The Best Erotic Stories.

Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts Pt. II
by The Midnight Lurker

3. Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts - How about a Seven-Some?

Suzi undid the single button of her long mink coat, exposing her silver-studded bra and black mini-skirt even more, then folded her arms and surveyed the scene in front of her. "Well well well," the young woman simply mused. "Looks like you three have been quite busy today."

Lisa, Suzi's blonde and buxom cousin, was laying in the middle of the living room floor with two black men - Eddie and Darius - flanking her on either side. All three of them were completely nude, and looked thoroughly exhausted. Of particular interest was Lisa, whose body was ravaged and splattered with sperm. The gooey juice was caked-onto her skin, dangling from certain parts, and it appeared as though she had dunked her long-flowing blonde hair into a tub of it.

The young woman looked up at her older cousin, then realized she was not alone. Jeremy, Suzi's boyfriend was behind her, along with two other men. "You brought along some company?" Lisa asked in a breathless whisper.

Suzi smiled at her cousin. She had been so well fucked, it was difficult for her to speak. Suzi liked that. "Yes Lisa, I did. You know Jeremy of course, but I also want you to meet Wayne and Aaron." The 26-year-old grinned and added, "Jeremy and I just met them last night, at the strip club. I went there because I felt like performing, and showing off. Anyway, these guys liked what they saw of me and I liked what I saw of them. So we rented a hotel room and they fucked me, real hard and good." The duo of Wayne and Aaron grinned at their accomplishment. "I liked them so much, in fact, that I invited them over for some more action."

Wayne looked at Lisa. Even though she had the appearance of a cheap whore with all that cum soaked on her body, he could tell that she was a beautiful blonde - much like Suzi. Was there a possibility?... "Hey," the man said, "do we get to have sex with both Suzi and Lisa?" Wayne looked at Eddie and Darius, then added, "Or does Lisa only like black men?"

Suzi turned and giggled at his words. "Lisa does have a certain thing for black men, but much like me, she will take on all cummers. That includes you, Wayne, as well as Aaron."

The pair of guys smiled, and high-fived each other. Not only would they get to fuck Suzi (again), but they had the opportunity of getting their hands onto another hot slut as well. This was like a dream come true...

"I would like to have sex with your friends," Lisa told her cousin. "But first, I want to wash up." She slowly raised to her feet. "Even though I like feeling and looking like a tramp after sex - it means the sex was good - I don't think it would be the right first impression to give Wayne and Aaron. I should look more presentable."

"Oh, we don't mind," Aaron offered, which Wayne quickly agreed with - as he nodded his head.

"Well, I do," Lisa said. "I want to go and get washed up. Besides, you guys came here to be with Suzi. I'm sure she can entertain you while I'm away for awhile."

Suzi giggled as she watched her cousin walk by, then dissapear into the restroom down the hall. "Hurry back, dear," was her low-tone request.

With Lisa temporarily out of the way, Suzi stepped forward and surveyed the room once again. There were five men in here and for the time being, all of them belonged to her. She knew every single one of them, of course, except the big and stocky black man laying near the sofa. Suzi focused her attention on him and smiled, then strolled over his way.

The young woman slipped off her coat, revealing the full vision of her wardrobe - a silver-studded bra and black mini-skirt, along with high-heels - and nothing else. Then, she knelt down next to the man and grinned. "Hi there, stud. I don't believe we've met before."

Darius shook his head, his eyes bugged-out as he took in the sight of the goddess-like Suzi, in her revealing outfit. "No ma'am, we haven't," he offered. "And I'm mad at myself for not meeting you earlier in my life... MUCH earlier."

Suzi chuckled at his strange response. She had this man right where she wanted him - securely under her thumb. He was already hooked on her.

Eddie, a few feet away, sat up and offered, "That is Darius, Suzi. He and I, as well as Jeremy, have been friends for quite a long time."

"Ahh, Darius..." Suzi grinned. "Yes... Lisa has told me a lot of stories about you."

"And Eddie has told me a lot of stories about you too," Darius quickly returned. "You sound like a fantasy girl."

The blonde giggled and countered, "Well, fantasies have a way of becoming realities... at least, sometimes."

Darius gulped his throat. "I hope this is one of those times." He had never been so drawn-into the allure of a lone woman before. Suzi was unlike any female Darius had ever met before. She was so beautiful, and seemed so confident and self-assured... and from what he had heard, obviously loved sex. Was there anything better than this?

