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Steamy Baths
by IndianAsian

The steam room at the hotel was empty when I walked in. It felt good to let my pores clean out now. It was cold outside, and I had just gotten out of the indoor pool. There was only one older couple at the pool, and they were just leaving. A few minutes later, I heard the door open, and lots of giggling. I looked up through the steam to see two young girls come into the room. When they saw me, they looked startled, then looked at each other. The one, whose name was Ronnie, gave the other, Suzy, a wink and they both went to sit across the room from me. They sat very close to each other.

Ronnie was in a black bikini that showed her ample cleavage very well. She was a little shorter than Suzy, who had on a very tight aqua one-piece suit that really did justice to her model body. Her waist was thin, and her perfect ass was barely covered by the thong. They sat next to each other, whispering, with muffled giggling. They kept glancing up at me, checking me out like I was them. The steam was getting hotter and hotter. By now, our bodies were covered in sweat. Suzy began to rub Ronnie's shoulders. Ronnie turned her back to Suzy and sat on the step below her. Suzy was giving her an expert massage. Ronnie was bending over, and her breasts were hanging down, giving me an excellent view.

My cock, which was covered by loose shorts, really began to move. I grabbed the towel and put it over my lap. Suzy was stroking Ronnie, when she stopped at her back and undid her top. Neither girl seemed to care about me anymore, as Ronnie's top fell to the floor, and Suzy reached around her to cup Ronnie's breasts in her hands, squeezing the hardened nipples. Her tits were magnificent, with the nipples large and erect. Suzy stroked and squeezed, Ronnie's tits bulging from under her soft hands. I could see that both girls were getting very hot, as Suzy's hard nipples pushed through her tight suit. Ronnie turned to face Suzy, and Suzy came down to her step. Taking Ronnie's face in her hands, Suzy kissed her on the mouth. Ronnie returned the passion as their tongues searched each other's mouths.

I could hear the sucking sounds as Suzy worked her mouth around Ronnie's. Both girls moaned loudly as they stroked, as Ronnie began rubbing Suzy's tits through her suit, circling her nipples with her two fingers. Suzy began kissing down her neck to Ronnie's large tits. Ronnie took the back of Suzy's head and held her, pulling her wet lips to her tits. Suzy was an expert at this; she worked her hands and mouth perfectly, sucking first one, then the other nipple, as she bit down gently. Ronnie then laid back on the bench, taking her own breast in her one hand, began pushing her bottom off. Suzy took the "hint", and pulled them off, dropping them on the floor. I was by now rubbing my cock, which was sticking out the bottom of my shorts.

Suzy gave me a wink, then began to kiss the inside of Ronnie's thighs, up toward her wet crotch. She knelt on the bench in front of Ronnie, and as Ronnie began to moan, darted her tongue into her cunt. Ronnie had both hands around her own bulging tits, and was rubbing them like crazy. She pushed her pussy into Suzy's face, and Suzy was loving it. Ronnie turned her head to look over at me as she was enjoying Suzy's licks, and it was then I noticed her emerald green eyes, glazed over with lust. I'm sure the fact that I was watching only added to her pleasure feelings. The look of utter pleasure on her face made my cock jump. Suzy's tongue was slurping in Ronnie's wet cunt, her own body rising and falling in rhythm to Ronnie's humping of her face. Her rhythmic motions caused the bottom of her suit to work its way into her cunt, and I imagined the wetness just pouring out.

It didn't take long for Ronnie to begin screaming, as she was cumming into Suzy's face. Suzy's hand had found its way under her to her own pussy, as she pulled the thong part of her suit to one side of her own wet cunt. Her fingers had parted her pussy folds, and were busy at work, playing with her hard clit, her cunt lips glistening in the steamy room. She then slid her finger deep into her pussy, as Ronnie continued to come. Suzy humped her own hand as she continued to lick Ronnie's juices. I couldn't stop myself this time; I stood up, took off my shorts and let my cock stand up. It was as hard as I've ever seen, sticking straight out. I walked over to them, and they both looked at me hungrily. Suzy stood up and peeled off her tight suit, and began pressing her hard body next to mine.

