The Best Erotic Stories.

by David "the pimp" & Christy "the little bitch"

Three men were sitting at a small round table covered with a white tablecloth. There were about four empty glasses set on the table and they each had a full one. They were drinking heartily and laughing quite loudly at a joke one of them made. Then they all shut up suddenly as they saw these two girls approach the table across from them. These girls were utterly beautiful. The girl that sat directly across from them was wearing about a ten inch black skirt showing her beautifully tanned legs, glinting off the moon's light. She was busting out of her red sweater. She had curly blond hair that bounced as she walked. Her eyes were blue and they attracted your eyes into them and you couldn't stop gaping at these eyes seeming as deep as the ocean. Her lips were a luscious red and were the one thing that could draw your eyes away from hers.

She was about five feet and eight inches but her black heel made her seem five felt eleven inches tall. The other girl next to her was wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants with brown sandals. She had a green tank top and a white corduroy jacket. She was sort of pale which made you notice her lips a dark rose colored lipstick. She had brown hair that was kind of matted down. She wore a pair of silver sunglasses that reflected the moon. As the blond woman approached the table the waiter wearing a white tuxedo pulled out the wire chair. As she sat down she noticed we were gawking at them. She glanced over at us and then returned her attention to her friend. The waiter did the same for the brown-haired lady and they ordered some drinks. One of the men was staring at her exposed legs that were crossed under the table. Then she uncrossed her legs and the breath was taken from that man. He was speechless, his two buds didn't even notice. Until they looked down at her legs and saw what his pal saw.

"Sara, there is no way you were that blond girl in the story," Adam interrupted her.

"Adam, you don't even know me, let me finish."

Adam and Sara were sitting on a brown leather couch in the middle of the family room on a hot summer day. It was a hundred and three degrees outside and their air conditioning was broken. Adam was best friends with Kyle who was going out with Sara. Kyle was out getting them lunch so Sara was passing the time by telling Adam her most daring experience. They were both in their underwear because it was so damn hot.

"Okay, Sara go ahead, what happened?"

"Well then I realized what I did, I uncrossed my legs and I was going commando. I wasn't sure what to do after that. Then I saw how much of a thrill it was giving them so much pleasure, so I left it like that. I continued to talk with my friend as though I didn't' realize what I've done. After I got bored of them just staring at my virgin pussy I got bored. I wanted to thrill them again because it excited me that I could give them such excitement. So as I continued to mingle with my girlfriend I brought my hand below the table and slit it down through by bust to the gaping canyon in my body. If felt down there for a while and opened up my swelling cooch. I began to slip my finger in and out of my flit. It formed into a steady rhythm of pumping my fingers in and out. The men at the other table were budging in the pants and one man had his hand in his pants fondling his throbbing cock. They ordered us another round of drinks. 'Many friend had no idea why, and I pretended to be clueless. She had no idea what I had been doing. The eventual thrusting of my finger into my swollen clit caused the vagina fluids to flow down my leg and onto my dress.

Then my friend suggested that we leave. So I took of my sweater to cover my soaked dress and tied it around my waist. I left as though nothing happened and then looked back for one small glance and gave them a innocent wave.

As I finished the story I saw that Adam had his hands in his plaid boxers rubbing his rod. I was amazed that the story turned him on so much. Then he noticed I was done and staring at his enormous bulge. He didn't know what to do. So I asked him to describe his most erotic story. He said that none of his stories would even come close to comparing to mine and that he really hadn't had any. So I thought for like a minute still gazing at his bulge and innocently said, "Let's have one right now."

So I reached over to his boxers to pull them off. And he just stared at my sweaty body in a silk leopard skin bra and panties. As I grabbed his eight-inch rod with my forefinger and thumb he yelped. I glanced into his eyes and thrust his erection into my mouth going as far in as I could without choking myself. He just lay back in sheer pleasure and moaned. I played with his swollen head with my tongue sliding it all over. I then stopped suddenly and he looked down, seeing me glare up at him with this sweet innocent gaze. He stared back thinking what to do. I then stood up and pressed my succulent breasts into his face. He started to kiss them and he took off my bra and flung it somewhere. He started licking them, turning him form a shy friend into a horny animal. He started to lick them in a frenzy of pleasure until I let out a small moan and then he went from m breasts to my inner thigh. He played in that are for a while and then thrust me onto the couch and pulled my panties down to my ankles. I spread my legs for him and he came upon me with his dick in his hand. He touched my pussy lips with his cock and teased me until I moaned, "Stop toying with me."

Then he thrust the full length of it into me. I screamed with a mix of pleasure and pain as he did this. He pumped it in and out working up a sweat. He leaned over me and started to feel my right breast and let his tongue slip passed my lips. Then Kyle came back slamming the door behind him. We looked up in the same position and waited. He then walked in and stopped suddenly as he realized what was happening. He dropped the two brown bags and began to take off his clothes. Adam then continued to fuck me harder and harder until he told me he was gonna go soon. I pulled his sex tool from my tool shed and began to give him a hand job. Then he came all over my breasts and it dripped down my body. I spread it all over and rubbed it into m body mixing it with the sweat I built up. Then I called for Kyle to finish me off. He came over his dick already hard and I turned over and bent over. He crouched onto his knees and began probing me doggy style. I felt the pre cum dripping down my legs and suddenly he moaned as my wet pussy twitched. I then had my orgasm, and it was all over both of us. I looked down as I moaned from the mix of pleasure and pain as I saw blood dripping down my leg. I looked up at him seeing that he saw what I saw and said, "Oops."

He acknowledged this and kept pumping until we were soaked as her orgasm came to a finish. Then I took out his dick and began to suck him dry. I put it all the way down my throat with the full length in my mouth. He groaned in pleasure as he moved to lick up the fluids. I kept sucking him as Adam watching with his boxers back on but still stiff. Then Kyle let out a moan and I felt the warm, salty fluid rush into my mouth and down my throat as I was forced to swallow it. We all took showers at separate times and began to watch TV again as though nothing happened, as we waited for our parents to arrive.

"Do you want wheat or white bread?" I replied to Mackenzie who was examining the blueberry-flavored condoms in the isle next to the bread section I stood content in.

