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Salt Breeze in the Air
by CRaZy

Adreanna lay on the soft sand, basking in the last hopeful rays of the Cote d'Azur sun before it faded over the pristine, waveless Mediterranean. She stretched contentedly, knowing that tonight she would sleep well under the starry sky, the warm Southern French air refreshing her lungs. Her bones ached from nights of sleeping on park benches and huddled against the walls of railway stations. This was bliss.

She stirred as she felt a handful of sand hitting her in the face. "It may be not be as cold here as elsewhere but we still need to make up our bed Miss," she heard her friend, travelling companion and general tour organiser admonish. Reluctantly Adreanna rose to assist Renee with her backpack. She never ceased to be amazed at the contrast between them. Renee was an Amazonian blonde; she a petite brunette. Renee's hair trailed behind her like a veil, the perfect foil for her long, tanned legs. Adreanna on the other hand, battled each morning to make her curly bob sit sedately without the help of hairdryers and gels. Her own legs were nicely toned but failed to compete with Renee's overall demeanour and stature. The only mild pleasure Adreanna gained from being constantly ignored as men from all nations, ages, creeds and dispositions immediately sought to woo Renee was their pitiful retreat when she icily informed them that she was a lesbian.

Ever since their friendship developed in High School, Adreanna and Renee had giggled at the bewildered looks on the faces of Renee's many suitors when they finally discovered the truth. Adreanna, ironically, had a healthy appetite for men but fewer opportunities to satisfy her desires. The eighteen year olds were spending a year away from Australia, travelling a lot, working a little, having no sex at all. At least not for two months, Adreanna realised dolefully. She was jolted back to reality as Renee placed the corners of a black, silk sheet in her hands. Carefully, so as not to put sand on it, the girls staked out their sleeping quarters for the night. On top of the sheet, they placed an angora blanket, knitted by Renee's grandmother for her glory box. Both girls sometimes commented that they hoped she wasn't turning in her grave at the fate of such an exquisite piece of handiwork. They knew they were the envy of other backpackers though. It was Renee who refused to sleep in a "synthetic, uncomfortable sleeping bag" so the girls enjoyed the luxury of real bedding wherever they went, regardless of the lack of atmosphere in their surroundings.

From his vantage point about five metres away, Chayne idly watched the two girls, a certain part of him awakening at the sight. He had been in a state of pleasant lethargy from the beers he had drunk earlier in the day. They were carefully laying a sheet on the ground, the brunette was crouching on her toes facing his direction as she straightened the edges. Her short shorts did little to hide the curly wisps of dark hair which crept out from between her widely spread legs. Her nipples he noted, strained to escape from her boob tube as they reacted to the afternoon breeze which attacked them through the thin lycra.

The light was fading now and the public beach began to fill with others enjoying the best free accommodation in town. Adreanna lay under the blanket with Renee, her body melding into the sand, luxuriating in her first soft sleeping quarters for at least a month. They munched on their usual nutritious meal consisting of two Toblerone bars. So much cheaper to buy such delicious chocolate in Europe and they had bought ridiculous amounts duty free. Adreanna felt particularly content as they waited for the show to begin.

Indeed, as darkness appeared, softened somewhat by the particularly lucent moon, groups of young men began to rove the beach, swaggering confidently, their torches proudly held aloft. Adreanna and Renee had often commented that they were sure the size of the torches were in inverse proportion to the size of their cocks. Guys with the biggest torches certainly seemed to be the most boastful in any case. Renee was surpassing herself tonight, sitting up and leaning forward intently as the torches shone on the girls and she inevitably became the centre of attention. She even allowed the blanket to slip to reveal the taut, beautifully rounded breasts that fought to escape. Then, after each guy had given his spiel, promised to take her to incredible heights, she would smile sweetly, lay back disinterestedly and drop her bombshell. By the time the fourth proposal had been made in sign language and broken English, both girls were laughing uncontrollably.

As their laughter subsided, they became aware of a shadow standing near them. No torch. Adreanna flicked on her pocket light to see a handsome man, medium build, staring down at her. "Forgive me," he said. My name is Chayne. I was watching you earlier. Could we walk perhaps?"

