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by Jess

You weren't exactly sure of what was on his mind when you got the email at work, but it was intriguing enough to pique more than just your interest.

You HAD had a crappy week. Everything was falling in your lap and you felt like everyone's nursemaid. Your boss, in particular, was driving you nuts. And to find yourself in the office, working, alone, on a Saturday... and the FIRST really NICE Saturday of a miserable summer, was almost more than you could stand. You wanted to be at the POOL. You wanted to be on your porch, sipping a beer, feeling the rays of the sun. You wanted to be ANYWHERE but in this stinking hellhole.

So when your lover's email popped up on your desktop, with the subject "A promise," you opened it and found his words to jump out at you, and invade your breathing, and your crotch.

"I have packed what we need for a short trip to a special place I know. Be in front of your building at 1:00. Don't worry about anything. You will want for nothing. Kisses, love."

You glanced at your watch and saw that it was already 12:15. Good, not too much time to wonder about what he had up his sleeve, but enough time to get things finished. Efficiently, you completed your work, and you were closing the desktop at 12:56. You bounded out of the building, and found your lover sitting in the Mustang, with the top down, a basket in the back seat, and a wonderful smile on his face.

You climbed into the passenger side, gave him a not-so-quick kiss, and started to ask "where...."

"Shhhh. No questions. My game."

So, you sat back in the car, and let him take you to your destination unknown.

As the journey progressed, you undid your hair, to allow it to fly in the breeze. His hand found your leg, and you enjoyed the feeling of power in his hand. You may have even involuntarily moved your hips slightly to let him know that you were completely open, and completely free, and he responded with a gentle nudge in the direction of your sex. As you had gone in to the office dressed somewhat casually, he found little resistance as you parted your legs and let him know that you had not worn any panties under your skirt. Delicately, he teased the folds of your pussy, careful not to get you terribly worked up while he drove, but enough to cause you a pleasurable discomfort.

The drive was magnificent. The day was cloudless, the air dry and cool, and the lack of conversation was a welcome break from the tedium of the week. His hands played intermittently, as did yours. Your lust was apparent, and you especially enjoyed watching his cock harden under his shorts as you nuzzled your face into his neck and kissed his ear....

Finally, he pulled off of the highway, and you traveled to a remote road, stopping at a cabin that was located about a mile off of the main road. The cabin, as it turned out, belonged to one of his friends. Rustic, simple, spare, it was on a large tract of undeveloped land with a lake, and a large field behind it. You felt like you were dreaming, as he took your hand and you inspected the cabin. A large fireplace dominated a beautiful room with a large bed in the corner. The room was bright, friendly, and charming.

And you had forgotten all about your week. You felt like you were on vacation.

He handed you a bag of things that he had packed for you and suggested that you might want to go out and take a swim. As he took supplies into the kitchen, you opened the bag and found simple essentials (toothpaste, toothbrush, brush and comb, soap, and your make-up kit) and a note that simply read "you won't need much more than this."

He arrived back at in the master room, wearing nothing, carrying a bottle of cold white wine, and said "well, let's go swimming!"

The sight of your lover's body, naked and unashamed, caused a small jolt in your own body. You were still learning about one another, and he was not completely familiar to you. But you were enjoying the journey to knowledge. He had proven to be a very good lover, taking his time to explore and talk, to share fantasies, and to learn HOW. Not for many years had you been this well loved, well FUCKED. He fucked you, and he made love to you, and he gave you lovely head, and he allowed you to fuck HIM, and he loved to come in your mouth, all of the things that gave you physical pleasure, he was able to provide. You didn't know if you loved him or not, but you certainly LIKED what he could DO.

So, here was your fantasy come true. A bright sunlit day, a lake nearby, a magnificent lover at your side. Hell yeah.... You stripped off what little clothing you were wearing, and took his hand and let him lead you to the pond.

The water was cool, but you dove in head first from the dock. The freedom of being outside, naked, swimming in a cool mountain lake, was almost intoxicating. He followed you and swam out to meet you, and held your body in the water. You could feel his hard cock against your side has he held you, and the tension was immeasurable. You began to reach for it, but he pushed your hand away and said "my game." Hey! This isn't a GAME, you think... the Control Freak began to protest, when he covered your mouth with his, a quick kiss. Then he swam away from you.

You followed, and for a while it was like two kids on a hot summer day... splashing, playing, laughing, screaming, and teasing.... Finally, he took your hand and the two of you found your way to the dock, exhausted from the swimming, but invigorated all the same. He went to the basket and opened the wine, poured you a glass, and spread out a large blanket on the grass.

As the two of you sat on the blanket, you became aware of the beauty of the scene. Blue sky, and the warmth of the sun tingling on your skin. The beads of water on your body dried, and your skin soaked in the rays of the sun with a hunger and thirst. You lay back on the blanket, savoring the taste of the wine, enjoying the silence and the sun. Your head was empty, and you didn't care.

