The Best Erotic Stories.

by Kelley

It was a hot day. One of those days that you can walk around your apartment naked, take cold showers, but nothing seems to do the trick. I was in the living room in just a tank top and panties, watching T.V. when my roommate Joleen came in. She had been waiting tables all day, and was in definite need of a shower. We had been roommates for 2 years, and although both of us were bi, the thought of being together had never crossed my mind until today. Physically, we are totally different. She is tall, long legged, blond hair, small breasts. I am shorter more voluptuous, red hair. When we go out together we make a great pair.

As I heard the water start in the bathroom, I was suddenly overcome with an urge and I decided to seize the moment. Slowly I started to undress. Just thinking about Joleen in the shower made me wet. When I took my panties off, a slow damp spot had already formed. I had the urge to run in there and take her fast and hard. But I knew I wanted this to be a long and satisfying afternoon. I crept into the bathroom and slowly pulled back the shower curtain. Much to my pleasure and surprise Joleen was fingering her cunt and her asshole! She didn't even notice me get into the shower with her, until she felt my hands on her small pert breasts. Her response was immediately to turn around and kiss me full on the mouth. Our tongues met and it seems we couldn't get enough of each other. "I've wanted to do that for 2 years" she said "Me too" I said. Enough was said and we continued our new exploration of each other.

As my hands continued to play with her breasts, taking each nipple into my fingers rolling them around, I felt Joleen's hands slowly move down my back and start to caress my ass. She was kneading my ass and grinding her pussy into mine. I couldn't take it anymore and I knew I had to taste her pussy. I reluctantly took my mouth off her tits, and knelt down in front of her. The water was running down my face, but I could tell that her pussy was wet and ready for my mouth. I slowly parted her lips and inhaled the smell of her. teasing with my tongue I slipped it into her pussy. I lapped at her cunt, her juices were flowing even more as she pushed my head harder into her pussy. As I was licking her clit, I stuck one finger into her hot hole. She gasped and said "keep going, more...more" I obliged. One more finger, than one more, all the while I am sucking on her hard clit. I can tell she's about to cum, and I know one more finger will do the trick...a fourth finger, then finally my whole hand is pumping in and out, her juices are all over my hand. I hear her say "I'm cumming...ahahahahhhahahahhahahahhah" as her vaginal walls contract around my hand. I stay in her pussy for a while longer and try to lick up all her juices. But she has another idea. Joleen then turned off the shower and said "Now lets dry off, so we can get wet again" I didn't argue. We moved to her bedroom, and she laid me done on my back and started to "dry me off". I almost came when she started kissing me starting at my feet...working her way up my legs, inner thighs , and slowly parting my thighs so she could look at my glistening wet pussy. Slowly she started to lick up and down from my clit to my asshole. I was so wet by this point, that when she slipped a finger in my cunt, it went it so slick, I gasped. My clit was so hard and I knew one flick I would cum. She knew it too. Joleen loves to be fucked up the ass, and although she didn't know it, so did I. She pulled her finger out of my pussy tasted it and then put it back in hard and deep...she then slid it in to my ass. .I gasped and said "YESSS, keep going harder" that's all she needed...she then put another finger then another, pumping in and out filling me with her fingers. I was screaming. Finally after she had four fingers in she leaned down and flicked her tongue on my clit. That was all it took. I came in a hard explosive orgasm that I swore would not end. Joleen continued to lick my pussy and pump her fingers in and out of my ass. I must have briefly fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember seeing was beautiful Joleen standing above me with a 9' inch black dildo strap on. She wasted no time in plunging it deep inside my still wet pussy. She played with my hard nipples as she pumped in and out of me. I spread my legs as wide as I could so she could go deeper and deeper. Abruptly she pulled out told me to roll over and plunged deep into my ass. As I was fingering myself I came again and so did she.

The rest of the day (and night) was a blur, and my pussy was swollen and aching, but lets just say showers around our apartment were much more interesting from then on.
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