"You know I've been hooked on wheat ever since I found that ant in my sandwich at the park!" Kenzie yelled to me.

"Kenz, you do realize we were on a picnic and there were ants everywhere, right?"

"You can think what you want to think..." Kenzie drifted off.

There wasn't much that could keep my best friend and I apart. The first day of kindergarten I had forgotten my lunch at home, and Kenz was the only one that would share her PB & J sandwich with me. We had been inseparable ever since.

"Ok, I got the chips-nacho cheese, your fave, the bread, meat and cheese. What else do you want?" I questioned her as I turned our cart into the aisle where Kenzie stood.

"Oh my god! Do you realize you can suck a guy's dick and it will taste like bubble gum? What are they going to come up with next!"

"Hopefully one that tastes like a chocolate sundae." I laughed. This was a normal conversation between Kenz and I. We both loved guys-and getting with guys even more. I knew all of her fantasies, and she knew most of mine. We knew each other's weaknesses, each other's strengths, our hopes, our dreams, and everything we had been through.

"I'm still waiting for my butterscotch condom," she complained. "Everyone would want one."

"Of course they would," I agreed sarcastically, "but until then, can we grab some sodas and get over to Kyle's? We're already 15 minutes late." I grumbled as I rounded our cart into the juice section.

"I'm so sorry!" I screamed as the crash of my cart into his echoed through the store. I looked up immediately knew I recognized who I could safely say was quite a fox.

"Don't worry about it. I should have watched where I was going," his raspy voice contradicted mine.

I smiled and continued down the isle, trying to remember where I had seen his face. Then it hit me. But it couldn't be-could it? That night was so long ago...was that the guy that I had actually thrilled that night at the restaurant?

"What was all that about?" Kenzie asked cluelessly.

"Um, nothing, I just hit that guys cart. Nothing really." I had never told Kenzie about that night, and it was one secret I didn't feel like repeating to anyone, not even my best friend who knew everything about me. She even knew things like the first time I gave Kyle a blow job, and bit too hard, and he had to wear a Band-Aid down there for two and a half weeks.

"Okay, well I found my favorite cookies, so we gotta get 'em...Sara?"

"Yeah what?" I quickly snapped back into reality.

"You okay? You seem really distracted."

"Nope, I'm cool, just hopin' that Kyle won't be mad at me."

"Dude, you're not his slave! Chill!" she laughed

"I'll be back, I'm gonna pee."

"Alright, I'll get in line."

I hurriedly, but casually sauntered into the next aisle where my thrill seeker was grabbing some dill pickles, which only reminded me of our racy incident even more. We caught glances as I pretended to be looking for olives.

"Knock, knock," he started with a joke.

"Who's there?" I played along.

"Olive," he stated

"Olive who?" I asked

"Olive you," we both laughed. Trying to win me over with a joke...can we get more generic? I thought to myself.

"Sorry, that was lame," he laughed, "but you know I had to start a conversation with you somehow."

"It's ok, I liked it actually." He was so cute; you just wanted to give him a big smooch right off the bat. And although the joke was pretty pitiful, his light blue eyes distracted you so you forgot about anything but his sexy smile.

We both glanced at one another, knowing where we knew each other from.

"You were at the..." he started.

"Yeah," I cut him off.

"Wow," he laughed.

We were both bright red and embarrassed as hell. I knew it would be awkward when I entered his aisle but something told me I needed to see him again.

Before I could explain myself I pulled the stranger into the bathroom which was completely empty, leaving Kenz at the counter waiting for me by herself. I turned the lock of the faded white door that shut us off from the chaotic sounds of the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon. Our lips pressed together tightly as the sexy sounds of Janet Jackson played in the feminine bathroom where we stood, our bodies pressed against one another as his hand slid underneath my fitted black dress; Kyle's favorite color on me. But my thoughts weren't focused on Kyle. They were geared to the guys whose hand was lost beneath me, and whose tongue was caressing my neck and shoulders. As he lifted me onto the damp counter, where a girl stood just a few moments ago washing her hands and fixing her hair, I found myself casually unbuttoning his khaki shorts as he gazed into my wondering eyes, which were now placed lower to his Calvin Klein boxer briefs, the tightness of them revealing what he had to offer. Our sweat-covered bodies became forced upon one another, the chemistry of the two of us now perfectly apparent. I had only talked to this guy for 3 minutes and now he was pleasing me in ways I had I never known before. I found myself falling in love with his moist lips and light blue eyes, a color similar to mine.

"I don't want this to be the last time we see each other," he whispered.

"Neither do I," I responded.

Hand in hand the two of us walked out into the busy store, luckily with no one in sight.

"There you are," I heard Kenzie yell at me as I slowly started to move in for one last kiss with a guy I didn't know the name of. "I was looking for you everywhere!"

"Sorry," I replied, "the crimson wave hit earlier than expected..." A period lie could get me out of any bad situation. I had used it many times-tests, chores, PE-this was incident number 101, and nothing mattered, not even lying to my best friend.

"Oh, I hear ya," she winked at me. "Who's this? Not someone with the same problem I hope," she laughed.

"Oh, no," I stammered. "This is a guy I met last year at camp. Kenz, this is..."

"Nate," he interrupted me. "Nate Baumstieger, nice to meet you."

"It's always nice to meet nice, polite, sexy guys," she flirted. "But Sara, we are seriously late. Kyle's going to kill you," She warned.

"Yeah, you're right," I agreed. "It was nice to see you Nate. I hope this isn't the last time."

"If you're ever looking for something to do, check the pickle section for me," he laughed.

"I'll do that." And with one last look at the guy I could only wish I got to know, I turned the corner and walked out the sliding double doors with only the memory of him left.

