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Surprise Cuisine
by Mike&Jan

"Follow me..." Mike walked quickly down the narrow street lined with shops.

Jan was matching his pace with a very intent look on her pretty face, "I think I know exactly where it is." As they continued their fast pace Mike looked at Jan and added. "If you want, we could ask if one of these shops has a restroom?"

"No, just hurry..., I'll be ok." Jan had been needing to "go" since they'd left Ybor City over an hour ago but just hadn't seen an appropriate accommodation.

"I told you I knew." Mike smiled inwardly knowing that his great memory had come through once again.

"I knew you'd save the day..., as usual." Jan smiled as she continued her fast pace into the public restroom located in the square.

"Feel better?" Mike smiled and put his arm around Jan's shoulder as she came out.

"Much!" Jan reached around Mike's waist, glanced to see if anyone was watching, then let her hand slide down and steal a quick feel of his ass.

As the two walked, much more slowly now, nobody would have guessed how very long they'd been together as friends and lovers. The sidewalk was crowded with tourists as it was the height of Snowbird season in Florida. Normally Mike and Jan liked to visit Tarpon Springs in the summer when it was less crowded, but they had been to the R/V show in Tampa today and Jan just couldn't resist a greek salad on the way home. "Same place? Or would you like to try a new place?" Mike asked as they zig-zagged through the tourists making their way down the street.

"Whatever you want..., but I really like the salads there." Jan answered then stopped suddenly and pulled Mike to a stop also.

"Here, stand over there, under the mural." Jan motioned to the wall that had a mural of a sponge fishing boat. Mike complied and Jan moved a little into the street and turned on the new digital camera they'd just gotten.

"Ok, smile." How could Mike help but smile. He was with his beautiful wife and knew exactly what she was wearing under her fairly conservative clothes. Very unconservative black bra and panties! After the photo-moment Mike took the liberty of reaching his hand, which was hanging down from Jan's shoulder, into her open shirt just enough to feel the soft skin of her upper breast. "Love you!" Mike spoke softly as they walked without looking in Jan's direction.

"Love you too," was Jan's instant response.

"Well, what do you think?" Mike stopped in front of their usual restaurant, which was very crowded.

"Sure, if we can get a table." Jan looked around then added.

"I'd like a sidewalk table..., do you think we can?" Mike went inside, and with his uncanny ability to make people smile, persuaded them to let him have a prime sidewalk table. The service, as well as the food, was always exceptional at this restaurant and the view from the sidewalk was great. Just across the street was the canal lined with the old sponge boats. The street and sidewalks were crowded with people from all different states and countries, all different customs and dress..., and sometimes lack of dress. People watching was good today and Mike and Jan both enjoyed people watching!

"Look at the guy with the blue cap." Jan nodded toward a man across the street from them.

"Doesn't he look a little like Greg?"

"Yea, he does a little. I wonder if he's got the same type of equipment in those jeans?" Mike winked at Jan and grinned.

"Mike!" Jan scolded her husband for his crude remark, then looked back at the stranger as he walked away. "I don't know...," Jan spoke softly, "but a little nicer ass than Greg..., almost as nice as your's."

"You want drink?" Mike and Jan were startled a little, and their trance was broken, by the assertive voice of the waitress.

"I'm sorry?" Jan answered the waitress's question not knowing exactly what she'd said.

"You want drink while you look at menu?" The waitress was obviously not American, which wasn't unusual for Florida. A lot of young people from all over the world come to visit and work while they're here. She was tall, about 5' 10" or more, slender but definitely not skinny, not pretty but somehow attractive.

"What do you have on draft?" Mike looked at her name-tag as he spoke. Irene, the waitress, listed off the choices and Mike chose one.

"I'll just have ice-water." Jan added.

"Ok, you look at menu..., while I get drinks." As Irene walked quickly away Mike noticed that she had a very nice ass. She was probably an athlete or at least worked out a lot because her legs were well shaped and muscular and her ass showed to be very firm in the close fitting skirt.

"Not bad huh?" Jan reached over and placed her hand on Mike's.

"Yea, uh, she's cute." Mike didn't want to seem like he was more interested in the waitress than Jan.

"Hey, I don't mind..., she is cute..., in a dominant sort of way." Jan smiled then continued, "we'd better look at the menu and decide before she gets back or she might punish us."

