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Speedy Checkout
by CJT

From an idea submitted by "checkoutgirl"...

Jim surveyed the store from his car in the near empty parking lot, the store was about to close, there were two people that he could see, a security guard she was about 5'2" with short black hair, stocky about 35 or so. He couldn't tell if she was armed, that could be a problem but one he could deal with later. The other girl was working at the register, she was taller than the security guard with reddish blonde hair that was done up in a clip but some had fallen out and she was constantly pushing it back up. The two women were chatting and laughing. Jim's hand began to shake as he picked up his gun, this is not what he wanted to do, especially after getting out of prison, but jobs were hard to come be for and ex-con and he needed money and he needed it fast.

He ran through the plan in his head, planning for each step, considering everything that could go wrong. What if the guard was armed? What if she pulled it? Jim shook his head he couldn't think about that. He just had to hope that she wouldn't be a hero. All he wanted was the money. Nobody got hurt. He hoped. He stuffed the gun in his coat pocket and stepped out of his car, he crossed the parking lot quickly and made his way into the store, the checkout girl looked at him when he came into the store. She smiled broadly and tapped her watch as if to say it is late. Jim responded with one finger and made a mad dash to produce, he quickly grabbed some items from the shelves.

"Damn, out of all the stores I pick one with a knock out working the register!" Jim hissed under his breath. "OK relax let's just do this and get it over with." He was trying to pump himself up when he turned to go to the checkout counter. The girl waited for him he looked at her name tag it read "Shannon" his eyes looked around until he found the security guard she was just off the first lane waiting. No gun. That was good.

Shannon gave him a big smile as he dropped his vegetables on the conveyor, she pressed the button to bring the items down giving Jim a big smile as she pushed her hair back again. Her green eyes twinkled as she bit her lip and began to weigh the first item.

"Now either you have a rabbit or you are one of the health food nuts." Shannon said jokingly. Jim managed a smile. The security guard made her way over to them.

"Hey Shan, you want me to bag for you?" she asked

"Thanks Julie." Shannon said weighing another item.

"Paper or plastic?" Julie asked from the end. Jim looked at her "It doesn't matter I am going to throw it away anyway." Julie chuckled and grabbed a plastic bag and began to shove items in.

"So which is it?" The sound of Shannon's voice brought his attention to her.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Rabbit or health food nut?" she asked again with a smile.

"Oh just looking to lose a couple pounds is all." Jim replied his eyes drifting down to her breasts. Shannon looked at him incredulously.

"That will be $12.39." she said passing the last item down to Julie. Jim fumbled with his coat pocket his hand wrapping around the gun he quickly pulled it out. Shannon's outstretched hand began to tremble. She gave a little yelp of fear. The security guard froze.

"OK don't do anything anyone is going to regret, got it?!" his voice was amazingly firm for the fact that his heart was racing about 100 mph. The two women looked at him, fear filled their eyes. This wasn't the first time they had been robbed - they had been briefed on what to do in this situation, and that was to remain calm and give what ever is asked. Never risk injury. Jim turned his attention to the security guard.

"OK you go and lock the door, no funny stuff I will be watching, any funny stuff here and this one goes down for your mistake." his voice was sharp. Julie nodded and Shannon looked at her nervously.

"Just be calm Shan, we will be OK if we just do what he says." Julie reassured. Shannon nodded as Julie went to the doors and locked them returning as she was told.

"Keys, give them to me." Jim barked. She slid the keys up the counter to him, his attention moved back to Shannon.

"Cash give it to me, that includes the big bills under the tray." Shannon turned and after some nervous fumbling got the register to open, she emptied the tray. Jim took a good look at her now. She was a sight, about 5'7" pleasantly shaped. Jim felt the bulge in his pants grow. Shannon handed him the money but some fell to the floor she looked up at him with terrified green eyes.

"It is OK pick it up and give it to me, she bent down quickly to gather the money, Jim got a good look at her ass now, he could make out her panty line through her black pants she was wearing. She stood and handed him the money, her bottom lip quivering her breasts heaving from her short rapid breaths.

"Good, very good." Jim knew he should leave now, but he just couldn't, this was too good of an opportunity.

"OK now open your shirt and let's have a look." Jim demanded

"Look you got the money now go." Julie responded.

"If I want your opinion I'll ask, until then SHUT THE FUCK UP!" his voice went from calm to a yell startling them both. His attention turned back to Shannon.

