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Sigi's Accidental Encounter
with Her Brothers

by Sigi

First I must explain that this is true and actually happened to me in 1967 in Kornwesthiem Germany.

My name is Sigrid and I had been married for 4 years when this happened, my husband was in the Army and we were stationed in Baumholder when he got orders to VietNam. I was 25 at the time. We decided that I would stay with my parents in Kornwesthiem until he returned, and that's how this all came about. I had been at my parents for about 6 months and my father and mother went on a business trip to Copenhagen Denmark, my two brothers Rolf and Kurt and I were at home. It was a Friday night and my brothers went out to party with friends of theirs and I stayed home. About 11pm I decided to take a bath and go to bed early, I had just finished my bath when I heard my younger brother Rolf staggering up the apartment steps making all kinds of noise, I rushed to throw on my robe and went to get him in before he woke all the neighbors. I had done this many times when I lived at home, so I thought nothing of it.

I pulled Rolf into the apartment and closed the door, he was staggering and laughing so I took him to his room, and started to get him ready for bed. I pulled off his jacket and shirt, and unhooked his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor. I had been balancing him against the wall and as I turned to let him fall on the bed, his feet tangled in his trousers and we both fell; with me landing on the bed and Rolf on top of me. I had tried to keep us from falling and in doing so had got myself twisted so that when he landed on me my robe came open and he was laying on my naked body. Rolf just lay there passed out; I caught my breath and decided that I better get out of this position before he came to. As I tried to wiggle out from under him he stirred and I lay still again, he went back to snoring and I again tried to slide out from under him, as I did I felt his cock begin to harden. Again I lay still hoping it would stop because I had been without a man for six months and was beginning to become excited myself. I felt my nipples harden against his chest and could feel his cock lengthening against my belly. I again tried to push out from under him and this time he awoke! Rolf raised up on his hands and stared down at me, he smiled and said ah my beautiful sister, what have we here. He then leaned down and kissed my neck as his hands began to explore my body, I knew it was wrong but I was so hot, I moaned and slid my arms from the sleeves of the robe and slid them around Rolf's neck pulling him to me. I felt him raise his hips and remove his shorts and then I felt his hot cock throbbing against my thigh. I reached down and felt his cock, it was much bigger than my husbands, at least 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist, I put it against the lips of my pussy and helped him to enter me, then he pushed his large cock in and began to ride me, I moaned with pleasure and pain as his large cock went deeper and deeper, I heard a noise and looked up to see my other brother Kurt standing in the doorway smiling and beginning to undress.

Kurt came to the bed and held his cock to my lips, I wasted no time in starting to suck him. Later they changed positions and again both filled me with their cocks and cum. I awoke Saturday morning laying naked between them, I got up still naked and got a pot of coffee and returned to the bedroom, they awoke and after a cup of coffee we talked about what had happened, and then they took me again. We spent the entire weekend with them fucking me or me sucking them. Many times while my husband was away my brothers took care of my needs. When my parents were home we would tell them we were going to a movie together or out for some drinks, and then we would go to a hotel or sometimes to the woods for hours of enjoyment. My husband returned and I told him what had happened, he said he preferred that to me going to some stranger and to prove that he didn't mind, he invited my brothers over one weekend and all three of them took me. It was wonderful.

I have always been extremely sexual and have done many things, if the reviews are good I will tell more of my real life stories.

Love Sigi

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