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San Diego Drive
by Dog Catcher

The whole drive down to San Diego you were wearing those little shorts and the two shirts-one black, one white, both together not enough to hide your nipples. You fell asleep so tenderly, looking so sweet and innocent, hiding what lurks in that 18 year old body. My 23 year old body was having a hard time keeping control. Any ordinary person looking in wouldn't think anything of you. But I had an idea, a glimpse to the passion that lurks within that tight, toned body of yours.

I wasn't even thinking about it then. It was when you started writing on your leg...not just your leg, your thigh...your inner thigh...up near those damn short shorts. And then the heat started to set in. The sweat from the temperature covered for the sweat I would have had from the mere sight of you like that. So badly, I wanted to be the pen. I must have done a good job of stealing my glances for you to not have said anything. The glances were many. It was a damn miracle we didn't crash, for I was spending more time staring at your legs that concentrating on the road.

The sweat was pouring down my forehead, and I noticed it beading on your pale skin, around your long spaghetti blonde hair. I never imagined you even had sweat glands. In that brief moment, I imagined you sweating from passion, sweating from the heat generated within your own flesh. We stopped at the house, and you sighed from the cool air. Could that be the same sigh for pleasure?

I was lying on the couch, pretending to sleep. I was really fantasizing, thinking, hoping that you would look me in the eyes and give me that come hither look, that you would peel off the shirts you were wearing, revealing your breasts and nipples sticking out. That you would sit on my lap, settle yourself on my crotch, and put my hand on one breast. I want to kiss you, kiss you so bad, kiss you from head to toe. I lean in to start with those lips, you pull away. I try again, gasping for air. You gasp to, but pull away. Dejected, I lean back, only to have you push your face to mine.

I take both hands to your face and start kissing your sweet lips. You put your cheek to mine, whispering in my ear, saying "no-back on my tits...feel them...please..." I resume the kneading, kissing down the side of your face. I can hear your breathing changing-more rhythmic, more stumbling. I ask if you like the shirt you're wearing, your reply is indifferent. Overcome, I tear it off your chest. Again you gasp for air, and throw a huge smile at me.

I flip us over so you're on the bottom. "Are you going to fuck me?" Emphasis on "fuck." Not yet...not yet....I push my face into the crevice of your neck. My hands are roaming all over your body, my mouth following them. I can't control myself, I want to feel everything there is to feel. I make my way down to the breasts that are putty in my hands, down the valley between them, around to a nipple. I squeeze it between my lips, another gasp. I want to fuck you too right now, so bad, but I want to make you want it more than anything in the world. My cock is tearing through my jeans. "Tongue, use your tongue," you call out. I bathe your tits, one, the other, back and forth.

I kiss my way down your stomach and undo the button and zipper on the shorts. Your heart is racing, I can tell by your ragged breathing. My tongue and lips and mouth are all over your stomach, french kissing your belly button, down your hips. In my hurry I yank down your shorts to your ankles, but leave the flimsy cotton panties. With one hand I push open your thighs, with the other I rip the panties off. I can feel the wetness in my hand. I toss them aside lean in and lightly lick the outside of your cunt. It's swollen and red, begging to be penetrated. I use both hands and spread your pussy open and start licking. It's hard to, your hips are writhing under my face. "Yes, yes, yes...right there..." I can barely hear you, your legs wrapped around me, pulling my face in deeper, my fingers straining to hold your cunt open, my tongue stretching in as far as it can go. I alternate on and off your clit.

I feel like passing out, so I stop to peel my own shirt off. Back to your cunt, juices gushing on my face. I let one hand roam back to a tit, doing very light duty on your nipple. The other hand, my finger slides in. Oh my god you are so tight. I work it in and out. "Fuck me now," I hear you cry out. I think you're ready, but I want you on the brink. A second finger goes in, work it around. You scream so loud it's barely audible. Now I think you want it inside you bad enough. I pull my face out, covered with your juice. I take off my pants and lean my hips in, both of us fumbling because we're hurrying so much. One hand holds my cock and guides it, the other hand on my hip. One thrust, I collapse on your shoulder with ecstasy. You take a bite of my neck, the sensation only adding to every other sensation. I start pounding, screwing you, picking up speed, knowing I'm bruising my hips, enjoying every fucking moment. Just when it gets so fast we loose control, I flip us back over. I want you to control things for a while. Your face is not more than an inch from mine, our faces staying still as you post my cock. My hands are all over your ass, feeling the muscles contract and relax, occasionally tweaking your clit, just to feel your cunt spasm around my cock. You lean back a bit, I go back to your tits. My thoughts are a blur, your body, your pussy, the look on your face, the moaning in your voice, the smell of your cunt juices dripping out. I know you're coming; I start lifting my hips to meet your thrusts, increasing your orgasm. Again I loose control, flailing against you. I slip out, before I can react you grab it and stick it back in, eager to finish you r orgasm. When you finish, I want control back.

Without pulling out I pick us both up, lay you down on the floor, lift your legs up, and pound your cunt like I have never fucked before. Almost completely out on each stroke, all the way in on every stroke, my balls slapping you. Now, I'm in complete control, fast, rhythmic, getting you to another orgasm. Your screams of another orgasm wake up my insides, I feel waves fly through my body like bolts of lightning. I feel you lifting half your body off the ground, trying to get a better angle to be fucked...I manage to hold out through that one, and just as it's starting to subside, I grunt and groan, and for a time every nerve in my body is feeling your cunt grab and squeeze my cock, trying not to let it go, holding on for dear life. I stay in you, seeing stars from the feeling, and blow my load inside you. I feel your hand squeezing what part of my cock isn't in your cunt, pushing me into what feels like a second orgasm.

After I pull out, clean my cock a bit, I let my hands roam your body and your crotch, still burning hot. Your hands roam my body, and squeeze a last drop of cum out. You turn me on like no other, and in no time I feel my cock getting hard again. I look over at you, with that devilish grin you always have. We've got a while...want another round?


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