Suzi reached out and rubbed the man's half-hard cock, teasing his balls with her fingertips. "Tell me, Darius. Do you fuck as good as Lisa claims you do?"

The 29-year-old gulped his throat once again. "Well sweetheart, I would definitely be willing to let you answer that question for yourself. How about you let me fuck you? Then you can make your own decision."

"Sounds like a plan to me," she smiled, grabbing Darius by the hips and helping him into a chair. "But you see? I have a little problem."

"Oh..." the man said, curious. "What is that?"

"I would love to fuck you, and I will," she told him. "But my problem is, no one man can satisfy me. So while I work on you, I want Aaron and Wayne to work on me as well." The pair of guys, still in the background, welcomed that idea. "I want to have all three of you, at once."

"What about us?" Eddie asked, referring to himself and Jeremy. "We're here too, you know."

"Oh, you'll get your turn..." Suzi assured him. "But as for now, I'm going to get on my knees with Darius in the chair, in front of me, and I'm going to suck his cock. Wayne and Aaron can get behind me, help me out of what little clothing I have on, then grope me with their hands. Or... do whatever else they desire to me."

"THAT'S A WONDERFUL IDEA!" Wayne exclaimed, as he began walking toward Suzi - in a hurry.

"Stop," Suzi told him, which he did. "Before you and your friend Aaron get over here, I want both of you to take your clothes off." She paused and added, "That's right. Take them off. I want you guys buck-naked before you lay a hand on me." The duo began getting rid of their clothing, in a hurry. Suzi then looked over at Jeremy, her boyfriend, and instructed, "You get rid of your clothes too."

Eddie shook his head in erotic disbelief. There was no one in the world quite like Suzi.

The blonde made good on her promise as she dropped to her knees in front of Darius. Without hesitation, she grasped his half-hard cock with both hands and began stroking away. She held and clenched the thick base, then swiped its very tip with her velvety tongue. Darius' cock squirmed, then started to expand and grow... in a hurry.

A droplet of juice oozed out from within the man's cock, and Suzi smiled because of it. She used a fingertip to smear the drop over and across the head of his shaft, then swiped the area with her tongue.

The young woman stared up at the black man with devotion in her eyes as she first opened her mouth, then took half of his prick inside. Suzi bobbed up-and-down several times, but didn't bother to take more than half of his prick into her mouth. Eventually, Darius had a full-fledged erection.

Meanwhile, Jeremy had gotten rid of his clothing and was already busy stroking himself on the sofa. Eddie was seated upon the floor, doing the same. Wayne and Aaron ripped off the remains of their own clothing, then made a quick B-line for what they wanted - and could no longer wait for.

Wayne immediately lowered to his knees behind Suzi, and began fondling her breasts. Aaron wanted that particular position - but Wayne had beat him to it. Nevertheless, he knelt down beside Suzi and slipped his hand between her thighs - and up her mini-skirt. Aaron grinned with pleasure as his fingers found the blonde's bare, panty-less pussy.

Suzi let out a throaty moan, then took the full length of Darius' erection - all ten inches of it - into her mouth. She started to bob away again, her head bouncing, as the pair of guys used four hands to grope and paw her body. Wayne had a vice-tight hold on her breasts, and it didn't seem as though he wanted to let go. Aaron was rubbing her pussy with one hand, while his other stroked her thighs.

The young woman's blonde head now bounced up-and-down in frantic fashion as she continued to suck and slurp away at Darius' shaft. He too, was enjoying this. The 29-year-old had his head thrown back, as he sighed and breathed in very heavy gasps. This was Heaven...

Wayne somehow managed to tear his hands away from Suzi's breasts, long enough to unsnap her expensive bra and get rid of it. But just as quickly, he grabbed her breasts again and resumed his forceful massage. This time, he added a series of hard nipple tweaks - which made the blonde squeal as she continued providing Darius with sweet fellatio.

Aaron, meanwhile, had managed to slide Suzi's little mini-skirt up and over her hips, to her waist. Now, both her ass and pussy were fully exposed - both to sight, and Aaron's hands. He pawed both areas with eagerness, as well as lust and intensity.

After what he had earlier experienced with Lisa, Darius could not believe this - but he was getting extremely close to ANOTHER orgasm. Suzi sucked his cock like no one had ever done so before. She had the technique and skill of a seasoned porn star, yet the eagerness of an excited virgin.

