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Spring Break
by HSWriter

During my freshmen year of high school, my main fantasy to which I most often masturbated was to have two girls at once. Sure, every guy would like it, and some guys get it, but never had I heard of it happening at my age. There was this girl I liked, a lot, her name was Jessie; she was amazing; she was sexy; she was a cheerleader; she had firm, 36B breasts and her nipples showed through the multitude of tight white shirts that she wore all of the time. Her ass, well, I can't say enough about her ass. She had the perfect ass, oh my, it was tight and perky, firm yet pliable; if the perfect tight ass exhausted, I had no doubt that it belonged to Jessie. Now, I had been friends with her for a while, we had some classes together in 8th grade and we talked a lot. She was prude, there was no escaping it. She had never even been kissed before, and she was in High School. She was a big flirt, but when she would flirt with me, it was different, it was as if she really liked me a lot.

One day, I finally got up the balls to ask her out. And to my amazement, she said yes. I was ecstatic. So, we went out on a couple of dates and then I finally made out with her. We kissed, and kissed, and I massaged those sweet tits, and then on like our seventh or eighth date, and we were making out, and I went down her pants and got a finger in her tight virgin pussy. This drove me wild, my cock yearned to get into her velvet lovebox. And finally, we did it, we fucked. She was unbelievable. So tight and powerful. My first time, her first time, and it was my greatest time, or so I thought.

In the many months that followed, we stayed together, and fucked once more. I was in paradise, a hot girl, fucking me. Spring Break rolled around, my parents had booked a trip, going on their so-called second honeymoon. It was great because that would mean five days of Jessie, Jessie, and more Jessie.

On Monday of Spring break, Jessie came over around noon. She was wearing her hot cheerleader outfit. Right when she walked in, my cock extended all 9 inches. She looked down at it through my mesh shorts and said. "I see your ready. Just hold on, I have to use the phone." I wasn't going to stop her, I was zoned in on her tight ass in that cheerleader uniform. She used my phone, and then, she sat on my couch and we talked, she wouldn't get to it yet. Then, about 20 minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. "Who is there?" I asked my lovely girlfriend.

"Amber." She said sharply. Right then, my cock grew to about 10 inches. I pinched myself because I knew it was a dream. Amber was Jessie's hot friend. she had large, firm, 36C tits, and a small, tight cherry ass. I knew that she was a virgin because I had known her and been her friend for a while. And when I knew that she would be there, I knew that her cherry was mine.

When Amber finally came in, she came over to me and gave me a deep hot kiss. At that point, I was standing at attention. My cock gently grazed her inner thigh. She giggled a little.

"Relax." Jessie said, as Amber moved onto my parents bed. She was wearing a tight black mini-skirt and a tank-top which emphasized her enormous tits.

Amber laid down an her back and Jessie and I began to strip her. Jessie slid her tanktop up over her shoulder's exposing her black, lacy bra. I reached up and gently massaged one of her breasts. She leaned her head back and moaned. I then reached down and pulled her miniskirt off. Beneath it was a hot little black thong. I was on fire.

Jessie and I left Amber and we began to strip each other down. I removed Jessie's one piece cheerleading outfit by pulling it over her head. She wasn't wearing any underwear. He nipples were as hard as rocks and her tits were firmer than ever. I pulled my shirt off as Jessie slid my athletic shorts and my boxers off in one motion, releasing my throbbing cock.

I then turned back to Amber and kissed her passionately. I began to kiss down her neck and down to her lovely breasts. I slowly removed her bra and took her nipples into my mouth one by one. She moaned softly as I began to suck hard. I turned my eyes up to see Jessie kissing Amber passionately and reaching her hand down to Amber's awaiting cunt. Shocks went through Amber's body as Jessie inserted a finger into her. Amber moaned loudly. I kept working Amber's voluptuous breasts like two large melons. I then stood back and began to kiss Jessie's tight little ass, working my finger into her hot cunt. When she was wet enough, I inserted my large, throbbing piece of man meat. I began to pump into her deeply. With every thrust I made, Jessie pushed her finger deeper into Amber's pussy. I felt Jessie's pussy begin to convulse, and I heard Amber scream out loud as an orgasm ripped through her body. My balls tightened and my cock filled with cum. I let out a moan of my own as I shot a heavy load deep into Jessie's young cunt. All three of us fell back onto the bed, pretty spent. I laid there in between the two hottest girls I knew.

Then, out of no where, Amber began to regain her sexual drive as her orgasm subsided. She bent down and began to lick mine and Jessie's cum from my limp cock. Like that of a stallion, my cock once again began to grow. I looked over at Jessie, who was now moving toward the action. When my cock was at full hardness, Amber got on top of me and gently began to lower herself down, sinking my cock methodically into her virgin cunt, stopping momentarily as my cockhead came to rest on her cherry. She then raised herself up and then smashed herself down, my cock ripping right through her cherry. She moaned in a somewhat pleasurable, somewhat painful tone. I then took hold of her ass and she began to pump up and down on my cock. She was again beginning to breath heavily and pant. I knew that she was close. She began to pump harder as Jessie moved herself over and sat on my face. I dove my tongue deep into her hot lovebox. I could taste her juices mixed with my cum. It actually tasted very good. As we all worked it, the three of us began to get into a great rhythm.

"Oh god. Oh god." Amber moaned. " I'm gonna cummm." He cunt began to convulse as a hot wave ripped through her body as she was flooded in orgasm. This set Jessie off.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Jessie screamed as her pussy exploded with her sweat nectar. I lapped up as much as I could. I couldn't get enough.

Amber kept pumping, her pussy began to convulse again as she orgasmed for the second time in a row. This pushed me over the edge. I let out a loud moan as I shot my biggest wad of the day deep into Amber's deflowered pussy. My cock just kept pumping out cum. It was the best orgasm of my life.

We all rolled onto our backs on the bed. We were all totally spent and covered in various juices. Amber leaned over, smiled, and then kissed me passionately.

"We have to do this again." She said.

"How about tomorrow?" Jessie suggested.

It was then that I knew that I was in heaven.

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