Three days later I had dumped Kyle thinking I would soon be with the man of my dreams, Nate. Anyway Kyle knew something was wrong because I wasn't in a stage of constant flirting after I met Nate at the grocery store. So it all worked out well enough. Now all I have to do is wait for Nate to call. It was 9:00 AM; I couldn't sleep so I sat on my couch covered in a shawl still wearing my pajamas. Every night I wore the same type of PJ's, flannel pants and a tight white tanktop. I loved the way I looked in them and wish I could wear them in public. My dreamy thoughts of what would happen with Nathan the next time I met him, we were interrupted by the phone. I finally realized it was the second ring. It startled me and I jumped up to get it spilling my coffee on my left thigh. I hopped to the phone while the coffee dripped down my leg burning more and more of it. I answered the phone ready to bitch at whoever caused me to stain my plaid flannel pants. But the voice I heard after my smart-ass, "Hi, what do you want!" was so soothing all the rage left me immediately. It was Nate! Oh my God, just the thought of him gave me this tingly feeling and before I knew it I was rubbing my crotch. Nate asked sort of confused about my attitude, "Umm, Sara I was wondering if you could go out this afternoon?"

I sighed, "Anything for you...I mean sure! When should I pick you up?" I followed up.

"I can be ready by 4:00 okay?"

"Sure I'll see you then"

"What are we gonna do---" he interrupted me, "holy shit I have to go!" - click - he hung up on me. I didn't transfer to bitch mode as I usually would because he is such a nice guy. It just made my impression of him even better. Now he had nothing to do until then I crouched into a ball on the couch and restarted my train of thought. But as my mind wandered I began to doubt what once seemed my perfect man. I no longer dreamed about what we would end up doing but thought about what he was doing right now and why he had to leave so suddenly. And the conclusion I kept coming to: another girl just arrived. I began to think that he was cheating on her with me. But I remembered how great of a guy he was when we talked in the grocery store. Then I returned to my usual daydreams of how Nate and I will be having the greatest time and that he won't end up like my previous boyfriends. As I got up to go make lunch for myself I caught a glimpse of the clock.

Fuck me, I thought to myself when I realized just exactly what time it was 3:30! I rushed to the shower stripping as I ran in a fury I washed myself down and conditioned my hair. I hopped out stubbing my toe on the shower door. I grabbed a towel off the floor and began drying myself while hopping around from the pain. I brushed my hair as quickly as possible tearing out quite a bit of it. I put on my makeup in a frenzy. As soon as I felt I looked decent. I grabbed the blow dryer and began to blow dry my hair. I saw the clock reading 3:55! I stretched the blow dryer cord to its fullest length as I outstretched an arm to sort through the closet for something to wear.

As you enter my bathroom there is gray carpeting. On the right there was a counter with two sinks and mirror as long as the counter there's a marble bathtub directly in front of the door with a window alongside it And to the left where the bath ended a shower was there. A glass window allowed view into and out of the shower along with the glass door. Where the shower door opened there was a brass towel rack. And if you made a right from the shower there was a brass towel rack. And if you made a right from the shower you entered a small bathroom with a toilet and window above that. But as I was sorting through the clothes I saw my red dress that goes down to my mid-thigh with spaghetti straps. I knew it would look good on me, cause it always does, plus it would improve my poor job of putting on makeup. So I reached for while extending the cord as far as it could reach with out snapping it. I still couldn't get it off the coat hanger. Then all of a sudden I got off balance and the blow dryer cord come on plugged. I fell face first into the floor and as I fell I heard a rip. I knew that could only mean one thing the dress had ripped. I looked up hoping not to see what I knew I would see. I saw one of the straps had ripped and a gash in the torso of the dress. I knew now he was going to arrive before I was ready. I gave up on blow drying my hair and focused on what to wear. After at least ten minutes of frenzied searching I ended up with a pair of baggy tan cargo pants and a deep blue tank top. To compliment my outfit I wore some leather sandals and a light blue hat. I was dressed for the hot afternoon and realized this was much better then the dress anyway because this is more of a afternoon outfit then the dress which was a total night time outfit.

I saw the clock and it read 4:13. I thought he was late, but I never heard the doorbell! Where is he! Oh, well, guys are always late! Typical, I thought to myself, I thought he was different! I kept wondering and began to make up excuses for why he was late like his car broke down or a family emergency occurred, anything! I couldn't get rid of the realization that he may be just like all other men. After a while of that I noticed the clock was reading 4:47. I still couldn't get into my pissed off mood. Instead I fell into a sort of emptiness on that I wasn't going to be satisfied by him and his presence tonight. I thought about that and knew he wasn't coming. I went back to my bathroom and put on my stained PJ's ready to sit on my ass for the remainder of the night. I sat on the couch and flipped on the television. It was on one of those infomercials about machines on how to improve your abs. And the man giving the infomercial reminded me of Nathan. And once again I felt that sort of emptiness. I began to massage my most sensitive region. I did this without realization. And as the pleasure of that wasn't enough I went further. I played with and pinched my pussy lips. Electrical shocks rushed thorough and up my spine. I began to slide a finger between them then with two fingers I spread the lips open and plunged two fingers straight into my clit.

The pleasure was good. I kept pleasing myself that way. But I stepped it up to three fingers. It eventually developed into a steady rhythmic motion. After a short time pre cum started dripping down my leg being absorbed by my flannel pants. I increased the rhythm faster and faster for the greatest pleasure and before I knew what was happening I felt my pussy lips tighten and twitch showing me I was going to cum. I pulled my fingers out just as I began my orgasm. I laid back and let the pleasure take me over. I was tired from the experience and relaxed on the couch for a little. Then I got up and hopped in the shower. I put a pair of red and purple flannel pants on and a green tank top and turned my stereo on in my bedroom popped in Brittney Spears and drifted off to sleep.

"Kyle, why do you play these stupid games with me? I'm sick of it," I yelled.

"What do you expect me to do Sara? Sit here and pretend I'm happy with the way things are going between us? I can't do it anymore, I can't!"

"What are you suggesting Kyle?"

"I think you know exactly what I'm suggesting. We both need a break from this relationship. You're never with me and if you are, your mind is somewhere else. I don't know what I want right now either, but I still feel this is best for us both."

"I can't believe you..." I began.

"Lets just take a week or so apart and we will see what happens and if we're meant to be, we'll get back together. You know I'm right."

He looked at me with his teal eyes and I melted inside thinking that I may never again look into them like I just had.

"I know," I replied as my eyes filled with tears and my vision became blurry. He pulled me to his chest to give me a hug. I stood motionless in his arms, as a tear fell from my face onto his red plaid shirt that smelled of his Nautica cologne.