Elsewhere in the room, it was a full whack-session as Eddie and Jeremy were busy stroking their respective cocks. Eddie was paying close attention to the sight of the blonde and beautiful Suzi, as she showed her love for Darius' big, black cock. That was his fetish - black-on-blonde sex.

As for Jeremy, who was a voyeur, he found excitement in watching anyone have sex. But Jeremy enjoyed things even more when the women he watched were either Suzi or Lisa - or better yet - both of them, at the same time.

Even though her head bobbing was fast and frantic, nothing Suzi did as she sucked Darius' cock was rushed. She was taking her own sweet time, making sure that the black man received the maximum amount of pleasure. This young woman took great pride in her oral skills, and always wanted to bring her man (or men) to the doorstep of paradise... then let them experience it.

"Oh fuck," Wayne sighed, as he pressed his full erection against Suzi's sweet ass. Yet, he still continued to cup and squeeze her magnificant breasts with both hands. Aaron, meanwhile, was busy thrusting two fingers in-and-out of Suzi's pussy at a blinding speed. Aaron was finger-fucking her, giving a demonstration of what he hoped to soon do to her... not with his fingers, but with his cock.

Suzi was delighted when Darius' cock suddenly exploded in her mouth. Reason being, of course, that there was a fresh batch of sperm for her to suck and swallow down. She did so with eagerness and pleasure, slurping the delicious load down her throat like it was her first drink in a whole week.

"That was incredible..." Darius moaned, his limp cock in Suzi's mouth as she continued to suck it. "Ain't no girl who's ever sucked my cock like that. No girl... at all."

The three men around Suzi were obviously all focused on her, as was Eddie, who was busy whacking away as he watched the scene unfold before him. Jeremy was interested in Suzi as well - after all, she was his girlfriend - but he also knew that there was another lady in the apartment.

Without anyone really noticing him, Jeremy got up from the sofa - his cock in hand - and took a walk down the adjacent hallway. He noticed that the door to the restroom, which Lisa had earlier went into, was slightly open. The 26-year-old man also heard the sounds of water coming from within the restroom. It was time to open the door a bit more and sneak a peek inside...

Jeremy groaned with lust as he saw Lisa in the shower, through the curtains. The water was beating down onto her from above, as she lathered her voluptuous body with soap. Jeremy continued stroking himself, watching, as Lisa cupped and squeezed her breasts with both hands. She then moved a hand between her thighs and sighed in self-invoked pleasure, caressing herself there as well.

The 20-year-old caught a glimpse of Jeremy, out of the corner of her eye, then turned and focused on him. She gave him a warm smile, then shook her head in a playful way as he stared intently at her - still pumping his erection.

Next, Lisa crooked a finger and motioned for him to join her - inside the shower.

Jeremy needed no more encouragement as he went through the entranceway, then closed the door behind him. He quickly pulled the shower curtain open, stepped inside, then drew it again. He was met by both the steady shower water coming down from above, as well as a warm and luscious body.

Lisa giggled and immediately reached for his cock. She figured she could do a better job stroking it than he could. "You're such a pervert, Jeremy!" the lovely blonde giggled. "Watching a woman take a shower! PERVERT!"

Jeremy laughed and replied, "I couldn't help it, Lisa. When I heard the shower running, I had to look inside." He reached for her breasts and massaged them thoroughly.

Lisa grinned and rolled her eyes in response. "Tell me. What is going on, out there?"

"Darius just blew his load in Suzi's mouth," he reported. "It looked like Aaron and Wayne were getting ready to fuck her next. But I wanted to come and check on you, instead."

"Oh, that's so sweet," Lisa said, now rubbing Jeremy's thick balls with her fingers. "You love to watch so much, yet you gave that up to come and visit little 'ole me."

Jeremy smiled and said, "Actually, now that I think of it... I came here to fuck you."

Lisa smiled in return at him.

"I don't want your mouth or pussy," he told her. "Not right now, at least." Jeremy held onto her shoulders and slowly turned her around, so she was facing away from him. "I want your ass, sweetheart."

Lisa grinned and brushed her shower-soaked hair over her forehead, then leaned over and replied, "Then take my ass!"

Jeremy groaned with extreme pleasure as he rubbed the tip of his bulging cock against Lisa's puckered anus. The tiny entrance looked most inviting to him. Lisa was bent over at the waist in the shower, holding onto the water faucet, as her ass jutted up and outward - toward Jeremy's king-sized erection.

