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Sex at the Supermarket
by IndianAsian

She was a check out chick at the weekends, nothing special. She didn't come from a rich family, she wasn't the most popular girl in school. She wasn't particularly intelligent, but she wasn't stupid either. She had a nice body - but then so did most of her friends. She dressed nicely, not outrageously or overly conservative. In short Kathy was just your average teenager, the sweet little Miss from next door, the sort of girl you'd hope your son might bring home. Kathy however, had caught my eye.

I don't normally go for young girls I much prefer women of my own age, in their thirties. Young women aren't as sure of themselves as their older counterparts and I'm not into leading my girlfriends around by the nose. Kathy had however, caught my eye and for some reason she was difficult for me to ignore.

Kathy first came to my attention while I was doing my grocery shopping, I'd hardly noticed her while I was going about the mundane business of buying milk and bread. I normally do my weeks shopping on a Sunday afternoon while the supermarket is quiet. My basket full, I stood in line at Kathy's checkout. For the first time I studied her in detail, she was certainly pretty. Blond hair down past her shoulders, the sweet innocent face of a young girl, blue eyes, yes, very nice. I could see through her white blouse, it wasn't transparent, just transparent enough to make out the lacy white bra that she wore. Her breast looked quite large in proportion to her shoulders, they looked firm as well. Daydreaming while I waited, I tried to imagine if she had small, hard nipples or full pointy nipples. My mind was getting carried away with itself. My cock responded to my minds suggestion and lo and behold - hard on. Damn, this was the last thing I needed standing in line at a supermarket checkout.

With the shopping basket covering my obvious erection I tried to visualise Kathy's overweight supervisor bounding about in a pair of skimpy bikini panties. That did the trick. My turn at the counter now. I said hello to a pair of breasts, then snapping my head back up I smiled at Kathy. She knew where I'd been looking, ah, what the hell, she didn't seem to mind, she was still smiling anyway. I could feel the wet patch on my jeans, a remnant of my Kathy induced erection. Kathy must have seen it as well.

"Oh dear, you've spilt something on your jeans", said Kathy as she scanned my groceries.

"Oh shit", I thought, I've been sprung.

"It's nothing", I managed lamely.

"You should rub it off" said Kathy, displaying the most innocent face I'd seen in a long time.

The woman next to me in the queue was taking a little bit of interest in proceedings now. She looked at my jeans, looked at me and turned away with a disdainful sniff. I looked back at Kathy silently begging her not to carry on with this topic of conversation.

"Here, use this", said Kathy, passing me a tissue.

I took it from her, silently wishing for the ground to open up and swallow me, and dabbed at the wet spot.

"That will be $56.23, thank you", the sweet voice said.

Fumbling in my wallet I produced a fifty dollar note. A quick search through the pocket of my jeans produced a handful of coins. I counted out the remainder of the money into Kathy's' sweet little outstretched hand. My cock responded. I tried to cross my legs to hide my predicament. Kathy's' smile seemed to get wider. I dropped some change.

"Sorry", I mumbled, as the money scattered on the floor at Kathys' feet.

Without a word to me and with the smile still firmly implanted on her face, Kathy turned and bent over from the waist. It's amazing what the sight of a nice tight, round bum can do to a bloke. My brain registered shapely legs disappearing into a short black skirt, which was just short enough to reveal a small triangle of white panty nestled between Kathy's' thighs. This latest news flash was relayed to my cock, who responded with a small push for freedom. The bulge in my jeans was exaggerating the wet spot, this did not go unnoticed by my neighbour in the queue. She followed my direction of sight and found it ended up firmly buried in Kathys' crotch. The air in my vicinity was filled with "tut, tutting" sounds which emanated from my less than impressed fellow shopper.

Thankfully, Kathy stood up and turned back to her till, my wayward money in her hand. She finished the transaction and handed me my change and receipt.

"Thank you for coming" she said with a smile.

