up and down as my cock empties itself into your mouth. Your hips grind down against my face, forcing my fingers in deeper. Wave after wave, each of us washed away...

You collapse down against me and roll so that we're face to face. I glance down and notice little tiny hairs clinging to your lotion-coated body.

"Hmmm.... Looks like I'm shedding again."

You giggle and stifle an urge to twirl your hair. "I think we can take care of that", you say as you rise and hold out your hand for me. Leading me to the bathroom, your flash an irrepressibly mischievous smile over your shoulder.

Reaching into the shower, you turn on the water. You bend down to test the temperature and I simply can't resist. My hands move to your sweet ass, caressing and stroking it. You giggle and shake your hips. I hear the water rushing out of the shower head as you turn with that grin on your face again. You take my hand and lead me into the shower.

You stand under the rushing water as it cascades over your hair and down your luscious body. Your hands run through your hair, your eyes closed, the water splashing off of you. I place my hands on your hips and begin kissing your wet neck. Your head leans to the other side, opening up your neck for my gentle kisses. Your hands move to my shoulders and then down my back. I lift my head and our lips meet, our kiss passionate, the water running over us unheeded.

You turn me slowly as you reach for a bottle of bath gel. Soon I feel your soapy hands running over my back. Over my ass. Up my sides. Across my chest. You work up a lather as your hands travel down my torso. Your breasts press into my back as your hands move lower, your hard nipples digging into my back. I moan softly as your hands reach my already stiffening cock. You slide one hand down the shaft as your other cup my balls. I feel your lips on my ear as you start stroking my hard cock with your soapy hand. I reach back with one hand to stroke your ass, the other against the wall holding us up.

You raise your leg, wrapping it around mine, giving my hand access to your wet pussy. The water pours over us like a hot waterfall, the steam creating a dreamlike mist. You moan as my fingers reach your hot wet cunt, one finger poking gingerly between the lips. Your hand moves faster up and down my shaft. Stroking. Squeezing. Milking it, working the cum out of it. My finger slips deeper into your pussy, then starts sliding back out. Soon my finger is sliding in and out of your wet pussy, matching the strokes of your hand on my cock.

We're both moaning now, our bodies in synch as we stroke each other. You feel my cock begin to pulse. Whispering in my ear, you say "I want you to cum, Red. I want to feel your cock explode in my hand". Your warm breath in my ear, your breasts with your hard nipples pressed against my back and your hand stroking my cock all combine to send me over the edge. I slip a second finger in to join the first inside your tight pussy and push deep. My hips thrust against your hand as my cock gets ready to explode. Your fingers tighten around the head of my cock just as it begins to pulse, keeping the sperm from shooting out, making me cum harder and longer. As you release your grip and slide your hand down my shaft, my cock explodes against the wall, two, three, four blasts of cum. I begin sliding my fingers in and out of your pussy and am rewarded with the sounds of your orgasm, your soft moans loud in my ear.

You release my cock and I turn to face you. I say with a sly grin, "I don't think I've ever enjoyed a shower this much". You giggle as you answer, "I certainly agree with that!"


Now it's my turn. I turn us both around so that my back is to the water. I turn you so that your back is to me and reach for the bottle of shampoo. Rubbing the shampoo between my hands I take a step closer to you. I begin rubbing the shampoo into your hair, massaging your scalp, bringing your long hair into a ball on top of your head. Rubbing along your hair line. Moving my fingers up and through your hair, swirling the suds on top of your head. Pulling you back as I position you under the spray. Running my fingers through your hair, rinsing out the suds.

I reach for the bath gel as I move you out from the spray. As you did with me, I start by lathering up your back, down over your sweet ass. I step closer as I move up to your shoulders and down your arms. You feel my cock pressing into your ass as my hands slide up your stomach to your breasts. Slippery strokes over your breasts, teasingly over your hard nipples. My hands slide over and under your breasts before cupping them. My fingers massage your tits as I slide my finger and thumb to your nipples. Gently I pinch and twist your hard nipples, your hips pressing back against my cock. You've got me hot again, my cock getting harder as you slide your ass against it.

One hand stays on your breast as the other slides down over your belly. Tickling through your pubic hairs. You gasp softly as my fingers reach your swollen clit at the same time I pinch your nipple. You moan softly as my finger circles around and over your clit. You bend your knees slightly, moving your ass up and down on my cock. My hard cock slides along the length of your crack. I begin pinching and flicking your clit and nipple at the same time. Your head leans back and rests on my shoulder, your hands moving up to my neck. I lean to your ear and nibble gently on your lobe, my teeth covered by my lips. You rock up and down, back and forth, your ass sliding against my cock.

I use my whole hand to squeeze your breast as one finger slides down your wet pussy lips, barely separating them. You moan as my finger slips into your cunt on the way back up. I start fucking your pussy with my fingers, first one, then two. In and out. Faster. Deeper. Your moans are longer and louder. My cock slides up and down the crack of your ass, my fingers plunging in and out of your cunt, my hand milking you tit and teasing your hard nipple. You bend your knees down and then press back and up. My cock pops down between your legs. You grunt and press your hips back, positioning the head of my cock at your pussy. With one swift thrust, I replace my fingers with my cock, slamming it deep into your hot wet cunt. I slide my fingers up to your swollen clit, massaging it in slow erotic circles.