"I don't think you need any lubrication," Lisa informed her man. "Darius absolutely plowed my ass earlier. There is probably still plenty of lube inside me; plus his sperm, too." The blonde reached back with both hands, spread her sweet asscheeks apart and simply said, "Fuck me."

Jeremy wasted no time as he pressed the head of his cock against Lisa's puckered anus, while she held and pried her asscheeks apart for him. Slowly but surely, the man began to nudge and slide his cock inside the wonderfully-tight hole. Both individuals roared with extreme lust as eventually, Jeremy spread her tight little opening so much, that the entire length of his erection was embedded within her.

Lisa gasped at the sensations as Jeremy began to slowly pump his cock in-and-out of her backdoor. With each inward stroke, the young woman started to grunt and pant in response. Jeremy wrapped both of his arms around her slender waist from behind, then took two fingers from his right hand and jammed them into her pussy.

Lisa now started to squeal as with each inward stroke, her body moved... causing Jeremy's fingers to rake and rub the inside of her swollen slit. The sounds she made became louder as she Jeremy began to pump himself into her at a faster speed. He pumped harder into her tight anus, as she now pushed her hips back to meet each of his thrusts.

"FUCK!" Lisa screamed, her emotions getting the best of her (yet again). "FUUUUUCK! ASS! FUCK! FUCK MY ASS! OH GOD YES, FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS!"

Lisa's breathing was coming in short gasps, underneath the constant stream of shower water, and inbetween her tyrade of profanity. Jeremy was stroking his cock in-and-out of the blonde at warp speed now, with two fingers jammed deep inside her pussy, both of them thrusting and pounding away as well.

Their bodies were wildly slapping together - particuarly, Jeremy's balls against her upturned ass. The pair of heated lust-lovers enjoyed both the intensity, as well as the extreme togetherness of their impromptu coupling.

The 26-year-old suddenly growled as he buried himself all the way inside Lisa's anus, sensing that the time was near. He then let himself go, as his cock simply erupted within the murky confines of her bowels. Lisa let out a cry and jammed her ass upon Jeremy's pelvis, wanting even deeper penetration than he could provide her. Nonetheless, Jeremy's cum shot out from his cock in thick and gooey spurts, filling and flooding Lisa's anus... leaving a lasting imprint.

The young woman let out a hoarse moan as she dropped to her knees within the tub. She placed both hands upon the floor and hung her head low, spent and exhausted. Jeremy, meanwhile, grabbed his deflated cock and leaned against the back wall of the shower. He too, needed a rest.

Lisa smiled and then looked up at Jeremy, a tender and loving expression upon her angelic face. "You can fuck this ass of mine anytime you want, boyfriend..."

Jeremy could do nothing but grin at that comment.

Lisa had Darius' cum in both her stomach and ass. Eddie had earlier deposited a load in her pussy, and Jeremy just emptied himself into her anus, as well. That may seem like too much for the normal person, but Lisa knew that she had plenty of more fucking to do before the day was through...

* * *

Speaking of more fucking - Suzi, meanwhile, had been quite busy out in the living room. Aaron and Wayne had just given her a torrid and blazingly-fast dose of hot double-fucking. Aaron filled her pussy while Wayne pumped her mouth. Both men blew their loads simultaneously, filling the fuck-queen with their gooey juices. Suzi, of course, wanted more.

More is what she got - in the presence of Eddie.

Eddie entered the fray once Aaron and Wayne were spent, pressing the head of his cock into Suzi's awaiting slit. In the classic missionary position, the young woman closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure as Eddie inserted his thickness deeper and deeper into her. Eventually, he would sink the entire length of his prick into her.

Suzi reached up and wrapped her arms around the black man's shoulders, clenching him tightly, as he began to pump his cock in-and-out of her. Slowly but surely, Eddie hastened the speed of his fuck-strokes and in no time flat, he was hammering away at Suzi with all of his strength.

"OH YES!" she screamed, in response. "YES!"

Eddie fucked the blonde with great intensity, his cock continually pistoning in-and-out of her, his balls slapping against her upturned ass with each powerful down-stroke.

"AHHHHH YES!" the 26-year-old woman continued. "YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEE!"

