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Seduction By Former Lover
by Bill Crow

I had been married to my wife for only a year or so when I was surprised to get a call from Susan. Our parting had been somewhat unpleasant, so I was surprised to hear from her at all. My wife took the call and I later had some questions to answer. I basically told Susan not to call again, but I told her politely.

Well, I didn't hear from her again for quite a while. But she did call again, and she told me that she wanted some help from me to figure out some answers as to how to handle her teen age son. I agreed to meet her and drove over to her apartment in West Seattle. My wife knew what I was going out for and had no problem with it. When I got there I soon figured out that what Susan wanted had nothing to do with her son.

We sat on the couch for a while and made small talk. I think that she maybe had a drink too. After a bit, she said she would be back in a moment and left the room. When she came back she was wearing her shortie nightgown and nothing else. Susan was no spring chicken by then, and she had neglected her health, but she still looked great in that sexy gown! My cock liked it just as much as it did on our first date years before, and it almost burst out of my pants. Susan, always the demure thing that she was, sat down next to me and started to run her hands up and down my thigh.

That's all I could stand. I was so hot that I couldn't wait to bury myself in that blonde pussy of hers. She led me to her bed where I tore my clothes off and moved onto the bed where she was lying on her back, still wearing her shortie. This was different. She had never worn anything before when we got passionate, and I was even more turned on by the look of her in that gown. She spread her legs and without further ceremony I guided my stiff cock to her waiting pussy and eased it in. The feel of her nightie was like an aphrodisiac for me. I could feel her ample tits against my chest just as well as if she had been nude, but somehow the nightie just made it better. Susan was always energetic when we fucked, and she hadn't changed.

We didn't do any of the offbeat things that Susan seemed to enjoy in the past, we just plain fucked like a couple of teenagers. I pumped my cock deep into her and she met my every thrust with an enthusiastic thrust of her own. Her pussy was well lubricated and marvelously tactile. Sensations were running up my cock that told me that my climax was not far off and about that time Susan exploded with a loud cry and that just set me off. My thighs began to tingle and spasm. The wonderful sensation began to travel up to my prick and it seemed like my whole being was centered in my prick. Just as I started coming, my prick felt like it had gotten larger by quite a bit and I was thrusting much deeper in her than before. The sensation was ecstasy! My cock began to pulse and I could feel the load of cum squirt forcefully deep inside of her.

I had not set out to screw her that day. I had been naive enough to think that she just wanted help from an old friend. She seduced me. Susan was a master at seduction and she knew what she needed to do to completely remove any vestige of hesitation from me. She was in charge and I was nothing more or less than her sexual prey. That woman had power and she knew it. The only way that I could have resisted her was if I was not in her presence.

Annoyed by my own weakness and by the mastery over me that had just been so clearly demonstrated, I left her apartment determined that I would never allow myself to be with her again. As it turned out, that was our last fling. I lost track of Susan after that but my guess is that Susan is probably dead by now--it's been a good many years since that incident. She was beginning to have a serious drinking problem and she was letting her health decline. I don't know where she went or what became of her but I will always treasure the sexual symphony that we had between us.


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