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Seducing Dad
by Traci Spencer

It was a hot muggy morning when I was waking up. I was wet from a dream I had about my own father. My father was actually having sex with me. I have actually gone on porn sites and read incest stories and I think I dreamed of it. I was getting ready to come down for breakfast and getting dressed when suddenly my dad knocked on my door.

"Mallory are you up yet?" my dad yelled.

"Yes I am, I will be down in a few!" I yelled back.

"Mallory it's important I need to talk to you about mommy - may I come in?" my dad asked me.

"Sure." I said and I went back in my bed to hide under the covers even though my dad has saw me naked before, but that was when I was a baby running around with no clothes on.

"What is this about mommy?" I asked.

"Mommy left us. She left for a career in Hollywood. Her lifelong dream was to become an actress and she ran off with my best friend since third grade, Dennis, who is now her agent and boyfriend." Dad said with a frown.

"Oh, I'm sorry daddy." I said and I gave my daddy a long hug.

"Aww, sweetheart, it's OK, now go get dress me and you are going to go to McDonald's for breakfast." Dad said.

Dad left my room and closed the door and I got dressed. I figured that now wouldn't be the right time to seduce daddy so I said I would wait till later this evening. I will describe myself for you. I am 5'5, 115 LBS., brown hair, brown eyes, and nice 36C breasts. My dad is 6'3, about 220 LBS., brown hair, brown eyes, and very muscular. All my friends said I was lucky to have him for a dad because he was such a hunk and he was in his early 40's and he looked like he was around 19 or 20. I decided to wear a yellow shirt, blue jeans, socks, a red bra, and white satin panties. I went down stairs and my dog Pongo was barking he needed out so I let my dog out and waited for him to get done doing his business and let him back in then my dad and I headed to the car and went to McDonald's.

"So dad what do you want to talk about?" I asked in the car.

"We can talk about anything, anything you like my dear." Dad replied.

At that moment I was going to ask him of what he thought of incestuous thoughts but I decided not to.

"Well how are things at work?" I asked.

"Rough, they are workin' us like dogs down there and treatin' us like shit." Dad replied. My dad is a construction worker and he work's almost 7 days a week from 3:30 AM till 7:30 PM. My mom before she went to Hollywood was a secretary at a modeling agency that I used to model for because I have did some modeling.

We have pulled into McDonald's and gotten out of the car when I realized I had started my period.

"Daddy, I will be right back I started my period so I'll be getting a table in a few."

"OK, pumpkin." Dad said as he smiled.

I went to the woman's restroom. The woman's restroom had a lot of girls powdering their faces with make up and smoking in he bathroom. I just needed to put a pad on.

After I got my situation taken care of, I went back and got my dad and I a booth.

I sat waiting and thinking about dad when I then started getting wet I had no clue if I was really getting wet or I was just bleeding. Dad came and sat across from me. Dad had 4 pancakes, syrup, eggs, and coffee and I had 2 pancakes, bacon, eggs, and a glass of orange juice.

"Is it good?" Dad asked me.

"Yup, it is delicious daddy, you're a real good cook!" I said and we both laughed.

Dad and I were talking about school and how the boys treat me at school when I decided to play footsies with my dad under the table. My dad seemed to get red in the face every time my leg would run up and down his leg. Dad and I left the restaurant and decided to drive around in the country so we did. We took about a 6-hour drive in the country. It was 3 hours into the drive when we stopped at a rest area to stretch. I was feeling a bit horny and I laid my seat back in the car while my dad went to use the restroom. I started touching my breasts and I closed my eyes. I had my eyes closed the whole time when dad opened the door.

"Mallory, what are you doing?" Dad asked me with a smile.

"Oh, um, it was kind of itchy there. It needs to be scratched." I replied.

"Oh, want me to rub it for you?" Dad asked me.

"I don't's bugging me to death daddy." I said.

Dad put his hands on my breasts cupping them.

"Mmm, nice. You sure are a handful." Daddy said.

"I know I you have incestuous thoughts about me daddy like I do with you?" I asked in a breathless voice.

"You know it baby." Dad whispered.

"Let's drive somewhere private and do this daddy." I said.

Dad said OK and he started the car and drove. I could see his hard on through his pants. Dad had asked me to finger myself while he was driving us so I did. I did it through my pants and was using 2 fingers going in and out. Dad looked a lot and his boner was getting bigger and bigger. Dad had finally found somewhere private. It was a deserted crack house so we went in. Dad made sure no crack addicts was in the house and there wasn't. There was a couch and a rug in the house and so I decided to lay on the rug with my legs spread for my daddy.

"Daddy cum here baby I want you to undress me." I said.

Dad came over to me and took off my shirt and unzipped my jeans while I took off his shirt and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. My dad and I got into a 69 position and he ate me out as I sucked his dick. I sucked real slow until my dad started fastening up on his licking. His dick was about 10 inches long and very hard for me and there was hardly any hair on his dick! His dick felt so good in my mouth and he tasted really good. I took all 10 inches in my mouth and deep throated him just as he came in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum. Then I came and drank my cum all up. Dad started to suck on my breasts as he fingered me and I decided to finger his asshole.

"Mmm Mallory that feels so good baby. You're such a better lover than your mother." Dad moaned.

"Ohhh daddy. Please please fuck me now! I love you so much I need that cock of yours in me daddy oh please!!!" I moaned and screamed.

"OK...let's fuck baby." Dad said.

Dad took me in his arms and carried me to the couch where we fucked. He spreaded my legs and slid right into me.


"Ohhh Mallory you little slut, oohhh baby ohh godd I am gonna fuck you like a fuckin cheap whore."


Dad started thrusting harder and harder and I kept screaming because of the pleasure and the pain. It was my first time being fucked and it felt good.

"Oh your so sexy you slut! I am about to cum baby." Dad said.

"Me too daddy, keep it up OH GOD OHH OHH OHH YES! YES! YES!"

Dad had released his second orgasm while I came. Our juices mixed in my pussy.

After the good fuck, dad and I took a nap. Dad had left his dick in my pussy and sometimes he would thrust still and it would get me wet again. After we woke up we drove back home and I went upstairs. Dad was quiet driving home and I was just in pain but it was the best first time and I will always remember this.


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