Eddie hammered away at the nymphomaniac's pussy until he could no longer contain himself. He buried his cock inside of her and then unleashed his sperm. Both individuals growled and roared with lustful passion, embracing one another tightly, until every last ounce of sperm had been deposited into Suzi's thirsty slit. With a moan, Eddie then rolled off of the 26-year-old and let out a heated sigh.

Darius looked at both Aaron and Wayne, who appeared as if they wanted to fuck Suzi - again. "You can forget about her for now, guys," Darius told them, stroking a full erection. "You had Suzi just a few minutes ago. I get her next."

Meanwhile, Lisa and Jeremy were arm-in-arm, laughing, as they exited the restroom together. Both of them were washed and showered - and fresh from their ass-fucking session. They were also nude, of course, and looking for more action.

Lisa reached out and grasped Jeremy's cock with her right hand, then planted her lips upon his for a kiss. She sneaked her tongue into his mouth, finding his own and swiping it. The kiss continued for several seconds, until Lisa broke it.

She noticed the two new guys - Aaron and Wayne - looking at her with lustful expressions. Lisa smiled at them, then did the same to Jeremy. She kissed him once more and said, "I meant what I said - about you fucking my ass, anytime you want." Another kiss. "But right now, I want to go over and meet Suzi's boyfriends." She grinned and added, "I think they want to meet me, too." The 20-year-old slipped away from Jeremy, then made her way over to Aaron and Wayne.

Once she closed the distance, both guys immediately took ahold of Lisa and began feeling her up. Aaron smashed his mouth against hers for a hot kiss, while Wayne paid special attention to her impressive pair of breasts. The guys then pulled Lisa down to the floor with them, their hands and fingers continuing to run rampant upon her luscious body.

The blonde broke the kiss with Aaron and then pressed her lips upon Wayne's, triggering an exchange of both saliva and tongues. Not wanting to show any favoritism, Lisa began to alternate between each guy, with a prolonged series of wet and heated kisses for both of them.

Wayne continued to paw and knead Lisa's breasts with his hands. The man was amazed at their beauty. "Wow, these look fucking delicious," he announced, to no one inparticular.

On the other side of the room, Darius was putting his full erection to good use. Suzi was on her elbows and knees in front of him, as he rubbed his bulging cockhead upon her sweet anus. Darius already knew that she was sufficiently lubricated, so he inserted his shaft into her backdoor and immediately started things with a fast and steady pumping.

"Suck my cock, babe," Aaron demanded, speaking to Lisa. "Take it into your mouth and suck on it."

Showing her submissive qualities, Lisa grinned and eagerly complied with the man's request. She grasped the base of his shaft with her right hand and quickly engulfed half of its length into her mouth. She then closed her lips around it and moved her head in an up-and-down motion, Aaron's erection slipping and sliding along the way.

Wayne decided to keep himself busy by continuing to grope and massage Lisa's breasts. He teased her nipples, pinching and pulling them, causing each hard bud to come alive with extreme sensitivity.

At the same time, Lisa kept working on Aaron's big cock. She took his prick out of her mouth to give its full length a long and sweeping lick, just before using her hot tongue to swipe and caress his balls. Seconds later, though, she had took all seven inches of the man's cock into her mouth.

"MY ASS!" Suzi screamed on the opposite side of the living room, as Darius plowed his cock into her anus from behind. The black man was holding onto Suzi's hips, pistoning his well-worked erection into her ass at a blazing rate of speed. This was Darius' first time fucking Suzi - and he was definitely enjoying himself. She had the tightest ass he had ever penetrated...

Seated on the floor with his legs outstretched, Aaron, meanwhile, was receiving the royal treatment from Lisa as she busily sucked his prick. The young woman was now on her elbows and knees, hunched over him, with one hand grasping his cock while her head bounced up-and-down at maximum speed.

Wayne, who had been busy fondling Lisa's breasts, finally stopped and then got onto his knees behind her hips. He watched in pure fascination as her shapely ass wiggled and squirmed back-and-forth in front of him, as she continually slurped away upon Aaron's big cock. Next, Wayne grasped his own erection and rubbed it upon Lisa's beautiful ass.

The young woman's only response was a very loud moan, as she continued sucking Aaron's cock. It was as if the man's cock was Lisa's first meal in weeks... she was showing such great enthusiasm and intensity... and hunger.

Wayne grinned as he placed both hands upon Lisa's ass. He rubbed his cock against her anus for a few seconds, but then decided to pop himself into Lisa's tender pussy and fuck her the more traditional way. The man wasted no time as he quickly went to a very hard and forceful pussy-pumping.

