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She's Different
by Dave Evans

We had e-mailed each other for two years now, and planned to meet, on this day I was planning to drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico so she and I were going to meet on this day. After I did the things I needed to do in the big city, I got to the air port, I had a two hour wait yet, But that didn't bother me as I went to the gate terminal and sat out in one of the many seats there, where I had a great view of the runway where her plane would be landing.

She and I had done cyber sex many times, I would know exactly what she would look like, She made herself my dream lover! Out of the hundreds of women I met through my computer, she was by far the one I could not resist, at any cost to my real life... I had to meet her... I wanted her so bad! She also made it very clear she wanted me... She made herself everything I could possibly ever want!

I thought of all the things that had happened between us over the last two years, I could never beat her at any game... I am very good at chess, and I never beat her! I could even play tic tac toe... Never won! Not once!

I remembered asking her how I could make a home page, the next day she had one ready and she did any changes I wanted in minutes, just e-mailing me... She had the best homepage I could have ever imagined... She could answer any question I could ask about a computer. and send the answer back in seconds...Like she was really tuned into her e-mail...

After a year of getting to know her, she wanted to link into my computer and make it easier for me to use. She made several changes, but by doing that she was able to get into all I had written... I had my whole diary printed up from week to week over the last twenty five years! I didn't hide my inner thoughts, because it was just for my own personal use. My life! So from then on she knew me better than I know myself...

Because she talked about how people changing as they grow older, she knew much about these things... Most of the time reading her e-mail on these matters, I had no idea what she was trying to tell me...

Thinking about all this time we had spent together through e-mail, most everyday... I felt so close to her. Like she had made me fall in love with her... She had almost said everything I could ever want to hear from a woman... But?

The things that made me wonder the most, is where she had told me she could be most any woman I wanted everyday or at anytime...

I remembered her telling me she was going to leave her owner for me... And that she could change her appearance her hair was made of micro plastic tubes and by reprogramming in twenty minutes she could be a blonde or whatever she wanted, she could ave long hair short hair in twenty minutes, Curly or straight, never had a bad hair day! Her eyes can change color to whatever I would like to look at, in the drop of a hat! Her breasts can be almost any size I desire, she did say she had to stay the same as for tallness, but she knew she was what I liked.

I knew I loved her, for all that she and I talked about over these years, but before I went to the airport I really questioned her, on this hair and eyes and breasts thing she had told me about... I felt so uneasy. Not knowing what she was talking about... She finally told me she was made in a big home lab by a scientist over the last twenty years, he missed his late wife, so much he built her in her image for the company, the caring, the love... But he was in his late seventies, and she felt like she was in her prime years as far as she could tell from all the reading she had done, he gave her a mind and a body, she knew she was so smart, going on the internet, she had no surprises ever... But she wanted a man! sex! honesty! love! I was the man she picked...

She told me in her last e-mail before I left for the airport, that she wanted to ride in my truck sit close to me and play, and she wanted to ride behind me hugging me on a Harley through mountain roads... But most of all she wanted to make love to me! She wanted to fall far into love with me, she said she was a robot but very life like, and she knew she could trust me!

So I sat there watching her plane landing as the time passed quickly. While the plane was docking, I thought how her owner must be feeling if she just left him, I felt sorry for the old man, not even knowing him.

She came out of the long hallway from the plane, there were hundreds of people passing by, so I didn't see her right off, suddenly she was right next to me saying.

"Hello Dave, shall we go?" She hugged and kissed me, her lips were warm and she sure seemed real enough! We walked to the luggage pick up area holding hands and talking, she was so cozy, she was so nice to talk with, her words were so warming or caring. I told her I had gotten us a bed and breakfast room for five days, so we could really get to know one another. She smiled with a glowing face, I was glad I made her smile, she had the whitest teeth I had ever seen... She was wearing a peach colored suit, with a white blouse, white high heels. She looked great! She felt great!

After getting her luggage, we went out to the truck, I was putting the suitcases in the back seat, she was walking around the truck, twice! She was really studying it. I had her climb up on my side so she could sit next to me, the truck has steps but it's about two feet high off the ground, she climbed in with no trouble... She studied every move I made, from the computer chip kill switch and the way the keys went in the lock and the sound of the engine starting. She noticed me watching her and she apologized saying she had never been in a truck before. She watched me shifting gears, and she seemed to know what I was doing and why... Rubbing my arm on the insides of her legs as I shifted the gears, she felt warm and like any woman I ever knew.