Her face was at my cheek, and I could feel her wetness from Ronnie's flowing cunt on her lips and cheeks. Ronnie sat up on the bench, and put her hand around my hard cock. She pulled me toward her, as she put her mouth around my dick. Suzy slid next to her on the bench, and also took her turn sucking me. Here were two beautiful, horny, naked girls sucking my cock like I never felt before. Ronnie licked one side, and Suzy the other, they're mouths sliding up and down in unison. Their wet lips made my cock glisten, and watching them work was really getting me over the edge. They would take turns licking my head, and as they did, they would let their tongues linger over each other's mouth in a hungry, wet kiss.

Now I was ready to come, but they had other plans. Suzy turned around, kneeling on the bench, her perfect ass pointing toward my erect cock. Ronnie held me in her hand, and gently guided my throbbing member into Suzy's slippery pussy. It slid in easily, even though her pussy was tight. Suzy thrust her cunt into me, so my cock slid in to the hilt. Ronnie slipped to the floor, and sat positioned between me and Suzy, her hungry lips at my balls. She began to lick and fondle my nuts, as my cock continued its plunging. Ronnie's tongue slipped to my wet shaft as I pulled out of Suzy, and it went into Suzy's cunt with my thrusts. Suzy was squeezing her dangling tits with her free hand, as the other held her balance. She was starting to cum now, as Ronnie continued to lick us both.

I could not hold back any longer, either, and told them I was cumming. Ronnie pulled me out of Suzy with a slurp, and stroked my spurting cock. Suzy was screaming with pleasure as I was cumming all over her still-thrusting ass, and Ronnie was licking my cum from my dick and Suzy's sweaty buns. We all just laid back, exhausted and sweaty, when the steam room door opened again. In came a beautiful 18-year old girl, the hotel lifeguard. She was closing the pool, and was going to have us leave. When she saw our naked bodies, and realized what we were doing, I could tell that she instantly got hot. Her mouth dropped open, as she looked at my still-jerking dick, Ronnie's hand stroking it. She left, saying she would be right back.

She went and locked the door to the pool, and came back. Her name was Cynthia, she said, and we had the pool and Jacuzzi to ourselves all night if we wanted. It felt great to get out of the steam room and into the cool pool. Suzy, Ronnie and I didn't bother to get dressed again, and as Cynthia watched us swimming, asked if she could join us. Before any of us could say a word, she was slipping out of her red one-piece suit, showing us a totally shaved pussy, and good sized firm erect tits. She dove into the pool and came up to us with the look of lust on her face. We were in waist-deep water, and all three girls' breasts looked wet and beautiful.

My cock again started to jerk as Ronnie and Suzy both began to fondle Cynthia's tits. Ronnie began to kiss her, their tongues lingering in each other's mouths. Cynthia told us later that she had never made love to a woman before, but she was certainly getting into it with Ronnie. Her hot mouth was all over Ronnie, sucking her tongue and turning to hold Ronnie's breasts in her hands. Cynthia kneaded them, pulling on the erect nipples to Ronnie's utter pleasure. Suzy was rubbing Cynthia's body from behind, cupping her firm ass underwater, and reaching between her legs to fondle her pussy. Cynthia was already starting to come, as Suzy slipped a finger into her wetness. She humped Suzy's finger as she sucked on Ronnie's tits, gasping for breath in between Ronnie's cleavage.

The sight of Cynthia bouncing between the two beauties really made my cock stand up, and I sat on the edge of the pool, watching and stroking my hard-on. Cynthia arched her head back and gushed her juices onto Suzy's still-plunging fingers, as Ronnie sucked her hard nipples. Cynthia's body jerked like crazy, as she came over and over. Her legs went limp as she collapsed into Ronnie's arms. The three of them came over to the edge of the pool, with Suzy in the lead. She pulled her tight body out of the water, and sat next to me. She parted her thighs, as she gently stroked her wet pussy. Ronnie came over, and stood in front of Suzy, her head level with Suzy's pussy. Ronnie kissed the inside of Suzy's thighs, working up slowly with her tongue toward her steaming cunt. Cynthia came up to me, her eyes fixed on Ronnie and Suzy's joining. Suzy arched her back toward Ronnie, and Ronnie hungrily licked her juices.

