The Best Erotic Stories.

Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts Pt. I
by The Midnight Lurker

Please note: This is the 18th story in an ongoing series. If you have not read all of the prior "Suzi" stories, it is hoped that you have at least read some of them. An understanding of her character and the series will make this story "flow" a lot better for you.

1. Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts - An Introduction

Suzi was a stunningly beautiful young woman with luminous brown eyes, long, golden-blonde hair and the kind of pearly-white smile seen most often in toothpaste ads. She had the body of a centerfold and the face of an angel, along with the type of upbeat personality which made others happy. Suzi was the confidant, quintessential turn-of-the-millenium woman who had nearly everything in life going right for her.

The 26-year-old had spent all of her life living in and around the city of Seattle - until three months ago. After several fights with her boyfriend and a subsequent break-up which eventually became rather nasty, Suzi decided that a drastic change in life would be better for her.

So, she left Seattle and all of her immediate family, and moved nearly cross-country, to Cincinnati. In the Buckeye State, the young woman had been re-united with her 20-year-old cousin (Lisa), who could easily be described as a younger version of Suzi - in several regards. Lisa was a bit taller than her cousin, but she shared the same type of long-flowing blonde hair, devastatingly good looks and overall sweet demeanor which Suzi had become so known for.

The pair of beautiful young ladies shared an apartment together; splitting expenses and becoming best friends in the process. It was a good arrangement.

Suzi had become famous throughout Seattle with various guys for her love of wild and carefree sex. The 26-year-old had one serious boyfriend in her prior home - Michael - the same guy she had the heated break-up with. But when they had been together and happy, Michael had been very willing to share Suzi with his friends. The young woman had been involved in several gang-bangs, with up to eight guys at once - almost always, all for herself. Michael was the one who orchestrated the majority of those gatherings.

But at the same time, though, while Suzi would have sex with Michael's friends, she would also search for, and then seduce, strangers. Suzi got a certain, undescribable rush out of sexually conquering the common stranger. She was an expert at both seduction and erotic manipulation.

As described earlier, Suzi was simply beautiful. At the initial glance, Suzi looked crisply clean and refreshingly innocent - almost like a virgin. Yet those who knew her, were well aware of the fact that she was a cum-guzzling nymphomaniac who basically thought of nothing but sex. The unquenchable passion which raged inside Suzi conflicted greatly with her outward, almost-virginal appearance. Such a contrast made her even more desirable to the regular man.

* * *

Lisa, deemed by many a "younger version of Suzi", had not quite gone to the extremes which her cousin had... at least, yet. But, Lisa was quite adventurous compared to the common 20-year-old woman. Blonde and beautiful, she had an African-American lover (Eddie) and another man, a white one (Jeremy), who often teamed with her boyfriend in having sex with her. Lisa had taken part in countless two-on-one encounters with them, and even a couple of three-on-ones with a third man involved.

Lisa thought she was pretty loose until hearing of Suzi's adventures. Lisa's experiences of three-on-one sex was wild by common standards, but could not compare with the eight-on-one Suzi once experienced... as well as the hundreds of other gang-bangs she had been the centerpiece of.

Nevertheless, Lisa was curious and very sexual, and looked up to her older, more experienced cousin. Suzi had taken Lisa "under her wing", so to speak, and planned on making her the second coming of herself. Lisa was very eager to learn. Before things were said and done, Suzi promised herself, Lisa would be considered the biggest slut throughout all of Cincinnati (excluding Suzi, of course).

Lisa and her African-American boyfriend, Eddie, were quite an item. They were very much in love but the sharing spirit prevailed, as Suzi had been with Eddie sexually before on several occasions. She looked at him as a "good fuck", but did not have the type of feelings for him that Lisa did.

Suzi's heart was quickly becoming the property of Eddie's best friend, Jeremy - a single piece of the many two-on-one encounters Lisa had experienced. Jeremy was 26 years of age and could best be described as a true voyeur - someone who really got a kick out of watching others have sex. He was also a good and trusting person, Suzi thought... and very easy-going. He would not demand unreasonable things of her, much like Michael (her prior boyfriend) had done in Seattle.