"Don't cry, I will always be here for you whether we are apart or together."

His soft words in my ear only made me cry harder.

"I better go, I was supposed to be home ten minutes ago. Bye Sara," he kissed my cheek and walked out the door that separated me from my sadness.

It was the ringing of my phone that distracted me from flipping through the stations on my tiny TV next to my bed, with so many thoughts in my head, there was not even a reaction to the infomercial I had randomly paused on.

"Hello?" I questioned the stranger on the other end of my light blue cordless phone.

"Sara? Its Nate, what's up?"

"Hi," I said rather rudely.

"Look, I'm sure you're wondering why I never showed up last week. I feel really bad, but my brother got totally wasted at a party an hour away and I had to go pick him up. I called later but your line was busy. I'm really sorry, I wanted to see you so much."

"My phone was busy? I was never on the phone, though," I replied, then thought back to when I woke up that night around ten, and had heard my 17-year-old sister yelling to someone I had never heard of. It must have been her on the phone I realized, "My stupid sister," I grumbled under my breath, "I'm gonna kill her," I said irritably.

"No, don't do that, its not a big deal, I just want to see you as soon as I can," he pleaded.

Thinking to the conversation that I had just had with Kyle, I was still hurt by our break up, I didn't know an answer to the question he had just asked.

"I don't think I can tonight," I said quietly, not wanting to disappoint him.

"Please Sara, you don't want me to have to make that sad puppy dog face do you?"

"Of course not," I laughed.

"So I'll pick you up at 7," he asked.

"Alright, I guess that's fine. Should I just dress casually?"

"Dress warmly," he smirked.

"Where are we going?" I questioned.

"It's a surprise!" he answered immediately, "You'll just have to wait and see."

Swoosh. Nate's masculine hand ran down the side of the gray linen pants that he had chosen to wear. The light blue button down shirt and snazzy tie horn with them made the whole outfit come together, and he knew that, as he glanced into the reflection of his '69 mustang. Step after step, Nate walked the few feet until he reached the front door. His sweaty palm raised itself to the oak frame in front of him and knocked twice. On the opposite side of that door I stood smoothing my silky hair, and tugging at my already long skirt before opening the door to find Nate, looking hot standing on the stoop of my house.

"Wow, you look great," he smiled.

My knee length leopard skirt fit just perfectly paired with matching leopard strappy sandals and a dark brown three-quartered sleeved shirt so tight you could see every curve. My hair was up, hairs placed perfectly, the curled ringlets delicately sat upon my head, with selective strands hanging flirtatiously around my oval face. Glittery body shimmer masked my tanned skin, brown eye shadow was worn on my eyes with a shiny golden glow to match on my lips ready to be kissed at any moment.

"Thanks, you look good, too."

"Well, thanks," he replied, "But the reservations are at 8 and we've got some driving to do. His sexy smile spread across his adorable face.

His hand gently moved across my back as he guided me to his car. As he opened the red door, I slid my legs onto the tanned carpet, and then sat onto the seat. The door shut and Nate proceeded to do the same in the opposite side of the car. Before he started the car, he leaned to my side of his mustang and out of the glove box came a yellow square piece of cloth.

"What's that?" I questioned

"A blindfold, of course," he replied smoothly, "I told you this was going to be a surprise, and I meant just that," he leaned over and wrapped the cotton fabric over my eyes and tied it in the back. I giggled at the humor of our situation.

"Perfect," he said as the engine started and we pulled away from my house.

"We're here," Nate said excitedly. I was happy we were finally there, I had been blindfolded not knowing where I was going for almost an hour. And getting very anxious. As I pulled at the blindfold that surrounded my face, Nate interrupted me.

"Let me get that for you," he reached over, and pulled the cloth off my eyes. The bright lights of Christmas made me blink several times before I could realize where we were. The glistening ice skating rink was scattered with children and couples. And the colorful Christmas tree in the center made the scene picture perfect.

"What do you think?" Nate questioned enthusiastically.

"It's gorgeous!" I laughed.

"That's not all," he replied, "I have reservations for two at the prestigious Chez-Panisse."

"Cest magnifique," I tested my French with a laugh.

The night was magical. The food was great, the skating was romantic and the guy I was with was even better. As he stood on the frozen ice, skaters sliding past us at high speeds he gazed into my eyes and kissed me. There we stood no one else in though. He drove me home around 12, as I remembered my parents were visiting friends up in Shriere port for the weekend. His mustang pulled into my driveway and stopped with a sudden lurch.

"Why don't you come in, we can grab some ice cream or something," I suggested, although we both knew it wasn't ice cream we'd be grabbing.

"Sure," he said back.

I flipped on the TV and grabbed some coffee ice cream out of the freezer. It didn't take long before we were all over each other. Hands were grabbing, lips were pressing, and tongues slithered against one another. Just as he slid my pants off the phone rang.

"I better get that, my parents haven't called yet, and I was expecting them to sometime tonight," I explained.

"Alright, go for it," he said casually.

"Hello?" I answered

"Sara? It's Kyle. I've been thinking and I made a big mistake. I want you back."

My heart began to race as it listened to those words coming from his mouth with his soft voice. I thought back to Kyle. Then gazed at the stranger on my bed.

"Who is it?" Nate whispered.

"Wrong number," I replied, as I clicked the off button, still wondering if I had made one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I pondered the situation for a moment or two. It suddenly came to me that if he had any doubts about the relationship and was willing to break things up, well, then he isn't worth it. So I went back to Nate and left Kyle behind me, for now. I told him I was sorry for the interruption as I unbuttoned his pants. As I pulled them down I could see his enormous bulge in his pants. He took off my shirt as he pressed his body against me I could feel his bulge against my side. He stopped taking my shirt off when it was just above my lips. I awaited the unknown. He kissed me with true passion. It was like an electric shock bolting through my spine. My breath was taken from me in the brief moment of ecstasy. He pulled it all the way off; looked into my eyes and whispered, "ready."

