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Schoolgirl Blackmail
by Dirty Old Man

Ben-Gay! Just what I need. This is NOT a good day. Four pop quizzes out of six periods today. Practice runs late, and now some joker's put Ben Gay in my panties and bra. I'm going to absolutely KILL the bitch if I find out who it was. I'll just have to be careful where I sit on the bus I guess. Don't want some pervert getting an accidental peek of my bare pussy. It's not like I really need a bra.

I stuffed the reeking underwear in my backpack with the sweaty underwear from practice. I wasn't about to wear either set. Given a choice of cold clammy and stinking, or 'deep heating' of my nipples and pussy, I chose none of the above.

I put on my thin cotton blouse and plaid wrap-around skirt. By the time I had redone my pigtails, everyone else was gone. Shrugging on my backpack, I left the locker room and stepped into the warm spring night. I tugged the door to make sure it latched, just as I realized the activities bus was already leaving the parking lot.

Shit!!There goes my ride and I just locked the door! The nearest phone now is what six blocks in the wrong direction? The 7-Eleven down on MLK and Fifth? Oh yeah, like I'm dumb enough to walk into that neighborhood after dark with no panties or bra. The Mall? There's a taxi stand there, and I can buy some new underwear while I'm there. I hope I've got enough money with me. I can hit the ATM machine at the Mall if I have to I guess.

I pulled my pigtails from under the pack straps and set off into the darkness. I headed for the Mall just over a mile away. Halfway there, the top button of my blouse went sailing into a thick hedge when I shifted the backpack to get some air to the sweaty spot on my back.

Damn cheap school uniform! It sure wasn't my giant heaving bosom that caused that. Damn near nineteen, and I still look like I'm twelve. A prepubescent twelve at that. It's like the Breast Fairy lost my address after his first visit when I was nine.

All of my peers were at least 160 cm tall, and the smallest of the other girls my age was an 88-cm B cup.

I'm stuck at mid-puberty at 132 cm and 22 Kg. That's 4'4" and 88 lbs. For the metrically challenged. I tell nosy people that my measurements are 60 cm cubed. Actually, I do have a bit of a figure. Not very much of one at 60 cm, 40 cm 50 cm. That's 24", 16", 20" if you prefer. Just enough that I don't get mistaken for a boy unless I want to be. Not that there's that many boys that sport long black pigtails that just brush their shoulders. In a pony tail or loose, my hair comes to the bottom of my ribcage in the back.

My long black hair and my nipples are the only 'grown up' things about me. I inherited both from my Thai mother, along with my small stature and near total absence of body hair. Dad calls us both 'Three Haired Doobers.' I have no idea what a 'Doober' is, but three is about right for the number of hairs below the neck. My nipples are like two grape gumdrops on scoops of butterscotch pudding.

I'm pretty sure the guy who took my cherry was kidding when he said they tasted like that too.

Thinking about the night that I lost my virginity was making me aroused. The thin cotton blouse rubbing on my bare nipples as I shifted the backpack again added to my arousal. My nipples came erect to make gumdrop-sized lumps in the thin white cotton of my blouse.

Damn these cheap blouses. What the hell do they put those buttons on with? Spit? I thought, as the second button from my blouse skittered out into the street. I might as well not be wearing a blouse. Between the sweat soaking my blouse and lost buttons, I look like third place in a two-person wet T-shirt contest.

Lost in self-pity, I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings like I should have been. It was my own fault that I suddenly found myself surrounded by four hulking shapes.

"Well, Well, what have we here?" The one directly in front of me sneered.

It was "Herman Munster" At least that's what everybody called him at school. I knew the other three must be "Lurch", "Frankenstein", and "Igor". They were always together. Unless he was out of sight behind me, "Renfrew" wasn't around. "Renfrew" was the smallest of Herman's clique. Nevertheless, even Renfrew would have made two of me.

"Grade school girls shouldn't be out after dark on their own. Maybe we should escort this little girl someplace safe." Herman leered at my inadequate chest. The nipples pushing into the thin cotton fascinated him.

I looked around at the others. It was obvious they'd been drinking, and my 'safety' wasn't on their minds. I could see the lights of the Mall parking lot only another hundred yard or so away.

"Let us carry that heavy pack for you little girl." Lurch dragged my backpack off, popping another button from my blouse in the process. The fourth button of my blouse proved stronger than the first three. My arms were effectively tied to my sides by the shoulders of the blouse as the backpack dragged them down to my elbows. Lurch's big hand in the middle of my back kept me from shrugging the blouse back into place.

"Hey! This little girl's very naughty. She ain't wearin' no panties"

From the voice, I assumed that it was Frankenstein's hand that was groping my bare ass. Whoever it was, brought another hand around to my front, and pulled my skirt up in front to show the others my naked childlike pussy.

I was blinded by the flash of a camera and heard the characteristic whine of a Polaroid ejecting a picture. It seemed Renfrew was there after all. He came closer and took another picture of me with my tiny tits and bare pussy exposed for all the world to see.