"Let's see!" Shannon brought her shaking hands to her top and pulled it over her head. Her skin was white compared to the blue bra that encased her 36DD breasts, she reached behind her and undid the clasp, her face burned red with embarrassment. Jim motioned with the gun to take the bra all the way off. Shannon reluctantly obeyed, the cold air of the supermarket wrapped around her body causing her nipples to harden. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but Jim pushed them away with his free hand, he cupped her breast his thumb brushing her nipple, Shannon pursed her lips to suppress her cry.

"Nice, very nice. You are doing well, keep it up and you will get to walk out of here." He looked to Julie who watched with fascination.

"You like?" Jim asked her.

"What? N..No!" Julie said, but she did, she was always envious of Shannon. The way guys would hit on her. She liked Shannon's body.

"Come here I want you to take her pants off."

"What?" Julie was stunned she looked to Shannon who could only shake her head, it was useless to resist. They both knew it. Julie moved close to her.

"Look you had your fun now..." Jim cut Julie off with the back of his hand across her face the sound of the blow made Shannon jump. Julie looked at Jim tears filled her eyes. She stood behind Shannon her arms encircling her waist as her fingers undid the button on her pants. She slowly worked them down along with her panties. Shannon was even more attractive naked. She kept her patch of hair neatly trimmed she began to shudder from the cold.

"Looks like Shannon is cold, guess you are going to have to warm her up, I want you to play with her tits and pussy." Julie pressed her forehead in the middle of Shannon's back. Her hands made their way up her body until they cupped each breast, she massage them gently, her fingers gently squeezing Shannon's nipples bringing them to fully hard. One of Julie's hands move down across Shannon's stomach to her pubic hair there it paused briefly before going lower, she gently rubbed the outside of her pussy. The warmth of it a stark contrast to the cold air of the supermarket. Shannon looked at Jim fear eroded from her eyes and slowly a flicker of passion began to form in them. Jim began to rub his cock through his pants, he reached out and placed a finger at her mouth. He pushed it in gently and Shannon unknowingly sucked on it.

"Like to suck on things do you?" Jim asked her. Shannon didn't respond. "Well let's find out! Take my cock out and suck on it, one tooth, one nibble and goodbye, got it?" Shannon nodded she began to move around the counter.

"No! Just lean over from there, put one leg on the counter and lean over, " Shannon looked over at him, she slowly obeyed not wanting to feel the same blow that Julie had felt earlier, she stepped out of her pants and put one leg on the counter laying on it was cold to her body sending goosebumps across her body, her hands trembled as she undid his pants, she went slowly, Jim pressed the gun to her temple. She stopped and looked up at him, then continued more quickly now.

"All right Julie, now you get on your knees and give her pussy some attention." Julie had never felt a woman with her tongue before, she was kind of anxious to try it, but she didn't want to look like she was enjoying this opportunity to enjoy Shannon. But she knelt obediently, the musky smell of Shannon's sweet snatch filled her nostrils, she slowly pressed a kiss to her warmth, Julie's mouth trembled with excitement. She slowly slid her tongue from her mouth into Shannon's warm box. She felt Shannon tighten up at first then her muscles began to relax as Julie darted her tongue in and out. Shannon's sweet juice coated Julie's tongue, she tasted sweet, Julie began to become more aggressive as she brought her hands into play, she inserted a finger and Shannon let out a moan.

Shannon meanwhile slowly undid Jim's pants and let them fall to the floor, his massive cock stood out like a tent in his boxers, Shannon looked up at him, he nodded for her to continue. Shannon began to breath heavily, Julie was now licking her clit, with two fingers inside of her fucking her gently bringing her to complete arousal. Shannon pushed the man's boxers over his erection and it stood out to her, he was about nine inches in length not very wide but rather long. With one hand she reached out and took hold of the base of his cock, it was hot to her touch. She looked up again at her attacker, he wore a sinister grin, she turned her attention to his cock as the sound of her pussy wet with excitement from the attention Julie was giving it with her tongue and fingers began to fill the air. She slowly placed her mouth over his head, it tasted salty with pre cum, she closed her eyes as she slowly sucked the length of it into her mouth, he let out a low growl of approval. her hand began to pump the base of his shaft slowly.