Suzi may have been falling in love with Jeremy (and vice versa), but that did not stop her from having sex with others. The blonde was employed as a nurse at a local hospital and in three short months, had already seduced four doctors and one EMT into bed. She had done the same to several other men throughout Cincinnati, outside of the job.

Jeremy? Well, since he was a voyeur, Suzi was his type of woman. Jeremy had already watched his slut girlfriend get fucked beyond all belief several times - and he loved it. The only thing which he enjoyed more than watching Suzi get pounded by other men, was fucking her himself.

All of the men who had fucked Suzi in her lifetime - all 112 of them (!), they would probably say the same thing... There was nothing more pleasurable in the entire world, than sinking your cock into this insatiable, little blonde.

Nothing... AT ALL.

2. Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts - Double Penetration

Lisa had a big smile on her angelic face as she finished pouring a third glass of soda-pop, at the kitchen counter. Along with seperate bowls of nachos and potato chips, the 20-year-old woman placed the three glasses on a dinner tray and carried it out into the living room.

Her smile continued to beam as she took in the sight of the two men on the sofa. One of the men was Eddie, Lisa's primary boyfriend and the most important person in her life. The other was Darius, who had the pleasure, in the past, of sharing Lisa with Eddie (and Jeremy) on several occasions.

Both men were African-American - and black as night.

The blonde and bodacious Lisa set the dinner tray down upon the coffee table in front of the sofa and let loose yet another radiant smile. "There you go, guys," she said, picking up a glass and sipping it. "Just what you wanted."

Eddie took a swig of his own glass and dived into the chips. "Ahh, ain't you sweet." He looked over at Darius and said, "Don't you think so? Lisa's our little waitress."

"Yes, she definitely is sweet," Darius agreed, grabbing a handful of the nachos and sampling them.

"Speaking of sweet," Eddie grinned, "where is that little cousin of yours? Darius here wanted to meet Suzi, real bad."

"Yeah, REAL BAD," Darius added, raising his voice for emphasis. "Especially after everything I've heard..."

Lisa shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I don't know where she is. I woke up this morning and she was already gone. You know Suzi, though, Eddie. She may have gotten a call for sex in the middle of the night and left right away. I never know what to expect out of her."

"That wouldn't surprise me one bit," Eddie said. "Nothing can surprise me about her. That little blonde is a real fucking tramp... know what I mean?"

Darius looked at his friend with a strange expression. "I thought you said she was real nice?"

"Oh, she is," Eddie returned.

Lisa jumped in and said, "He means `fucking tramp' in a good way, Darius. Suzi enjoys being degraded like that."

"Yeah," Eddie chimed in. "Suzi looks so sweet and innocent, yet she may be the nastiest, horniest slut alive."

"I've got to meet her," Darius sighed.

Lisa, still standing in front of the guys, placed both hands on her hips and offered a playful glare. "You guys seem dissapointed that 'lil Suzi isn't here to play. Is it so that *I* am not enough woman for you?"

"You're more than enough woman, baby," Eddie offered, a grin coming to his face. "Suzi may be a nasty slut... but so are you. Aren't you, baby?"

Lisa grinned and twirled a high-heel along the carpet, enjoying that last remark. "Yes, I am a nasty slut. A nasty white slut who loves big, black cocks."

"It's been awhile since you and Darius were together," her boyfriend said, smiling at her comment. "Why don't you two get re-acquainted while I enjoy the food here?"

Lisa pouted and said, "But I want you to fuck me, too."

"Don't worry, baby," Eddie assured her, taking another swig of his drink. "Darius will get to do you for awhile, but soon it will be a double penetration." He paused and added, "I'm going to be like Jeremy for now. I'm going to sit back, relax... and enjoy the show."