Jeremy, meanwhile, had re-found his prior spot on the sofa. And just like before, his cock was in hand as he watched the action unfold before him. The voyeur was in his own personal Heaven right now.

On one side of the room, the beautiful and busty Suzi was getting her ass drilled, courtesy of Darius. The black man was hammering away at her, with all of strength, and both of them were screaming and yelling out their passions.

No more than 15 feet away from that coupling, the sweet and charming Lisa was busy with Aaron and Wayne. Her blonde head bounced up-and-down furiously as she sucked on Aaron's cock, while Wayne's hips were a blur as he fucked her pussy from behind, in the doggie-style position.

At the same time, Eddie was also stroking his cock as he surveyed the action before him. To both he and Jeremy, it was like being on the set of a porn movie. The women were beautiful and nasty, and the action was hot.

But unlike the underside of Hollywood, there were no video cameras here, and none of this was scripted. Suzi and Lisa were both insatiable sluts who would do anything to be serviced by big and throbbing cocks.

Suddenly, Darius and Aaron screamed at the same time, in exact unison. Both of them were experiencing their own orgasm. Darius plunged his cock deep into Suzi's ass and let himself go, pumping her bowels full of his seed. At the same time, Aaron squirted blast after blast of cum into Lisa's hungry mouth... helping quench her undying thirst.

When the pair of guys pulled away from their respective partner, the only man which was currently left was Wayne - who continued to hammer Lisa's pussy from behind.

The young woman cried and shreiked in extreme passion, her body overcome with desire and lust. Lisa had never been fucked so long and hard before - by so many different guys. But much like her cousin Suzi, the 20-year-old was starting to want and need even more. Her limits were expanding.

Nevertheless, Lisa's body soon stiffened as she had an orgasm of her own. That did not detour Wayne though, as he stayed with the hot and heavy stroking action. He did not stop fucking Lisa's until his cock simply exploded within her, overflooding her pussy with his hot and sticky jizz. Once he had pumped himself dry, Wayne finally withdrew and reclined back... a satisfied sigh coming from his throat.

Sensing that a double-penetration was in order, the duo of Eddie and Jeremy made their way over to Suzi. "We're both going to fuck you," Jeremy said, a big grin on his face.

"No," Suzi said in a flat tone, which surprised the hell out of both Eddie and Jeremy. Did Suzi just refuse their offer of double-penetration? She NEVER turned any type of sex down... not the Queen of Fucking - NO WAY. Or did she?

"What?" Jeremy returned, puzzled.

"You heard me," she told him. "I love to fuck, yes, but not right now. I want you guys to do me a favor instead."

"Will we get to fuck you later, if we do this favor?" Eddie asked, full of hope.

Suzi giggled and nodded, "Yes, of course."

"Then what is it?" Jeremy inquired.

"I want you to go over and double-fuck Lisa," Suzi told them. "I want her to experience something she had never experienced before."

Eddie raised his eyebrows at her. "Something she has never experienced before? Lisa has been double-fucked too many times to even count. Darius and I even doubled her together today, before you showed up."

"Just trust me," Suzi told the man. "I want both you and Jeremy to go over there and double-fuck her. One take her pussy, and another take her ass. I'll handle the rest."

"Something she has never experienced before?" Jeremy confirmed, also quite confused.

"Trust me," was Suzi's response.

"I get her ass," Eddie quickly announced, laying first bids on it.

"Then I guess that means I get her pussy," Jeremy said in return, though he wasn't at all dissapointed. Sinking your prick into any hole of Lisa's was quite pleasurable, indeed.

Still confused at Suzi's words, Eddie and Jeremy looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, then made their way over to Lisa. Jeremy knelt down beside her and told her that he and Eddie were going to double-fuck her. The young woman smiled in return, her hair still wet from the shower, then offered Jeremy a kiss on the cheek.

"You know the procedure," Eddie said, to both of them.

That, they did. Jeremy rolled onto the floor and laid down, upon his back. Next, Lisa straddled his hips and let out a deep growl as she lowered herself onto his big shaft. Jeremy reached up and wrapped his arms around Lisa's slim shoulders, then pulled her down to him, so her magnificant breasts were touching and squishing against his chest. With his cock firmly embedded in her pussy, Jeremy grinned and offered Lisa's forehead a tender kiss.