Adreanna was nonplussed. "Me? You are speaking to me?"

"But of course," he replied, his French accent punctuating his clear, crisp English. "I-I couldn't leave Renee here alone," she responded, this being the one golden rule they always followed. "Oh. Would you both like to walk?"

To Adreanna's surprise, Renee lifted the blanket and invited this stranger to climb in between them. "You can stay here and talk if you like," she said. After a moment's hesitation, Chayne joined them, smiling broadly as Adreanna offered him the perfunctory chocolate bar.

Adreanna shivered despite the warmth of the blanket. Chayne exuded a heady male musk she had not sensed for a long time. It was intoxicating. She squirmed, sliding sideways a little to avoid brushing against him. He reached over however, sliding his arm beneath her so that his fingers could gently tickle her neck. He talked to them about his travels till they were swapping their experiences, laughing about language barriers and bizarre places they had slept. Adreanna was in turmoil. Chayne's gentle touch was sending waves of frission throughout her whole being. For the first time in a long time, a guy had noticed her first. He hadn't tried to touch Renee, although he clearly enjoyed the conversation with both of them.

Finally, Renee, not insensitive to her friend's needs, sat up and announced, "I'm going for a short walk ALONE - I'll be okay." Before Adreanna could reply, Chayne had reached towards her, firmly grasping her hand in his. "I can make you both happy," he protested. Adreanna was shocked, perhaps a little dismayed, when Renee, lay back down compliantly, quietly stating that she wasn't interested in his cock. Even in the half light, Adreanna could see him grin.

The girls wore boob tubes and shorts with no underwear for practical reasons as it reduced the need for laundry. It was therefore a simple matter for Chayne to reach inside the elastic of Adreanna's shorts and find the pulsating apex of her being. Dismissively, without warning, he slid two fingers inside her saturated crevice. Adreanna gasped at the sudden intrusion, her nerve endings sending sparks of excitement to her brain. Yet, in mere seconds, the sensation was over as his fingers were removed and he turned his back to her. She wanted to cry. From frustration. From anger. From jealousy. Instead, she propped herself on one elbow and watched fascinated, as Cheyne took his fingers, liberally soaked with her wetness and slid them into Renee's mouth. Her pussy juices. On his fingers. In her friend's mouth. The idea was strangely erotic. She could see that Renee was touching her own pussy, her fingers moving in slow circular motions under the blanket while she sucked greedily at Chayne's offerings.

Chayne himself was exercising incredible restraint. Renee did indeed look like a goddess. The blanket had slipped to reveal that her boob tube no longer covered her supple tits, luminous and inviting in the moonlight. Her shining mane of hair was sprawled back on the sand as her movements became less sedate. Both Chayne and Adreanna could hear the unmistakable squelching noise now as Renee's eyes closed and her body bucked rhythmically. Then, without warning, Chayne removed his fingers, momentarily slid them back into Adreanna's pussy which, incredibly, was even more wet now, returning them to Renee's desperate mouth. The fingers of his other hand traced along her neck, down to the curve of her breasts and back again, a sedative for her frenzied moans and uncontrolled spasms. In a single, shattering moment, Renee lifted her entire upper body from the sheet, her hair flicking wildly into Chayne's face as she let out a wail, shuddered violently, then fell back, her breathing a series of acute gasps. Gradually, Adreanna could see her body relax, a slight smile curving on her lips. Chayne gallantly pulled her boob tube back up, covered her with the blanket. Then, in a single glorious moment, he turned to Adreanna, his eyes dancing towards hers with the promise of an exquisite dalliance, a sensation not unlike the anticipation of presents at Christmas as a child.

Every fibre in Adreanna's being wanted to ravish this man, devour him with her whole body, elicit his very manhood from him in a frenetic battle of competing desires. She wanted his cock to invade her, rampage her, slam mercilessly against her womb, her cries informing the whole beach of her fortune. Yet, she lay there numb. Unable to move. Her body betrayed her, refused to obey, failed to respond. Tears of despair filled her eyes.