Cynthia took my hot cock in her hand, and began to kiss it; her eyes still locked on Suzy's thrusting pussy in Ronnie's hungry mouth. As Suzy fondled her own tits, pulling on the hard nipples, she humped Ronnie s tongue. Ronnie was delirious, sucking and licking with wild abandon. Her slurping tongue was really getting me hotter. Cynthia began to suck on my member, bringing the hard dick deep into her mouth. As she watched the other girls, she began to lick and suck faster and faster. Ronnie's hand came up from the water to fondle my balls, as she continued to suck Suzy's clit. Now Suzy was screaming "Oh Ronnie! I'm going to come! I'm going to come all over your beautiful face!" Her face was twisted with pleasure. Ronnie stepped up her sucking, as I started to shoot my wad into Cynthia's mouth. Cynthia sucked expertly, swallowing every drop, as Ronnie squeezed the base of my cock with her hand. Finally, Cynthia let my limp member slide out of her mouth, as she licked her lips hungrily. Suzy was moaning softly, her clit still throbbing, as Ronnie turned to Cynthia and kissed her, her tongue slipping into her mouth to taste the last drops of my jizz.

Now Ronnie was hotter than ever, since she was the only one yet to come. Her green eyes looked first to me, then to Cynthia, wanting more. My dick again started to pick up, but not without pain. I got up and went to sit in the Jacuzzi to see if that would re-energize me. These girls could fuck! I knew this would be a long and hot night. Cynthia pulled her soft body out of the pool, and laid on the deck. Ronnie followed her, walking slowly up the pool ladder. I watched as she slowly walked toward Cynthia, moving one shapely leg in front of the other in a sexy strut. She really had a great body, her hands on her flat stomach, her dark pussy hair neatly trimmed. Suzy walked over to join them, her long legs and thin body looking fantastic. She laid next to Ronnie, and Cynthia on the other side.

From my viewpoint, there were three pussies, Cynthia's smoothly shaven, her cunt lips slightly swollen and pink, then Ronnie, her heavy tits firm but leaning to the sides, and Suzy, her blond pussy hair still wet from Ronnie's mouth and her own juice. Ronnie turned from one to the other, stroking each other's tits and rubbing their mounds, a look of passion on her face. Cynthia started to get hot again, and she began to kiss Ronnie's hard, hot tits. She took one into her mouth as far as she could, working the other one with her hand. She worked back up to Ronnie's mouth, their tongues intermingling. Cynthia pressed her hot body onto Ronnie's as they continued to kiss. Cynthia's hard nipples were now pressing into Ronnie's heavy tits.

She laid on top of Cynthia, as Cynthia spread her legs open. Cynthia's smooth cunt was now even with Ronnie's hot pussy, and she began to hump, like a man would. Suzy was watching, rubbing Cynthia's back, and fondling the occasional exposed breast. Cynthia was humping like crazy now, and Ronnie was meeting her with her own thrusts. Their kisses kept up, deep and wet. I could see Cynthia's exposed cunt lips grinding into Ronnie's hot box. Their tits were pressed together now, their bodies squirming over each other. Cynthia kissed Ronnie on the neck, then worked lower to her gorgeous tits, sucking first one then the other. She let Ronnie's wet tit slide out of her mouth as she turned around to lay opposite of Ronnie. They turned toward each other, and Cynthia began to kiss Ronnie's stomach, working down to her wet and swollen mound. Ronnie in turn, began to lick at Cynthia's smooth cunt. Suzy came around behind Cynthia also, saying she wanted to taste a shaven cunt too. They both took turns sucking at Cynthia's smooth lips. As Cynthia's juices started to flow, Suzy moved toward Ronnie's cunt.

Cynthia had been licking slowly, but she moved aside to let Suzy in. Suzy laid at an angle to Ronnie, her lips at her pussy. Cynthia moved over, without letting Ronnie's tongue leave her wet pussy, and kissed at Suzy's blond mound. They were setting up a hot, wet daisy chain. I watched in awe as their humping started in unison, with Ronnie slurping at Cynthia's shaved lips, Cynthia's virgin lezzie lips at Suzy's wet pussy, and Suzy mouthing Ronnie's box. Ronnie slipped a finger into Cynthia's pussy, and began licking her clit. Suzy moaned as Cynthia did the same to her. Ronnie was the first to come, with Suzy and Cynthia cumming together soon after. I watched their chests heave as their screams were muffled in each other's pussy.