"I could do this a million times and never become tired of it," Lisa said, before she squealed, as Eddie inserted his cock into her anus. Now, she had two huge pricks inside of her... one in her pussy, and another in her ass.

Jeremy grunted and said, "I can assure you, sweet Lisa, that Eddie and I would never become tired of doing this to you, either. I don't see how anyone could."

"I have to agree," Eddie managed to say, his face tight, his eyes squinted. Lisa had such an incredibly small anus, and it gripped his cock very forcefully.

Though both guys were a bit on the weary side from the day's activities, they nevertheless began to thrust their way in-and-out of Lisa's orifices. The 20-year-old screamed in response, the feelings of lust igniting within her body once again. There wasn't too many things better than this...

Meanwhile, Suzi crawled over to Darius and whispered something into his ear. The black man smiled, obviously liking whatever she said to him. With his erection in hand, Darius then got up and went over to Lisa. He dropped to his knees in front of her, then stuffed his erection into her mouth... with Eddie and Jeremy still thrusting away.

Lisa now had three huge erections jammed inside of her.

The trio of guys caught a rhythm and started to hammer all of her respective orifices, in exact unison. Lisa's screams were now muffled, thanks to Darius' prick, which engulfed her mouth. Jeremy and Eddie continued forth with their pussy and ass pumping, respectively, each wondering what else Suzi had in mind for her little cousin.

Suzi smiled as she crawled on her hands and knees, over to where Aaron and Wayne were. Both studs had the look that they wanted to fuck her again, with hard cocks and eager expressions, but Suzi refused them as well. She giggled and brought the guys together, then whispered something to them.

Aaron and Wayne looked at each other, nodded their heads and then went over to the three-on-one coupling. Aaron got onto the left side of Lisa, near her head, and dropped to his knees. Wayne did the same exact thing, except for one difference - he dropped to his knees, on her RIGHT side.

The triple-fuck, which had gotten rather heated, suddenly slowed to a halt as Suzi made her way over to the group. The 26-year-old was the center of attention as she too, lowered to her knees in front of everyone. All eyes were focused upon her as she looked at Lisa - who was completely stuffed full of cock - at three seperate places.

"I've brought all the guys together, little cousin, to help you live out a fantasy," Suzi explained, watching Lisa's eyes suddenly bug out. "Eddie, Jeremy and Darius will triple-fuck you, while you use your hands to whack off Aaron and Wayne." Lisa moaned at that proposition, while all the guys grinned and nodded in approval. "You have told me many times it was your fantasy to have sex with five guys - all at the same time." Suzi giggled and added, "Well... now is your chance."

Aaron grabbed Lisa's left arm and pulled her hand to his cock. She immediately grasped it, then used her right hand and grabbed ahold of Wayne's erection as well.

"This will not be the typical five-on-one, though," Suzi announced. "Instead of each man cumming on their own, each falling away seperately, making it four-on-one, three-on-one, and so on... it will STAY a five-on-one." Suzi paused and cooly added, "You see... none of the guys will cum until I tell them to. And I'm not to tell them to cum, until I want ALL of them to cum - AT THE SAME TIME."

Her mouth still jacked full of Darius' cock, Lisa screamed at that particular idea. All five men, cumming at the same time? AT THE SAME TIME? Lisa knew that she could very well drown in a sea of sperm!

"Do not worry guys," Suzi told them. "You just take your time and do your thing. When I think one of you is close to cumming, I'll yell out that I want ALL of you to cum. And I want you all to do it, AT THE SAME TIME." She grinned and added, "I want you to fill that slut cousin of mine so full of sperm, that she'll be swimming in it, for days!"

All five men chuckled and nodded their heads in approval.

"For your efforts," Suzi concluded, "after you are done with Lisa, and after you recover and re-gain your erections, you can come over here and fuck me."

The group of guys REALLY liked that idea.

"Fuck my slut cousin real good," Suzi told them, in closing. "I will be watching."

And thus, the five-on-one encounter rolled into full force. Eddie was the first to make a move, as he pulled out and then thrusted his cock deep into Lisa's sweet ass, yet again. Jeremy was next, pumping himself up into her pussy. Darius began fucking her mouth while the duo of Aaron and Wayne sighed in erotic lust, as Lisa used her delicate hands and fingers to stroke each of their cocks.