I wondered what he meant by that until my thought process was interrupted with his tongue going up my side and feeling my panties slip down. I became very excited as I felt his tongue tease my lips. I wanted him to fuck me and began to get annoyed with his taunting touches. Suddenly he thrust his tongue into me. I moaned with pleasure. He kept darting it in and out forming into a rhythmic motion. It felt as though it was going deeper inside of me every time, feeling better and better with each flick of his tongue. I realized my pussy was wet and he was lapping up my love juices before I knew it. I didn't want to orgasm until he fucked me so I cried out, "your turn." This obviously excited him as he paused unsure of what to do. Stunned by my boldness he stood there so I got off the bed and pushed him gently onto it. I pulled down his boxers and immediately his hard 9-inch dick found its way out of his pants. Its size stunned me but I recovered quickly and began to massage it a little and teased the tip of it with my tongue. I tried to put the full length in but I choked on it. I pulled it out and coughed and tried again, determined to feel his full manliness inside of me. I deep throated him successfully this time when I heard the doorbell ring. I was so surprised I bit down a slight bit. He reacted instantly, pushing me off of him.

I grabbed a towel from my basket of dirty clothes and wrapped it around me while scurrying to the door. I looked through the peephole to see the worst sigh I could see at this moment; it was Kyle. I had no idea what to do, so I opened the door and awaited the worst. He claimed he came over because I hung up on him and he told me that he thought something was wrong as he walked in. As he came in through the entryway he stopped suddenly looking pale as he saw Nate walk out of the hallway in his gray boxers. The first thing I noticed was his bulge had subsided. They both froze in place and then they smiled. They both gave each other a hug and then turned to anger. I found out they were best friends in freshman year of high school but Nate got expelled for smoking pot on campus. I told Nate I needed to talk with Kyle alone for a little while and that it was important. Of course Nate being the great guy he is understood. I explained to Kyle that if anybody has doubts about a relationship that something is wrong. Obviously there must be something that has you believing it won't work out. I told him about Nate and he was mad at first but I calmed him down. He understood in the end. And then he told me as we were leaving the room that he still had feelings for me and he wanted to be friends still. I told him I understand and that we'll always be friends.

I came to Nate grabbed his hand and guided him to my room. I asked Kyle to wait, and that I needed to explain things to Nate. He sat down in the leather reclining chair Nate was in. I sat Nate down on my bed and climbed into his lap. He waited for me to explain. I told him about Kyle and he felt really bad for him. I asked Nate what was going to happen between the two of them. He said he was unsure and had to talk to Kyle about it. So I gold him to go outside and talk with Kyle about whatever he anted. I lay on my bed and wondered about Nate and how he was so caring and sweet. About how he needed to talk to Kyle about this matter and what a great friend him and Kyle must have been. They talked about it and decided that Nate can try things with me and that Kyle would be okay with it. They yelled at me to come in. I walked in gracefully and awaited their decision. They explained it to me and I was quite content with their decision. They began to talk again as I sat down on Nate's lap. I pulled a blanket on us and listened. They were talking about senior ball. They were describing their dates. They told me that they dated sisters. They described them and how great things were and how they had rented two rooms for the night. After giving me the background he went into details.

"Finally the dance had ended and we walked to my care excited about what was going to happen tonight. Kyle and Christy hoped in the back while I and Christina sat in front. I turned on the car and pulled out of the parking lot. WE reached under the seat and grabbed a six pack of Corona and a bottle of Kahula. All of us began to drink it except for me. I cared for them too much to drink and drive. WE finally arrived at the motel and I went into the front desk while they waited in the car. I talked to the man in the desk and he said he only had one of our rooms. Oh my god, I WAS PISSED! I argued with him on how he didn't reserve us our two rooms. He said he thought I wanted one room with two beds. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I said to myself. I told them what was up but they were too drunk to know why that mattered. I told them to get out of the car and I guided them to our room. Christina and Christy fell onto one bed while Kyle walked over to the other and sat down. Christina and Christy were lying next to each other forcing each other to drink the alcohol now down to about 1/4 the bottle. Kyle sat and watched them. He then went over and pulled them apart. He tossed Christina on the other bed and straddled Christy.

She lay there finishing off the last can of beer. She looked inside wondering if it was finished then tossed it aside. She then looked at Kyle and was wondering about something. Kyle then kissed her suddenly. Something clicked in her mind and she looked down and began to unbutton Kyle's pants. She pulled them of and flipped over on top of Kyle. She ripped off Kyle's shirt and began to kiss his chest. She moved down further and further until she reached Kyle's plaid boxers. She pulled them down and freed his dick. She kissed it on the tip and began to massage it with her hand. She moved up again and again. They started to passionately kiss while she kept massaging his throbbing cock. Kyle then climbed on top of her and ripped open her button down shirt exposing her silk pink bra supporting her large jumblies. Kyle started to lick the left one and as he unzipped her pants began to give her little love nips on the neck. As he got them off he put his swollen rod between her legs brushing against her wet panties. He took off her bra and flung it across the room. He then pulled her matching panties off. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it a little while he thrusted it into her. He rammed it in and out in a fierce lust.

She began to moan and clenched the bed. She began to gasp for air. Her body began to sweat and she started rubbing her stomach. She moved her hand up and grabbed her left tit. She played with the nipple as she squeezed it with pure lust. She began to get into the rhythm. Then Kyle suddenly stopped. Christy asked him what was wrong. He hesitated and murmured. I'm spent. She was offended by his remark. He asked her what was wrong. She just said, next time, try to give the girl as much pleasure as you get, or simpler return the favor. She got off the bed and sat up against the wall. She said under her breath Nate would always return the favor. Kyle went and sat next to her and said sorry. She got up quite annoyed and sat on the bed. Kyle shrugged and closed his eyes. Christina joined Christy on the bed and gave her a guy for comfort. Christy, still aroused, deeply kissed her. Christina took off her shirt while Christy got her pants off. She pulled off her bra and started to play with her tits as Christy used her teeth to pull her gray cotton panties off. She pulled Christy up to her and began to lick her nipples. She embraced her for a while and she saw me standing there watching the action. She glanced down for a moment to see my enormous bulge.

