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Slut Demonstration
by Michael Herrick

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If you have read any of my previous stories, you know my girlfriend Rebecca is very submissive. I greatly enjoy testing her limits by placing her in ever more daring scenarios. My usual strategy is to maneuver her into situations where her submissive nature and eagerness to please me overcomes any doubts or hesitation on her part. One such opportunity presented itself recently when my friend Andy visited.

Andy had come over to watch Pulp Fiction, and the three of us settled on the couch for the show. Nothing out of the ordinary happened while we were watching the film, although I had the feeling Andy was a bit envious of me cuddling Rebecca. She is slim, with small perky breasts, and on this day was wearing a half shirt with a black pleated skirt. She watched the screen while reclining on her side, which put her flat stomach on display. I gave Andy a smile when I caught him looking admiringly at her.

When the movie finished we remained on the couch while Andy and I had a good-natured debate about the plot. Rebecca listened quietly as she stretched out across my lap. Andy remarked on the scene between John Travolta and Rosanna Arquette in which she lists her various body piercings. He said he could understand a woman piercing her nipples for pleasure, but wasn't putting a hole in her clit a bit much? Rebecca smiled at this because she has a "hood" piercing, and enjoys it tremendously. She says that it makes even walking fun. I stroked Rebecca's smooth abs and casually told Andy that Rebecca had just such a piercing.

"Really?" he said. "What's it like?" Rebecca reddened a bit and looked up at me. I shrugged and said, "You heard him. Tell him what it's like."

With some apparent embarrassment at discussing such a personal topic, Rebecca proceeded to give Andy a verbal FAQ on what it's like to be the owner of a hood piercing. No, it didn't really hurt when she got it. Yes, it feels great, etc.

Andy nodded with approval and said, "Cool. I've never met anyone who had one before... At least, if they did, they never mentioned it." As we all laughed at this remark, I carefully pressed a button on the remote control at my side.

"So Andy, I guess you've never seen a genital piercing?" I asked.

He replied slowly, "No, not in person."

I looked down at Rebecca. "We can fix that."

Her breath caught and her eyes widened. She knew she was about to be given orders, and looked quickly from Andy to me. Maybe she was unsure about being made to show her submissiveness in front of a guest.

Good. I like seeing her a little shook up.

"Get off the couch and lie down on the floor." I said, indicating the area in front of us. She stood up and smoothed her skirt, which I thought was funny since I knew she wouldn't need it for very long. Looking me in the eye, perhaps with a hope of reprieve, she slowly sat down on the floor, hugging her knees. Andy nodded with approval and complimented me on her obedience. However, I wasn't quite satisfied. I had told her to lie down.

"Thanks Andy. But, she knows better than that." I addressed Rebecca with a stern look, and a quiet firm voice. "You heard what I said. Are you wearing panties?" With puppyish eyes she shook her head no. "Fine. Now lie back, pull your skirt up, and show Andy your piercing."

Rebecca kept her eyes locked on mine as she reclined back on her elbows. She gave a pleading look in Andy's direction. Maybe he would take pity on her and ask me to have her stop. Instead he leaned forward intently, his arms resting on his knees, clearly waiting for the show to continue. Rebecca exhaled a breath and pulled her skirt up to her waist. When she remained motionless for a moment I began to admonish her. "Becca..." With that she looked away from us, pursed her lips, and moved her legs apart.

Andy took in a breath as Rebecca's neatly shaved pussy came into view. Rebecca was looking sulkily off to the side, as if she was at a doctor's appointment and didn't really want to see what was happening. How rude, I thought. "Rebecca, look at us please," I said. "And move your knee a bit further out." She complied, but didn't look happy about it.

Andy was now staring at her pussy with wonder. I sat down next to Rebecca to narrate. "See, it's a little above her clit," I said as I pointed to the little silver dumbbell. "It's in just the right place to increase her sensations, but not get in the way. Right Bec?" She nodded shamefully. Part of her embarrassment might have been from the fact that she was getting visibly wet. I continued my lecture.

"See, if I rub it like this it hits her clit along with my finger." Rebecca took in a quick gasping breath. "And it really seems to make her squirm when I - keep your legs apart honey - when I lick her. I just concentrate on moving it around with my tongue." Andy just nodded vaguely as he watched, transfixed. "Here, you try." Rebecca looked up in alarm, but didn't close her legs.

Andy moved a shaky hand to Rebecca's mound, causing her to jump a little. She took in a sharp breath as Andy began to diddle her piercing around her wet clit. She looked at me incredulously with her mouth hanging open.

