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Sex at Work Pt. IV
by JenJo

My boss Ryan asked me to stay late and wait for a repairman I was glad to do it. That meant that I didn't have to go out with Rick, Jerry, and Sheila.

I was copying something when someone came up behind me and kissed my neck. I thought it was Rick or Jerry at first but it turned out to be Ryan. We went into his office and locked the door. The repairman was just away of getting me to stay.

We made out for a while then Ryan told me "that he had wanted me for over a year." I thought it only fair to tell him about Rick and Jerry. He didn't care as long as we were all negative.

We continued to kiss then he took all my clothes off. I patiently waited for his to take his clothes off too. Ryan is bigger then Rick and Jerry.

I slipped to my knees and started to kiss his prick, then he takes my head and pushes it toward his prick. Then he starts moving and his balls are hitting my chin. I decided to create a nest for his prick by wrapping my tongue around his prick. He came in my mouth he tasted so good.

The next thing I knew I was on the top of his desk, Ryan was sucking on my tits and finger fucking me. It didn't take long for him to make me cum.

By the time that I cum he is hard again. So he flipped my legs over his shoulders and thrust his huge prick into my pussy. It was a tight fit at first but once I got used to it, I was in heaven. He pulled out after he made me cum.

He told me to get on my hands and knees. He then plunged his huge prick into my ass, I didn't think it was going to fit but it did. Ryan was going as fast in my ass as he had been in my pussy; he had to hold onto my tits to keep from falling over. As he goes faster I wiggled my as into his crotch adding to the pleasure we were having. He pulled out before he came.

So I told him to sit in his chair and I sat on his lap so his prick was in my pussy from behind. I moved up and down very fast it didn't take him that long to cum in my pussy. We came together.

I have to stay for a "repairman" at least once a week if not more.

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