The Best Erotic Stories.

by StraightRazor

Molly hung her head back, and faced the warm sun. She could feel the hot rays playing across her face and body. She wore only a bathing suit, so the sun reached every sweeping curve, every firm contour, and every spot that she usually hid under her baggy clothes, and modest dresses.

In her back yard, she knew that she could relax, not having to worry about critical eyes and judgmental stares. The fence surrounding her was high enough to shut out the rest of the world. She opened her eyes, and looked around cautiously. She wanted to make sure there was no way anyone could see her. When she knew she was absolutely alone, she quickly untied her top, and let it fall to the deck.

A cool breeze swept by, almost on cue, and she could feel her nipples stiffen in response. She giggled when she though about herself, lying topless in her back yard. She never thought of herself as gorgeous, but still knew that there were guys who'd love to see her this way. A silly thought crossed her mind. She thought about Brian Reid, the school's gorgeous Varsity quarterback, walking into the yard and catching her sunbathing.

She knew that she would probably die of embarrassment, and that he'd probably run in fear, but she allowed a thought to stay in her mind for a moment. Of him not running, and of her not feeling any shame. Suddenly, she felt a tingle in her gut, and she liked it.

Molly began to feel warm, both the sun, and her silly thoughts having something to do with it. She stood up, and looked at the crystal water of her swimming pool. She bent over, and splashed some of the cool water on her face, and felt a nice shock when the chilly water hit her warm breasts. Molly made a decision. Her parents were on vacation for the week, and she knew that no one would be home. She decided to do something that she had always wanted to do. She stood up, and pulled her bikini down her long legs. She jumped into the water quickly, not wanting to risk an embarrassing moment.

The cold water wrapped around her, and her naked flesh sparkled with excitement. She swam around the pool, slowly letting more and more of her self above the water. She finally began floating on her back, letting the sun warm her skin.

A new idea made her body jolt. She imagined Brian Reid standing in one of the windows of her house, watching her. Normally, she would have shrugged it off, making logical disruptions in her fantasy. But this time she just let it come into her mind.

Unconsciously, she began to move slower, more sensuously, allowing the water to play on her skin. She began to imagine Brian in the window, biting his lip with excitement as he watched her naked body slither through the water. Molly began whispering under her breath.

"Do you think I'm sexy, Brian?" She whispered, then imagined his head slowly nodding.

"Would you like to touch me?" She asked him. Brian's face lit up, and his head nodded slightly.

Molly closed her eyes, and imagined him coming down to the pool to get a closer look. He stood at the edge of the water; his eyes locked onto her body. Slowly, Brian began to pull off his shirt, exposing a tanned torso of tight muscles. Molly felt deep electricity as she imagined him slipping into the pool.

Brian sat back and watched her moving in the water. She slid her hands across her chest, slowly rubbing her erect nipples. She imagined it was his hands caressing her breasts. His touch made her knees weak, and she imagined his solid arms wrapping around her.

Brian kissed her lips lightly, and Molly could feel his muscular chest pressing against her soft body. She pulled her face back, and could see his bright blue eyes sparkling like the water surrounding them as he told her how pretty she was.

She rubbed his chest, and could almost feel the muscles tensing under her hands. Molly opened her eyes for a moment, and looked around, still nervous about what she was doing. Then the visions came back to her. She began to float, imagining Brian picking her up, and letting her float in his arms as he kissed her.

His kiss was gentle yet firm. Kiss lips careful yet direct. Everything was perfect. Molly could feel something welling in her. She felt a tingle from her crotch, spreading in all directions. She knew the feeling, but never let it completely wrap around her. She had never felt what it was like to surrender. Molly's eyes shot open again, and she let out a nervous giggle.

She liked the sensation, but felt weird at the same time. She hopped out of the water, and dried her self off. She sat in the chair, and tried to calm herself down. She grabbed a book, and began reading to distract herself.

The words passed by quickly, none of them truly making any sense to her. Her mind began drifting back to Brian. She closed her eyes and began to let the images return.

Brian laid her down on a soft bed, the soft sheets caressing her back. He kissed her face and neck, and continued down her chest. He placed playful flicks with his tongue on her breasts and collar. The intense warmth returned to her pubis. She felt his hands searching her body. Massaging her legs, feeling her sides, and eventually exploring her tenderness between her legs. His hands rubbed it gently, cupping it. Slowly, his fingers began to part the lips, waiting for her body to give him clues to what she wanted. His every touch sent bolts of electricity through her entire body.

The feelings began to rise in her again. This time, she decided, she's give into them. She envisioned his strong hands wrapping around her entire body, and touching every bit of flesh she wanted him to. His hands were perfect, soft, yet strong. Perfect. She never needed to speak, only let out a soft moan, or a whispered breath to direct him. And he knew just what to do.

Molly imagined him rolling over, his weight holding her down. She felt his erection brushing her thigh, and her legs slowly parted. She saw his crystal eyes as he entered her. His endless manhood filling her. He kissed her as he made love to her, never forgetting to whisper his warmest words to her.

"You are so beautiful, Molly" He would say

"I want to hold you forever" He would continue.

"Please let me love you" He whispered.

Brian continued to thrust inside of her, making her body pound with ecstasy. The fire began to spread in every direction. Her feet tingled and waves of electricity began to flow in every direction. Suddenly, like an explosion, her first orgasm filled her. Her head pounded with excitement as her climax rocked her body. Her whole body tensed for a moment, for an eternity, and then slowly let go, in pulses. Her back arched and then she slowly lowered herself onto the chair again. Her heart beat thunder in her chest as she lay there, her entire body relaxed and peaceful.

Molly opened her eyes. She looked at the cloudless blue sky. The sun shined brightly on her, and she enjoyed it. She sat up for a moment, looked around, and grabbed her ice tea from the deck. She took a sip, and laid back again.

"At least I don't have to hear Brian whining about me not calling him the next day" she said to herself with a playful giggle.


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