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Saturday Brat
by Lisa

It was a sunny spring Saturday in L.A and I was in the worst mood. I was pissed at my brother for something. My boyfriend was out of town for a few weeks and I was horny as hell. I had to study that weekend, so any partying had to wait. It was so nice out, barely any smog, that I decided that I needed to take advantage of the sun. I grabbed my string bikini, oil and books, then sat by the pool in a long lounge chair and started to get my tan going. I ignored my brother all morning. I think he was telling me that the cable people were installing some new digital cable system today. It didn't really make a difference to me, so I didn't care. Even though he's my blood brother, I am not afraid to be naked around him, so I immediately stripped off my top as soon as I got by the pool. I oiled up my body with tanning oil.

Almost an hour went by and I hadn't heard a peep from him. I was buried in my book, then I realized that I was tanning real quick and that I was going to get lines from the bikini bottoms, so I stripped them off too. The sun felt great on my bare breasts and even better on my hairless pussy. I felt myself getting turned on from the warmth of the sun. I looked down at my juicy lips and got even more turned on. After all these years, I refuse to masturbate. I prefer the real thing, real sex that is. I also liked the way my nipples hardened with the warmth of the sun on them. As I spread my legs to get more sun on my pussy, I heard my brother talking to me from across the pool. I didn't hear what he was saying and waved him off, acting like I heard him. A few moments go by. Suddenly he comes stomping over, yelling to me that the phone was for me. I didn't bother to cover up, let alone close my legs. He looked me up and down with no expression except anger. I smiled. He told me that the cable man was here and maybe I should put some clothes on. I playfully told him no. He shrugged his shoulders and walked away, telling me that the person who called will be calling back soon.

Minutes later he tells me that the phone is for me. I drop my book and run naked across the pool area. I opened the screen door, only to find a man in the house, who is not my brother. He was on his knees wiring the TV in the kitchen. I totally do not flinch. He is shocked and apologizes for being there. I smile, wave hello and answer the phone. It's Damon, the waiter that I met a week ago from my favorite sushi restaurant. I knew there was a problem by the sound of his voice. He wanted to "talk" and wanted to come over. As I stand naked and glistening with oil in front of this stranger, I really felt that this is a moment that all of these in home service guys dream of and gossip about afterwards. I hopped up and sat by bare ass on the cold counter top in the kitchen with my legs spread wide open. I was totally acting like a child, who was naive about her nudity. For those who really know me, they know how much I enjoy exhibitionism and I was getting off on letting a stranger look at me.

He tried not to look, actually he got up and went back into the living room to work there. "Oh well!" I thought. His loss. I decided not to stress about my brother. He was in the living room with the cable man and I couldn't even remember what we were fighting over anyway. It was his house, so I need to stop acting like a brat. I grabbed a beer and headed back out to the pool. As I drank the beer, I wondered what the cable man was thinking. I wondered if I got him horny or if he was used to this. Of course I didn't want him to jump me, but I was curious. Lately, I had been seriously contemplating stripping to make some extra cash, but I couldn't take the pressure of having one of my fellow school mates walking in the club and seeing me. I couldn't deal with the repercussions of being labeled a stripper when I want to be seen as a serious film maker. I already have to deal with people judging me because of my looks, so why bother? As these thoughts distract my brain from the text book.

My brother walks over again. This time, he's with someone. It's Damon. It's so funny to me that no one even flinches at the fact that I am totally naked. My brother looks down at my pussy and I close my legs, mockingly. He smiles and walks away. I tell Damon to have a seat. He sits directly in front of me on the lounge chair. I raise my knees up and rest my arms on my knees, giving him a perfect view of my pussy and asshole. He starts telling me how much he has a crush on me and wished that I would call him. I told him that I didn't even have his number and that I have a boyfriend that he knows about too. "So why confuse things?" I asked. Before he could answer, I yelled out "What do you want from me?" I was deliberately being bitchy.

He quietly said. "I just want you." I smiled, reached out my hands and laid back onto the lounge chair, pulling his head down in between my legs. I knew I could dominate him. I wasn't thinking it was wrong at the time. I wasn't thinking about anything except sex! So here is this guy eating me out in my brother's backyard pool in the middle of the day. I LOVED IT!

As he ate me out, I realized that I needed some cock right away to get me off. I stood him up and slid off his jeans. His short, yet thick cock popped out, ready for action. I spread the towel out onto the ground and laid down. I skipped all of the foreplay and got right down to action. He got on top of me and I guided his cock into my hot and wet pussy. I way almost ready to cum, when he started moaning and after 10 or less strokes, he came. I felt him squirt a huge load inside of my pussy. "Tell me you didn't...!" I yelled out.

"Sorry." He said quietly. I rolled him off of me and shook my head with disgust. He said that he was thinking about me every night and that he was too hot for me. He stood up. His dick with still dripping with his cum.

Suddenly my brother walks over. I immediately push Damon into the pool and he falls in with a big splash. I'm not sure if my brother knew what just happened. I stood up and sat back into he chair. He told me that the cable man needs to go into my bedroom and if it was OK. I said "Sure go ahead." Still, I could not get any reaction from him. He was a tough one to break. "This voyeuristic behavior is getting out of hand," I thought to myself. Anyway, I forgave Damon, but we never had sex again.


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