He lay back as well, his body drying as yours, and you looked to him and became filled with lust. Your passion was almost indescribable. And, almost as if on cue, he put his glass down and rolled over to meet your gaze. He kissed you deeply and hungrily, a kiss that left you breathless and wet. Your legs parted slightly as he began to trail kisses down your body. He paused at your neck, knowing how crazy it made you feel to have your neck kissed. And he was very good at kissing.... He was a master with his mouth. Your legs spread even more than a little bit, and you could even smell yourself. Your sex was open, and you could almost taste the flavor of eroticism in the air. Your eyes were closed, so you did not notice how large and hard his cock had become. Almost idly you reached your hand down to hold it, and again you were pleased to find it stiff, and full.

He pushed you on your back, however, and continued his exquisite torture... kisses on your neck became kisses on your breasts, and full fledged sucking on your nipples. Your nipples were hard rocks, and he pulled them into his mouth, pinching them with his teeth while flicking his tongue against the very, very tip of them so fast it made your head swim. Your legs were wide open, now.... Your breathing erratic and strained. The occasional moan would escape your lips. At first you were afraid, moaning so loudly out in the open, but he looked at you and smiled. "We're all alone here." My God, did he know EVERYTHING you were thinking?

And then he pushed you back, firmly, taking control, and moving down your body to find his treasure, his prize. Your legs were to either side of his chest, and you could feel his heart pulsing in your pussy. This man was kissing you, and yet he was leaning his body into your sex with such agility and deftness that you were almost ready to come right then and there. But he would always back off when things got too hot. Goddamn, this man was a talent.

Finally, after the eternity that you counted in 10's, he was between your legs, reminding you of why you loved for him to give you head. His tongue was gentle and graceful, at first. He tongued you until you were completely open, completely wet, draining into his face. He avoided your clit, even though it was a hot poker sticking out from the top of your gash. His hands roamed your body... probing your rectum, gently but sensually... holding your breasts, your butt, your belly. He dominated you, forced you to stay down against your Control Freak instincts.... And then, he quieted all talk of THAT as he pulled your clit into his mouth and sucked deeply.

As he had treated your nipples, he treated your clit. He pinched it between his teeth, sucked it in mightily, and flicked the butterfly in his mouth against the tip long and hard. The sun beating down on your breasts and the cool breeze in your face, and his insane tongue eating your sex alive... it was all too much for you as a full week of stress and anger and hostility and tension and passion and lust and... and... oh God, you started to come, you were very close. "My god, I'm going to ...."

And he stopped.

He reached up with his hands, only licking your slit, even wetter... and he fucking STOPPED. You cried out, whimpering. "Jesus, Baby, please..."

And again, he began the ceremony. A ritual, a sacrament. He held your pussy as the Idol, worshiping it and lavishing it with attention. Again, you reeled up to the edge, the precipice only to be denied again. He was a maestro, forming thoughts and visions in your head that you could not imagine. Time stood still. The sun beat an arc across the sky, and you were completely out of control.

Occasionally, he would rise up from you and impale you with his cock, but it was just a tease as well. If you started to moan and increase the tempo, he would pull out, fall back down on your body, and start the ceremony again.

You were almost to the point of agony and exhaustion... when.... The rumblings in your body felt more intense and stranger than ever. And this time, you raised your head up and said "please."


He looked at your eyes, and you saw the glimmer of release in his face. His mouth was buried in your sex, a little blonde moustache to mingle with his black goatee... and the impish look in his eyes told you. Yes, lover, you may go.

And the urgency overcame you, and you lay back in the blanket, and closed your eyes. The pure ecstasy began to wash over your body as you became aware of how full and complete your orgasm would be. And it was heaven to know that this time, there was no stopping.

Sounds came out of your mouth that you did not recognize. Colors flashed across your eyes, shut tight, a contorted expression on your face. The waves began to crash on the shore.

Then came the Giant Wave. And your hips pushed harder into your lover's face, and he reached up with his hands to hold your body closer to his lips. Sucking with incredible tenderness and passion, he released you to the wild.

And your body began to flail as your orgasm came on full throttle. You were crying his name, crying for God, crying. Tears fell on your cheeks and the rapture enveloped you. Your nerves all bundled, 480volts, full blast, no barriers. You were completely open and full and nature filled your spirit and you became Every Woman.

You were Every Woman.

And, as you fell slowly, gently to earth, and the aftershocks overcame you, your lover released his grip, and kissed your wetness gently and lovingly...

He rose up and lay at your side, feeling your heavy breathing, listening to your moans of release.

And he felt your body nestle against him as you fell into a slumber, your pleasure completely satisfied.

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