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Slide Away
by L. Cadarn

Jack had a heavy night out with his mates. He knew that he had an early lecture on the next day but he had just lost his girlfriend and there was nothing else to do than drown himself with alcohol. He was 21 and had just started with the University so study had not a high rank on his scale of matters. He stumbled into the house and on his way to his room stumbled on the cat. It screamed, he screamed and soon after his stepmother screamed.

She was a pain in the ass. Her name was Tess but she always wanted to call him MOM. His real mom had died over 10 years ago and three years ago his lonely father decided to marry. What a mistake it was. They both were blinded by her stunning looks. She was only 7 years older than Jack himself. Even in these early hours she looked pretty good. Tess was dressed in a dark short silk robe revealing her long and slim legs. Jack could see the cleavage. Her long blond locks seem to glow in the darkness. But her blue green eyes showed that she wasn't a happy Mom.

"Do you actually know what time it is?" she asked him. She whispered not to wake his Dad.

"Yes Ma'am. I think it's way after bedtime." He answered and chuckled uncontrollably.

"Shut up. And go to your room. You're father will hear about this!" she said in a harsh voice, took the cat and wandered back to the bedroom.

"Yeah, yeah...screw you." Jack muttered and continued his stumbling quest to find his room. He thought about her wiggling ass and chuckled again. One day I get you're ass...he thought and entered his room. He crashed on his bed. His head spinned around and after a while he slipped away into a deep sleep.

6:30 AM

Jack had a weird dream but could not remember it at all when he awoke the next morning. Daylight slipped through the cracks of the curtain and he moaned. Was it really already morning?

"God, how I hate early lectures." He muttered to himself.

A sudden pressure around his groin made the matter worse. It was a strange feeling. His dick was hot and he threw the blanket aside.

"JESUS!" he cried out.

It was Tess. She was lying there giving him a blow job. Her lips around his dick he felt her moist and hot tongue playing around with his shaft. She had him already on the verge of orgasm. She looked up to him closing her eyes and slid down his prick down her throat.

"Tess...god what..." he moaned and he could feel how his penis jerked in her mouth.

His semen flew out into her mouth like some sort of an eruption. His white cum flew out of her mouth corner and he couldn't believe his eyes when she swallowed the rest.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked her.

But she didn't answer. Just smiled and kissed him passionately. He could taste his own cum.

"Good Morning, Big Boy." She said in her sweet little voice he hadn't heard for a long time.

With her tongue she wiped the corners of her mouth free of his cum.

She was absolutely naked. Her dazzling 90cm Breasts dangling down from her body. Her nipples were erect and she touched and squeezed one of them. The jugs were dangling so close to him. He stared at them in disbelief. He had never seen his young stepmother naked and his heart pounded wildly.

"This must be a dream...yeah definitely this has to be a bloody dream!" Jack shouted and pinched himself.

Tess laughed and she rubbed his relaxing dick. It was a strange sight. Tess sitting on him and stroking his dick.

"Come want to test me or something?" he asked her.

"What are you talking about Jack? We always fuck in the morning." She answered him.

"Right...always...NO! What about my Dad, when he sees you on me he will kill us both?" Jack breathed heavily when she guided his right hand to one of her breasts.

"Those jokes are not funny anymore. You know he is not here."

Before he could say anything she lifted her hip and guided his penis into her wet cunt. His hand was still holding her large tit. He felt her hard nipple on the palm of his hand. His dick slipped easily into her hot hole. It grabbed his shaft, pressurising it and it felt too good that he couldn't ignore it. His fingers twitched and he drove them into the soft skin of her tit. He moaned when she moved her hip very slowly. Her legs were wide spread her thighs clenching around his waist.

"Come on Jack. I know you can do better!" he heard her voice. She moved her ass side to side grinding his penis on the walls of her vagina. Jack felt a rush of pleasure through his groin.

She moved her hips up and down pounding furiously on him. Her breasts juggling with each swing.

"What the fuck is going on here?" he asked her again pushing his dick into her now.

It felt good and Jack took over the rhythm. He pushed his dick up and down driving it into her. He pinched her hard nipples. Whatever the reason was Tess seemed to enjoy the sex. Jack was still confused with her actions but at the moment he didn't care. He just fucked her.

"YEES...AAA HAAA..." she moaned loudly.

It turned him on. At last he decided to give her what she deserved. It was always one of Jack's dream to fuck her.

He grabbed with both hands her tiny waist and hold her steady. Than he pushed his hips up and down very hard and quick. His dick drove into the warmth of her inner hole. He grunted and all the frustration of the past few weeks emerged. He fucked her hole hard banging her into the air. She moaned in short shouts of pleasure.

His dick drilling into her wringing the wet juices out of her. With another grunt he shot his next load of sperm deep into her. He breathed heavily and kneeled her hot breasts.

"AAA...that was good." She sighed and crashed on him.

Still confused he stroke her wavy blond hair.

"Where is Dad?" he asked her after a while.

"Oh come on..." she kissed him and smiled.

It was a totally different Tess. She never smiled at him. She was constantly bitching around about something.