My cock obviously thought that this was a personal invitation to play. He struggled to get out of the confines of my jeans. With a gleam in her eye, Kathy looked at my groin, looked back at me and allowed the pink tip of her tongue to escape her mouth and wet her lips.

I grabbed the bags of groceries, thanked Kathy, and made my exit with what little dignity I had left. The erection enhanced wet patch now safely hidden behind two pork chops and a Sunday roast.

A couple of days later I was working in the garden, usual stuff, cleaning up fallen palm fronds and sweeping up the dead leaves. The cat sat in the sun and watched me, it was the only thing he was good at other than eating expensive cat food. None of that generic muck for him, only the best would do. Well, I'd had his balls removed when he was a kitten so I guess I understood his ambivalence toward me.

It was a hot day, still and muggy. The pool beckoned me. I'd be in there soon with a cold beer and a book. First I had to finish the garden.

To liven things up a bit I squirted the cat with water from the hose. It's amazing how quickly a cat can actually move when he wants to. A small whirlwind proceeded the cat as he disappeared through the fence. I'd just decided that cats didn't have sense of humour, when the stillness of the air was broken by a squeal of surprise closely followed by the squeal of a cat and the sound of a crash. Fearing the worse I ran to the gate and I went out onto the street. The cat was nowhere to be seen but there, sitting amongst the frame of her pushbike, clutching her bloodied knee, was Kathy.

"Christ, are you all right", I asked.

"Yes", she sniffed.

"What happened" I asked, my voice full of innocence.

"A cat ran in front of me", came the trembling reply.

"Er, did you kill the cat", my conscience was starting to get the better of me now.

"No", said Kathy "but I think I ran over his tail".

I made a mental note to be extra nice to the cat next time he showed up for a feed.

"I'd better look at that knee, you need to have it cleaned up. Come on into the house and I'll get some cotton wool and antiseptic".

Kathy responded with another sniff, but she didn't complain when I moved her pushbike and helped her into the house. I sat her down and went to get the medical kit from the bathroom.

Dipping cotton wool into a dish of warm water, I knelt down to clean the cuts on her knee.

"Ooh", winced Kathy as the warm water began to clean the cuts.

"Ooh", I thought to myself, as I realised that from this position I could see all the way up Kathy's' skirt to her panties. A quick moral struggle took place in my brain. Should I be perving up a young woman's skirt while she's injured? No contest. My eyes drank in the smoothness of her thighs, the tightness of the fabric covering her pussy and the odd golden hair poking out from under her white panties. While my eyes were being treated to this feast, my hands were soothing the damage to her knee.

As I cleaned her cuts, my free hand was resting on Kathys' knee, which, being the caring sort of bloke I am, I began to stroke. Still sniffling, Kathy lay back in the seat with her legs slightly parted. My free hand started to get more adventurous and began to trace circles on a beautifully tanned thigh. The sniffling stopped and I felt Kathy tense but I carried on stroking her leg anyway. It was now or never. Kathy beat me to it.

"Mmm, that feels nice", she said.

My cock thought all his birthdays had come at once and, to celebrate, tried to strangle himself in my jocks.

"All part of the service", I smarmed.

Meanwhile my hand was running further and further up her thigh. She parted her legs a little more. I looked at her face, her eyes were reduced to slits and that little pink tongue was out and about again. My jeans by now had become far too small for their contents.

Desperate measures. "Would you like me to kiss it better", I asked hopefully.

She didn't say no so I bent my head and gently kissed her recently cleaned knee. Looking up I could see a small damp patch had appeared on Kathys' panties. Getting bolder I kissed further up her leg. Kathy squirmed in the seat as my tongue started to make little wet tracks up the inside of her thigh. All pretence dropped, I pushed her skirt farther up her legs. My mouth was watering at the prospect of licking her pussy, already I could smell the faint musk from the dampness between her legs. I slowly brought my tongue toward its ultimate goal.

