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Shirt and Tie
by The Kiss

I come home early and find you sitting in bed with my shirt and tie on. The shirt barely covers your pubic hair and you look so sexy sitting there. Your legs are a warm invite to kiss... I drop my briefcase and walk to the side of the bed you are on. There is plenty of light in the room, the curtains are open and you can see into the back... I turn on some music and your eyes are burning deeply into me. I am so conscious of you watching me, I had to turn my back...

I take off my jacket, tie, and shoes. I throw my tie on the bed and walk over to you again... I take one foot into my hands and lift it up and slowly kiss it all over... Nibbling on the toes and sucking the big toe into my mouth... I can already smell you and there is a faint trace of wetness on your pubic hairs from the anticipation of me coming home early... I replace your one foot with the other and kiss and again suck your toes into my mouth...

I lower your feet and begin to move forward , kissing your legs and moving my hands all around... As my head comes forward, you open your legs, showing me your perfectly trimmed bush... I stare right at it as I keep moving forward and forward. The lips are puffy and the wetness shows as you open your legs... As I get to your inner thighs, you pull your legs up, opening your pussy wide, I kiss your inner thighs and move toward the puffy lips. As I bite the inner lips, you sigh very loudly, I lick the inner lips with my tongue and inhale you deeply. I start at the top of your pubic hairs and lick my way down slowly... Licking the juices that is seeping out of you... As I cross your clit with my tongue, you moan very loud.. But, I do not stop there, I keep lowering my tongue until I reach your pussy hole... I stick my tongue in as deep as I can, lick it all around, back and forth, and in and out...

With your legs pulled back like they are, I keep lowering my tongue until I touch your ass hole with it... You are shocked and yet excited as I tease your ass hole with my tongue... Stabbing it in and out... I move back forward and push my head forward and take your clit into my mouth... Sucking it deep into my mouth, flicking your clit back and forth between my lips. You bring your legs over my shoulders and push your pussy into my face, rubbing your cream all over my face. You bring your hands down on my hair and push me even deeper into your pussy.. You are moaning so loud and you come on my face. Flooding my face with your cream, I lick as much as I can from your opening that is pulsing with your heartbeat.

You push me over on my back, and place me right in the middle of the bed. You sit on my waist, you can see the wetness on my face. I try to touch you, but you push my hands away, not letting me touch you. You take off your time and wrap it around my wrist and tie my one hand to the bedpost. You take my other tie and tie my other hand up too... You start playing with your breast through my shirt, squeezing them until your nipples are poking through them. You play with your nipples all the while I am watching you... You start unbuttoning the shirt, slowing, until the last button is undone. You pull open your shirt and expose your breast to me... You being playing with them again, licking your fingers and getting your nipples wet... You bend over lowering your breast to me and I open my mouth..trying to suck your nipples into my mouth... Your pussy is getting my shirt all wet while you are teasing me with your nipples. Soon you let one of your nipples go into my mouth.

You press forward sticking as much breast into my mouth as I can take. You are holding them for me, putting one and then the other into my mouth so I can suck and lick your nipples... I moan loudly as you stab me with your breast... You are really getting hot from the sucking that I am doing on your nipples, you pull away from me and begin to turn around...your knees are by my shoulders and you push your pussy back into my face, making sure I can lick your pussy as you begin to unbuckle my pants... You pull down the zipper while moving your pussy back and forth over my tongue... You push down my pants and push my skimpy underwear to the side, letting my cock free for your pleasures. You take my cock in your hands and pump it up and down.

I moan loudly from your hands pleasuring me. I lick your feverishly, taking your clit into my mouth, when you suddenly take my cock into your mouth. You suck me deep, teasing me with your tongue, pumping my cock up and down. But only for a few minutes. You lift yourself off of me and turn around, taking my cock in your hands and placing the tip in your pussy, you slowly lower yourself onto my cock... You lift off and push in deeper, deeper, until the length is fully in your pussy. You put your hands on my chest and lift your pussy up and down, fucking my cocking in and out of your pussy. You rub your clit across my pubic hairs and the friction is making you wetter and wetter. You start pumping your pussy faster and faster on my cock and I can start to feel my balls getting to boil over into your pussy.

You lean forward and untie my hands and they grab you, I lean upward and your legs move to my sides and I start sucking your nipples and squeezing them in my hands. We begin to move back and forth, moving forward to the ultimate pleasures... We are breathing hard and we lean forward and kiss each other deeply, our tongues circling each others, when we start to come together. Your pussy is squeezing my cock and I can feel my come starting to enter my balls and I start fucking you harder and harder.

You grab my back and pull me deep into your cunt and you come all over my cock while I come deep into your pussy. We just sit still moving back and forth slowly until we both calm down... I lay back and you lay on top of me with my cock still deep in your pussy. When my cock finally slides out your pussy, we snuggle up close together...

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