Mike laughed and added. "Yea, she is a little assertive, isn't she? But, with that ass, I'd let her give us instructions."

"I don't know...," Jan pondered a moment then continued, "she looks pretty tough." They both laughed and continued making small talk about Irene and what she might be like.

Even though it was the lunch rush, on a very busy day during the busiest season, the meal was served quickly and was extremely good as usual. While Mike and Jan ate, they watched as Irene worked. She was good at working her tables, and good at working the other young waiters, who seemed to obey her every demand.

Whatever she asked them to do she would end her question with "Baby" which made the guys smile and obey. She had control..., and they enjoyed doing her bidding.

"Should we go ahead and leave and let someone else have this table?" Mike had considered another beer but wanted Jan's opinion.

"No, I think the rush is about over, and it's so nice here...," Jan looked up as the waitress was just passing by, "Irene, could I have a glass of red wine, and another beer for Mike? Unless, you need this table for someone waiting."

Irene stopped for the first time since they'd been watching her. "No, you stay. We are near finished with rush. I bring drinks in moment." Irene smiled warmly and her manner changed suddenly to a very un-dominant, friendly, young woman. While they waited for their drinks Mike picked up the new camera and took several shots of Jan.

Then Jan took a couple of Mike. As she snapped the third, Irene was back with the beer and two glasses of wine. "Here," Irene reached for the camera and took it from Jan, "you let me." Irene backed away from the table, almost into the street, and took several shots of Mike and Jan together. Then she came back to the table, handed the camera back to Jan and pulled a chair from another table and sat down.

"Could I join?" She moved the beer to Mike and one of the wines to Jan. The third glass of wine was in front of her.

"My treat..., you very nice couple." With a smile Irene raised her glass up and out to the center of the small table. Mike and Jan raised theirs as well..., then Irene continued, "To friendly people." They clicked their glasses and had a sip. "I finish with work for today. Now I relax. Most people in hurry and not friendly with waiters." "Well, that's the way it is here in the winter." Mike tried to apologize for the tourists.

"Everyone is so self-involved that they sometimes ignore other people's feelings. But, about you, where are you from?"

"From Germany, near Bonn. Family live there long time."

"What brought you here..., to Florida?" Jan asked.

"I want to see USA, and Florida, so I get visa to study photo and art. I teach art at school back home."

"Really, I was in education too." Jan smiled then continued. "How long have you been here?"

"Near six months, I go home soon." Irene looked at Jan closely, then at Mike. "You nice couple, I like you looks. You friendly, you look like lovers, I like take pictures. You do me favor?"

"Sure, of course, with our camera?" Jan wasn't sure what Irene meant but she knew she was starting to really like this young woman. When Jan glanced at Mike she could tell that he, also, liked what he saw. A lot! She knew that look in his blue eyes so well.

"No..., not that camera..., my camera." Irene thought a few seconds for the right words then finished. "My place..., not far." Jan looked at Mike and they both instantly agreed. Mike paid the bill as the two women started walking down the sidewalk talking. As Mike hurried to catch up he again watched Irene's nice muscular ass as she walked.

He also looked at his Jan and thought how, even though Irene was much younger, a lot of men would pick Jan if given the choice of the two. Jan looked pretty damn good today too. Mike caught up and the three talked as they walked through the back streets the short distance to Irene's apartment.

"Oh wow!" Mike couldn't help commenting as they walked in and he saw the pictures hanging everywhere in the small apartment. "Are all of these your work?"

"Yes, I take lots more, these ones I keep. You like?" Mike and Jan were both examining the numerous photos. Most were of individuals, some of other couples..., all were provocative poses with the subjects in various stages of undress.

"Yea..., yes, I think they're great." Mike said very honestly.

"They are very well done." Jan added then continued. "Who are the people?"

Irene looked at Jan and smiled, then smiled at Mike. "Just like you. People I meet and like. It ok with you?"

Irene's smile was intoxicating. Mike and Jan were aroused by what they saw in the photos. Normally they wouldn't consider allowing a near stranger to photogragh themselves in anything close to the way the other pictures were..., but... they looked into each other's eyes, and both agreed.

"Sure." Jan was the first to speak. "Of course."

"I'd love to as well." Mike added then turned to Irene. "Just show us what to do."