Suzi, who had experienced this sort of thing hundreds of times in the past, smiled at the sight. She then opened her thighs and spread them apart, and moved a hand downward. With a palm, the blonde massaged her pussy while watching Lisa get fucked like she never had gotten fucked before.

None of the action was soft or loving. The trio of Eddie, Jeremy and Darius simply POUNDED away at Lisa, their cocks thrusting in-and-out of her orifices at warp speed. Lisa could not stop screaming, although her sounds were muffled, because her mouth was full. Even with this trio fucking her, Lisa still had the sense of mind to pump and stroke the cocks she held in each of her hands.

Suzi grinned and sighed as she slipped a finger into her own pussy, still watching the action in front of her. Much like her boyfriend, Suzi was quite the voyeur herself. She loved to watch other people have sex, and was not afraid to show this by openly masturbating in front of them.

Lisa was in another universe.

The best way to describe the coupling was to say that Lisa was engulfed, in a sea of men. They surronded her, all five of them, at nearly every angle, and Lisa was having sex with all of them. It was a truly incredible sight.

Her wild screams muffled, Lisa's body was on fire as it had never been before. With the forcefulness of three guys thrusting away, using all of their strength, Lisa felt like she was in a pinball machine... being bounced, back and forth, in unpredictable manners. Or better yet, like she was in an earthquake. Her world was shaking, and there was nothing she could do about it. At the same time, though, there was nothing the young woman WAMTED to do about it.

Suzi moaned as she slipped a second finger into her wet pussy. Her masturbation kicked into high gear as she began fucking herself, with her two fingers. Her eyes never once strayed from the gang-bang in front of her, either.

The action soon hit a fever pitch. Lisa's body was now on erotic overload. She was nearing her limit to accept pleasure and at the same time, stay conscious. The young woman had never experienced something so hot and forceful, with so many different guys, at any time in her life.

As the men continued pounding away, Lisa's eyes rolled back into her head. She was almost set to pass out - and Suzi knew this. Unfortunately, things had to stop.

"CUM!" Suzi screamed at them. "CUM IN, AND ON, HER NOW!"

Five seperate grunts and growls erupted as each man did what they were told. The sight was mind-blowing. Aaron and Wayne, with their cocks being stroked by Lisa's hands, let themseleves go. A series of thick and heavy spurts erupted from their pricks. Some of their globs landed on Lisa's face and hair, while others struck her neck, shoulders and upper back. They coated her, real nice and good.

At the same time, Darius was pumping his load into her mouth, and down her throat. Barely conscious, Lisa still managed to swallow his cum, and not let any of it seap out of her mouth. Darius, though, pulled out and shot one final blast directly onto Lisa's face... covering it completely.

While Aaron, Wayne and Darius were all jettisoning their sperm, Eddie and Jeremy were doing the same exact thing. Eddie was growling, screaming, with his cock buried deep in Lisa's ass, as he emptied his seed into her. Some of it leaked out, probably due to the excess flow, and trickled down her thighs, and onto the floor. Jeremy had his shaft jammed upwards, into her pussy, filling her with his own brand of jizz. Some of it too, leaked out and down her legs.

Within a matter of seconds, five guys all came at once... and focused their explosions upon a single person.

Once their cocks were dry, the men slowly but surely began to pull away from Lisa. One at a time, they all withdrew, until there were none left. Lisa, her beautiful body layered and layered with gobs of sperm, fell limp, onto the floor. "Thank you, Suzi," were her faint words, as she closed her eyes and sighed contently.

Suzi, whose masturbation had earlier escalated to an intense finger-fucking, was now simply massaging her pussy. The nymphomaniac looked at her younger cousin and smiled, thankful that she had finally lived out one of her fantasies.

"Next time, we may have to get you ten guys," Suzi said in a teasing voice, as Lisa moaned once again.

4. Suzi and Lisa: Gang-Bang Sluts - Epilogue

Needless to say, Lisa was out of commission for awhile. So were all five of the guys - for that matter. Suzi kept herself busy though, providing the men with a show as she fucked herself first with a dildo, then a vibrator.

Next, Suzi started dancing, using the skills she had first learned as a high school cheerleader, then perfected as a well-paid stripper. The guys eventually found their cocks springing to life once again and before things came to an end, Suzi was the centerpiece of a five-man gang-bang. The blonde could not let her studs leave without experiencing the sheer joy of a gang-bang herself... could she?

It turned out to be a day that no one who was involved would ever forget - ESPECIALLY Lisa.

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