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Sex at Work Part III
by JenJo

When Jerry returned Rick was out of town at a meeting. I didn't even know that Jerry was back. Sheila and I were in the middle of undressing when I heard the door opening. I was facing towards the door so I motioned for Jerry to come in and lock the door. Sheila was sucking on one of my tits so she didn't even notice Jerry until she turned around and saw Jerry standing there naked.

She wasn't very surprised because I told her about Jerry too. Things progressed pretty much the same way that they had with Rick. Sheila and I never get alone time we either have to deal with both of them or just one of them. When it is both of them we each just do certain things to them. I get fucked in the ass normally, we each suck their pricks, and we both take it in our pussy. Jerry prefers to take me doggie style to Sheila and Rick prefers Sheila. Rick prefers me for straight sex and Jerry prefers Sheila. They don't care which one of us sucks their pricks.

They love to watch us in the 69 position it gets them hard. The only bad part is that we never get to be alone. They know where we live so we can't go to our houses and the office is out. To be alone we tell no one where we are going we usually go to a hotel. That way Rick and Jerry can't find us. The same goes for is we want to be alone with one of the guys we tell each other as the other one is occupied.

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