Irene walked over to a cabinet and got out a very elaborate camera and began to make adjustments. Then, when she had it the way she wanted, Irene sat it down on the table. Looking straight at Mike and Jan, Irene began to unbutton her shirt and pull the tail out from inside her skirt. "I make you comfortable if I undress some too." Irene continued to take her shirt off revealing her simple white bra. "You take shirts off too?" Mike watched as Irene removed her bra exposing very nice, but not very large, breasts. Her nipples were hard and and her breasts looked very firm. He easily slipped his pull-over sweater off and stood and watched as Jan slowly removed her shirt exposing her very sexy black bra. "You leave bra on for now." Irene was smiling at Jan. "So sexy..., I like." Irene had grabbed up the camera in a very quick move and was already clicking away. After numerous shots of Mike and Jan just standing there Irene finally spoke. "You hug, you kiss, please."

They needed no further instructions. The photos around them, the excitement of the situation, and the fact that this sexy young woman was so near had them both very sensually aroused. Mike pulled Jan to him and their mouths met. He kissed Jan as he had kissed her so many times before. Exploring her mouth, feeling her soft lips on his own. His hands found Jan's back and slid slowly down to the ass that he loved.

Jan returned the kiss and let her tongue go into Mike's mouth. She had her arms up and around his neck and felt his hands taking liberties with her ass. After a few minutes of this, she wanted, no needed, more. Jan reached down between them and undid the belt and button that held her skirt up. Pulling slightly apart from Mike she allowed the skirt to fall to the floor and kicked it away. Now, standing close to Mike with nothing but her bra and the skimpy black panties, she could feel his hands much better. As the couple continued the long kiss, and Mike continued his exploration of the nice ass, they felt another set of hands between them. "You go on. I help with pants." Irene's voice indicated she was much nearer than they were aware she had been but they knew instantly what she was doing. Mike released Jan just enough to allow Irene to unbutton his jeans and then work them down and off. As soon as they were off Irene once more moved away and began to take more photos.

"Now take off bra." Irene's voice seemed to be from a distant domain. There, but not there. But, as in a dream state, the instructions were obeyed and Mike reached up and undid the snap that held Jan's bra. As Jan's beautiful breasts were exposed the two lovers heard what sounded like a low moan coming from Irene's direction. Mike lowered his head 'till he could take one of Jan's firm nipples into his mouth and began to suck it. Jan began to moan herself with the wonderful sensation of his mouth working on her nipple. When she opened her eyes she glanced at Irene and smiled.

Not only at the camera, but at the sight of Irene. With the camera in one hand, Irene had her other inside of her skirt. Jan reached down and turned Mike's head in the direction to allow him to see this sexy sight as well. Mike, as his head turned enough to see, stood back up and, hugging, the two watched as their photographer masturbated and took more pictures of them. Mike reached down and slid Jan's panties off. Then, as he lowered his own underwear, his fully erect cock stood straight out.

Again, the two heard a slight moan from Irene's side of the room. Jan reached down and began to stroke the length of Mike's cock with her hand, then slowly kissed her way down his neck, chest and belly 'till his cock was pointing straight at her mouth. As Jan began to take his cock into her mouth, she looked directly at the camera and winked. The camera continued clicking away as Jan gave Mike a wonderful blow-job. Mike felt the sensation reaching uncontrollable levels and, not wanting to end this erotic situation now, pulled Jan's head away from his throbbing cock. He then led Jan a few feet to a couch, sat her down with her legs apart, and began to give back the oral satisfaction he'd just received. Kneeling in front of Jan he was able to fully access her beautiful wet opening. He glanced up to see that Jan's eyes were closed and she was pinching her nipples with her hands.

At he same instant he felt a hand on his ass and another under him holding his cock. He reached behind himself and felt Irene's body close, and with some maneuvering was able to hold her firm young breast. When Jan opened her eyes momentarily, she saw what was happening. Seeing Irene behind her husband, knowing the two were also fondling each other as Mike continued to do such a good job on her wet pussy, was too much to take. Jan began, what would be a very long, climax. As she came down the sensation of Mike's mouth was too much for her sensitive clitoris so she pushed his head away. When Mike glanced up at his satisfied wife he saw her smile and motion for him to turn around. Mike smiled back, and whispered, "I love you." Jan mouthed the same words back then added, "enjoy her."

