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Stress Buster
by Primera

My wife and I had checked into the resort after several weeks of a punishing work schedule. All we wanted now was to chill out and do as little as possible. We saw in the resort information that it offered a "married couples only" tension-buster massage. We decided to give it a go. We checked into the health and beauty suite and were shown down a short passageway to a door bearing the sign "married couples only". We went in.

The room was decorated in soft pastels, large plants and subdued recessed lighting. We were aware of a haunting perfume and relaxing New Age music coming from hidden speakers. Glancing around the room we saw two cubicles with a note to please shower and use the wraparound towels. We entered the showers and after finishing, wrapped the warm fluffy white towels around ourselves. Unsure of what to do next, we decided to lie face down on each of our couches and await events.

Soon the door opened and two people came in. They were young, in their twenties, tanned and fit with that scrubbed exercised look I always envy in people who have time to keep themselves looking good. They introduced themselves as our personal masseurs who would help to remove all the stresses and strains of modern living and help us satisfy ourselves in ways that we couldn't achieve ourselves. Definitely intrigued now, we lay face down on the couches and I was asked to take the one just behind that of my wife. At the time I didn't know why but as time went on it became apparent.

The male masseur pulled back the towel from my wife so that her back and buttocks were exposed. The same happened to me and the masseurs stepped forward to begin their art. Looking forward, I idly noticed that my wife had a tight ass with firm well defined cheeks without a hint of a bikini line to spoil the golden tan. "Hmm", I thought, "I wonder when she was able to sunbathe nude".

I could see that my wife was nervously biting the bottom of her lip and her eyes began to take on a startled look as her thighs were gently prized apart. She was always coy about revealing her body and I knew that this massage was a big step for her. From where I lay I could see the firm outline of her ass cheeks as they vanished under her thighs. As her thighs were progressively parted I watched with increasing excitement as more and more of her body was revealed. I could now make out the protuberant cunt lips that were squashed and pushing back slightly on the towel.

She had always been embarrassed at her pubic bulge especially in her swimsuit where she thought it protruded too much. I loved to stare at it whenever I could fantasising about one of those rare opportunities with our stressed work schedules when I could bury myself in her glorious bush. The masseur was at her ankles bending over slightly as he manipulated the soft flesh of her thighs. His thick thumbs worked up the rear of her thighs kneading and pressing the flesh as it slowly approached her exposed buttocks. I was now enjoying a voyeurs' excitement and could feel my cock hardening as I could see the masseurs thumbs gently skirting across her labia as he massaged her buttocks. Every time he pressed and kneaded her cheek it alternatively revealed and then covered her cunt framed by the dark bush that nestled between her thighs.

My own masseuse seemed to sense my increasing excitement as I shifted on the couch trying desperately to squash down my erection. Her firm fingers had reached my own buttocks and their tips were lightly circling my testicles. My penis began to throb and jerk beneath me. My wife's face was turned towards me with a dreamy faraway expression. After what seemed an age of the kneading, stretching and pulling of our aching muscles, the masseurs tapped our shoulders to indicate that we should turn over onto our backs and softly moved away to respect our modesty. We gripped the towels around our bodies. The lights dimmed slightly.

I looked again at my wife: her eyes had closed and I could see a faint flush across her features and the top of her chest. I could not conceal my erection as it bowed out from the loose folds of the soft material of my towel. I found it impossible to prevent it twitching and throbbing. The masseurs returned. My eyes startled with shock: they were both completely naked.

The man had a tanned body with well defined muscles but what drew my eyes like a magnet was the huge circumcised penis that swung from side to side as he walked. The large oiled dome was the size of a small plum and my 6" that I could feel beneath me pressed hard into the couch appeared puny in the extreme. He approached my wife's couch where she lay, relaxed and drowsy. Her eyes were closed.

His strong hands slowly slid down the towel that covered her torso revealing her breasts. She murmured and shifted slightly on the couch. He began to knead the tops of her shoulders and as his movements circled inwards, the edges of his hand caught the swell of her breasts and then her brown nipples. They hardened with the regular stimulation until they stood firmly upright, their brown thickness outlined perfectly against the light pastels in the room. I noticed that my wife had unconsciously begun to lift her hips very slightly almost with the rhythm of the massage.

Meanwhile, my masseuse had asked my to swivel round so I was now facing forward. I could see my wife's breath had quickened and her nipples were now standing proud and firm from her body. I was facing the hard breasts of the masseuse who was leaning across as she began work on my chest. Her own pink nipples were erect and just inches from my eyes. Her fingers slid down my chest to my lower torso where they began to circle the muscle group there in light butterfly movements. I could sense my muscles begin to spasm with the sheer sensuality and lightness of her touch. Her fingers caught the edge of my penis where it jutted out from the towel but she did not linger. This occasional touch caused my penis to bounce and twitch, aching for some physical relief.