She gazed into my eyes with a n innocent look and motioned for me to come over. She pushed Christy down as for her to eat her out and she did willingly. She pulled me towards her and stripped me down to my boxers. She started playing with me through my gray boxers and then she peeked inside to see the results. She pulled the boxers down and engulfed my throbbing rod. She sucked on it with all her efforts and enjoyed the tastes of my prick in her mouth. She sucked me until I went and the swallowed every drop of my beautiful love juices. I pulled Christy off of Christina and penetrated her with my purple headed yogurt slinger. She moaned as I plunged into her well of love. I went until she soaked the sheets. I pulled her off and she rolled over in exhaustion. I then eyed Christina and she strutted over to me. I threw her on the bed and she bent over. I spanked her bare ass a few times until it turned a bright red. I then grabbed both her cheeks and thrust myself into her. She cried out in pleasure and asked me to do it harder. We got into a rhythm and each time I penetrated her deeper with harder and harder thrusts until finally I spent myself for the second time. I emptied myself within her. After that I felt her lips squeeze and quiver around my shaft. I knew she was soon to orgasm. And then I felt her fluids running down my leg. I removed myself from within her and spanked her one last time. Then we collapsed from all our work and slept on each other for the night


"Sorry, I was caught up in the moment, how exciting, I wish I could experience something like that."

"I'm always available for you sexy!" he blurted out while chuckling

"What a dream, I've always wanted that!"

Nate looked at Kyle.

In a firm voice Kyle thundered, "Well then, what the hell are we waiting for!"

"I guess nothing" replied Nate, as he moved over towards me. Kyle got up from his relaxed position on the couch, and followed Nate's lead. The two of them unbuttoned my clothes as Nate pulled me down to get more comfortable on the floor. Nate slid his tongue into my crotch as Kyle caressed my chest. The three now erotic teenagers entertained themselves until they were so worn out they couldn't even enjoy the sexual pleasure any longer. The three of them fell asleep but it was the phone that woke them only a half an hour later. Kyle reached for the phone that lay on the coffee table beside him.

"Hello," Kyle answered groggily

"Kyle, its mom. Its an hour past your curfew and I was getting worried is everything alright over there?" Kyle's mother's soft voice was heard over the receiver.

"Yea, mom, sorry, I'll be home in a few."

"Alright honey, drive safe."

Nate and I were awoken by the phone and the short conversation held in my living room.

"You leaving?" Nate asked Kyle.

"Yea, I gotta jet or my mom is gonna flip."

"Alright, later," Nate replied as he grabbed Kyle's hand to give him a manly handshake.

Kyle then proceeded to lean over and give me a sweet goodbye hug, ended with a light kiss on my forehead, something Kyle was known for, that gave me reassurance, it always had.

Nate and I lay awake thinking together, his arms wrapped around me, neither of us wanting to move ever again. It was the sound of his voice that broke my train of thought.

"I'm so gross, I could really use a shower," Nate murmured.

I rolled over to look at him and murmured back, "I think that's a great idea."

We both stood up and walked together into my light blue and yellow bathroom, so girly, every guy in my house would avoid using it at all costs. I pulled a large knob in the bathtub and the loud thundering of water against the ceramic tub hurt by ears as I watched the water poor out. I pulled the lever up, converting my one-person bathtub into a two-person sex zone. I pulled my fitted T-shirt off of me as Nate continued to unbutton his khaki pants and white undershirt. My flannel pants slipped off as I proceeded to test the warmth of the water with my toes, perfect. I stepped in as I felt Nate's arms wrap around my waist and he stepped into the shower with me. The water poured over us, as goosebumps spread over my body. Nate leaned over and kissed my damp lips. His tongue slipped between my lips and his hand moved down the front of my body. He began licking my neck and his lips moved to my chest where he began kissing me.

His fingers slithered into my crotch and made there way up inside of me. The strain made the skin contract back and forth giving me more enjoyment. He pulled his hands away from me and his stiff dick slid into my vagina. We stood in the warm stream of water kissing just like that for so long my fingers became wrinkly. He pulled himself out of me and kissed me one last time before he reached beside me to turn the water off. We stood against on another. I grabbed two towels from the shelf outside the glass door that separated us form the cold air that seeped in when I slid the glass open. We wrapped the yellow blue towels around one another, and carefully stepped out of the tub. I dried myself off as did he and I grabbed my leopard boxers and black T-shirt as he threw a gray shirt on and flannel plaid pants. He stood still slightly wet from our shower staring into the others eyes. He kissed my rosy cheek. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto my porch with the most incredible view. I had always loved to come out here when I was upset or when I just needed some thinking space. The sun was just coming up and his warm hands holding mine gave me so much comfort. I slid into his arms resting my head on his chest, closed my eyes and stood there. A while later he guided me to sit on his lap in a wicker chair sitting upon the wooden deck we were on. I could hear his heart pounding which quickly put me into a pleasant nap to dream about the two of us.

"Kenz, I have way too much to do today! There's no way I can make it to Jason's party! I mean, I haven't even started my lab report, there's about ten loads of laundry to be done..."

"Please!" Kenzie firmly interrupted me.

I gave up. There was no use arguing with her about it. There was so many times Kenz had been there for me, I couldn't deny her this one favor. I grumbled, "What time should I pick you up?"

"You're the best! I owe you!"

"Oh, yes you damn well owe me," I half laughed.

"Come at about 8:30, okay? Are you gonna bring Nate?"

"I don't know, would you care if he did come?"

"No, its cool, you know I adore Nate."

"Alright, I'll at least invite him, its up to him if he wants to go or not though."

"Excellent, see you at 8:30 then?"

"Yea, later babe."

"Bye Sara, luv ya."

I clicked my phone off and tossed it on a heap of clothes in the middle of my room. It was already 6:00 and I was still lounging around in my PJ's. I hopped in the shower and quickly out again after hurriedly washing up. I grabbed my pink fuzzy robe and threw it around myself. Now to do my hair, I blow-dried it, and blasted my big curling iron up to high. I wrapped small sections of my hair around it, curling some parts under, and flipping others up. Finally after a half-hour my hair was finished. I sprayed plenty of hairspray on my head, not only because it kept y hair somewhat in place but also because I loved the smell that I was so used to. I proceeded towards my walk in closet where my many pairs of shoes lay on the floor and my dresses, pants, shirts, and blouses hung. My underwear was neatly arranged in my petite wooden armoire. I grabbed my new GAP leather pants that were so tight, but fit perfectly. My red tube top paired with the pants was the greatest party outfit and I loved the looks I go from wearing it. I picked up my phone and speed dialed Nate's house.