Mike turned around, pulled Irene to him, and met her lips with his. She kissed Mike deeply and her small tongue explored his. He felt her firm tits against his chest and sliding his hands down her sides felt her slender waist and then her nice hips and ass. After a long passionate kiss, Irene again reached down and had Mike's cock in her hand. Mike managed to undo Irene's belt and worked her skirt off and under her knees on the floor. Now he had better access to her nice ass as he slipped his hands inside the back of her silky panties. They continued kissing and exploring each other's bodies.

Jan sat on the couch and watched as her husband, just a few feet away, was savoring this young woman's body. In a way she felt a twinge of jealousy, but remembered the times that Mike had allowed her to enjoy a moment with other men, and how it was just that, a moment of enjoyment. Then, with the jealousy changing to erotic stimulation, she relaxed and enjoyed the view. Irene was sexy. Mike was very sexy..., and her's!

Mike was amazed at how talented Irene's hands were. She seemed to know exactly how to stroke his throbbing cock. He began to release Irene's ass and move his hands around to her front. One of his hands came up to one of her nice firm tits and he squeezed her hard nipple. He felt her groan into his mouth. His other hand began to work it's way down her hard belly towards her pussy. But, just as he felt her soft pubic hair one of her hands stopped his. "No..., no more there...," Irene muttered breaking their kiss momentarily, "on ass. Like hand on ass." As Irene spoke she had taken Mike's hand and moved it back around behind her and onto her nice ass again.

Mike didn't mind. Irene had a wonderful body, great ass, and really nice tits. But, after a while, Mike's need was too great. He broke their kiss and turned to look at Jan questioningly. Jan smiled and nodded her ok to her husband. She knew Mike and knew that he needed to fuck to truly finish. But almost as soon as Mike and Jan had decided, Irene intervened. "No..., please..., you two make love." As she spoke she broke partly away from Mike and tried to turn him back towards Jan. The move was quick, but not quick enough to hide what Irene intended to hide.

Mike looked down at Irene's panties with amazement. Jan, seeing Mike's astonishment, looked as well. Irene's panties were distended out from her feminine body. Irene looked embarrassed and tried to turn away to conceal her predicament but Mike grabbed her shoulders softly and stopped her. Mike knew at once as did Jan. They had often seen, and enjoyed seeing, photos of transsexuals. Nothing said would have put Irene at ease. So nothing was said.

Mike helped Irene to her feet in front of him. Mike's cock was in desperate need and Jan knew too well what it needed. Jan moved her ass closer to the edge of the couch allowing easy access for Mike's hard cock. Mike walked on his knees the short distance to the couch, pulling Irene with him, and easily slid his cock into Jan's wet pussy. Mike then reached up and slipped Irene's panties out and over her erect cock and down her muscular legs. Jan leaned forward, and while being slowly fucked by Mike, took Irene's cock into her mouth and began to suck. She looked at Mike, who's face was just inches away, and grinned devilishly. Mike took the dare and began to also lick Irene's cock and small testicles as Jan continued sucking.

Irene was pinching her own nipple with one hand, and with the other reached down and explored one of Jan's large breasts. Mike began to fuck more purposefully as his need became too much. Knowing Mike's movements meant he was near, Jan released Irene's cock and allowed Mike to take it into his mouth. The feel of Mike's cock in her pussy, the feel of Irene's hand on her tit, and the sight of Mike sucking this young woman's cock was too much and Jan began another strong orgasm.

Mike felt Jan's pussy pulsate around his cock, felt the wetness turn to the squeaky-clean sensation that indicated a woman's orgasm, and then tasted the first small squirt of what would be many larger ones from Irene's cock into his mouth. Mike started to cum, filling Jan's pussy with more cum than he thought he'd ever given in one session. As he continued shooting his cum into Jan, he kept feeling Irene's cum shooting into his mouth and throat. It was a very unique, a very exciting, a very damn good feeling. "Wow! That's unbelievable!" Mike heard Jan. Mike knew it was Jan's voice but had never heard her sound quite like this before.

Mike kept his cock in Jan and kept Irene's cock in his mouth for a very long time after they all had finished their climaxes. It just felt right. Jan had said it all for all three of them. It was just unbelievable. And they all three knew for certain that it would also be..., Unforgettable!


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