The feeling of my cock impaling your pussy and my fingers on your clit send you over the edge. Your orgasm weakens your knees so that I am holding you up with my cock in your pussy and my finger on your clit. Your hands reach forward to brace yourself on the wall as you grind your hips back against my cock. I grab your hips with both hands and begin fucking you even harder... faster... deeper. Your juices flow down over my cock as you cum harder still. The steam from the shower wafts up into your face as the spray from the water tickles against your back. Gasping for air, you put your forearms against the wall and rest your head on them. Your tits bounce with each thrust of my cock.

You lean heavily against the wall as I slip my cock from your pussy. Panting, you hear the water shut off. I reach for a towel and wrap it around you. Looking down at my still erect cock, you realize I hadn't cum. Noticing your gaze, I smile slyly, leading you to the bedroom.

Using the towel, we dry each other off, lingering in certain spots, arousing each other even more. Caressing, stroking, teasing each other, raising our excitement levels. My cock is rock hard stiff, your pussy almost dripping with wetness. Finally we tumble onto the bed, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss, our tongues wrestling with each other. Hands roaming over each others bodies, yours finally wrapping around my stiff cock, mine centering on your swollen clit.

I roll onto my back and pull you on top of me. Your legs straddle my waist. You place your hands on my chest and raise your hips up. A look of pure lust crosses you face as you position your cunt over my cock. Wriggling your hips, you guide the head of my cock just into your pussy. Eyes closed in concentration, you begin flexing the muscles in the walls of your cunt, undulating as my cock slides ever so slowly into your hot, wet pussy. I lean back, my eyes closed as well, swimming in the sensations as your pussy swallows my cock.

As my cock slides deeper and deeper, you settle back on your heels, pushing my cock in deeper. When my cock is fully inside your pussy, you take your hands from my chest and run them thru your hair. Your breasts dangle invitingly before my face as you massage my cock with your pussy. I lean up and take one of your nipples into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as I suck it in hard. You moan loudly and wriggle your hips, your pussy sliding deliciously over my cock. I take one breast in each hand and begin caressing them, pressing them together, running my tongue over one then the other of your hard nipples. You begin sliding your hips forward the back, rubbing your clit against the base of my cock and thru my pubic hair. Your motions are small but make tingle radiate thru my body out from my cock.

Your pussy muscles gripping against my cock while you rub your cunt up and down make me moan, the vibrations tickling your nipples. You gasp as I bite gently on each nipple in turn, bringing you closer to yet another climax. I feel your juices running down my balls as you get closer. Leaning up and sucking a nipple hard into my mouth, I slide my hands to your waist. Grabbing your hips, I start bouncing you up and down on my rock hard cock. Each push down is met by a thrust up by my hips, jarring your whole body, making your tits jiggle with the force. I have to release your nipple when you move your hands back to my chest. Using your hands for leverage, you begin impaling yourself on my thrusting cock, dropping yourself with each thrust, slamming my cock into your cunt.

Your panting breath starts coming in raspy spurts as your start to cum again. Moaning and oooing constantly, your eyes closed as the pleasure flows out from your pussy and washes over your whole body. Seeing the ecstasy on your face, and of course the rubbing and squeezing your pussy is giving my cock, puts me over the edge as well. I grab you hips and ram my cock in deep. It explodes, spurting hot cum deep into your pussy. You moan loudly as you feel my cock throbbing and pulsing in your cunt. You grind your hips down, your pussy now convulsing uncontrollably. My head leans back, my mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure.

You collapse down on top of me, your head resting on the pillow next to mine, your panting breath echoing in my ear. My arms wrap around you, holding you tight. You purr like a lioness as my cock slips from your soaked pussy. You settle down on your side next to me, my arm still wrapped around you, your head resting on my chest, your bent leg over mine. We lie still for a moment, trying to catch our breath. We both know, however, that this is just a brief rest. You glance down to notice my penis has not gone all the way down. A short rest will bring it back to life. And as hard and as often as you've already cum, you know there is more yet to cum....

After a bit, you feel ready for more. You glance at me and then down at my cock. Hmmmm. But you're not quite ready, you think. Rolling over and reaching into a drawer in the nightstand, you pull out your vibrator. Good thing I just changed the batteries, you think, smiling to yourself. I raise myself up on one elbow when I hear the buzzing start. Your eyes are closed as you run your little friend over your breasts, down your belly, down between your legs. As you sit with your back to me, you lean back against me, allowing your legs to open invitingly for your toy and providing me a bird's eye view over your shoulder. You squirm slightly as you move the vibrator over your clit. Your head leans back and I take the opportunity to nuzzle your outstretched neck. You slide the vibe over your clit and down to your pussy. Moaning as you go, the vibrator slowly disappears into your cunt. My hands move around to tweak your nipples as I watch fixated, the vibrator sliding s! lowly in and out of your pussy.