I leaned over and whispered matter-of-factly in her ear, "You're free to go whenever you want. You know that." She glared at me, pursed her lips again (she always does that when she sulks) and spread her legs wider for Andy. I smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

Andy was fascinated with Rebecca's toy, and speeded up every time he elicited a moan or gasp from her. After a few minutes Rebecca seemed to have resigned herself to the situation, and was now panting lightly in time with Andy's rhythm. Her whimpers and moans got more intense, and I waited for her to ask the question. Sure enough, as uppity as she can get sometimes, she looked over at me and asked. "Can I?"

Andy stopped what he was doing and looked at me inquisitively. "She's asking if she can come," I explained. Andy nodded approvingly at her obedience, while Rebecca waited breathlessly for my answer. I thought for a moment and said, "Not yet. I want to show Andy something else first." Rebecca slouched in disappointment, but kept her legs open. "Andy, do you like watching a girl get herself off?"

"Love it!"

"Me too. Becca, would you show us how you do yourself please?"

She nodded and started to get up. "Where are you going?" I asked.

"To get my vibrator."

"No, no. With your fingers."

"Michael!" she gasped. Although I have often watched Rebecca please herself with her vibrator, she is very hesitant about using her fingers while I watch. For some reason she feels it is more personal and private. It's sort of funny - these days it seems every girl has a vibrator, and yet here's a girl embarrassed to touch herself with her bare hands. "No, please..." she said, glancing anxiously at Andy. I just cocked an eyebrow and motioned her to get on with it.

She sat down again and pulled her skirt up. Andy looked at me and laughed at his good luck to be a spectator at such a great show. "You owe me for this one," I said.

Once again the lips pursed as Rebecca sulkily began massaging her clit with her fingers. Andy mumbled, "Awesome." Her cheeks were a bit red from shame, but she did seem to be enjoying the feeling. I decided to push things just a bit farther.

"You know what I hate Andy?" I said. "All the pictorials in the magazines and on the web show girls masturbating, but they never show them actually fingering themselves."

Andy nodded vigorously in agreement. "And when they do, they don't show the girl's face." We could see Rebecca's face, and it was turning redder. Maybe that explains the lack of such photos.

"Do it Rebecca, finger yourself." The pout on her face only added to our enjoyment as she slid her middle finger into her pussy up to the last knuckle. Although she clearly wasn't pleased about having to demonstrate this most personal act in front of my friend, she had resigned herself to having to do it properly. Without being told, she began fucking herself with her finger. In and out, slow and then fast, she did herself for our benefit.

Although she was wet and breathing a bit fast, she was stubbornly refusing to show her enjoyment. Andy and I watched intently, and laughed when Rebecca's finger made a wet squelching noise as she pushed it hard into her pussy. Again she blushed, but did not stop. She didn't even put up a fight when I told her to suck the finger she was using. Finally I decided she had done well and deserved a reward. "Ok Rebecca. You've been good - no, no, keep going. I think you've earned a treat. How do you want to come?"

She paused with her finger deep inside her and eyed Andy. "Could he... could Andy touch me again?"

I laughed heartily and said to Andy, "Well, maybe this wasn't such an ordeal for her after all!" He gave a sly smile and again moved between Rebecca's legs. She removed her hand to allow Andy access to her pussy, and leaned back on her elbows so she could watch.

Andy held up two fingers and told Rebecca to make them wet. She sucked them into her mouth and moaned as she curled her tongue around and around them. Releasing his fingers, she looked at Andy and breathed, "Please do it to me. I have to come real bad." I moved to the couch to watch from a bit of a distance. Andy pushed her legs farther apart, stared for a moment, and then started to stroke her clit again. Rebecca let out a loud moan and her head lolled back. She started panting and whimpering, and then Andy slowed down to almost a standstill. He was really getting the hang of this teasing!

Rebecca looked imploringly into his eyes and I could hear her urgent whispers. "Oh please don't stop! You liked watching me touch myself, didn't you?" Andy nodded and said to keep talking. This was another good move on his part because Rebecca gets uncontrollable when she talks dirty. "Did you like it when I spread my legs for you?" Andy nodded and speeded up his fingers on her clit. Rebecca cooed and sat up so she could continue her dirty talk in Andy's ear. I could just hear her whispers from where I sat. "Ooooh, it felt so nasty to finger myself in front of you. Did you like watching me put my finger up my puss? " Andy didn't answer, but went even faster on Rebecca's clit. "Oh, yes! don't stop! Yes!" Rebecca shrieked and shook through her orgasm, finally pushing Andy's hand away when it became overstimulating.

When she had calmed down, Andy had Rebecca clean off his fingers. Then he got up and said, "Wow, thanks. You've convinced me - I'm going to have Stacey get a piercing... today." He started for the door, but I stopped him.

"Here," I said, removing the videotape from the camera. "Show this to Stacey if she needs convincing." Rebecca gasped as I handed the tape to Andy, and then ran from the room.

I said goodbye to Andy, and then walked toward the bedroom, unzipping my fly as I went.


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