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Sex at Work Part I
by JenJo

I was in a meeting with one of my two bosses. Rick the one who was there and I have a relationship; we were waiting for Jerry my other boss to arrive. While we were waiting Rick came up and started kissing me. Just as he did this Jerry walked in. Jerry wants me and I know this because he has told me so. Rick also knew that Jerry wanted me because they constantly talk about it.

By this time they both had huge erections because my shirt is skin tight and my skirt is super short. We all looked at each other and said " why don't we just go for it we all want it." Jerry went and locked the door to Rick's office so we wouldn't be interrupted. By the time that the door was locked we were all naked.

Rick tells me to get on my hands and knee's in front of Jerry so I suck his prick while he watches. While Rick is watching he gets excited and decides to enter my ass. It was pain at first but then it was pure pleasure after the initial shock. By the time Rick has cum Jerry has already cum and he sure tasted good.

Jerry tells me to lie on my back so I do; he starts to massage my body all over and finally came to my neglected cunt. His tongue found my clit and then went to my center. Rick decided to join Jerry my cunt was very happy and I came in no time.

By this time they were both ready for action again. Rick wanted me to suck his prick and Jerry decided to fuck my ass. Jerry went in easier then Rick did. Jerry came really fast because he was so excited. Rick had just started to cum when Jerry was finished.

I got Rick hard almost immediately because my cunt needed him. Once he was hard he had my lie down on my back and he plunged his prick into my cunt. I wrapped my legs around his back as Rick started to plunge quicker and quicker until he finally came in me. I looked up at Jerry and he was coming also. Rick wanted me to get Jerry hard again so he could fuck me. I got Jerry hard again and he wanted me on my hands and knees again.

I got on my hands and knees and Jerry entered my cunt from behind that felt so good. While Jerry was pumping his prick into me I was wriggling my ass against his crotch. Rick was sucking on my tits and pulling on his prick. Jerry speed up is actions and we all came at the same time. We were all exhausted; let's just say that this could happen again. It would be fun but I would prefer to see them one on one.

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