"Yea," he answered

I laughed at Nate's ridiculous humor.

"Hey, sexy," I replied.

"Hey, babe, I've been thinking about you. I'm heading to Jason Craft's party and I want my fave girl to be there with me."

"I was just calling to ask you the same thing. I'm headed over there with Kenzie in about an hour. You need a ride?"

"Naw, I'm hitching a ride from Jake Dockson and he is already on his way over."

"Oh alright, I guess I'll just see you there then?"

"Of course."

"Alright, love you."

"You, too, babe."

His phone call left me smiling. I snatched my favorite lipstick from my bathroom counter and set it on my vanity beside my many makeup purchases. Mascara, lipstick, and lastly lip gloss, flavored raspberry for those pre party smooches. I slid my black high-heeled Mias on and checked myself out in the mirror making sure every hair was in place and that no lipstick was smeared. But nothing was wrong, I looked just as I wanted. As I hurriedly swung my black bag over my shoulder I heard Kenzie's car pull up. I threw my keys from my right hand to my left and slammed my front door behind me locking it without even thinking.

"Hey, hot stuff," Kenzie laughed

"Yea, yea," I ignored Kenz's joke.

She had too cute of a floral dress on, tied at the shoulders and wooden candies beside her, which I knew she couldn't drive with. When we got there, there was already half a dozen kids clumsily walking around drunk off their asses.

"Craig is supposed to be here," Kenzie smiled slyly at me.

"How'd I guess," I laughed.

We parked in just about the only vacant spot left and casually entered Jason's front door. I had known Jason forever and had always been like a sister to him. That probably why when Jason first saw me, he gave his drink to a buddy next to him and ran over to give me a huge bear hug. I know I could always go to Jason for reassurance or help when I was sad. He was the one person besides Kenzie that I know I could confide in and trust with my life.

"Have you seen Nate?" I whispered in his ear.

"Nate? No, he hasn't showed yet, but I might have missed him, I've been caught up with all the people and stuff," he explained.

"Oh alright, well thanks anyway."

"No problem, Sara wanna chill with me 'till he gets here? I haven't gotten to talk to you as much as I'd have liked recently."

"Yea, sure," Mackenzie has already gone, and I could see her flirting with an older guy who must have been one of Jason's friends I had never met.

The party was a blast. Jason and I hung out the whole night, and I hadn't even seen Nate. Everything was dying down and it was just me, Jas, Kenz, Denise, one of my good girlfriends; Ned and Chris, two of Jason's good friends that I had met through Jason a few years back and had adored ever since.

"I really need some water. Anyone else want," I asked the small group.

"No, thanks," they replied, mostly in unison.

"Okay," I said as I moved towards the now messy kitchen, scattered with empty beer bottles and used slices of lime, among dirty dishes, stale Doritos, and puddles where ice had been dropped. Once I had found a clean glass, I filled it with ice and water, and continued back to the living room. I had only started walking down the hall when I heard giggles from behind the bathroom door and then saw the knob turn. I hid curiously around the corner adjacent to the bathroom door. As I saw the couple pass I saw Jamie Duncan, an old friend who I didn't care for as much anymore after the rumors she spread about me last year.

"Nate you're so naughty," I heard her say.

Please not my Nate I thought to myself as terror struck me form nowhere. I turned the corner and stood face to face with Jamie only to find Nate behind her, laughing, his eyes blood shot. I stood frozen in shock, our eyes locked. A tear ran down my face, and I turned without another look, ran out Jason's front door slamming it behind me never to trust Nate again. I ran out of there as quick as I could. On my way out I tripped and fell down three steps. I began to get up and saw my leg completely covered in blood. I heard the door open hind me and I collapsed. I woke up in the emergency room with Nate sitting by my side holding my hand. I opened my yes and looked into his and asked, "Where am I?"

He began, "Last night you fell down some steps and I found you there with your leg covered in blood. I picked you up and rushed you to the hospital. Then I waited and took care of everything until now, when you woke up."

"Uhhhhh, I feel like shit," I groaned as I began to remember what happened.

I looked down at my leg and saw a white bandage covering my entire knee. I then inquired in a soft voice, "What happened with you and ----"

He cut me off, "Okay, I was thinking about this when you woke up and well I decided to tell you the truth because you deserve to know. Well it all started when I was going to this party and me and my friend decided to get drunk before. So I agreed cause I wanted to have some fun. So we drank about 2 and a 1/2 of the 3 40's we had. Then we walked to the party. I lay on the couch and fell asleep while my friend found some girl completely gone and took her to the bedroom. Then I woke up with some girl lying in my lap. As I sat up she woke up and began to unzip my pants. I didn't even realize what she was doing until she had me out. I looked down and saw what was going on. I laid back. I moaned once and then passed out. She continued to suck me for a while and then pulled off her pants and placed all my glory inside of herself and rode me until the messy end. She then fell asleep with me still inside of her. An hour later my friend woke us up to tell me he was leaving. The girl that fucked me while I was out offered me a ride if I would do her a favor. So I giggled what the hell and stayed agreeing to her favor. I asked her what her name was and she said Laurel.

