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by John P.

I am a 32 y/o white male, single, living in Sacramento, California. Every since I was a teenager, I've had a thing for older women. I had my first sexual experience with an older woman when I was 19. She was 45. I've been hooked ever since. Although I date several women my own age, I always seem to have an older girl friend as well. About 6 months ago, I moved into a new apartment, and I got the opportunity to really indulge myself in this regard. Let me explain.

It wasn't long after moving in that the property manager - Gina, a 56 year old married woman - and I started checking each other out. I sure liked what I saw. Gina, of Italian heritage, looked every day of her 56 years, but she was still sexy as hell. A short, somewhat chubby, feisty little spitfire type. About 5'3" and 140 lbs. Dark, olive complexion. Close cropped salt and pepper hair and glasses. Small breasts, a bit of a tummy, wide hips, substantial ass, and thick thighs. Small on the top, and heavy through the middle and bottom. Just the way I like'm.

Apparently she liked what she saw too. It soon became obvious but unspoken to both of us that there was a lot of sexual attraction there. Within a couple of weeks after moving in, Gina and I were having an affair. One morning about 10, I paid her a visit in her office. One thing led to another, she hung the "Closed" sign on the door, we shucked our clothes and fucked right there on the office couch. A couple of days later, her husband, Harold, a truck driver, left for an overnighter and she spent the night at my place. From then on it became a routine - a quickie in the office a couple of times a week - then a couple of times a month, she'd spend the night at my place when her husband was out of town.

Last week while I was lounging around the pool, Gina dropped by with a girl friend from Phoenix who was visiting for a few days. Gina introduced her friend, Linda, and the three of us spent the afternoon together by the pool. It was obvious to me that Gina had not told Linda about our little affair, so I played coy too. From the conversation, I gathered that Linda was about the same age as Gina, married, and that her and her hubby had been friends with Gina and Harold for years. As afternoon turned into early evening we went our separate ways. I was kinda bummed out since Harold was gone for a few days and I knew that Linda's visit would put the kibosh on my plans to get together with Gina that week.

About 9 o'clock that evening, as I sat in my apartment, cursing my bad luck, I got a phone call from Gina. "Hey! Are you as horny as I am? If you are, high tail it over to my place right away. Linda has gone to visit some other friends and she won't be back till after midnight," Gina whispered in a husky voice. "You got it, babe. I'm on my way. Be there in a sec," I fired right back.

When I got to Gina's, she opened the door, grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me inside. She greeted me with a sloppy wet kiss, then stood back, undid the tie on her robe, and let it fall to the floor. She had nothing on under the robe, so there she stood, wearing nothing but a lewd smile and an ankle bracelet. Instantly, I was hard as a rock. Still wearing my swimming trunks, I pulled them off and left them lying in the foyer.

Gina stroked my cock a time or two, then turned and walked into the living room, me following close behind. She bent over the back of the couch, her back toward me, spread her legs, and exposed her wet, wide open cunt. She wiggled her large, round ass, inviting me to penetrate her. And penetrate her I did. I was on her in an instant. She reached around, grabbed the head of my dick and guided me inside her pussy. I grabbed her by the hips, lifted her slightly off the floor, and plunged deep inside. She was hot, tight, and juicy! Gina locked her ankles around my legs, squealed with delight, and slowly began to grind her ass as I started to pump my cock in and out of her. We made love like that for what seemed like an eternity.

At last, we both came, and lay down on the couch, exhausted. We fell asleep and woke up about 11. "I better get out of here before Linda gets back", I said, making a move to retrieve my trunks. Gina said, "We still got a little time. Let's enjoy it."

With that she pushed me back on the couch, and began licking my cock, running her tongue up and down the shaft. As I began to get hard, Gina placed the head of my dick in her mouth, then worked her way down the shaft till she had deep throated me. A minute or two of that, and I was ready to go again. I pushed her off, stood up and said, "Let's go to the bedroom."

Gina giggled and said, "I knew that would convince you."

Once in her bedroom, Gina hopped into bed, rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide. I knelt between her legs and watched my cock disappear inside her. Gina tossed her legs over my shoulders and locked her ankles tightly around my neck, as I proceeded to drill her over and over again. I had intended to make this one a quickie and then get out of Dodge for the evening, but we both lost track of time.

We must have been going at it, off and on, for close to an hour. I was lying on my back, Gina straddling me, riding my dick for all she was worth. As she pumped her hips and slid up and down the shaft of my cock, I sucked and chewed on her nipples, stroked the crack of her ass, and played with her clit. Gina is very vocal, and was really raising a ruckus, screaming and yelling loud enough to be heard for a country mile.

Suddenly I felt like someone was staring at me. I looked toward the half-open bedroom door, and there stood Linda, staring at us, mouth agape, looking as though she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Before I could make a move, Linda put her fingers to her lips and motioned me not to let on I knew she was there. About that time, Gina and I both got off at the same time. Gina collapsed on top of me and we lay like that for a long moment. As I looked back at the bedroom door, Linda was gone, nowhere in sight. Finally, Gina dismounted and told me to get out before Linda got home. I didn't have the heart to tell her we had already been busted.

Next afternoon, comes a knock on my door. When I answer the knock, there stands Linda. "Gina had to go downtown to take care of some business. Thought I'd pay a social call while she's gone" Linda said. I invited her in, and she accepted. I poured her a cup of coffee and we sat at the kitchen counter sipping our coffee and making small talk. Nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, I said, "Hope you don't think ill of Gina and I because of what you saw last night." "Not at all. And you can stop worrying that I'll tell her hubby. The way I figure it, you two are both adults and what you do is your business.