It doesn't take too much more of this before my cock rises to the occasion. You have me soo hot and soo horny that I'm hard again in minutes. You feel my cock poking insistently against you and open your eyes. Smiling you say "I knew that wouldn't take long if I gave you a show."

You turn off the vibrator and set it on the bed next to you. Leaning forward, you move to your knees, your head resting on your arms on the bed. I can't help but grin as your pussy opens up invitingly before me. I get up on my knees and slide my hands over your firm ass. I take my cock in one hand and slide the head between your pussy lips. I'm rewarded with an animal sounding moan that comes from deep inside you. Sliding my cock ever so slowly into your hot wet pussy, I reach around and pinch your swollen clit. Your breathing picks up, already excited by the exhibition and the vibrator. I begin a slow steady rhythm, my cock sliding deep inside the back out so that just the head remains in. Your hand replaces my at your clit as I move to place one hand on each of your hips. Driving my cock in and out of your pussy, my hands moving your hips up and back.

I slide one hand over your ass cheek and down the crack. You moan louder as my finger pokes gently against your anus. My cock slipping in and out of your pussy, my finger pokes gently with the same pace against your anus. Each poke a little deeper than the last. Seeing the vibrator on the bed gives me an idea. I slide my cock all the way out of your pussy, a little whimper escaping your mouth. The whimper turns to an animalistic grunt when I press the head of my cock against your anus. You moan as the head slips in, the almost painful sensation forcing the sound from your lips. I leave just the head in to allow you to get used to having your asshole stretched. Erotic anticipation floods your mind when your hear the familiar buzzing start again.

I slide the vibrator down your back, a tickling sensation that makes your squirm. As you squirm, my cock slips in a little deeper into your ass. The vibrator slides down to the small of your back. Squirm. Slip. Down your thigh on the outside, then up the inside of your thigh. As my cock slips deeper and deeper into your ass, the vibrator no longer tickles. Your squirms are no longer reactions that cause you to jump but slow, sensuous movements that push my cock purposefully into your ass. The different sensation has not brought you closer to the climax you pursued with the vibrator by yourself, but put you on the path to an entirely different climax. Your pussy aches and pulses in anticipation of cumming very, very hard.

I slide the vibrator slowly up your inner thigh. When my cock is fully inside your ass, I slide the vibrator over your clit. Your moan is loud and explosive. After almost shouting, your moans come in waves, interrupted only by your panting gasps for air. The pitch of your moans moves higher as I slide the vibrator down your pussy lips and slip it into your cunt. The deeper it slides inside you, the better I can feel it shaking against my cock. I pause for a second, the vibrator buried fully in your pussy, my cock parked deep in your ass.

I start sliding my cock slowly out of your ass, each tantalizing inch sending waves of pleasure thru your body. With just the head remaining inside, I start to slide the vibrator out. For each inch the vibrator slide out, I slip my cock back into your ass. You can't decide which to push against, the front or the back, so you just wriggle your hips from side to side, creating delicious friction against both.





slowly picking up the pace, your body rocking with each thrust. You feel your orgasm nearing and know it's going to be big. You moan, loudly, gasping for air as the sensations washing over you take control. I can feel the vibrator rubbing against my cock as the pass each other.





I slide the vibrator deep into your cunt and leave it there. You feel it starting to slide out so you move your hand to hold it in. Grabbing your hips, I start fucking your ass harder and faster. I can feel the vibrator deep inside your pussy as the vibrations travel from your pussy to your ass. I can feel my balls tightening as your moans and grunts feed my fire. I can hear my heart pounding in my ears as my cock begins to pulse.

You're oblivious to everything but the phallic penetrations of your cunt and ass. Your toes curl and you hold your breath as the orgasm begins to wash over you. Wave after wave rock you, your mouth open but no sound coming out. Your eyes are closed tight but you still see red flashes as the waves of pleasure reach tidal proporations. Cumming, you want to say, but your breath is trapped in your lungs. In the distance, you hear someone grunting and moaning and realize it'' me, filling your ass with whatever cum is left in my balls.

Finally, your breath explodes from your lungs, a bestial moan of pleasure escaping as well. You feel again the vibrator in your cunt and my cock throbbing in your ass and even more waves rock you. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you feel a cramp in your toes from curling them too hard and too long. Just when you think you wonder how long this heaven will last, you feel me move the vibrator to your clit, the humming sensations electrifying every cell in your body. The orgasm that seemed to be ebbing roars up again. White dots appear before your eyes and you feel yourself falling into the darkness behind the dots.

When you open your eyes, the bright sun forces you to close them again. You glance at the watch on the towel next to your head and realize you must have dozed off. You carefully refasten your bikini top before raising yourself to your knees. That's when you notice the very large wet spot on the towel where your crotch had been. Smiling to yourself, you also notice that your bikini bottoms are saturated. Wanting to remember this dream for quite sometime, you head inside... and go directly for the vibrator in the nightstand next to the bed.

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