Darius grinned from ear-to-ear as he got up from the sofa and went over to Lisa. The blonde's eyes stayed focused on Eddie as he propped his feet up on the coffee table and leaned back. Soon, however, Lisa's attention was diverted. Darius slithered up behind her and rubbed his crotch upon her rounded, miniskirt-clad ass.

Lisa sighed and jammed the back of her head upon Darius's broad shoulder. She jutted her ass into his crotch as well, and felt the beginning of what promised to be a king-sized erection through his trousers.

"This blonde wants it bad," Darius growled, grinding his crotch upon her hips. "She wants it real bad."

Eddie, sipping his drink, let out a laugh and suggested, "Then why not give her what she wants?"

Darius chuckled as he placed both hands upon Lisa's hips, offering a firm massage. She had such a wonderful ass, he told himself. With Lisa's head tilted against his shoulder, the 29-year-old then splayed a series of kisses from her neck to chin, and back again. Lisa's hip gyrations upon Darius' crotch were becoming more agitated as a hot sigh escaped from deep within her throat. Finally, the young woman turned ever so slightly and found Darius' mouth with her own.

The mixed-race couple shared a tender kiss at first, probing each other's lips with their own. Soon, however, Lisa opened her mouth and let Darius' tongue sneak inside, finding her own. The pair exchanged tongues as Lisa never stopped grinding her hips upon Darius' growing erection.

While still locked in the kiss, Darius moved his hands up Lisa's sides and eventually found a home for them - on her breasts. He cupped and squeezed each full, luscious globe, pinching and tweaking them through her top.

Soon, though, he got a better idea and pulled the top up and over her breasts - exposing them. With her tight and stretchy top now gathered at her shoulders and neck, Lisa sighed against the intensely-hot kiss as Darius began thumbing and tweaking her bare nipples.

Darius broke the kiss and brushed his lips against the blonde's ear. "Tell me, honey. What are your measurements?"

Lisa sighed and replied, "37c-24-36."

"Damn," the man returned, still thumbing her nipples, with his crotch shoved against her ass. "Not bad for a girl who's only 20. 37c-24-36. You look every bit of it, too."

Darius found Lisa's mouth once again and this time, the kiss they shared was much more passionate. The black man probed Lisa's mouth with his tongue and she reciprocated. Very smoothly, Darius moved his hands back down to the blonde's hips and grabbed ahold of her mini-skirt. With one quick motion, he yanked the garment downward and let it fall harmlessly to the floor.

Lisa had not been wearing a bra and now it was evident that she didn't have on any panties, either.

Darius used his right hand to cup and squeeze one of Lisa's full breasts, while his left snaked around her body. He extended his left palm and placed it between her thighs, then started a gentle rubbing which made Lisa more excited.

Darius was attempting to devour the blonde's hot mouth with his own, ravaging it with his lips and tongue. He pinched one of her nipples with two fingers, tweaking and pulling them outward, which made the 20-year-old squeal.

"Oooooh yeah," Lisa sighed, breaking the kiss, as she reached back with her right hand, slipping it between her ass and Darius' crotch. She immediately found his big erection and began massaging it through his trousers. "Is that monster for me, Darius?"

"It sure is, honey," the man replied. "All 10 inches of it will be for you."

10 inches!... Lisa trembled and sighed to herself. The common perception that most black men were so well endowed was a major reason why she was so attracted to them.

Eddie, still seated on the sofa, was busy rubbing the big lump in his pants as he watched Lisa and Darius do their thing in front of him. There was nothing in the whole world more erotic to him than black-and-white sex... or, perhaps more appropriately, black-and-blonde sex.

Seeing Darius' black skin smashed up against Lisa's white complexion, along with her free-flowing blonde hair, was a definite turn-on to Eddie. Even with a very deep and rich tan, Lisa looked extremely pale next to Darius. It was such a hot sight to behold, Darius told himself.

With her back to him, Lisa still managed to unbutton Darius' trousers and slip her right hand inside. She now had a firm grasp on his erection, and was busy pumping and stroking it. Darius, meanwhile, was still occupying himself with the 20-year-old's breasts and pussy, playing with them, as their mouths were locked together once again.