"Let's go some place where it's safe for a naughty little grade school girl to expose herself." Herman nodded to a nearby house. "We wouldn't want her to get arrested or maybe even raped right here in the street."

Closing in around me, he and his henchmen steered me into a nearby yard. It must have been where one of these hulking behemoths lived, because I was hustled inside a fairly nice house and down the basement stairs.

I didn't see who relieved me of my skirt and blouse. I was watching Herman peel his pants off to reveal a cock that was about 25 cm long, and five or six cm thick. Frankenstein concentrated on fingering my hairless pussy, while Lurch and Igor each sucked one of my gumdrop nipples.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes as my body responded to their rough ministrations. When Frankenstein roughly poked his big middle finger deep into my wet pussy, I couldn't stifle the moan it produced. The Flash/Whir of the Polaroid came again, as Renfrew took another picture.

Picking me up by my arms, the three hulks molesting me carried me over to where Herman sat in a straight-backed chair. They turned me facing away from him, and I felt a new hand part the crack of my tiny ass cheeks. I shuddered and screamed as a greasy finger slid into my tiny brown pucker. I forced my sphincter to loosen, so his crude invasion wouldn't damage me.

At least he is concerned enough for his own skin to use some sort of lubrication. I'm sure it isn't for my benefit.

Lurch and Igor lifted me in the air while Frankenstein spread my legs as wide as he could force them. As I'm very limber, that was very wide indeed. I felt the greasy finger pull out and return with more lube to be forced into my tight little ass hole. It pulled out again, and the two hulks began to lower me down onto Herman's lap.

Frankenstein steered me by my wide spread legs to make sure that Herman's huge organ hit dead center in the tight brown ring of my anus.

I screamed, and screamed again as his huge prick slid deep into my bowels. His cock felt ten times bigger than it looked! He was ripping me in half! I screamed again.

My body frantically tried to produce more lubrication for this invasion, but it was lubricating the wrong hole. My juices were wasted as they ran from my empty pussy onto Herman's bloated balls.

His three henchmen released me as my cheeks settled against Herman's stomach. I had to reach back and grab the sides of the chair for support because my feet were nowhere near the floor

Herman only gave me a second to gain my balance, before he began masturbating himself with my asshole. He grabbed my hips, lifted me up to the head of his cock, and then forced me back down hard.

Over and over, he pounded me down onto the throbbing monster invading my ass. As I threw back my head to scream once more, I heard the Flash/Whir of another picture being taken by Renfrew.

Herman slammed me down on his cock one last time. His sperm burned its way deep into my bowels. He reached between my legs, and spread the lips of my pussy painfully wide.

I heard another Flash/whir, and screamed again at the thought of the image that must have been recorded: My naked prepubescent body arched back with a huge cock embedded deep in my ass, and my tiny hairless pussy held open to expose it's deepest recesses.

It surely must be the very image of a pedophile's wettest dream.

Herman pushed me free of his cock. I staggered forward into the arms of Lurch and Igor. Turning me to face Herman, they forced me to my knees before him.

Renfrew handed him a stack of Polaroid pictures. Herman looked over them.

After the last had fully developed, he showed them to me one by one.

If the truth weren't known, they could easily been interpreted as me having teased and seduced them, rather than them raping me. I had no doubt that Herman's was not the only cock that would be shoved roughly into my tiny body before I was released.

"Now Miss snooty rich bitch, just what do you think your father, the Honorable Lord Mayor of our fair city, would pay to keep us from scanning these and posting them as E-mail to all of his friends and the city council members?"

"Oh Please! Don't let my father see those horrible pictures. I'll do anything you want. Let me suck your cock. Fuck me in the ass again. All of you fuck me in any hole you want. Fuck my ass and pussy at the same time! Please don't send those HORRIBLE pictures to my father."

The pictures genuinely distressed me. They were really HORRIBLE pictures.

"Well. I don't know about that. I figure we could get a fair bit of money from your Dad to keep these to ourselves. Tell you what. You suck my cock, and we'll see if you're a good enough cock-sucker to compensate us for the money we'd be giving up."

I timidly leaned forward and reached for his cock. I licked hesitantly at the drop of cum still clinging to the hole in the end.

"You expect me to give up money for that? Come on bitch suck it!"

Gathering my courage, I sucked his cock into my mouth. I slowly took it deep into my throat and reached up to his hairy scrotum. My nose touched his pubic hair at the same time my long shiny fingernails curled under his balls.

I bit down hard on his cock; I dug my 2-cm long nails into the tender flesh of his scrotum; and I squeezed hard on his balls.

He screamed in pain as I drew blood with both my teeth and nails.

I eased up slightly on his balls, and spit out his cock

"You bitch! You rotten bitch! I'll kill ... AAAAggghh!!"

