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Sister Brandi Pt. II
by BG

After our little mess around session, my sister Brandi and I decided to lay down for bed together. She fell asleep in my loving arms. I still couldn't believe that my little sister, who I had tried to seduce for years, was lying naked upon my body. Her firm little titties pressed against my chest and I laid there fantasizing about penetrating those beautiful shaven pussy lips that were now flat against my firm abs and giving me quite an erection.

I sat there firmly grasping her ass cheeks and squeezing them while my rigid cock was wedged between Brandi's muscular thighs. Then I began massaging her asshole again and I couldn't stop thinking about how tight a passage it was and how hard it would be for me to insert my cock into it. Then my fingers wandered wildly around her down to the base of her tight little pussy lips and I proceeded to sneak my fingers in and out of her vagina as she moaned in her slumber. This was really getting me off.

I gently moved her down a few inches on my torso so that my stiff cock was firmly pressed against her asshole and pussy lips. Then I started thrusting upwards as if to simulate fucking her. I so wanted to stick my hard cock into her unsuspecting vagina but I was almost to the point of climax so I decided against it. I proceeded to fuck Brandi's inner thigh for almost ten minutes while holding myself back from ejaculating all over her sleeping body. It got to be too much so I decided to blow my load.

I methodically stroked myself while rubbing against her and I shot my load all over her asshole. I could feel my cream running down her body and forming around her luscious little muff flaps. This aroused me quite a bit but then I thought of her getting pregnant, so I began to freak out. I had just gotten off a sleeping beauty who had no idea what I was doing and now my come was dripping into her sweet pussy.

I began massaging it off with my pointer and middle fingers and then Brandi began to stir and opened her eyes. I was busted. What the hell was I going to do now?

(stay tuned for part three)

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