Darius ended the kiss and said, "Your pussy already feels wet, honey." He extended his tongue and grinned, "Why not let me have a taste of it?"

After a brief hesitation, Lisa took her hand out of the man's trousers and slowly dropped to her knees. Still facing away from him, the blonde then got into a seated position and reclined back, until she was laying down.

Darius grinned as he dropped down to the floor in front of her outstretched thighs. "Beautiful," was his single word, as he stared at her swollen pussy while stroking her legs with both hands. The young woman's puffy nether lips, stretched somewhat with her legs out and extended, were barely covered by a thin patch of blonde pubic hair. The mere sight looked most intoxicating.

Darius planted a kiss upon her left kneecap and then started moving his lips further up her leg, rather slowly. Eventually, his lips had left a trail from her knee all the way to her pussy. Lisa moaned in arousal as very gently, Darius buried his face between her thighs and went to work.

The man extended his tongue and swiped at Lisa's clit, which made her squeal with pure lust. He swiped it a second time, and then a third. Lisa moaned and then started to wiggle and squirm about... she was enjoying this, indeed.

Lisa disposed of her top, which had been gathered at her neck and shoulders, then started to pant as she pawed her own breasts. She looked over at Eddie, who was still seated on the sofa, with his hand down his pants. The blonde gave a come-hither look and smile, but Eddie didn't budge. He just grinned in return and continued rubbing himself.

"OH GOD!" Lisa suddenly exclaimed, as Darius' tongue suddenly went into rapid-fire mode upon her excited clit. Up-and-down, over-and-across, Darius swiped Lisa's clit with his tongue at warp-speed. "OH YEAH! OH YEAH! LICK ME! LICK MY PUSSY! OOOOOH!" He worked her voluptuous body into a heated frenzy, causing her to writhe and buck about in glorius passion.

It soon got to be too much for Lisa, as her yelling came to a sudden halt when she clinched her creamy thighs around Darius' head, rather tightly. The young woman held that position for a second or two, then screamed once more as the sweet wave of orgasm suddenly overwhelemed her body.

Telling her devotion and appreciation for Darius, Lisa continued to scream as she rocked back-and-forth, her thighs clenching his head. For the effort of helping Lisa achieve an orgasm, Darius was rewarded with a steam of sweet pussy juice - which he eagerly lapped up every single drop of. It was a most delicious reward, indeed.

Darius smiled as he rose from between Lisa's thighs, then he slid up her body and found her mouth with his own again. Lisa could taste her own pussy juices as Darius ravaged her lips with a heated kiss. She enjoyed the sweet nectar, too.

"Hmmmmm," the blonde moaned, as Darius pulled away. "You have such a hot tongue, lover." She smiled at him and said, "Now it's my turn to return the favor... know what I mean? I want to suck your cock."

"Stay on your back, honey," Darius instructed, grabbing a pillow from a nearby chair. He placed it under her neck, lifting her head. "You can suck my cock, yes, but I also want to fuck your mouth at the same time."

Lisa smiled sweetly at him.

Next, the blonde looked on with lust in her eyes as Darius busily stripped off his clothing. He was a big man, solid and stocky, with muscles. The muscle which intrigued Lisa the most, though, was the big spear between his legs.

With the 20-year-old flat on her back, her thighs spread and knees in the air, Darius fisted his cock and positioned himself over her chest. The man dropped to his knees, one planted on either side of her, then scooted forward until his cock was directly in line with its destination.

Her head propped up, thanks to the pillow, Lisa smiled as she ran her hands through her long blonde hair. She fluffed it up and giggled, her eyes transfixed on Darius' cock, then let it down. It fell every which way.

"I love blondes," Darius groaned, staring down at her.

"And I love black men!" Lisa squealed in response.

The man fisted his cock again and began guiding it toward Lisa's mouth. "Open up, sweetheart. Time for a big snack!"