"OK Julie now I want you to get out a piece of those vegetables there and use it on her." Shannon pulled her mouth off at this command, He quickly grabbed her hair and yanked on it shoving his cock into her mouth so deep she gagged, he undid the clip to allow her hair to fall, her hair was very long, he twirled it around his fist and held her there deep in her throat she continued to gag until she relaxed her throat to allow for his size. Julie reached up and pulled the bag down. She looked into it, she started to reach for the carrots, but saw a large cucumber instead. Julie thought for a moment. Then grabbed the cucumber. She pulled it out of the bag, Jim nodded approvingly. Julie licked it then began to rub the outside of Shannon's pussy. Shannon didn't know what Julie had she only knew it was large and cold! She started to pull her mouth off but Jim pulled at her hair so she kept sucking. Julie slowly began to push the cucumber into Shannon, Shannon let out a soft yell, the vibrations from her voice vibrated through Jim's cock. The cucumber was about four inches in total width, Shannon never had anything so large in her, she screamed in pain, but Julie fascinated by what she was doing kept pushing it in. Shannon slowly began to relax and it didn't hurt nearly as bad. Julie began to pump Shannon's pussy with this green monster, it was shiny with Shannon's juice, Julie began to lick the cucumber when it was partially out, tasting Shannon with every lick.

Shannon began to suck in earnest now on Jim's cock, she could feel her orgasm building in her, Julie shoved the cucumber deeper and deeper the pain faded and then her body began to shake. Her first orgasm hit her like a tidal wave she pulled Jim's cock out and screamed out.

"Oh god Julie I am cumming!" She quickly took Jim's cock back into her mouth and sucked greedily forgetting that she was being raped by this man and a vegetable. Julie pulled the cucumber out and licked Shannon's pussy, tasting her cum as it washed over her face, once Shannon's orgasm had subsided Julie quickly re-inserted the cucumber.

"OK Julie let's really fill her, take that roll of dimes there and shove it into her ass. Julie reached into the open drawer, fumbling she found the plastic covered roll of dimes, she quickly inserted the roll into her mouth wetting it then put it to Shannon's ass, she felt Shannon tense up, but Julie pressed on, now acting more as an accomplice than a victim. Slowly the roll disappeared into Shannon's ass. Jim looked from his position his orgasm building in his balls, he could see the cucumber inside Shannon now a roll of dimes in her ass Julie alternating thrusts, Shannon greedily sucking on his manhood, but what finally did it was when Shannon looked up at him with her dark green eyes filled with passion. Jim could feel his cock began to buck, his fist tightened in her hair holding her still as his cum erupted in her mouth, surge after surge filled her mouth, she gagged but swallowed it all hungrily. Jim withdrew his cock and Shannon collapsed on the counter, her leg ached from being kept hiked up. She thought her ordeal was over as she swallowed trying to get the salty taste of his cum out of her mouth.

"Good, now Julie I want you undressed and on your back on the counter, I think you should get off too!" Julie looked up at him she bit the inside of her lip to avoid the smile. She did so quickly, undressing, Shannon stepped back and allowed Julie to climb up on the counter. Julie spread her legs, she had a completely shaven pussy, wet with cum from what she was doing to Shannon. Shannon gathered her hair to one side and leaned over Julie, her tongue traced the outside of her lips, then darted in quickly, Julie let out a soft moan. Jim stroked his cock back to hardness and moved around the counter to stand behind Shannon, he slowly inserted his cock into her, she moaned. Julie reached out and pressed Shannon's head closer to her pussy her hips rising Shannon licked and thrust her tongue into her, it taking on a life of its own, Jim began ramming his cock deep into Shannon the sound of their bodies slapping unmistakable, Julie began to fuck Shannon's face, her orgasm came with a rush and a loud cry erupting from her lips, Shannon allowed the cum to wash over her face, Jim's grip tightened on Shannon's hips his balls slapping Shannon's clit, Shannon laid her head down on Julie's hairless pussy as she moaned with each thrust, her face contorted with pleasure as her orgasm exploded the sound of her voice combined with the sloppy wetness from her love box cause Jim to yell out his own impending orgasm. He order them both to the floor as he pulled out and stood back stoking his cock. They both lined up side by side.

"Open your mouths you sluts!" They obeyed as is fist pumped his cock, with one final flurry his cock shot cum out of its tiny slit hitting Shannon and then Julie in the face, he jerked his cock violently squeezing the last drops out of it. Cum had sprayed into their hair across their faces and some landing on Shannon's large breasts. Julie leaned over without any encouraging and began to lick the cum off Shannon' breasts licking them clean, licking each nipple. Jim gathered his pants put them on, he ordered them to dress they did so quickly, he tied them up in the office and left the store.

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