I then told my friend that Laurel was giving me a ride. He left and then I put on my clothes while she put hers on. After that I asked her what her favor was. She then told me to just with and find out. She made a call and told me we were leaving. She drove me to a house a couple blocks away. She put a blind fold on me and told me to wait out here. I did for a while until someone grabbed my hand and led me inside. I heard her open and close a door behind us. She told me to stand here until she said so. Then I heard two girls giggle and somebody whisper now. I then felt three or four naked bodies press up against me. I felt some hands unzipping my pants. Another pair grabbed my face and began to lustfully kiss me. Another pair ripped off my shirt and began to massage my chest and arms. Then I felt a pair of legs wrap around my leg. Then the girl got my pants off and pulled out my swollen scepter. She began to suck on it and wildly lick it. I then felt a pair of breasts press up against my chest. I moaned and as I gasped for air I felt a crotch press up against my face so I stuck my tongue out feeling the contours of her crotch with my tongue searching for her love hole. I found it soon after and then prodded it with my tongue. I then searched for the girl wrapped around my leg and pulled off her shirt. I fondled her tits until I felt the girls pull out after deep-throating me

Then I felt the girl I was eating pull off too. Then I felt her slide down and thrusted me into her as she rocked back and fort in a steady beat. Then the girl who was on my chest straddled my chest and pressed her tits against my face. I began to lick them and give her little love bits. Then I felt the crotch dampen as shit pulled away from me. The another girl got on and she immediately started to thrust herself onto me and moan wildly. In moments she had me moaning and gripping the carpet in pleasure. I had their vaginal juices flowing within a few minutes. Then the girl whose upper body I had been enjoying began to deep throat me. The girl got off my leg and grabbed the girl sucking me on the thighs. Placed her head between her legs. Paused and then began to wildly probe her depths with her tongue. Soon she had her orgasm and she greedily lapped up all of her fluids. The Laurel pulled off the blindfold deeply kissing me and rolled me on top of her and told me to fuck her as hard as I can. I then began to show her the power between my legs. We began to scream as Laurel rode me harder and wilder.

We broke into a sweat quickly as we tolled over and over as we took turns trying to show the other who had more power. Then as we both began to lose our stamina I blew my load into her in 4 powerful shots. Then she gripped my arms extremely hard and she had gone too. We then rolled over and rested for a while. We then drove back to the party hopped in the shower washed each other and told each other how good it was. We then were laughing about how she thought this was a favor for her when he thought it was a favor for him. Then we say you."

I lay there devastated. I had faith that Nate would never hurt me. I blindly trusted him without ever thinking about what it would be like if he had betrayed her. I laid there in disbelief that this actually happened. I looked into his eyes while trying to stop her tears. Then I threw up. Nate didn't care about me. I believed he was different then other men and actually cared about me and wasn't just in it to score. I muttered under my breath typical man as the male nurse walked through the door and told me that while we were testing your blood for infection we discovered that you are pregnant.

I lay there more devastated in more disbelief. I didn't know how to react to this. I knew Nate could see what was going on through my head just by looking in my eyes, or I thought he knew, the old Nate would have known. He wanted to comfort me somehow I'm sure but he couldn't figure out how. I began to yell which faded into crying. It then hit the asshole that he actually does care about me. He realized his best times of his life were with her and he wanted to be with her for more of those times. He didn't want to live with out me all of a sudden. This realization hit him so suddenly and surprising that he fell to the ground. He sat there for an instant and knew the only way he could go on was alongside me. He then crawled to the side of the bead got on his knee and proposed.

I couldn't believe what she was hearing, instantly the picture of Nate and that other girl flashed into my mind. I tried and tried to push the horrid thought away. But it wouldn't budge; nothing would ever cause that image to leave. I then though about how badly Nate had hurt me and knew that any man truly wanting to be with me would never hurt me. I wasn't sure if this proposal was out of pity or fear, but whatever it saw the answer was no. And I then burst into tears because she could think of no other answer but this one, no. I held her in my arms and tried to stop the tears flowing from her eyes. But it was no use nothing could stop the flow of emotions this night. After an hour or so the tears finally stopped unusually fast. In an instant she had dried her face and sat up. She told me that I simply wasn't the one. And that anybody who wanted to be with me for the rest of their life would never be able to bring himself to hurt the one they loved.

He was stunned by my response which he though was a definite yes. I saw one tear fall as he ran out of the room. It was over, Nate and me were no more and would d never be again. Then I was the cute male nurse who was observing the event s taking place. He was scared stiff. I felt bad that he had to witness the situation. I stood up and came over to him. He was petrified staring blankly at the bed. I put my arms around him and told him is all right, I'm a big girl I can handle this. I heal his hand in mine, it was a pale white and unusually cold. I wanted to make him feel better I didn't know what to do. I tried talking to him for ten minutes but realized it was getting no where. I had no idea what to do. This man was obviously very deep and the way we went through these events like they were nothing blew his mind. I couldn't stop feeling worse and worse for him. I needed to make him act normally. Everything I tried didn't work so I decided might as well take it to the extreme. I locked the door into my room and began to unbutton my shirt. I got it off and ten hugged him again. No reaction, I pulled my bra off and pressed my luscious breasts into his face.

Still nothing, I then took off my pants and began to dance around him. I pulled my underwear off and began to push myself onto him. I brushed myself against him. It was like he wasn't living. I have never done such a thing and had such as mall reaction. I really started getting annoyed wanting a reaction, so I got into it more and strip d him. I felt the bulge in his pants on my side as I was doing this so I knew he was still alive. After I had his shirt off I began to massage his muscles. I then dropped his pants and his boxers, dropped to my knees and took matters into my own hands. As soon as I had it with my tongue massaging the head he moaned and fell to the ground laughing. I gave him a slight nip on his shaft because this wasn't funny. He yelped a friendly ouch. I then pulled off of him and ordered him to explain. He couldn't explain because he was laughing so hard. My friendly smile began to fade away into a devilish smirk. Had I been played, pimped by this man with out a single word I wondered.

I spanked him quite hard leaving a pink imprint of my hand on his firm ass. He finally calmed down and began to explain. His stiffness began to die down as he told me that he had been scared at first. But as soon as you hugged me I came to but I felt so warm as soon as I felt your touch I wanted to feel that heat again. So I pretended to stay, as I once was so that I could stay a little longer in your presence. It was so sweet what he was saying I felt much better. Then he said once again he became scared again and couldn't move when you got down onto your knees. But I came to as the sensation of your tongue sent a warm shock though my body. He asked if we could continue in such an innocent way that I couldn't refuse this caring stranger. So my life began once again. The drama of it all was over. I ended up getting an abortion because I knew that a fucking baby would slow my sex life down and to maintain my reputation among my friends as the She-Devil, well, I need that sex life.


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