The young woman's ruby-red lips parted, as she stuck her tongue outward. Darius placed his cock directly on top of her tongue, using it like a landing strip. He then grabbed either side of her head with both hands and grinned at her.

"I wanna fuck that sweet mouth of yours," he reiterated. "And you know I won't be gentle with it." Darius paused for a moment and added, "Are you ready, honey?"

Her tongue extended with Darius' cock laying atop it, Lisa squealed and quickly nodded her head. She then closed her lips around his erection and began to suck it gently.

Darius grunted, then held onto Lisa's head as he began to slowly pump his hips back-and-forth. At the beginning of each thrust cycle, the very tip of his cock was barely between her lips. But at the end, all ten inches were stuffed inside, and into her throat.

Once Darius caught a tempo, he changed tactics. Instead of gently thrusting his cock in-and-out of her mouth, his speed increased. In fact, it increased with each and every stroke. Within seconds, he had went from slow and easy, to quick and blinding.

Much to her credit, Lisa welcomed the man's forcefulness. Darius held onto her head tightly as he furiously fucked her mouth, while Lisa did her best to suck and slurp away.

Eddie, meanwhile, had really made himself comfortable. Still on the sofa, he had gotten rid of his shirt and pants, and was busy stroking a full erection as he watched his slut girlfriend get face-fucked by one of his good friends.

Eddie had a wonderful view of the action, too. He was a witness to Lisa's bright red lips, as they were stretched to the max to take Darius' huge prick with each inward stroke. Eddie really enjoyed the sight of Darius' thick and heavy balls slapping against Lisa's little chin with each thrust, as well. He most enjoyed the black-on-blonde coupling.

"Fucking hot," Eddie mumbled to himself as he watched Lisa slide a hand between her outstretched thighs. With her knees high in the air, the 20-year-old began to frig her pussy as Darius continually hammered away at her mouth.

Darius growled and roared in lust as he held onto each side of Lisa's head, his hips a blur as he fucked her perfect mouth. He was awfully close to an orgasm, but was holding it back as long as humanly possible. The man wanted this particular face-fuck to continue.

Lisa was quite the willing recipient, too. With one hand stuffed between her thighs and the other on Darius' ass, she used her tongue and did her absolute best to lick his cock as he pumped her mouth.

Lisa was growling as well - part of her felt pleasure from this particular sex act, while another part felt pain. He was hurting her mouth, and jaw. But it was a good pain, though. The kind of pain which Lisa truly loved and welcomed.

Darius screamed in passion as he suddenly yanked his cock out from within Lisa's mouth. With his eyes closed, he blindly aimed it at her. As a result, a thick spurt of cum shot out and splattered over Lisa's neck and shoulders. The young woman opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue, wanting to taste and sample his gooey seed.

The next jet of sperm, another huge one, splashed out and soaked her large pair of breasts and upper chest. Darius then simply released the flood gates.

Gobs of sperm flew in all different directions as the man furiously pumped it out of his cock. The thick juice landed all over Lisa's upper body - especially her face and hair. The slut-for-black-cock giggled in lust beneath him, while she smeared his thick juice onto her skin with her fingers. She also managed to catch some spurts with her hungry mouth.

"Damnit girl," Darius moaned, swinging a knee and shying away from Lisa. "That was fucking incredible." Darius took a seat on the floor some feet away... needing some rest.

Lisa's upper body was completely saturated with sperm. Her long, free-flowing blonde hair, usually very nice and stylish, was stuck together in messy, sticky clumps. Gobs of cum hung from her chin and dripped down onto her neck and shoulders, and the floor below. Her large, firm breasts glistened with Darius' sperm, as did her midriff and stomach. She looked like a true cum-slut.

"I have to agree with you," the young woman said. "It WAS fucking incredible." She giggled at her own nastiness.

"I wish I had a camera right now," Eddie said, fisting his cock, as he got up from the sofa. He stared at the jizz-soaked Lisa, in lust. "You look like a cheap, filthy whore." He smiled and added, "I love it."