Kneeling between her legs, my tongue poised over her wet snatch, I took stock of the situation. Here I was, a thirty-two year old male, about to introduce my tongue to the excited pussy of a teenage girl. My heart was trying to beat its way out of my chest, my hands were sweating, and my groin was in an agony of anticipation. Should I carry on. Was it right. What the fuck! My tongue dipped down and tasted the juices on her panties. Kathy jerked as though she'd been electrocuted. I slid my tongue up and down the slit hidden behind the fabric. Kathy's' hand pushed my head further into her cunt. My hands found the top of her panties and I began to slowly peel them off her bum and down her legs, she helped by lifting that cute little derriere off the seat.

I sat back to take in the sights. Kathy lay back with her legs parted, her white panties around her ankles and the pink, wet lips of her pussy peeking out of a light covering of blond hair. Heaven. I moved up her body and kissed her lips. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and played hide and seek with my tongue. My hands found the buttons of her blouse. As her breasts came into view I left her luscious lips and kissed my way down her neck until I reached the peachy fullness of her breasts. Luckily Kathy was wearing a front fastening bra - the wonders of modern science.

Freed from their imprisonment, Kathys' breasts surged forward, no sagging here. Perfectly shaped conical breasts tipped by pink nipples delighted my eyes. I was literally salivating at the prospect of suckling on these magnificent young tits. Kathy giggled. I took this as an encouragement and lowered my lips to suck the twin perfection's that were thrusting into my face. Each nipple in turn was rolled in my mouth, I didn't play favourites. Her nipples grew harder in direct proportion with the raggedness of her breathing. My free hand decided to go exploring by itself, guess what it found? That's right, a very moist pussy. It decided to stay there and help things along a bit.

By now my breathing was as ragged as hers, my tongue descended to her belly under its own volition. My brain at this stage was in overload and in serious danger of giving up the ghost completely. Kathy moaned her encouragement.

"Ooh yes, Mmm yes, Ooh".

This little serenade ended in a shriek as my tongue finally joined my finger in her wet little snatch. She almost jumped out of the seat in surprise, and her fingers, now firmly entwined in my hair, almost ripped my scalp off.

"Oooh Yesss, Ah God yesss".

I grinned, well grinned as best as I could with a mouth full of pussy. By this time Kathy's' squirming had reached epic proportions and it was all I could do to keep track of her clit with the tip of my tongue. She tasted so sweet, Christ if I could have bottled the stuff I would have made a fortune at the local markets, juices trickled down my chin and onto the seat. Removing my tongue was met by cries of protest. I returned to the scene of the crime and continued to lick and suck on the small, hard pink button which was obviously the centre of her universe at the moment. Kathy started to heave in the seat, she was lifting herself a foot off the cushion, jeez it's difficult to keep track of things when there's so much movement. I could feel the tremors starting to run down her legs as her climax began, her back arched to meet my tongue as she tried to desperately force my head inside that sweet little slit. Breathing was starting to become imperative to me, there was no way I could pull away as her hands were firmly clasped to my head. I began to wonder if she would come before I passed out, I sincerely hoped so.

With a final convulsion Kathy passed over the edge, her thighs had by now joined her hands in the task of keeping my tongue in contact with her clit. She subsided slowly, little jerks and moans, little shudders running through her body. Now she was too sensitive to bear the touch my tongue on her clit and my head was violently jerked away from her pussy - there's just no pleasing some people. I sat back on my heels and viewed the damage. Kathy lay back in the seat with a smile on her face that was a pleasure to behold. Her perfect breasts heaved in unison, and her tongue was doing a quick recce' of her lips. Further down, I could see the faint golden hairs on her belly glistening with sweat. Kathy's' pussy was swollen, the petals of this particular little flower were puffy and open, bathed in her juices and my saliva. She let out a little sigh of contentment. I could almost read my cocks' mind.

"Hey you, my turn, come on, come on, fairs fair".