Actually, I'm envious. Wish I could find someone to play around with on the side. Watching you two last night got me horny as hell." Half jokingly, I told Linda to ask Gina if she was willing to share. "With Gina and me, its strictly physical. No romance involved. If she goes for it, maybe you and I can work something out," I said.

To my surprise, Linda gave me a big smile and said, "Well, why does Gina even have to know about it. Forbidden fruit always tastes sweeter, don't you agree? I can keep a secret if you can."

As I sat there, trying to formulate a reply, Linda reached across her barstool and began to stroke the inside of my thigh. When she sensed I was getting hard, she got off her stool, stood next to me, and began massaging the head of my dick through my pants.

"Every since I saw Gina riding this last night, I've been wanting to get my hands on it and feel it inside me. Let's make love, baby," Linda whispered in my ear.

"That's the best offer I've had all day. Let's go," I said. With that I grabbed Linda by the hand, and led her up the stairs to my bedroom.

While I was undressing and turning down the covers on the bed, Linda had slipped out of her dress and bra and was wiggling out of her panties as I turned toward her. Damn! I thought. This gal is built. Linda is about as tall as Gina, and has a similar body type, but is quite a bit heavier, particularly through the hips and ass. About 160 lbs was my guess.

Short, curly red hair, blue eyes, pale white skin, and covered with freckles from head to toe. Tiny pancake titties. A thick middle, with not much of a waist. Wide hips that look like they were made for fucking. A huge, round, soft ass, and thick, heavy thighs and calves. She stretched out on the bed, on her back, and I slid in next to her. We swapped tongues for awhile as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy and she stroked my cock. She was wet in an instant. I sucked and chewed on her hard little strawberry colored nipples, then inch-by inch ran my tongue down her tummy till I reached her swollen mound.

"I can see you're a natural redhead. Now lets see what you taste like," I said as I buried my face in her thick, red bush. I parted her labia with my tongue, then worked it slowly back and forth until I was plunging it as far inside her pussy as I could get it. Pussy juice was flowing freely by now and I lapped it up.

"Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm. Sweet as honey," I thought to myself as I plunged my tongue inside Linda and sucked furiously at her cunt lips. To help things along, I began squeezing one of her nipples with my left hand, and stroked her clit with my right thumb and forefinger. Linda came unglued. She grabbed my head and pulled me deeper into her crotch, arched her back, shivered from head to toe, let out a scream that would wake the dead, and then she came over and over again in a series of violent spasms. As she lay there panting, I sat up and positioned myself between her legs.

"I don't have any condoms, babe. Either we fuck bareback, or not at all," I told her.

"Ick! I hate condoms. I wanna feel you cum inside me. Let me have that dick, baby. I can't wait another minute, " she moaned. The moment we were both waiting for had arrived. Linda put her knees against her chest and pointed her feet at the ceiling. I worked the head of my dick just inside her cunt, then slowly slid it in until I was buried so deep inside her, I felt myself hit bottom. She was so tight I thought I was going to cum right away.

As we began to fuck, Linda wrapped her chubby little legs around my back, I grabbed one of her ass cheeks in each hand, spread her ample hips even wider, and we got down to some serious screwing. In a matter of minutes we both came. She bucked and tossed and thrashed from side to side. She squeezed her pussy till my dick hurt, screaming like a banshee the whole time. I came in waves, each time shooting a load inside her until I was dry. Exhausted, we fell asleep in each other's arms. After a short nap we woke up, both of us ready to go again. "I want some more of that hot, sweet pussy, I told Linda.

"I got fuckin' on my mind too, baby," Linda replied. She rolled over and got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass up in the air. "Come and get all this pussy you want, honey. I'm all yours," she cooed. I positioned myself behind her. She reached between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided me in as I began to plow her gash, doggy style. I found myself hypnotized as I watched myself slide back and forth, in and out of Linda's pussy. My cock was shiny, dripping wet, and covered with a mixture of cum and pussy juice.

I was fascinated at how her hips and ass rippled as our bodies collided with each stroke. Before long we had established a rhythm and were able to keep track of the beat by listening to the wet, sticky schlop-schlop-schlop sounds we made as we coupled, and the slap of her ass and my pelvis slamming together. I thought I had seen every trick in the book, but Linda had a surprise up her sleeve. When she sensed I was about to cum, she pushed herself back against me and began to make figure-eights with her ass and contract her pussy as I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. I could feel the urge to cum building, stronger and stronger.

The stimulation was so intense, I don't think I could have stood it another moment. Just then, we both came at the same instant. I shot a load inside her that would choke a horse. I have never, before or since, cum that much or that hard. Nor have I ever had such an intense orgasm. We collapsed in exhaustion and didn't move for at least 15 minutes. The bed was a mess. We had made a wet spot a foot in diameter, soaking the sheets and the mattress pad. The room reeked of the stale, musty odor of sweat, cum, and pussy juice, all mixed together. We finally drug ourselves out of bed and showered together. "That was the best sex I ever had," I told Linda as she was getting dressed to leave. "If you ever decide to leave your hubby and move to Sacramento, you are welcome to move in with me," I told her.

She laughed and said, "Don't think I'll be doing that. But I plan to visit Gina at least once a month, and we can get together then. I liked this too. Gina is just gonna have to learn to share and share alike."


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