Lisa giggled at his words. "Why don't you come over here and make me look like even more of a cheap, filthy whore?"

Eddie smiled at that suggestion. "I think I will." He looked over at Darius, who was still recovering from the face-fuck he had just given Lisa. "Get yourself ready, buddy. I'm going to fuck her pussy; you can fuck her ass. You know she wants a double-penetration."

Nearly exhausted, Darius smiled. He knew he had to find the strength to give Lisa what she needed - a D.P. So, he took his deflated cock into his hand and began stroking it. "Give me a minute or two," he told Eddie. "Or three..."

"Don't make it much longer," his friend said, before turning his attention to Lisa. He looked down at her and spoke in a dominant tone, "You're a fucking whore, Lisa. Both Darius and I know you'll do anything for us to fuck you. A nasty, filthy WHORE... a white whore."

Lisa trembled in lust at his words. Much like her cousin Suzi, Lisa enjoyed being degraded. It really turned her on. She also liked it when guys became dominant with her.

Eddie decided to really lay it on. "Tell me that you are a cheap whore. I want you to say it, and I want you to mean it. Tell me." He forcefully added, "Tell me, BITCH."

Lisa resumed fingering her pussy as she proclaimed, "I'm a cheap whore, Eddie. I want it... I need it, really bad. I'm a white slut who loves black cock."

"Tell me what you want," Eddie demanded.

"I want you to fuck me," she replied, almost begging him to do so. "I want you to fuck my pussy while Darius fucks my ass." She paused and added, "But I wish there was a third man here... so my mouth could get fucked, too."

Eddie grinned down at her. There really was no limit as to what Lisa would say, he told himself, when she was all hot and bothered. "Well you know what, baby? You may wish there was another guy here, but I wish Suzi was here. I'd love to fuck both of you, 'til you couldn't take it anymore."

"I don't know where she is," Lisa returned, almost in a little whine. She wanted Eddie to be happy, but Suzi was nowhere to be found... Nevertheless, the young woman continued to explore her pussy with her fingers.

Eddie dropped down to the floor and got into a seated position. "Come here, bitch," he demanded.

Lisa did as requested, quickly closing the distance between herself and Eddie. The man grabbed Lisa's hips and brought her down over him, upon his lap. He fisted his cock and quickly aligned it with the young woman's pussy. Both of them were ready for this. Eddie was hard as a rock and Lisa was dripping wet.

The 20-year-old moaned in pure rapture as she settled down onto her boyfriend's huge erection, it filling her pussy. Eddie grinned and reclined backward, until he was laying upon the floor, with both hands behind his head. It had become quite obvious that Eddie wanted Lisa to do most of the work here. He was going to lay back and enjoy it.

That was just fine with Lisa. She placed both hands upon Eddie's chest, using it as a balancing point, then began to slowly glide up-and-down upon his bulging erection.

"Oh fuck..." Lisa moaned, closing her eyes as the passion washed over her lovely face. The lovely blonde soon began to bounce upon Eddie's cock and in no time flat, she was doing so at a quick, rapid-fire speed.

"That's it!" Eddie moaned, as he watched Lisa while she was bouncing upon his erection, her large breasts flopping about wildly. "That's it, baby!"

"OH GOD!" the blonde screamed as her body went into erotic overdrive. Lisa was fucking Eddie as hard and as fast as she possibly could.

Wanting things to last, Eddie slowed the tempo down by reaching up and grabbing ahold of Lisa's shoulders. His cock still in her pussy, Eddie pulled Lisa downward, until she was leaning over at the waist, with her breasts squished against his chest.

The black man now pumped Lisa's pussy, flexing his hips, as he ravaged her mouth with his own. Lisa wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss with all the fervor and sheer intensity she could find within herself.

His cock hard and ready, Darius decided it was now time to give Lisa what she wanted. He got a tube of lubricant from a nearby cabinet and smeared a good helping of it over his fingertips, then moved toward the lust-couple.

