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Strawberries & Champagne
by Bobo

The evening began with dinner, as any fine evening with a fine woman should. The car arrived promptly, right on time, the two of us, dressed to kill, sitting comfortably in the back seat while the driver guided the car through the noisy city streets with skill. We lazily spoke of the day, how your day at work was, what stresses were involved in my hectic day at the office. Our hands clasped together lightly on the seat between us . . . you were beautifully decked out for the evening . . . black heels, black stockings, black cocktail dress, white pearls around your neck . . . stunning. I wore a dark suit, white shirt, matching tie . . . conservatively dressed . . . you knew better though. Dinner was the same, sexy, casual, eating fine food in a dimly lit corner table for two, your leg gently against mine under the table, a fine bottle of wine to compliment the food next to my chair, ready to fill your glass. Appetizer, main course, fine dessert . . . the wine flowed all night long, draining the stress out of both of us. You gazed in that way that you do from across the table, and I knew where you wanted the evening to go.

The car was waiting as we left the restaurant. I helped you into your coat and handed you your dinner purse, helping you into the car before heading back to my flat. We had exhausted our topics of chatter for the evening, so you sat close to me and rested your head on my shoulder, your hand in mine. My free hand found itself resting lightly on your thigh. The fine food and excellent wine had made you dormant for now, as my fingertips started to stray, drifting caresses across the tops of your thighs, circling against the silk of your stockings. Your eyes closed in content, breathing deeply, your pulse just beginning to flutter with my touches.

The car arrives at my building, I help you out and you cling closer to me than before, eyes very much awake now . . . lust filling them completely, soft, slow fire consuming you. I take your arm and lead you to the elevator up to my flat. Our lips meet for the first time of the evening as we ascend to my living space, gently brushing against your softness, light kisses, licking, sucking, and exploring your mouth, your voluptuous lips . . . slowly, your eyes closed again, drinking the sensations, clinging to me for support. The door opens and I smile at you, smiling back at me as we exit the elevator into my flat, shedding our coats to a chair . . . you leave my side to get music, I stray to the kitchen, finding chilled champagne and strawberries waiting . . .

The music starts . . . light, slow, music to dance to, we dance, drinks in hand, just holding one another, my breath hot against your neck . . . you can feel yourself becoming aroused . . . chills of pleasure running down your spin as I spin you around my rooms, savoring the champagne with an occasional strawberry for flavor. My bedroom is the final stop, your glass is empty, and mine freshly filled . . . I put yours to the side as I begin to kiss you again. You wrap your arms around my neck, letting my mouth do the work of pleasuring you . . . again starting slowly, kissing the outside of your mouth, your lips, licking, sucking them . . . and then pressing your jaw open lightly with my mouth, our tongues meeting for the first time . . . sparking your desire.

One hand holds my drink and the other presses into your lower back, holding you firmly against me, our mouths connecting our passion, tongues dancing, lips sucking . . . I break from your mouth as your kisses become more intense . . . my mouth travels up your fine jaw line to your ears . . . hissing hot breath across your lobes . . . tongue teasing you lightly . . . kissing just below your ear, sucking my way down your neck . . . biting down lightly at your collar bone . . . you draw a sharp breath. You pull my mouth back to yours and we kiss now, more passionately, the zipper on the back of your tight dress is beginning to descend with a little help from my hand . . . it falls to the floor, gliding along your soft skin without a sound . . . you are magnificent. My hands begin to explore you more fully now . . . your slender arms . . . the tops of your breasts . . . circling downward . . . drawing a finger cross your nipple, still hidden by the black silk of your bra, you moan . . . my kisses descend again . . . down your neck as your bra falls to the floor, leaving your mounds of perfect flesh exposed to my touch. You nipples stand erect as my fingers approach again, rolling their hardened nubs before my tongue joins, capturing your right nipple in my lips, you gasp as my tongue toys with your nipple in my mouth, your hands pressing my head towards your breast.

Now the other, begging for attention . . . I catch it between my teeth lightly, drawing my tongue across it with swift strokes . . . you are arching towards my body now, completely naked save the black silk panties and your stockings . . . my tongue delves between your breasts, licking your deep cleavage. Your head is tossed back, eyes closed, still clutching my body for support as your body responds faster and faster to my attention. My drink slowly comes in contact with your shoulder . . . your eyes shoot open and you sigh at me as light drops of champagne make their way down your skin . . . rolling across your ample breasts, down between your cleavage to my waiting tongue . . . a large smile is your face as I lick the remaining residue from your skin. A bite of a strawberry is the perfect accent, and you taste it from my mouth, passionately kissing me, your tongue mingling in the flavors in my mouth. My hands are cupping your breasts now, and you are breathing harder, sensations knifing throughout your body, headed between your legs where you grow wetter and wetter . . . I coax you onto my big bed to continue where we left off . . .

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