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Sex at Work Part II
by JenJo

Boy it sure gets exhausting I can never be alone with either Rick or Jerry because the other is always showing up. Even if I'm at my house with one of them the other shows up its like they call each other. I get called into either Jerry's or Rick's office once a week even if I lock the door the other is always coming in. I finally got my own office because our head boss decided to promote me to the same position that Rick and Jerry have. I could call one of them into my office and lock the door. That worked until they made keys for my door.

I knew that both Rick and Jerry liked my assistant Sheila for that fact I do too. I had Sheila come into my office before I had a meeting with Rick; Jerry was out of town for some meeting. I casually brought up the fact that I liked her and Sheila came over and started to kiss me. Rick came in as we had started to take our clothes off. He locked the door and watched for awhile, Sheila didn't even notice him at first. Buy the time she noticed him our clothes were already off. She boldly asked him "if he wanted to join us or just watch us."

Rick told her, "that he would watch for awhile then he would join us." Sheila and I got into a 69 position she tasted good. Boy did Rick ever get excited just by watching us so once I came I told Sheila to go do what ever Rick wanted her to do. Rick didn't know where to so start so Sheila started by taking his clothes off and taking his enormous prick into her mouth Rick was in heaven. I decided to help Sheila by licking Rick's balls he sure came fast after I did that.

He told both of us to lay down he used both of his hands and had our pussy's real wet it only took in a couple of minutes and by that time he was ready to go again he just didn't know who to fuck first. He went for Sheila because he had already had me, he plunged his prick into Sheila's pussy in no time. I decided to be helpful and lick her clit while Rick socked it to her. Sheila not wanting me to feel neglected was licking my pussy while I licked her clit we all came at the same time. I got Rick hard again because I wanted him; Rick wanted me on my hands and knees. He plunged his prick into my ass so fast that it hurt at first but then it felt so good. Sheila was using her fingers to make me cum while sucking my tits. Rick came fast when he saw this. We were all exhausted, I think that Rick will want this to happen from now on. I don't think that Sheila will mind but is she does there is always Jerry.

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