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Sweet Dreams
by Vystra Syn

Katrina stretched lazily in the center of her huge four poster bed. Her eyes were barely open but her body was on fire. She arched her back and slid her hands down to her soaked crotch.

"Mmmm, what a dream." she murmured aloud as her fingers slid across her swollen clit. Another moan reverberated from her chest when she turned onto her stomach and drove two fingers deep into her cunt. With her hips pumping onto her hand she closed her eyes and remembered the dream.

A crowded bar. The heavy smell of smoke hanging in the air. Bodies pressed helplessly together from lack of space. Loud booming music making speech impossible. Arms, strong and warm, circle her waist from behind propelling her towards the dance floor. The scent of your cologne both familiar and welcome. "Anthony" spills from her lips in a whisper as his soft hands slowly pull the shirt from her shoulders exposing her tits to all in the room.

Silence fills the room as she is pulled into a sitting position on his lap. His hands cup the undersides of her tits as his fingers stroke and squeeze her now erect nipples. Her head falls back onto his shoulder. They turn to each other at the same time, their lips meet hungrily.

The silence is broken as the crowd erupts in shouts of encouragement when she sucks his tongue into her mouth. His hands are drawn to the waistband of her skirt amid sexy suggestions from the onlookers. She parts her legs, welcoming his touch. Deepening the kiss she strokes her hands down her thighs and catches the thin fabric of her skirt with her fingertips. Slowly she inches the material up until his hands are visible between her outstretched legs.

The crowd again falls silent as his fingers slip into the closely cropped hair covering her pussy. Positioning his knees on the indes of hers he pulls her legs even farther apart. The sound of her moist lips parting brings one man from the crowd forward. The men exchange a look and then a nod.

Beckoning the newcomer forward with a slight tilt of his head Anthony pulls his lips from hers and begins to kiss the side of her neck just below her earlobe. His lips drag moans from deep within her chest and she moves restlessly against him.

"I want you inside of me."

"I will be." He promises and slips his middle finger deeply into her wet pussy.

Gasping with pleasure at the feel of him filling her she does not notice the newcomer. Anthony doesn't want her realize until it is too late that they are not. . . alone, and thrusts a second and then a third finger into her throbbing body. Expert fingers massage her clit, matching the beat of the deep thrusts. Lost in the sensations she can only feel. Not think. Not reason. Just feel.

The newcomer drops to his knees between her legs and Anthony slides down on the chair, opening her legs even wider. As Anthony drives his fingers into her cunt over and over again the newcomer lowers his head and starts to rim her asshole with his tongue. The feel of something pressing against her tight ass brings her to a quick orgasm.

"Yeah baby, give it to me," Anthony mumbles against her neck.

His cock is rock hard and his balls aching for release. In one swift movement he unbuttons, unzips and lowers his pants without breaking stride in her wet cunt. The newcomer moves back as a huge cock springs up between her legs. Anthony takes his dick in one hand and lifts her up and slides his cock between her ass cheeks. The wetness from her tongue fuck ease his way into her tight hole.

It was almost too much to take, but she'd wanted to fuck Anthony for so long, so badly that anything that he wanted to do was alright. Katrina ground down onto his cock, seating him deeply in her tight canal. He started stroking her clit and fingering her as his dick moved slowly in and out of her ass. She had never felt this full or satisfied in her entire life.

She felt her knees lifted up and finally realized that someone else had joined their little party. She tried to look and see who it was but Anthony just told her not to worry about it. Katrina got a look at the guy before Anthony bit her neck to get her attention. She knew him. Daniel. And was damn surprised he was there, but it felt too good to stop now so she let her legs relax in his hands.

Daniel pressed her legs up and Anthony circled her knees with his arms to hold her in this new position. He could still move his hips and fucked her with hard quick thrusts. Her tits bounced with each drive of his body into hers.

Daniel leaned forward and took one nipple into his mouth the other between thumb and forefinger and began to bite and pull... suck and rub.

Her pussy was dripping she was so wet. With each upward thrust her cunt slammed into Daniels stomach until she was begging him to tongue fuck her.

Daniels mouth finally left her bruised tits and nipped his way down between her legs. When his tongue brushed against her swollen clit Katrina gasped, When his lips closed over it she screamed with pleasure.

Anthony flipped Katrinas legs over Daniels shoulders then reached out and hooked his hands together behing Daniels head effectively anchoring his mouth against her throbbing cunt and began to really pound his giant cock into her ass.

"YES!" Katrina shouted as tongue and cock rubbed against one another deep inside her throbbing body.

Her cunt clamped onto Daniels tongue in orgasm as Anthonys cock exploded, wave after wave of pleasure surged through her body as he emptied his balls into her quivering ass. Daniels tongue drove in and pulled out every drop of cum she gave.

"Oh. . . baby." Anthony whispered into her ear, "you liked my dick up your ass didn't you?"

Before she could answer Daniel pulled his head free from Anthony's grasp, rose onto his knees and drove his throbbing cock into her pussy.

"You like to be fucked by both of us don't you?" Daniel said and thrust his dick to the hilt, spewing his cum almost immediately.

"Yes. . . Yes. . . I do. . ." she gasped as he filled her with his sticky juice.

What a dream, Katrina thought as she sucked the pussy juice from her sticky fingers. One she'd make a reality if she ever got the chance.

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