When all were satisfied, they held each other for a while, all three bodies rubbing together as one. After a while, all three came over to the Jacuzzi. "Look, we've let him off easy, just watching", said Suzy, as they slipped into the churning water with me. Suzy was on one side, and Cynthia slipped next to me on the other. Ronnie sat in front of me, facing us. We let the water jets work their wonders as we all relaxed for a while. Suzy and Cynthia started stroking my chest, as Ronnie rubbed my legs. Again, my cock was ready to go. We got out of the tub, and all laid on the large exercise pad. Suzy pushed me down on my back, and pressed her hard body on mine. Her lips covered my own, and our tongues lingered. Ronnie and Cynthia laid on either side of us, rubbing both of our bodies with their warm hands.

Suzy arched her back, and I took her hard tit in my mouth. Her nipples were like rocks, pink and tasty. I sucked and pulled on them as she moaned in pleasure. I grabbed her perfect ass with both hands, and pulled her tight to me. Ronnie had started slip her fingers behind her ass and into Suzy's tight pussy, and she was wet. Ronnie then grabbed my hard cock, pointing it into Suzy's ready cunt. Suzy sat up on me, as Ronnie guided my dick, it slipped all the way in. Suzy's legs were under her, and she began to hump, my cock sliding in and out over its entire eight inches. She would pull up enough where it would almost come out, and then she would plunge down and hold it for a minute. It felt wonderful. Cynthia, meanwhile, looked at me as she stroked her wet, hairless pussy. With a look, she climbed over to me, kneeling facing Suzy and straddled my head. I took her fine ass in my hands, and guided her dripping pussy down to my mouth.

It was wonderful letting her slide all over my tongue, her smooth cunt gushing with juices. As she straddled me, she leaned forward to caress Suzy's tits. Suzy returned the favor, and they both began rubbing each other's bodies. They leaned forward to kiss, and I could hear the sucking sounds as they sucked their mouths together. Ronnie had come to our sides, and she was alternately licking Suzy and Cynthia's tits, going from one to the other. As they leaned together, pressing their tits together, Ronnie would draw both nipples in her mouth, flicking her tongue over each. Cynthia and Suzy's nipples were about the same size; both hardened, gently pressing the other. All the while, Suzy humped my hard cock. Ronnie then gently pushed Cynthia off of my face, and took her turn. Not to be left out, Cynthia took Suzy's place, lifting her ass off my dick as it came out with a slurp. Cynthia quickly straddled my body, as Suzy helped guide me into her slippery, naked pussy.

She was very tight, and she squeezed her cunt around my dick expertly. Ronnie was sliding her pussy over my face, moaning with pleasure as I darted my tongue around her stiff clit. Cynthia and Suzy both took one of Ronnie's tits in their mouths, sucking on the large tits, in and out, lingering on the hard nipples. Ronnie pressed her chest forward into their faces, still rubbing her cunt on my face. After a while, Suzy wanted more too, so Ronnie slid off my mouth, as Cynthia pulled off of my about to explode cock. Ronnie pressed her pussy over my cock, and I slid in easily. Suzy straddled my face, her blond cunt gushing juices. My tongue went deep into her pussy, as she screamed she was about to come. Cynthia stood up next to us, and Ronnie and Suzy both pressed their faces into her shaved pussy, licking her wet cunt lips and each other's tongues.

Cynthia was moaning now, and shook as she came, almost falling over, pressing Suzy and Ronnie's faces into her gushing cunt. Suzy also came, as I tasted a flood of juices from her writhing pussy. As I started to spurt, Ronnie also moaned loudly, pressing her cunt into my jerking cock. Suzy reached across to Ronnie's breasts, squeezing as she pulled her closer. Their tongues mingled in each other's mouths, as their cunts continued to pulse, Ronnie's on my throbbing cock, and Suzy's in my slurping mouth. Cynthia was laying back now, rubbing her hairless pussy, watching the two kiss as they humped me. She started to moan, "oh, oh, OHH!" as she worked her fingers vigorously in her smooth cunt, cumming again and again.

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