I watched entranced as the rest of my wife's towel was slid away revealing her pronounced dark pubic bush. I was now totally a voyeur somehow apart from my wife seeing her not as someone I've been married to for fifteen years but a mature attractive woman completely unaware of my presence. My masseuse finally lifted the towel over my cock and tucked the edges under the cover. As she leaned over, one of her nipples touched the edge of my straining cock where a small bead of pre-cum had begun to ooze out of the eye. When she stood again I could see the shiny drool on the erect tip.

My wife's masseur was still rubbing and kneading the side of her breast his thick thumbs grazing across the straining nipples. My wife let out a soft moan and her hips softly writhed on the couch. His hands moved lower along the outside of her flared hips. The flat of his hand rubbed the top of her mound causing her hips to lift invitingly. His long thick penis began to slap against her resting hand and I watched mesmerised, as I watched my wife's hand reach out and close round the magnificent shaft. She began a slow languid pulling action squeezing the thick rubbery length which caused the dome to expand its girth even more. The masseur drizzled some scented massage oil across her torso and pubic mound where it glittered in her soft dark hair. Her hand continued to pull on the penis which was noticeably hardening.

The lady masseur smiled as she saw her colleague. She looked down at my body observing the reddened twitching penis. A long clear drool of pre-cum was now oozing from my palpitating hardness and hung like a thin silver thread from the purple head. The male masseur slowly kneaded my wife's belly in small circling motions working downwards to where the oil glinted on her dark pubic mound. His thick fingers circled the mound again rubbing in the oil and then slid his fingers up and down her vaginal lips massaging the outer ones and then lightly caressing the inner ones in a sensual action that was clearly masturbating her. She opened her eyes and turned towards me, her mouth forming a soft "ooh" at the intense feelings washing over her body. I smiled. The masseur parted my wife's thighs and slid her body gently to the end of the couch where her spread thighs were hitched around the curved edge. Her sex was now gaping open displaying the thick brownish labial lips shiny and inviting with the combination of the oil and her own secretions.

"My God, he's going to fuck her", I suddenly realised. Yet I wanted this to happen beyond anything else.

Even though a total stranger was about to commit the most intimate of acts with my own wife I wanted him to. In a perverted twist of reasoning I appreciated that he could fulfill her immediate sexual need far better than I could ever hope to do. This wasn't about love and caring: this was about satisfying a basic primal need.

My masseuse lifted my back slightly thereby allowing me a good view of the action. My legs hung over the edge of he couch allowing her full unimpeded access to my straining cock. Her hand was gently skimming up and down my hardness. The veins stood out on my cock: my orgasm wasn't far off.

The masseur pulled gently away from my wife's hand. She let out a moan of disappointment. He moved quietly to the end of the couch. I could see that my wife's pumping hand had brought him to full hardness with his rounded purple dome exposed and primed atop a reddened slightly curved penis. He moved towards my wife's parted thighs aiming his weapon at her soft, opened cunt.

My nose twitched at the musky earthy scent that filled the air. "She must be really wet and wanting him by now ", I thought. I saw a sheen of moisture at the joint of her upper thighs and buttocks. Her tight puckered anus opened and closed.

He pointed his hard cock and walked forward slightly to one side deliberately giving me a good look. My masseuse was murmuring now into my ear." Look at the size of that you think your wife can take it all"? As she was doing this her soft hand continued to masturbate me with short twisting movements. Her other hand annointed with scented oil tickled my hard testicles and drifted downwards to my anus. Her finger pushed smoothly into my hole almost making me climax .

The penis was now levelled at the entrance and, with one animal like thrust slid slickly in up to the hilt. My wife let out a guttural grunt and gripped the side of the couch with both hands as his huge size filled her. He pulled out slowly and I could see my wife's fluids shining on his stiff cock before it entered her body again and began a smooth rhythmic fucking action. My wife's hips rose and fell to meet his strokes.

Her head lifted and her eyes met mine but they did not see me: she was too far gone to be aware of anything except that magnificent cock servicing her. I heard myself saying aloud "go on fuck her, fuck her hard, she really wants this". My masseuse was urging me to watch every detail of the action: "can you smell her heat and juices now, she can't be far off, can she? ". And neither was I. I urged her lover on " come on really fuck her for me, she's always wanted a huge cock ". He quickened his movements until he was pounding into her body with a squishing juicy sound until my wife was screaming aloud. ..."Ooh, yeah, ooh yeah I'm going to come, I'm going to come!" Her hips gyrated trying to extract every last fibre of his weapon to tease and tittilate her vagina and clitoris. With a loud shout the masseur pulled out his weapon: red and shiny the domed head straining ready to erupt with his load.

Suddenly a huge gout of sperm erupted from the slick purple head of his penis and splattered across my wife's torso, then another and another. Great squirting ribbons of sperm. I couldn't hold myself back any more. My masseuse pulled down hard on my cock forcing a tremendous ejaculation from the eye. It hurtled through the air and spattered across my wife's straining breasts. "Ooh, yeah, come on you fuckers, squirt your come over me", she shouted. Her panting shiny chest was covered in thick globs of sperm as both our cocks jerked and jerked across her body...


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