I squeezed a bit harder and dug my nails a little deeper into his flesh, as his Henchmen started forward. He screamed again. They stepped back again, so I eased up a bit.

"The pictures? Or do I rip your balls off and stuff them up the nose of the stupid asshole trying to sneak up on me?"

I held out my hand. He laid the pictures in my hand.

"You really should pick your victims more carefully you stupid shits. You obviously know who I am, because you know my father's the Mayor. Did you think he had some other daughter that was State Karate Champion?"

I dug my long nails a bit deeper into the soft tissue between his legs. He whimpered piteously.

"I came with you because I WANTED to. If I hadn't wanted a decent gang bang, you would have all been left lying in the street with broken kneecaps."

They all looked at me stunned. They were even stupider than I thought. They didn't know that the Mayor's daughter was a Black Belt. I have to admit that my small size and looks are deceptive, but these hulks would have been child's play for me, even if they expected me to fight back.

"As for these, tear them up!

I handed the pictures back to Herman. I squeezed his balls again to remind him who was in charge. I looked around at the other four naked men surrounding me.

They looked at me like I had fangs down to my nipples and was breathing fire at them.

I laughed aloud at their expressions. Just imagine. Five hundred Kilos or more between the five of them and they were all scared soft by a 44 kilo 'grade school kid'. Bullies are all alike. Big and brave when they're in control. -- Or think they are.

"My father wouldn't give you a dime for those. You'd have to pay HIM to take them. First because he doesn't deal with blackmailers. He and my lover, the Police Chief, would hunt you down and feed you to the rats at the waterfront."

I laughed aloud again at the looks the revelation of my involvement with the Police Chief produced.

"Second, Those are the worst pictures I've ever seen. What ever possessed you to let Renfrew within a hundred feet of a camera? He couldn't take a picture to the mailbox. My cat takes better pictures by accident than he does on purpose!

"Dad already has a copy of the eight thousand or so GOOD pictures of me that are already on the net. I'm the fucking star attraction on every incest, group sex, and Lolita site on the net.

"Hell, he took most of them! I'd be ashamed for any of my E-fans to see those abortions."

I think that actually shocked them more than the thought of raping the Police Chief's lover.

"Now, Throw that camera away Renfrew! Then get that monster cock of yours hard and in my cunt."

I looked around again.

"Frankenstein, you're the next biggest. Grease that thing up good and fuck my ass. Lurch. Fuck my face. Igor, you fuck the first hole that comes open."

I snapped orders at them. As soon as the orders seeped through those thick skulls, four cocks sprang to attention.

"As for you mister 'I'm going to blackmail the Mayor's daughter'. I'm going to keep a grip on your balls, and if just ONE of these apes comes before I do, I'm going to rip them off and eat them."

I was hard pressed not to let them know I came almost immediately as I lowered my hairless cunt over Renfrew's fat 30-cm monster. It was even harder to hide that I came again, when Frankenstein's 28-cm monster bottomed out in my tight ass.

I managed to hide the first ten orgasms, not counting those I screamed out when Herman raped my ass.

Too bad Renfrew is such a bad photographer. That last orgasm from just thinking about the picture he took was a really good one. This session would be a really hot addition to my portfolio if there were anyone here who could take pictures. Renfrew probably had the camera because he took the best pictures tho'. There's not much chance any of the others would be better. I wish Daddy were here. He's a really good photographer.

"Igor! Grease it up a little. I think I've found a hole for you to fuck! Herman, drag your ugly face down here and suck my tits. No don't kneel down stupid! How's Igor going to rape your ass if you're kneeling?"

Pushing up on Herman's tender balls, I made sure Igor had a good shot at Herman's virgin butt. Herman bit down hard on my nipple as Igor's fat greasy cock ripped open his tightly clenched sphincter to slam deep into his bowels.

"OH Sweet Jesus! Come for me you fucking rapists! I'm CUMMMMMMING. Make me cum harder! Fill my little body with your nasty dicks, and fill me up 'til it comes out my ears! Fuck MEEEEEE!"

Singing out my pleasure loud and clear for the eleventh orgasm, I was rewarded by three simultaneous streams of cum in my mouth, cunt and most especially pleasurable, deep in my ass.

Igor came in Herman's ass at about the same time. Herman cringed as I let Lurch's cock free to wrap my lips around his bloody cock.

Massaging Lurch's sperm into his wounds with my tongue soon had Herman hard and pumping eagerly into my hot mouth.

Renfrew was not only big. He recovered fast. His cock swelled back to full hardness, and he began to hammer into my cunt vigorously. Igor soon was hard enough to fill my ass. Two loads of sperm, and the grease left behind by Herman and Frankenstein made the fact he hadn't re-lubed his cock a moot point. I was more than ready for a third load of sperm in my ass.

I have a feeling this gangbang is going to be even better than the last City Council meeting. I should be able to get twenty or thirty loads of cum in me before these jerks go limp. Daddy's going to get fat from sucking all of it out to make room for his.


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