"No. I'm serious. Where is he?"

"Oh please..." She looked a bit angry then said, "Divorce and you decided to live with me, because you love me...and I do too." She gave him another kiss.

"Excuse me?" Jack looked at her and was shocked.

He threw her off her and looked around for his clothes.

"What is going on?" she asked him.

"This is wrong. This is way too wrong!" he said and rushed out of his room and the house.

8:00 AM

Jack was standing. The aftermath of the rather peculiar morning exercise was utter confusion. He had looked for his father in the house but there was no sign of him or any sign that he even lived there. Everything else seemed to be as usual as always though. The cat was there, the interior of the house was the same...except Tess's behaviour.

He looked out of the window and watched how the houses passed by. Jack was standing in the usual train to his University. It was Rush Hour and the Train was full. He was pressed against the window. Jack longed to talk to one of his friends. The Tess thing was certainly one huge misunderstanding of some sort. It had to be a mistake.

He still could feel her body and shuddered. She was as stunning in bed as he had dreamed about it.

Suddenly he felt a touch on his dick through the fabric of his jeans. His face was crushed against the window of the door and he couldn't see who it was. There it was again. A hand pulling down his zipper.

What a perv! He thought and imagined some Gay touching him. The thought made him shudder again. But this time in disgust. The hand reached down through the gap of his jeans into his underpants. Grabbing his dick stroking it. His right hand grabbed the hand in action. It was a small feminine hand. He turned his head and nearly broke his neck. A business women stood next to him and smiled. He was amazed. She continued to rub him. She wore a white blouse and a tight black skirt. He could see her black bra through the white blouse. Jack saw how one hand vanished under her skirt. Nobody could see them as they were both pressed face forward against the door. She stroke him and did not take her look from his face. She bit on her tongue and Jack could see how something was dribbling down her naked long leg.

Her hand moved up and down his shaft her thumb sometimes circling around his prick head. Never ever had somebody wanked him. It felt strange and at the same time he felt how the pressure in his nuts build up. The people standing right behind him were very close to him. His pulse raced fearing being detected. She grabbed very tightly around his pulsating dick. Her fingers slid down his hot prick. He saw how she closed her eyes and exhaled heavily out of her nose. Jack looked down and saw how her skirt had moved up her thighs giving him a clear view of her wet pussy. Her fingers were fucking it furiously. She did not only wanked him. Soon they arrived at the next station. The screeching of the brakes covered her low moan. Before the doors opened she zipped him up and thanked him.

"Right...this can't be a dream. This is way too good for a dream." He muttered to himself and the confusion just increased.

9 AM

The lecture was in full swing and Jack was resting his heavy head on the palms of his hands. The Professor was waffling around his usual crap and Jack was too tired to make any notes. The 10 rows of the lecture hall was only partially filled. That was really no surprise as it was the first lesson and many students skived it. Jack looked around but there was no sign of his friends. He couldn't believe it. They told him last night that they would definitely come.

"Bastards..." he muttered.

He rubbed his eyes and looked down on the bald head of the Professor. He just kept on talking. Suddenly Jack smelt a scent of nice perfume. To his surprise a girl sat down next to him. There was plenty of room but she sat down right next to him. She had long, straight brown hair and lovely green eyes. She had a tight white top on revealing her flat and well tanned belly. She had a short black mini skirt on and Jack stared at her naked thighs.

She turned her head and smiled at him.

"Hi!" she said and turned her attention to the Professor.

Jack didn't answer. Her looks created an overload in his head. He breathed heavily when he saw her dark nipples through the top. Her breasts stuck out of her body and Jack felt the urge to take them in his hands. He had never seen the girl before.

For the next 20 minutes Jack was very nervous. He just couldn't relax anymore. Every time she moved her breasts juggled and Jack's heart pounded faster.


After an hour they could go out for a short break and Jack sighed another hour in that hall and he would commit suicide. But the chance of sitting another hour next to that girl was certainly not a bad thing. When she stood up and walked out he followed her. His eyes staring at her short skirt and her wiggling ass. He could see her butt cheeks and Jack breathed heavily through his nose like some wild beast. They walked down an empty corridor. He wondered where she was going. But suddenly she turned around and looked at him. Jack looked away.

"What are you doing?" she said in a soft voice.

"I...I was just looking for the toilet." He answered her.

"Really? I thought the toilets were right next to the lecture halls."

"I know...but there is a special toilet straight down here." He answered.

She laughed. "A special toilet?"

"Yeah. A special toilet for...for..." Jack had no clue what to say. It was a stupid excuse.

"You mean a special toilet to screw me?" she said and Jack required a full minute or so to understand what she just had said.

"What?!" he asked her surprised by her extreme statement.

"Or are you too shy to fuck me?" she smiled and crossed her arms over her belly.

"Too shy to fuck you...? What the hell are you talking about?"

"You are not a virgin are you?" she said.

"You know...this must be some kind of a weird dream I am having here. Since this morning everybody is acting so strange. Is this some kind of a set up or so?" Jack said.

"If you want to fuck me then do it!" she said.