Chayne simply smiled. Kissed her eyes. Kissed her lips. His kiss was the glitter of Argyle diamonds, swallowing her to the core till there was only him. Only him and the soft sand melding beneath and the moon witnessing above. She moved her body beneath him, clawed at his T-shirt till she felt his chest against her now exposed breasts. She rubbed her nipples against him till her tits tingled, begging for his willing mouth to show them homage. His tongue tantalised their sensitive, perfect roundness, his hips gyrating against her thin shorts. Moist tongue on her tits. Coarse denim grating her pussy raw. Cooling breeze on her fevered skin. Adreanna felt she would faint from an overload of sensation. As if he realised, Chayne suddenly lay still. Whispered to her. Told her she was beautiful. That her name was the wildness of the Adriatic sea.

Adreanna slid under the softness of the blanket now. Slid down till she found herself impeded by metal. Using her teeth, she grasped the zipper, teasing it slowly downwards till it was fully open. Chayne lifted his hips as she eased the jeans over his thighs, over his obvious excitement, down to his ankles. He impatiently kicked at them, discarded them carelessly on the southern French sand. The blanket too, was thrust in the direction of a soundly sleeping Renee, their bodies now exposed to the night sky.

She sought his cock, magnetically drawn to the eight inches of hardness that begged to be caressed. She placed her lips close, but not touching, letting her warm breath travel the entire length of his shaft. He stirred vigorously, lifting his hips towards her, but she teasingly moved her mouth from reach. Then she licked. Just gently. On the very tip. A deep moan escaped from his throat. She put her lips on his balls. Kissed them. Licked them gently, then harder. Sucked each one into her mouth in turn, at first softly, then more vigorously. His hands clasped her hair for dear life. She shuddered. Her mouth returned to his shaft, enveloping it, taking it slowly, carefully, inch by inch till it hit the back of her throat. Chayne cried out now. Pulled her hair. Pulled it hard so his cock was forced against her soft palette. Then he pulled her hair back, almost releasing his cock from the fiery confines of her mouth before violently dragging her forward again. Chayne thrust his cock in rhythm, continuing to control Adreanna's movements with a tight grip on her curls. He was beyond caring if he hurt her. Only the boiling mass entering his balls, clamouring for release mattered in the whole world.

Adreanna's entire body craved for more of Chayne's body. She loved his roughness. Loved the pain. Loved the baseness of sheer lust and the wanton need to fuck. Above his moans came her own cries. Begging him to pull her hair harder. To ram further into her throat. To make her feel the pain. She was acutely aware of a slow combustion taking place in her pussy, a rising heat that would only be quelled by the refreshing liquid she could taste as it rose to the end of Chayne's cock. With a sudden realisation, she forcefully pulled her mouth from his instrument, leaving him temporarily disappointed and needy.

Adreanna positioned herself over him, ready to quench her burning pussy. Chayne however, prevented her venturing further, reaching down with his hand to explore the source of her fire. His fingers simultaneously assuaged and heightened her pending climax till she was a tidal wave on the precipice of crashing, looking down hopelessly into an abyss before riding back up to the crest. Then she was falling. Falling. Hopelessly falling into blackness and golden light. Daisy sparklers shattering in her head. Oblivious to her brazen shouts which traversed the length of the beach, causing Renee to stir in her sleep.

When she emerged from her astral bliss, Chayne had entered her quivering slit, his own desire demanding that her body accept his fierce violation of all her senses. His pulsating cock was merciless in its rapid movements. He paused to remove it, only to turn her flat on her stomach and enter from behind. His chest on her back. His fingers pinching her nipples roughly. Gasping to breathe. She was pinned, as she felt the crest rising again, ready to capsize her, seize her every nerve. Adreanna heard Chayne wail first, then she felt the hot, sticky sensation flowing towards her ovaries, onto the sheet, down her ass crack. A blinding flash. And finally blackness.

Adreanna awoke to a perfect morning. She was pleasantly trapped between the lithe, perfumed body of Renee and the rugged, hard torso of Chayne. Smooth silk underneath. Soft angora on top. Welcoming rays of sunlight dancing on her face. Salt breeze in the air.


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