"It's time for me to fuck that sweet ass," he announced, which brought a squeal from Lisa and a smile from Eddie.

With the blonde on top of Eddie, bent completely over at the waist with her breasts squished upon his chest and his cock stuffed in her pussy, Darius moved in.

"Oooooh..." Lisa moaned, as Darius smeared a good portion of the lubricant over and across her anus. "That gel is always so cold..." Nonetheless, Lisa loved it guys would apply lubricant to her anus. It felt wonderful to her... fingers, poking and prodding her asshole.

Darius finished applying the protective gel to the young woman, then slowly slipped a finger into her. Lisa moaned at first, but quickly adjusted to the dual sensation of a cock in her pussy and a big finger in her anus. Eddie held still and listened as Lisa moaned in delight, as Darius spent a good 30 seconds finger-fucking her ass.

He eventually came to the conclusion that she was ready.

Lisa whined when she felt Darius' finger leave her little anus. A second later, though, she squealed with delight as Darius nestled his thick cock upon her entrance. The man took some more lubricant and smeared it on his own cock, then grunted with intense pleasure as he popped himself into the blonde's little, puckered anus.

"FUCK!" Lisa screamed, now with two cocks filling her.

Darius threw his head back and growled, amazed at how tight Lisa's anus felt as it gripped his cock. Nonetheless, he pushed himself in - all the way in until his balls were squished upon her sweet asscheeks.

With nearly 20 inches of cock stuffed inside her, Lisa was in pure heaven. This showed in her expression, too. Her face was tense and her eyes were tightly shut - and her mouth was wide-open. Her body was on fire and she found it hard to speak, but managed to get a few words out.

"Give it to me, guys," she begged. "Give it to me, HARD."

Darius usually went slow at first, but he was not going to deny the lady such a request.

Darius complied, as he pulled back and then jammed his cock deep into her anus again. Lisa eagerly met his strong, powerful thrust with one of her own, slamming her ass hard into Darius' crotch. Her face still tense and eyes closed, Lisa let out a wild scream as Darius then started to pump himself in-and-out of her anus at warp-speed.

Eddie, meanwhile, needed a few seconds to catch onto Darius' tempo. He eventually did, and then thrusted his hard cock up into Lisa's pussy.

The 20-year-old could do nothing but scream and cry, in mind-blowing passion.

The pair of men worked in unison on the blonde; each would give her respective orifice a quick and powerful stroke, simultaneously. This, of course, would give Lisa the maximum amount of pleasure humanly possible.

Lisa's screams and cries of lust echoed throughout the whole apartment as her pair of black studs simply brutalized her body with their powerful erections. Darius pistoned himself in-and-out of Lisa's vice-tight anus, over and over again, as Eddie did the same to her pussy.

"FUCK!" Lisa screamed, sounding like her cousin Suzi. "FUCK! BOTH OF YOU! FUCK! KEEP FUCKING ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH GOD, KEEP FUCKING ME!"

Although he was in Heaven now, thanks to the sensations, and didn't want to leave, Darius knew he could not last too much longer. The awesome feeling of his cock inside of Lisa's ass, combined with her nasty outbursts... it was REALLY getting to him.

Darius growled at his inability to last any longer as he buried his cock deep inside Lisa's hot anus, one final time. He screamed and held the position, while he pumped spurt after spurt of cum into her hungry ass. Lisa then let out a wild roar and experienced an orgasm of her own.

Darius' eyes were closed tight and he continued to growl, his cock embedded in Lisa's ass, until he was positive his well had run dry. He then popped out of her anus, leaving behind a large helping of sperm deep within her bowels.

Darius moved a few feet away on the floor and then collapsed... he was completely exhausted.

"WE'RE NOT DONE YET!" Eddie screamed up at Lisa, as he grabbed her hips and resumed his pussy pounding.

"OH FUCK!" Lisa exclaimed. She was about ready to pass out and could use a rest, but knew that Eddie would not let go of her until he emptied his sperm into her pussy.