Jack stood there looking into her eyes and thought about the offer she just had made. He felt a drop sweat sliding down his back.

"See. I knew you would be unable to do it. And if you would even get to fuck me you would fail to bring me to an orgasm." She laughed, turned around and walked on.

"Wait a minute!" Jack cried out. "I give you what you deserve." He said ran the few meters to her and grabbed her by the arms. His hands quickly knelt her soft tits through the thin fabric of her top. They were warm and he felt how her nipples slowly grew harder. Jack slammed her slim body against the cool wall of the corridor. Both of his hands cupped her breasts and squeezed them hard. The flesh of her tits feeling more hotter with the minutes passing by.

"AHHH..." she moaned slightly when one of his hands circled around her erect nipples.

"You like playing rough don't you?" he said and moved his hand under her top. Feeling the skin of hers he breathed uncontrollably.

She shoved him aside. "Get off. I think you are not my type."

"Shut up!" he said and touched under her skirt. For a minute his hands froze when they touched her wet cunt lips. She didn't wear any underwear. His fingers easily slipped into her hole. She tried to move away but he slammed her back against the wall. Fingering her with one hand he zipped down his pants. His dick sprang out. He was ready as he could ever be.

"NO! AAA!" she screamed when she saw his dick.

"You wanted it this way! So, shut up!"

Jack moved her skirt away. He grabbed her cool ass cheek and forced his bulging cock into her cunt.

"AA..." The girl moaned loudly when his dick travelled deep into her hot and juicy cunt.

Her clitoris tingled and her body jerked when with another push his fat cock was completely inside her. She could sense the hot rod in her. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to herself.

"You are good!" she said and breathed in heavily when he slowly ground his cock on her cunt walls.

"You are tight." Jack said through clenched teeth. He had to be careful not to come to early. She had to get an orgasm. Her cunt muscles grabbed after his dick when he moved it out of her again.

She threw her long leg out and it wrapped also around his body forcing him to push him deeper into her.

A sigh of pleasure escaped his mouth when he felt how his cock glided into her hot and juicy cunt for the second time. He kissed her lips and touched her breasts. He licked her and she licked back. His hips moved faster after a while. He pushed and she responded to his movements. Cum flew down her leg and she closed her eyes. Her body shuddering after each push.

"Yes...give it to me...please." she moaned and pleaded with him.

Jack clenched his teeth and stepped up the pace. He had to control himself. He was on the verge to shot his load but she didn't come yet. The slapping sound of their movement filled the corridor. Suddenly she grabbed harder around his neck and screamed in pleasure. Jack could feel how her cunt clenched hard around his dick. Pressing the hard rod. He breathed heavily and the hot cum oozing out her cunt now Jack was coming as well.

"Here we go you slut!" he hissed into her ears.

With all his strength he hammered his cock three four times hard into her tight, hot pussy. She screamed. Like a broken water dam his sperm shot out of his dick. His dick jerked in her wet cunt. She felt the hot spunk inside her. She sighed and kissed him passionately.

His dick slipped from her pussy and with it their cum flew down her thighs.

"Lick it clean." She said.

Jack smiled and moved his mouth down. Licking her wet skin and her hot love hole.

"I hope we can do it again." She whispered after a while.

Jack looked up. "The next break is not far away."


When Jack returned home he had fucked the girl three times. From the morning on he was constantly in action and was exhausted. He ate some cold turkey he had found in the fridge and went up to his bed and slept for an hour.

3 PM

When he awoke he could hear some loud screaming. What know? He thought. The sound came from downstairs and when he got to the kitchen he saw Tess with a large cucumber in her pussy. She was naked her breast moving up and down every time she hammered the cucumber in and out of her. She moaned and when she saw Jack she turned around and smiled.

"I was just shopping...I couldn't ignore the cucumber." She said.

He stood there and looked how Tess with a sultry look moved the cucumber back into her wet hole. The cunt lips spread wide apart.

"So, I am still in my dream world..." Jack muttered. He had somehow hoped that he would awake back into the normal life he had until last night.

"Fuck me please!" she whispered.

"Jeez...Tess, I really can't. I'm totally exhausted."

"I need it badly...please Jack!" Tess laid back on the floor sticking her butt into the air.

Doggy Style was one of Jack's favourite positions. Seeing Tess swinging her ass her cunt dripping Jack couldn't resist. He pulled down his pants and rubbed his dick and fucked her.

10 PM

Jack was lying in bed with Tess. They sucked and fucked each other. Jack was hammering his dick into her ass hole and shooting out his small drops of semen into her. He collapsed and sucked at her nipples.

"I love you..." Tess said and stroked his balls.

He kissed her and thought about tomorrow. Would he wake up into this strange world again? The thought of this day continuing made him horny again. It hasn't been a bad day. It was just a fucking weird day...and fucking exhausting, Jack thought before he slipped into a deep sleep.


Jack woke up feeling something hot around his dick. He looked down and saw Tess slurping at his cock.

"Good Morning." She whispered.

"Good Morning." Jack answered with a big smile.

The world he had slid in was at first a weird place. Everyday now he was fucking different women. It was paradise...or not?


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