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Steve and Stef
by Kip Carson

It was in October fairly close to Halloween. Steve was with a girl who was just a friend. Stef was also there, and was with a guy who was just a friend. The 2 met, and hit it off greatly. Stef couldn't help but notice that Steve was wearing white pants, with striped underwear beneath. She spent a big part of the night checking out his underwear. She wished she could, touch, touch, touch, but didn't know that he was only a friend to the girl he was with.

Stef was with a friend of Steve's, who was also her friend. So, Steve knew that she was available. They casually flirted that evening. Steve couldn't help but notice her bright smile, and the way her eyes lit up as she laughed. He also noticed that she had a nice chest, and you could see her ample cleavage because it was partially open.

When they left the Haunted House and arrived back at their hometown, Steve took his female friend home. He then met back up with Stef and their friend. Steve and his friend had been drinking that evening. Steve suggested they go to her apartment, because it was the closest place. Stef's pussy immediately became moist as she began to think about the possibilities that lay in store.

Their friend, passed out quickly on the sofa. Steve made a pallet on the floor and also fell asleep. He awoke to a very realistic erotic dream. As he became fully awake, he realized that Stef was sucking his cock. She told him to be quiet, and to enjoy. Stef expertly began swirling her tongue across the head of his swollen cock. She sucked him incredibly. He moaned as she began to deepthroat his large, hard cock.

Stef was quite an expert at the art of oral love. She wonderfully deep-throated his swollen cock and sucked him, slowly. Steve moaned and informed her that he was going to cum. She looked up at him with her pretty eyes, and continued sucking him deeply. His cock erupted into her mouth, and she eagerly swallowed his load.

She continued sucking him until he finished cumming. This was the best blowjob he had ever received. Stef took his hand and led him to her bedroom. Steve pushed Stef to her bed, and began pulling her panties off. He quickly tossed her panties to the floor. He firmly grabbed her thighs and spread them widely apart. He gazed into her hairy pussy. He parted her wet pink pussy lips with his fingers, and began licking her cunt.

Stef moaned as he ate her pussy. Steve's tongue quickly found her swollen clit, and he hungrily sucked her throbbing love bud. Stef held him by his head and pressed his face firmly against her tight, juicy pussy. Steve ate her pussy like a pro, making her cum quickly. She came hard. Her entire body shook as his wet tongue thrust against her swollen clit. Stef pushed him away, as her pussy became quite sensitive.

Steve's cock was already rock hard and throbbing. He quickly slid on top of her, and put her legs upon his shoulders. He began rubbing his large, pulsating cock head against her wet pussy lips. "Oh, yes, fuck me now" she moaned. She began pulling him against her, and his cock entered her tight pussy. "Mmm, yes" she grunted as his cock slid deeply inside of her hot, wet, tight pussy. He fucked her very slowly at first, teasing her wet pussy by almost removing his cock from her on each out stroke. She pleaded with him, "Please, put it deep inside of me". Steve obliged her, and rammed into her with force.

Stef moaned as she came. Steve felt her sweet pussy tighten around his cock. He moaned and began shooting his hot cum into her pussy. "Oh, yes, fill me with your hot cum" she yelled. Steve continued filling her with his jism. They both collapsed together from their hard orgasms.

They lay side by side, kissing and talking. As he stroked her nice breasts, and sucked her hard nipples, his cock once again became ready for action. Steve instructed her to get on her hands and knees. She quickly got into the position, and he began sliding his cock up and down her wet slit. "Oh, yes, fuck me doggy style" she moaned. Steve slammed his hard cock inside of her very wet, tight pussy. She thrust back, accepting his cock deeply inside of her pussy.

Steve loved the way it felt as he pounded her pussy, doggy style. The way you could feel the pelvic bone as he slid into her. She came quickly as he mercilessly fucked her hot pussy. As she came, he felt his cum begin to erupt. "Oh ,yeah" he moaned. His hot cum felt like fire as it shot inside of her pussy. It shot deep into her aching pussy. She grunted and came again. Steve loved the way she could come many times. He continued filling her juicy pussy with his hot cum.

Later, they lay in bed and held each other. They passionately kissed and stroked each other. Both hoped this way the beginning of something that would last. That was 11 years ago, and they have been married for 9. They now have 2 children and a happy life. Happy anniversary Dear.

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