Lisa somehow found the strength to place her hands upon Eddie's chest, then resume the bouncing motion from earlier. "FUCK!" she screamed, passions igniting throughout her, as she and her boyfriend hammered each other as hard as they possibly could. Lisa's big breasts wobbled and flopped about as she rode Eddie for all he was worth.

Despite Eddie's proclaimation, he did not have a lot left in him, either. He quickly tensed and let out a wild growl, then sat up and hugged Lisa to him. Next, his cock simply erupted within her pussy. He filled and flooded her pussy, emptying gush after gush of sperm into her.

"Oh my God..." Lisa panted, as she rolled off of Eddie and fell limp onto the floor. Eddie too, was exhausted. Darius, who had just finished giving Lisa the torrid bout of ass-fucking, was not faring any better himself.

Three bodies were strewn about the floor in the living room; all of them thoroughly fucked and well satisfied.

* * *

Outside, meanwhile, a blue Dodge Viper pulled into the parking lot, followed closely by a white Ford Taurus. The pair of vehicles found two spaces, side by side, and parked in them. A pair of men quickly stepped out of the Taurus, with eager and aggressive expressions upon their faces.

"I can't believe you went to that club and picked up those guys," Jeremy said to Suzi, from the passenger seat, inside the Dodge Viper.

Suzi looked at her boyfriend and giggled. "Well, you better believe it. I fucked them last night while you watched, and I'm going to fuck them again today. I want them to do me in my own apartment."

Jeremy smiled and shook his head, then noticed a red Honda CRX parked in the lot as well. "Lisa is home."

"Good," Suzi replied. "I'm sure my little cousin will like meeting these guys as well."

Jeremy opened the passenger door and said, "I may watch for awhile, but this time, I'm going to join in." He got out of the car and closed the door. "Bank on it."

Suzi stepped out of her vehicle and locked its door, then turned toward the pair of guys she had first seduced at a strip club, then fucked in a hotel room. "Are you studs ready to do me again?"

Both of the men eagerly nodded.

"Let's get to the apartment then," Suzi said, as she turned and started walking toward her destination.

Meanwhile, an older, 40-something neighbor was standing on his apartment balcony - and he was in awe at what he saw as he looked below. Suzi was wearing a long mink coat, with a single button drawn at her slender waist, leaving both a silver-studded bra and tiny mini-skirt partially exposed. The young woman did not even have a blouse on!

In addition, she wore a pair of black high-heels to accentuate her luscious legs. Her long-flowing blonde hair looked wild and mused, as if she had just returned from a strenuous activity (such as, say... getting royally fucked).

The neighbor could tell by the way Suzi dressed that she enjoyed any and all attention. What was under that lovely bra and G-string?, the neighbor wondered. Was she the type of lady who flaunted her charms but didn't deliver? Or was she the kind who was as wild and loose as her style of dress?

The neighbor would bet on the latter of the two... mostly because Suzi had three guys in tow, and all of them looked like they were about to jump on her, and fuck her good. He wondered what would happen once they entered her apartment...

Jeremy, meanwhile, noticed something which he deemed very interesting. In addition to Lisa's car, he also spotted the vehicles of both Eddie and Darius in the parking lot. It looked as though both guys were here... and Jeremy would bet his bottom dollar that Lisa had experienced some wild sex of her own, thus far today.

"Looks like she's about to experience some more," Jeremy quietly told himself as he first looked at Suzi, then the other two men. "If those guys like hot blondes like Suzi, they're going to love Lisa as well."

What originally looked to be a three-on-one encounter now had the promise of a five-on-two. Five guys, three of which were white and two black, and two very horny young women. "Very interesting," Jeremy told himself as Suzi approached the front door to the apartment she shared with Lisa. The slut retrieved her keys from her purse, then inserted one into the door and opened it.

In just a few seconds, Jeremy said inwardly, all sexual Hell would break loose...

To Be Continued...

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