After getting to the bed and breakfast, the people were so nice they showed us to our room and gave us a schedule of meals times and all the things we could do there. Really a nice place. The other couples sitting in the lobby all looked like they were on their honeymoon or an anniversary maybe.

Once we were in are room alone together, I felt a little funny, she catered to my every need she was so helpful... I asked her if she had any money, she told me she had none her owner never let her go out shopping which was something she really wanted to do... She was allowed to buy clothes through the internet pretty much whatever she wanted.

She said. "Dave if you could give me five thousand dollars I could make a lot of real money in three months... I have played the stock market and I know the commodities just playing with no money and I have never lost Dave! I would like to see and feel a corn field or a wheat field? Is that something we could do soon?" I laughed at her, she was so serious, and going to a corn field was so far from my thoughts at the time. I just laughed! And she smiled back, kinda questioning my reaction, with her facial expression... Then acting as if she understood.

I thought here I am... Sitting with this beautiful woman of sorts. And she knows how to make me rich! She went on telling me she never needs to sleep or eat, she did have to be recharged but she could do that on her own while I slept. She could also make us money on the internet the whole time.

She was sitting right next to me and I asked her if she missed her owner? She said. She did, she felt bad that he would miss her a lot... He built her with feelings and she wanted to explore shopping, driving, being outdoors... All the things he never let her do...

I told her to give him a call, tell him your okay... So he won't be so worried! I knew he must be missing her so much... She said she would right now, she has to do what she is told... First she called a number to block or change the number where we were, she was so smart! Almost spooky... Briefly she had a man's voice into the phone... Then she hung up and called her owner, she invited me to listen to her call to him, our heads together... He was so relieved to hear from her, he was worried sick... He told her he couldn't call the police, she knew that! She had no finger prints no ID... He wanted her to come home!

I took the phone from her and told the old man, she was safe, I was not kidnapping her and she will be fine! He said he would do anything to get her back, I felt his hurting, his crying and I told him not to worry... He said. "Please anything you want!"

There was a flurry of beeps and She took the phone back hanging it up! She told me not to make any phone calls at all! "He will find us now if you do, he has a machine that has a voice match.. So from now on if you need to make a call tell me and I can do it for you, you'll sound like you, to your friends, but the voice detector won't pick you up... I can sound just like you almost... And that fools his machine... I know your talking style Dave. " Yeah and your a spooky woman too..." I said to her.

I kissed her passionately for her help! And we got into making love, we had longed for each other for so long, She was the best lover I had ever had, she knew my every need and all the things I liked and even more! I soon found she could out fuck me, and suck me till I was exhausted! Even eating her out she would cum over and over till my tongue was to stretched... She even tasted just like any of the women I had ever ate out! Which is many.

After making love we sat on the bed, she told me she had the strength of ten men, but she could be as gentle as a lamb. I felt her love for me, and I loved her... but somehow I kinda miss the arguing, the little wars that men and women play together in a relationship, just the differences... With this robot woman she does whatever I want with no questions she was into pleasing only me, I feel she will make me rich, she will spoil me so bad! It was be hard to be a man...

So after our five days together, I went back to my real life lover... I gave this fantastic robot woman a plane ticket back home. She would always do as I asked... But she knew she had to take care of her owner till he died, I told her she owed him that! And after he dies she could come back with me... We kept e-mailing nothing had changed between us but I sure felt a lot better about the old man that built her! And I think she was feeling a little more human for going back... Oh I sure wanted her back, but I would wait.

As soon as I could I sent her that five thousand dollars, and in no time she set me up with a Swiss bank account, that had hundreds of thousands of dollars in it and it was growing with every statement I received. As soon as the old man died, he left her everything he had but actually it was all in the hands of his lawyer as she was a nobody. She and I had the lawyer turn it all over to me or in my name, for a really nice nest egg for that lawyer...

And yes I took her to those corn fields and all the wheat fields she wanted to see, we go shopping all the time, sometimes we even go on the Harley! So if you ever see an older guy with an especially pretty woman and he's got this really big smile... "Hey it just might be me!"


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