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Sex at Work Pt. V
by JenJo

I decided to stop seeing Rick and Jerry. I also decided to surprise Ryan with Sheila. I let Sheila and myself into Ryan's office while Ryan was still at lunch. I had Sheila strip down and hide under Ryan's desk. When Ryan enters I tell him that I have a surprise for him and that he should sit at his desk.

I locked his door and turned on some music and started to strip as I am doing that I tell Ryan "that I'm not going to do see Rick and Jerry again and that the lock on my office door needed to be changed." While I was stripping I assumed that Ryan got hard because the next thing I knew Sheila is unzipping Ryan's pants and taking his prick into her mouth. Ryan was surprised at first, but he liked watching me while he received a blowjob.

He came really fast because after he came Sheila came over kissed me when she did that she passed me some of Ryan's cum, to me his cum tasted better that way. I introduced Ryan and Sheila and told Ryan that we were there to do what he wanted us to do.

Like most guys he wanted to see us in a 69 position. After a while he told Sheila to lie down and he plunged his huge prick into her pussy I decided to finger her clit and suck on her tits. While Sheila was finger fucking me while Ryan started to go faster. Sheila came but Ryan was no where near ready to cum so he told me to get on my hands and knees.

When I did this Ryan plunged his prick into my ass; I just loved that. Sheila decided to suck on my tits and finger fuck me while Ryan pushed his prick in and out of my ass. I came from the combination of what Ryan and Sheila were doing to me but Ryan didn't cum.

So we had him sit on the couch and I started to lick his prick and balls and the I sucked his prick all the way into my mouth. Sheila decided to lick his balls he finally came I passed his cum onto Sheila in a kiss.

Ryan said "that he wanted this to continue." So Sheila and I moved into Ryan's three-bedroom apartment. It can be such fun we each have alone time with Ryan and with each other.

Rick and Jerry took the fact that it was over very well. They don't bug us anymore because we are with Ryan and they know it because Ryan told them.


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