Giving in to my baser instincts (how much baser could they get), I unzipped my jeans as an evil grin formed on my face. My hand stroked my fully erect cock, in fact if it was any more erect I think it would have exploded. It positively throbbed in anticipation of the coming event. I could hear the little bugger screaming.

"Let me at it, let me at it".

I stood up, strange, my legs seemed to be unable to carry me. I gritted my teeth and carried on. Taking her sweet little face in my hands I guided those succulent lips to my cock. Her little pink tongue poked out and made an exploratory circle of my glans. Then her mouth opened and three inches of flesh disappeared inside. I tried to image her supervisor in those bikini panties again, it worked. Her head bobbed backward and forwards over my shaft while her tongue did things which I could only dream of. My eyes were closed so tightly I could see stars. I was in imminent danger of coming in her mouth, nice thought but I'd prefer her pussy. I extracted myself from that talented mouth, this girl was no newcomer to the art of playing the pink Oboe.

Kneeling down between her outstretched legs I did the gentlemanly thing.

"Er, are you on the pill", I asked, as nonchalantly as possible under the circumstances.

She giggled again. I took that as a yes. By now my cock had taken over complete control. Lifting both of her ankles over my shoulders I rubbed the head of my cock in her wet slit. She moaned and wriggled. Encouraged by this display of enthusiasm I slid into her. That's it, I'd died and gone to heaven. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight. God it was so tight, I could feel the grip as my cock slid in another couple of inches. Her hands were wrapped around my neck, my hands had found their way under her perfect little bum. My cock was now out of control. I pushed in as far as possible, she pushed towards me. We began to get some rhythm going. I forced pictures of her bikini panty clad supervisor back into my brain - this had to last. We fucked for what seemed like an eternity. It was probably a couple of minutes, well men tend to exaggerate don't they. I slid myself out of her cunt and pulled her off the seat, turning her around in the process. My heart almost stopped. The twin mounds of her perfect little bum now came into play. Sliding back into her, I let my fingers do the walking. If I'd pushed my cock into her any further I'm sure that I'd have been in her throat (I've already said men tend to exaggerate - don't be picky).

Kathy's' cunt was wrapped around me like a latex glove. A latex glove filled with warm vaseline. I knew I couldn't take much more, I was seeing those stars again. Kathy was making enough noise to scare the cat, if he'd been around to scared that is. One last thing before I could come. If I could achieve it I'd die happy. My finger found some of our combined juices, they were not hard to find. I rubbed my slippery finger against her beautiful little anus, she moaned and pushed back against me. My circling finger pressed against her puckered little opening and slowly slid inside. Her moans increased in volume. It really was a good job the cat wasn't about. My finger and cock kept up the same tempo, my free hand was trying to screw her left nipple from its proper place of residence. Kathy loved it, she squirmed and bucked as my cock and finger pistoned into her inviting holes. Her hand suddenly appeared from nowhere and started to caress my balls. That was it, images of her supervisor were absolutely no good now. My finger slipped out of her arse and I gripped her around the waist, I was fucking her as hard as I possibly could. I felt the carpet burns on my knees - try explaining that one in the shower after squash tomorrow.

Kathy was screaming something incomprehensible now, her little arse was just a blur as she fucked me back. My lungs were going to burst, my cock was going to burst and my balls were going to burst. They burst together, well my lungs didn't, but it felt as though they had. I came inside that sweet little cunt with as much force as I'd ever mustered before. My knees buckled and I sank to the floor. As my breath returned I slid back between Kathys' knees and licked the juices from around her pussy. After I'd cleaned her up I kissed her sweet lips again allowing her to taste her own nectar. We held each other for a while, giving each of us the time to come down from the high we were on.

I watched Kathy as she stood up and stepped back into those sexy little white panties. She smoothed down her skirt and inspected her grazed knee.

"Will I see you again", I asked.

She nodded.

"When" , I was starting to sound desperate.

"The next time you come shopping", she answered.

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